Andrey Razygraev joins Lera Kudryavtseva, a vacationer in Adler

Vijay of the Muz-TV channel made it clear that it was the wife of the hockey player Igor Makarov who inspired him on this trip.

Lera Kudryavtseva (Photo:

49-year-old TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and her daughter Masha spend their summer holidays in Adler. The celebrity admitted that, as a child, she visited this resort more than once. According to the TV presenter, over the past years, the sanatorium in which they stayed with their parents has undergone some changes.

First, luxury rooms appeared, repairs were made, and new buildings were erected on the territory. At the same time, the secular lioness nevertheless plunged into nostalgic memories. The hockey player’s beloved Igor Makarova clarified that she once had a rest here with mom and dad. And now she brought her little daughter Masha to Adler.

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva
Lera Kudryavtseva left for the sea with her daughter Masha. Photo:

It is noteworthy that the Vijay of the Muz-TV channel also wanted to visit a close friend at sea. Andrei Razygraev made it clear that it was Igor Makarov’s wife who inspired him on this trip. The showman refused all important meetings and planned events in order to enjoy the long-awaited vacation.

“Who came to us ?!” – Lera Kudryavtseva turned to Razygraev, meeting him with a suitcase.

“Savior!” – answered Razygraev, going to check into his hotel room.

Andrey Razygrav came to Lera Kudryavtseva in Adler. Photo:

Lera Kudryavtseva for many years talking with Andrei Razygraev. The husband of the TV presenter has nothing against the fact that his chosen one spends time with her friends. So, for example, the secular lioness managed to see Anfisa Chekhova.


granddaughter of Rotaru impressed with a figure in a swimsuit

The only son of the People’s Artist of the USSR Sofia Rotaru – Ruslan Evdokimenko – gave the eminent mother two grandchildren. The heir to the Ukrainian singer named his daughter in honor of her star grandmother – Sonia. And the son of Anatoly – in honor of the late grandfather, his father. The girl inherited from Sofia Mikhailovna not only her name and beauty, but also her love of music. Evdokimenko has a beautiful and pleasant timbre.

So, Sonya has already recorded several songs, although in a foreign language so far. The granddaughter of the singer loves to travel and take pictures. Fans of the young artist are sure that she could build a successful career on the catwalk by eclipsing world-famous models. By the way, the heiress of Sofia Rotaru avoids scandalous stories, star parties and comparisons with the golden youth.

Sonya Evdokimenko in a swimsuit melted the hearts of her faithful admirers. Photo:

On a personal page on Instagram, Sonya shared a fresh summer photo, posing in nature. The girl tried on a swimsuit, which enthralled her loyal fans. Fans of the young singer noticed a resemblance to her eminent grandmother. There were also those who compared Evdokimenko with the German model Claudia Schiffer.

“Modesty, tenderness and sensuality itself”, “Just an angel !!”, “She looks so much like her grandmother !! The same smile ”,“ Youth and freshness ”,“ No vulgarity or vulgarity ”,“ Natural beauty, sincere ”,“ But it seems to me she was poured by Schiffer !! ”,“ Nice girl, not a bit of stardom ”- such comments appeared on one of the fan pages of the singer’s granddaughter.


Nikita Presnyakov’s wife came to the temple for baptism, covering her head with a scarf

23-year-old Alena Krasnova admitted that she became the godmother.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova (Photo:

In Stories, Alena Krasnova shared her personal shots. In an interview with fans, the spouse of the musician Nikita Presnyakov admitted that she became the godmother. In fresh pictures, daughter-in-law Orbakaite posed with a baby in her arms. The girl rocked the child, doing everything so that he would not be naughty. The beloved lead singer of Multiverse does not hide: she loves children. However, the model is in no hurry to start its own offspring. In this matter, the girl is supported by her husband. In an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva in the Secret to a Million program, Nikita Presnyakov admitted that for a start they need to get on their feet, see the world, and travel. And only then you can think about replenishment in the family.

Model Alena Krasnova
Alena Krasnova admitted that she became the godmother (Photo:

Alena Krasnova came to the baptismal ceremony in the temple in a maxi dress, covering her head with a scarf. It is noteworthy that the lover of the musician preferred the blue color palette. In addition, the daughter-in-law of Orbakaite refused bright makeup, preferring naturalness.

Model Alena Krasnova
For the baptismal ceremony in the temple, Nikita Presnyakova’s wife chose a maxi dress, covering her head with a scarf (Photo:

By the way, the senior grandson of Primadonna did not hide that she was thinking about paternity. The singer admitted that he was categorically against having his heirs have anything to do with the world of show business. The son of Kristina Orbakaite believes that his offspring should have a happy and carefree childhood. For this reason, Nikita plans to hide future kids from fans and the press. Presnyakov said that he would not take children with him to social events. All this, the grandson of Alla Borisovna called some kind of “ostentatious topic.” Beloved musician fully agrees with the opinion of Presnyakov. The girl is confident that their children will be more comfortable growing away from spotlights.


Merier Uzerli from The Magnificent Century remembered her trip to Moscow

The actress from the Turkish TV series “Magnificent Century” admitted that during this visit she mainly had to communicate with the fair sex.

Meriem Uzerli and Halit Ergench (Photo: frame from the series “The Magnificent Century”)

In an interview, 36-year-old Meriem Uzerli remembered her first trip to Russia. So, speaking about her working visit, partner Halita Ergencha assured that she had no idea about Russian men. At the same time, the actress from the Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Century” clarified that rumors reached her that Russian women were the most beautiful in the world. And as Meriem says, she is not going to argue with this statement.

Sharing her impressions, Meri assured that due to the busy schedule, she did not have time to take a closer look at Russian men. In addition, at all meetings and business dinners, she was mainly surrounded by women or foreigners. At the same time, Uzerli still remembered one Russian man with whom she managed to meet. The actress did not call his name, but noticed that he was very polite, observers and even a little shy. But most of all, the celebrity liked his concentration and efficiency. Such combinations of qualities, as Meriem says, look very attractive. In addition, the partner Halita Ergencha promised that the next time she would carefully study the concept of “Russian man”.

The Star of the Magnificent Century by Merier Uzerli with Halit Ergench
Meriem Uzerli played the role of the concubine of the Sultan Suleiman – Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska (Photo: shot from the series “The Magnificent Century”)

“I honestly had no idea about Russian men. I heard that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, and I confirm this, ”Marieclaer quotes Mary Uzerli.

Partner Halita Ergencha noticed that she really liked Moscow. She remembered this city for its atmosphere, restaurants, overflowing energy, sincerity and incredible magnetism. The actress said that with pleasure she would once again have visited Moscow and even agreed to cooperate with Russian directors.


Brezhnev in a top with feathers and lavender trousers appeared on the set of the show

The ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” noticed that she gradually began to enter the usual rhythm after self-isolation.

Vera Brezhneva (Photo:

Beloved music producer Konstantin Meladze has announced the release of new issues of the show “Dance Revolution.” Recall that on the project, the singer acts as a member of the jury. In an interview, 38-year-old Vera Brezhneva admitted that she does not have a professional education in this direction. At the same time, the celebrity recalled that she had a lot of experience. She gave the world of show business eighteen years. And of course, it is directly related to dancing. For Vera, dancers are primarily artists. And judging by the reviews, as Brezhnev says, her impression of the participants very often coincides with the audience. The singer calls herself an emotional and impressionable person. Sometimes she likes even imperfectly executed, but sensual numbers. When the dancers put their whole soul into their show, completely surrendering to the rhythm.

“If there is no emotion or energy in technology, this is not interesting. Everything needs a balance. I try to be impartial, but objective. For me, the magic of this project is the language of love, the language of dance. I am absolutely delighted! I like to hear from the viewer that they also liked our show, ”said the singer.

In her microblog, Vera Brezhneva talked about how they, along with other jury members and dancers, will finally return to the First Channel with the project “Dance Revolution”. In the microblog, the ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group shared reporting images from the set. Vera published several pictures at once on the Instagram carousel, and if in the first photo she posed in the jury’s chair, then in the last – Brezhnev was captured on the floor.

“We are back in the dance,” Vera said.

On the set, the beloved music producer Konstantin Meladze appeared in a top with feathers, leaving her shoulders open. The singer complemented her monochrome outfit with lavender trousers-pipes and silver sandals with stilettos. In an interview with fans, Vera admitted that in her wardrobe there are a lot of everyday clothes: sweatshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans, tights and t-shirts. Almost all evening dresses and costumes of a pop diva are rented from famous brands or famous couturiers.


The teacher persuaded Asmus to agree to the role of “nudity”

In a recent interview, Alexei Uchitel spoke about new creative achievements. The filmmaker noticed that one of his students – Philip Yuryev – wrote the script for the film “Whalers” for about seven years. Filming took place in Kamchatka. According to the director, in the near future this work will be shown at one of the major festivals. Naturally, if the event is not canceled due to the coronavirus.

Speaking about the storyline, Teacher noticed that, according to the scenario, whalers were supposed to look at a computer screen with a girl undressing in front of the camera. And as it turned out, this role was offered now by the former lover of Comedy Club resident Garik Kharlamov. According to the director, having familiarized herself with the concept of the film, Kristina Asmus agreed to participate. She liked the character and the scriptwriter’s idea. However, after some time, the actress changed her mind. And this happened after the premiere of Klim Shipenko’s “Text” tape. The girl was “hunted down” for frank scenes with Ivan Yankovsky. By the way, the son of Oksana Fandera stood up for his partner, specifying that if sofa critics believed Christina’s game, then she did everything very accurately, like a real actress.

Alexei Uchitel persuaded Kristina Asmus for the role with “nudity” (Photo:

Later, the agent of the comedian’s wife contacted Teacher, who explained the position of Asmus. The girl changed her mind to star in this “naked” scene. As a result, Alex nevertheless persuaded the girl to come to their studio. Although Christine immediately stated that it was unlikely to change her mind. In response, the director showed her fragments from the film that really impressed the girl. And she again gave her consent to participate.

“I asked again:“ Are you not afraid that they will start rinsing again? ” “This is my business,” she said firmly and starred wonderfully, “quoted as saying by Alexei Uchitel.


Muceniece has already explained to the children why they will live separately from their father

The actress from the movie Tobol officially became a divorced woman.

Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny (Photo:

This year was rich in events for Agatha Muceniece. So, for example, a celebrity returned to the set of the vocal project “Voice. Children ”on Channel One, speaking as co-host of Dmitry Nagiyev. And if from a professional point of view in the life of the actress everything is stable, then in the sphere of personal relations it is not so simple. First, Agatha announced her intention to divorce her husband. And after some time, the girl spoke about a major quarrel with Pavel Priluchny. As a result, the actress decided to move to the apartment with her children, leaving her husband in a country mansion.

Against the background of all these events, Muceniece assured her fans that she still loves her husband. But now she needs to first of all think about the seven-year-old son Timothy and the four-year-old daughter Mia. The celebrity noticed that she wants to provide her heirs with a carefree childhood. And for this, according to the ex-lover of Paul, they should remain in the ignorance of all adult problems for as long as possible.

Actress Agatha Mutseniece
Agatha Muceniece explained to the children why they will live separately from their father (Photo:

In her show “Honest Divorce,” the actress admitted that she had already explained to the children why they would live separately from their father. At the same time, Agatha is sure that her son and daughter are unlikely to understand the meaning of the word divorce. It is noteworthy that the seven-year-old Timofei advised the star mom to make peace with dad and prove his love to him with a “good kiss.” Mutseniece reacted to such words of her son with humor. The girl was surprised at how insightful her boy was growing.

“I explained to them that I did not want to argue with Pasha, so we should live separately with him,” said the actress.


Brezhnev flashed a figure in a bikini

Fans of 38-year-old Vera Brezhneva have no doubt that she can give odds to more young artists. So, the faithful admirers of the ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group noticed that the husband of the pop diva should beware: suddenly someone wants to take away such a gorgeous girl from him. To such assumptions, as well as to rumors about her disagreement with Konstantin Meladze, the Ukrainian performer treats with humor. The singer made it clear that her heart belongs to only one man. Speaking about her marriage, the artist noticed that she was sorry to spend time on some everyday moments, when she could devote these minutes to her soulmate or ten-year-old daughter Sarah.

For this reason, a celebrity practically does not fit at home to the stove. And her husband spoils the dishes of Georgian cuisine. According to the singer, her husband cooks the beautiful. Celebrities like to taste his culinary delights. From time to time Brezhnev orders food in a restaurant.

Vera Brezhneva in a swimsuit flashed an elegant figure on the beach (Photo:

With all this, the pop diva avoids harmful snacks. Beloved music producer Konstantin Meladze boasts an elegant figure. So, the singer’s fans did not disregard her beach picture, which appeared on the Brezhneva fan page. By the way, the artist herself has already shared this photo in her personal profile. In front of the camera lens, the singer appeared in a swimsuit, flashing slender legs.

“It looks like the age of the eldest daughter !! Very young ”,“ Greek Goddess ”,“ Most beloved singer … So natural and tender! ” Like a girl “,” Kostya hold on! Your wife is just a hurricane “,” Just like a porcelain figurine “,” And how is Kostya not jealous of you ?! Such a beauty, ”said fans of the singer.


Safina went for a walk in mini shorts, and Mikella

Alsou does not hide: her husband very rarely agrees to pose with her in joint photos. Businessman Yan Abramov does not like to be photographed and avoids any publicity. At the same time, the chosen one of the pop diva understands that his wife from a young age was connected with the world of show business, and she needs to maintain a personal microblog in order to keep in touch with fans.

On June 27, the singer celebrated her birthday. Alsu is 37 years old. On this occasion, the artist shared fresh pictures in which they posed with her daughters. The celebrity spent her weekend with her family. Thirteen-year-old Safina went for a walk with a star mom in a top with bare shoulders and trendy high-rise mini shorts. And eleven-year-old Mikella dressed in jeans and an oversized shirt. In an interview with correspondent, image-stylist Olga Trofimova said that denim items would be at the peak of popularity in the spring / summer 2020 season. And especially high waist shorts.

The eldest daughter of the singer Safina posed in fashionable shorts, and the youngest Mikella in an oversized shirt (Photo:

In an interview, Alsou admitted that their older daughter and Ian are growing calm, reasonable and modest. But Mikella, as the singer says, is the exact opposite of her sister – in their family she is a small star. The girl likes to attract attention, sing, dance and improve her musical talent. So, for example, the youngest daughter of pop diva learned to play ukulele.

Alsou did not forbid the heiress to participate in the vocal project “Voice. Children ”on Channel One. Mikella not only went through the stage of blind auditions, but also got into the team of the Ukrainian performer Svetlana Loboda. The daughter of the singer managed to reach the finals. Wife Yana Abramova had no doubt that their Mikella could appeal to viewers. The girl’s talent was admired by composer Igor Nikolaev. So, the musician praised Alsou’s daughter for her clean vocals and beautiful intonation.


Brezhnev in extra-mini flashed a spectacular neckline to the navel

The ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” drove a provocative shot crazy, showing an elegant figure.

Vera Brezhneva (Photo:

38-year-old Vera Brezhneva does not hide: she and her husband are doing well. The girl assured that, despite all the efforts of the haters to “quarrel” her with her lover, complete harmony reigns in their family. In addition, the celebrity made it clear that he and Konstantin Meladze with irony and humor relate to rumors of a divorce or separation. The ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” hinted that she likes to spend time with her chosen one. Vera often turns to her husband for advice and always listens to his opinion, considering Constantine a very wise person.

It is noteworthy that Meladze does not prohibit his beloved from appearing in public in revealing outfits. And Brezhnev herself admitted that she feels some awkwardness when she has to go on stage in short dresses. Vera believes that photo shoots are a completely different matter. In front of the camera lens, the singer always behaves relaxedly.

Singer Vera Brezhneva
Vera Brezhneva in a mini sequin dress flashed a spectacular neckline to the navel (Photo:

Fans of the celebrity could not ignore one of the archival photographs of the “bright” from “VIA Gra”. This shot appeared on one of the singer’s fan pages. By the way, Vera herself already shared this photo in her personal profile. Followers of pop divas were delighted to see Brezhnev in an extra-mini. Beloved music producer Konstantin Meladze dressed in an extravagant dress with sequins, flashing the neckline to the navel. Among the subscribers of the singer there were also those who advised Vera to take cover, recalling that she has daughters, the eldest of whom was already nineteen years old.

“I do not see any vulgarity !! What is everyone talking about here ?! ”,“ A more modest neckline! ” And then everything is for show “,” Everything is young! Already the eldest big daughter, soon to be married !! “,” Sofa critics again took up their own! Just laughter “,” Pure temptation !! Kostya was lucky ”,“ Doll, so graceful and slender ”,“ Pretty, young woman. Why not boast of such forms, ”noted the fans of the singer.