RFU agrees with Rospotrebnadzor protocol on the resumption of the championship of Russia

The Russian Football Union (RFU) has prepared a special protocol for the resumption of the Russian championship in the context of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, said RFU Secretary General Alexander Alaev. The document will be agreed with Rospotrebnadzor.

“A COVID-19 protocol has been prepared. This is a serious document, it is prepared not only by the RFU. They took the best practice from European leagues, including from the German and Swiss championships. We coordinate it with the Rospotrebnadzor and other authorities, ”Mr. Alaev said on Match TV. However, he believes that the likelihood of a resumption of the Russian championship is very high.

“We are all determined that football should return,” added the head of the RFU. “We are well aware that the state has the last word, but we must do everything to return football as soon as possible.”

All football competitions in Russia are suspended until May 31 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Russian Premier League expects to resume the championship in June. The meeting of the Executive Committee of the RFU, which will discuss the resumption of the competition, is scheduled for May 15.

For more information on the possible resumption of the championship, see Kommersant’s game “in the end”.


School: Ministry presents floor: masks, tiered entrances, protected routes – Chronicle

Education Minister Lucia Azzolina met the union organizations of the school and school leaders this morning in view of the resumption of September and the next state exams. At the center of the meeting, in particular, the return to safety, from the health point of view, of both staff and students. “We are working with the social partners to study together all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of staff and our students,” said the minister.

The Ministry of Education has presented principals and unions with a “first draft” of the protocol on safety for returning to school in September, a text that must now be examined by the social partners and then sent to the Technical Scientific Committee and will have to give its assessments. According to the National Headquarters Association, “the proposed draft presents aspects that are too uncertain but appreciated the wide availability to review it”.

Among the proposals put forward in the text, the use of masks for anyone who enters schools, the obligation to avoid gatherings at the entrance and exit, perhaps with the postponement of class entry times (with the hypothesis of 15 minutes difference), the possibility to try the student fever even if the state of malaise is not declared, while as in all jobs a prof and Ata the temperature should be measured every day.

In addition to the restriction of entrances for outsiders, including parents, in the draft text one thinks of protected and obligatory routes within the institutes, cleaning and sanitizing of all environments, especially those such as canteens, bathrooms and gyms. Access to common areas must be contingent with continuous ventilation and respect for the safety distance. The protocol also provides for the management of people healed or infected by Covid. The activities foreseen by the future protocol must then be compulsorily attached to the Risk Assessment Document (DVR), before the start of the next school year. The transposition of the protocol, accompanied by the guidelines and ministerial circulars, can in any case be integrated according to the specific needs of each school.

The National President Antonello Giannelli was present at the meeting for the PNA. “The Minister – explained a note from the principals – pointed out that the reopening of the school premises should be planned, since the other sectors have already reopened or are in the process of doing so in the coming weeks. To restart school activities in the presence, however, considers it necessary to sign a specific security protocol. In this regard, the Minister specified that the various activities, including the final state exam of the second cycle, will restart only and exclusively after the favorable opinion of the technical-scientific committee, taking into account the epidemiological trend “.

Furthermore, the Minister “expressed a heartfelt thanks to the school directors for the great effort made in organizing and coordinating the DAD and asked the trade union organizations to contribute to the drafting of the protocol, sending the related contributions closely. He finally clarified that the protocol can be signed only after having been validated, from a health point of view, by the committee “.

Ministry officials explained, “briefly, a first draft protocol formulated by the Administration and invited participants to send their eventual proposals for modification and integration”. The PNA delegation “pointed out that the proposed draft has too uncertain aspects but appreciated the wide availability to review it. We reiterated that the protocol is absolutely necessary but that it must be unambiguous and it must not present interpretative margins which could involve risks for collective health, exposing managers to improper liability. Our position on the conduct in the presence of the state exam, already expressed days ago, does not change: if the government deems it feasible, it must assume all responsibilities. The school leaders are ready, as always, to answer for those that belong to them, but not for others. This is why clear rules are needed and, above all, respectful of everyone’s skills and prerogatives “.

The PNA also asked that the protocol contain specific provisions for Italian schools abroad, in terms of harmonization of Italian and national legislation, and that the competition at DSGA be completed in useful terms to assign the winners to the educational institutions. already in September, “concludes the note.


Phase 2: agreement between government and CEI, held from May 18 – Chronicle

The Protocol that will allow the resumption of celebrations with the people was signed this morning at Palazzo Chigi. The Protocol – signed by the President of the CEI, cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and by the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese – will come into force on Monday 18 May 2020.

“The text comes to the conclusion of a path – underlines the CEI – which saw the collaboration between the Italian Episcopal Conference, the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior – specifically of the articulations, the Prefect of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration, Michele di Bari, and the Head of Cabinet, Alessandro Goracci – and the Technical-Scientific Committee “.

In compliance with the health regulations prepared for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from SARS-CoV-2, the Protocol indicates some measures to be carefully followed, concerning access to places of worship during liturgical celebrations; the sanitation of places and objects; the attentions to be observed in liturgical celebrations and sacraments; the communication to be prepared for the faithful, as well as some general suggestions.

“In preparing the text, the aim was to keep public health protection needs united with indications accessible and usable by every ecclesial community”, reports the Italian Episcopal Conference.

“The security measures provided for in the text”, which allows the return of masses with the faithful from 18 May, “express the most suitable contents and methods to ensure that the resumption of liturgical celebrations with the people takes place in the safest way. the CEI for the moral and material support it is giving to the entire national community in this difficult moment for the country “. The premier says so Giuseppe Conte in the press release issued by the CEI.

“The Protocol is the result of a profound collaboration and synergy between the Government, the Technical-Scientific Committee and the CEI, where each has done its part with responsibility”: highlights the cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, president of the CEI, speaking of the resumption of masses from 18 May, and reiterating “the Church’s commitment to contribute to overcoming the ongoing crisis”.

“From the beginning we have worked to reach this Protocol: the work done together has given an excellent result. We have also undertaken a similar commitment with the other religious Confessions”. This was stated by the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese in the CEI press release on the resumption of masses with the faithful from 18 May.


Phase2: Rome-Bari flight, ‘finally home’ – Last Hour – ANSA Agency

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Phase 2, Patuanelli: recapitalize businesses, 120% econonus – Economy

We must “accelerate to give answers to SMEs” most affected by the emergency “and we are already late – writes the Minister of Economic Development on Fb Stefano Patuanelli in view of the new anti-Coronavirus decree -. A massive injection of direct non-recourse liquidity and in the form of company recapitalization “and” interventions on fixed cost charges “as on electricity bills is needed. Payments of PA debts must be accelerated and measures are also needed in other sectors, such as the building sector with a 120% eco-bonus “.

“The Italian economy cannot afford a second lockdown, the gradual approach and the possibility, in the coming days, to regionalize further reopenings based on epidemiological data is the only possible approach”, adds Patuanelli on Fb on the eve of the ‘Phase 2 ‘of the first reopenings.

“Over 4 million Italians will finally return to work. The country’s production engines will restart after a very complicated period of production lockdown, the most difficult for a Minister of economic development. The factories will also reopen, above all thanks to the great sense of responsibility demonstrated by the employers and trade unions, capable of confronting each other without ranting on the media to reach the stipulation of a shared protocol to protect production and work “.

Meanwhile, the funds for layoffs in the May decree rise to 14 billion: it emerges from government sources while a new executive meeting is underway on the decree with economic measures against Coronavirus. The 14 billion (one more than those originally estimated) would be the resources needed to cover the cig for another nine weeks.