45.5 billion euros for Dax investors

Billion dividends The insurer Allianz pays out the most to investors with an estimated 4.2 billion euros. (Photo: IMAGO) Düsseldorf The corona slump is followed by the boom: Germany’s 40 …

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Dax on a recovery course despite further oil price turmoil

Dusseldorf The German stock market starts trading nicely. In the first trading hour, the index was up 1.1 percent at 10,357 points. The oil price has dominated the market for …

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Dax current: Dax slips into the red – Five reasons why the time of massive price losses should still be over

The ECB rescue package is having an effect initially, but the Ifo index is weighing on prices. Other markets show drastic reactions. .

Crash on the stock market continues – Dax loses

Dax curve View of the Dax curve in the Frankfurt trading hall. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf The German stock market simply has no hold. In midday trading, the leading index is …

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Dax closes in plus after Fed rate cut

Dusseldorf With a relief rally the Dax the sell-off mood on the markets ended on Tuesday. It closed around one percent in plus at 11,985 points. In the afternoon, the …

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Dax starts relief rally – Lufthansa share rises by almost ten percent after a wave of sales lasting several days

Dusseldorf The sell-off on the German stock market has stopped for the time being. The Dax in lunchtime trading is up two percent at 12,101 points. The daily high is …

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Dax closes 400 points in the red

Dusseldorf The descent of the Dax accelerated on Thursday. The leading German index closed the sixth consecutive trading day in the red and closed trading at a loss of 3.2 …

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