Netrebko in a tunic dress and barefoot appeared on the terrace of her house in Vienna

The opera diva has already said that her heart belongs to this Austrian city.

Anna Netrebko (Photo:

In his regular column for one of the publications of the socialite chronicle, the presenter of the program “Fashionable Sentence” on Channel One, Alexander Vasilyev, specified that the opera diva herself was from Krasnodar. The fashion historian has no doubt that Cossack blood flows in the lover of the Azerbaijani tenor Yusif Eyvazov. So, co-host Evelina Khromtchenko noticed that 48-year-old Anna Netrebko can boast not only a deep beautiful timbre, but also very attractive external data. Speaking about the figure of the singer, the art historian assured that she absolutely does not need to lose weight. By the way, Anna herself also said that for many years she has been in the same weight. The celebrity is not going to follow the fashion line and exhaust himself with strict diets for the sake of far-fetched beauty ideals.

Opera diva Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko in an oriental-style tunic dress posed on the terrace of her house in Vienna (Photo:

As already wrote, Anna Netrebko did not waste time on home isolation. Beloved Azerbaijani tenor made repairs on the terrace, painting the walls and updating the decor. Now the opera diva can rest on the renovated site, where garden chairs and fresh bush flowers appeared.

In Stories, the opera singer shared the reporting photo, posing on the terrace of her house in Vienna. In front of the camera lens, Anna appeared in a tunic dress and barefoot, preferring oriental styling. Netrebko made it clear that she was satisfied with the repair. Beloved Yusif Eyvazova personally painted the walls and selected suitable shades, acting as a designer.


Alena Krasnova on vacation emphasized the figure with a crop top

On Instagram, the 23-year-old lover of the soloist of the band Multiverse shared fresh shots. Even before the introduction of the self-isolation regime, Nikita Presnyakov took his wife to the former dacha of Primadonna. In an interview, Alla Borisovna clarified that her senior grandson was watching her house in Istra. The singer herself has long settled in the village of Mud near Moscow with her husband showman Maxim Galkin and six-year-old twins Harry and Lisa.

The daughter-in-law Orbakaite after a party at the bar celebrated her 23rd anniversary with her familyOn the night of March 8, Alena Krasnova arranged a celebration for friends, after which she spent the weekend in the company of her family.

On vacation, Alena Krasnova arranged an impromptu photo shoot in a marble arbor with columns. In front of the camera, daughter-in-law Orbakaite posed in artificially aged denim shorts. The girl emphasized the figure with a crop top, focusing on the waist.

Alena Krasnova dressed in crop top and shorts made of artificially aged denim. Photo: frame from video,

The favorite of the family, a white dog, also got into the frame. In a conversation with fans, Nikita Presnyakova’s lover made it clear that she was used to working on herself. In her youth, Alena even wore braces in order to achieve a beautiful smile. According to the model, it took her almost two years to do this.

The musician’s beloved clarified that she does not see anything reprehensible in saving. So, in the makeup bag of the model, it is quite possible to find affordable and inexpensive cosmetics from the mass market. The girl assured that she would not overpay for the brand, if you can find similar care products of exactly the same quality.

Model Alena Krasnova
The model, along with her husband, settled in the former cottage Pugacheva in Istra. Photo: frame from video,

According to Alena, she and her husband are in no hurry to have children. At the same time, the mother of Nikita Presnyakova, 48-year-old Kristina Orbakaite, admitted that she had long been ready for the appearance of grandchildren. But the elder children of the singer are in no hurry to acquire offspring.


Alena Krasnova kissed Presnyakov on a date

23 year old Alena Krasnova, together with musician Nikita Presnyakov, went on a double date. The company was made up of the spouses by the girlfriend of the model and her lover. So, daughter-in-law Orbakaite clarified that even in conditions of self-isolation they managed to arrange a romantic dinner for their men. On a personal page on Instagram, the singer’s lover shared fresh reporting frames. Together with her husband Alena settled in the former dacha of the Primadonna of domestic show business in Istra.

“It looks young”: celebrity stylist did not find mistakes in the fashionable image of PugachevaAlla Borisovna in a light midi dress impressed Lina Dembikova, host of the Reloaded program.

“What a day it turned out today! We’ve been charged for the whole summer … We decided with a friend to arrange a romantic for our men, we haven’t seen the sunset for so long sincerely, ”said Alena.

Krasnova and her friend organized a picnic on the pier. Girls treated their chosen ones with delicacies. On Instagram, the model shared a personal photo with Nikita, showing their kiss. Alena does not cease to admit her feelings to her lover, believing that she was very lucky with her husband.

In an interview with fans, Orbakaite’s daughter-in-law clarified that it was a real surprise for her that Presnyakov made her a marriage proposal. Nikita himself explained why he decided to stay at home. The grandson of Pugacheva could well return to the States. According to the singer, he became a soloist of the band Multiverse and got his own family.

At the wedding of Nikita Presnyakov and his bride Alena Krasnova, distinguished guests attended: Alla Borisovna canceled her vacation in Latvia in order to come to the celebration. The lovers got married in July 2017.


71-year-old Pugacheva wears a cream and milk midi dress

As the site already wrote, May 9, Alla Pugacheva starred in a new video with six-year-old twins Harry and Lisa. The kids congratulated the veterans and staged an impromptu march along the corridor of a spacious mansion in the village of Gryaz, near Moscow. The company of the daughter and son as a “commander” was the prima donna of domestic show business. In front of the camera lens, the wife of the showman Maxim Galkin appeared in a light midi dress, emphasizing the waist with a wide belt. The image of the 71-year-old singer was supplemented by youth sneakers.

Mom’s pride: Pugacheva and Galkin did not forget to congratulate Orbakaite’s son on his 22nd birthdayUnlike his older brother, Denis Baysarov has little interest in vocals.

For expert commentary regarding the style and relevance of the outfit chosen by Alla Borisovna, turned to the host of the Reloaded program at TNT, Lina Dembikova. It is worth noting that the celebrity stylist was pleased with what she saw, calling the dress of the famous singer fashionable. The expert of our portal praised Primadonna for her courage, clarifying that the wife of Maxim Galkin conducts the correct “propaganda”, saying with her appearance that fashion has no age limit.

In addition, the TV presenter made it clear that Pugacheva replenished her wardrobe with trendy things. The actress wears leggings, sneakers, topical dresses. And these things, according to Dembikova, she is certainly young. In addition, Alla Borisovna manages to emphasize the advantages of her figure.

Singer Alla Pugacheva with children
Alla Pugacheva was praised by the stylist, opting for a light midi dress with a creamy milk shade. Photo: frame from video,

“Light and airy spring look! Perfectly accentuated waist. Generally belts are in trend today. And wide belts are super-practical. It is also excellent that Alla Borisovna has similar shades of tone. The white belt is ideally suited to such a cream-and-milk “cold” dress. And the volume pattern was chosen correctly: the pattern is not too large and not very small. What you need. The singer increasingly chooses these youth bows: sneakers, leggings in combination with dresses. It looks young, ”the celebrity stylist assured. Help

Lina Dembikova is a Russian beauty stylist and presenter. Known to a wide range of viewers thanks to the project “Reloaded” on TNT. He is the founder of the School of ImageHelology StyleHunter.


Meskhi’s daughter is afraid to ride a bicycles

Daughter Gela Meskhi is afraid to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. The baby feels more confident and calm with additional insurance in the form of two more small wheels. About this baby told his star mom.

Together with the children, the actress from the historical telenovela “Poor Nastya” spent a weekend in nature. 42-year-old Ekaterina Klimova rested outside the city, preferring active pastime. The sons of the artist from Igor Petrenko: thirteen-year-old Matvey and eleven-year-old Korney rode sports bikes, while their younger sister Bella gave preference to four-wheeled transport. The girl flatly refused to “unscrew” the extra wheels, admitting that she would most likely end up on the asphalt. And the daughter of the actress did not want to fall off the bike.

Everything is everyday: Klimova showed herself without makeup in the photo with Pankratov-BlackThe 42-year-old actress from the series “According to the Laws of War” appeared in an honest picture without embellishment.

Children of actress Ekaterina Klimova
Sons of Ekaterina Klimova – Matthew and Roots ride sports bikes (Photo:

Four-year-old Bella went for a walk in a scarlet insulated vest and a printed suit. The image of the baby was complemented by a cap and practical Velcro sneakers.

The daughter of actress Ekaterina Klimova - Bella
Little Bella feels more confident on a four-wheel bike (Photo:

“Let’s unscrew the wheels, Bell ?!” – suggested four-year-old daughter Catherine.

“What for?! I don’t know how, I’ll fall right on the road, ”Bella complained.

“Well, we will learn! Will you ride a four-wheeled vehicle ?! ” – asked the baby actress.

“Yes, bye!” – insisted on her crumbs.


18-year-old daughter Klimova walked through the woods in a plaid shirt and overalls

In the new academic year, the 18-year-old daughter of Ekaterina Klimova and jeweler Ilya Khoroshilov will become a student at one of the Russian universities. The heiress of the actress from the historical telenovela “Poor Nastya”, along with her younger brothers: thirteen-year-old Matvey and eleven-year-old Korney, is studying at the Lomonosov school. Little Bella also dreams of going to first grade. The daughter of Gela Meskhi, in her four years of age, is fond of dancing and attends the swimming section.

Everything is everyday: Klimova showed herself without makeup in the photo with Pankratov-BlackThe 42-year-old actress from the series “According to the Laws of War” appeared in an honest picture without embellishment.

According to Catherine, she is not going to put pressure on her daughter with the choice of a future profession. Klimova clarified that he and Ilya, the heiress, refused the acting path. Previously, Elizabeth was considering becoming a journalist. Most of all, the girl was attracted to social issues.

Remembering her young years, the actress clarified that her parents almost waved her hand at her time. Catherine, not without a smile, assured that mom and dad most likely considered her “stupid.” However, the girl managed to prove to relatives that she deserves their trust and pride. Klimova did everything in her power to enter the theater.

The daughter of atkris Ekaterina Klimova - Elizabeth
Elizaveta Khoroshilova walked through the woods in a plaid shirt and denim overalls (Photo:

Elizabeth does not want to follow the path of her mother. The girl is not much interested in the scene and the movie. By the way, in Stories Klimova shared a fresh picture of the heiress. Together with the family, the daughter of the actress took a walk in the forest. In the frame, Elizabeth appeared in a voluminous plaid shirt and denim overalls, giving preference to the oversize style.


Petrov together with Stasia Miloslavskaya watched the film “T-34”

Alexander Petrov on a personal page on Instagram congratulated fans on Victory Day. As it turned out, the evening of May 9, the actor spent watching the movie “T-34.” The company was chosen by Stas Miloslavskaya. By publishing fresh pictures, the young man also posted a photo in which the couple’s favorite was captured. As the site already wrote, Petrov gave Stas a kitten for his 25th birthday. According to Miloslavskaya, this tiny furry creature is already accustomed to a new house. The actress herself was delighted with such a surprise.

Judging by the reporting snapshots with a new Stasi pet, Petrov decided to spend the weekend with his closest ones. Previously, the actor more than once complimented the new lover, calling her “magic.” Recall that young people met on the set of the film “Sagittarius”.

“We decided a long time ago – we want to take a cat”: Petrov declassified the gift for Miloslavskaya on the 25th anniversaryLovers have already acquired a common pet.

Actor Alexander Petrov
Alexander Petrov and Stasia Miloslavskaya spent the evening watching the movie “T-34” (Photo:

By the way, in the military drama “T-34” Petrov starred with the now ex-girlfriend Irina Starshenbaum. It is noteworthy that neither Alexander nor his ex-lover did not comment on the breakup. The actor’s current girlfriend also tries not to extend to personal topics. Stasa made it clear that the time had not yet come for this. Miloslavskaya admitted that she is waiting for the moment when all the passions subside a little. In addition, the girl does not want to become the heroine of the “yellow” headlines and secular chronicles.

The favorite of the couple also got into the frame. The actor gave Stas a kitten for his 25th birthday (Photo:

Now a small kitten lives with Stasya – a gift from Alexander. The actors took the pet from the zoo volunteers. According to Alexander, he and Miloslavskaya had long been thinking of having a cat. Therefore, the artist decided to make his beloved such an intangible birthday present.


Buzova spent a romantic evening with a chosen one

34-year-old Olga Buzova spent a romantic evening in the company of her current chosen one. For nine months now, the singing TV presenter has been building relations with blogger and showman David Manukyan. The other day, lovers celebrated an important date for them. So, the companion of a socialite prepared a surprise for her. Hip-hop artist ordered her favorite dishes for his soulmate, having a candlelit dinner. In addition, Olga received a bouquet of red roses from her lover. In the comments to the fresh pictures, Buzova noticed that she wants all her subscribers to find simple female happiness.

“A dispute is a dispute”: Buzova shaved her 27-year-old lover baldThe singing TV presenter “armed” with a male haircut.

As the site already wrote, even at the press breakfast of the Muz-TV channel, the singing TV presenter clarified that now she is in a relationship. In addition, not without humor, the artist noticed that she gives concerts not only on stage, but also at home. Making it clear that he is not depriving David of attention.

TV presenter Olga Buzova and her lover David Manukyan
Olga Buzova noticed that she wishes all her followers simple female happiness (Photo:

Recall that before meeting with David Manukyan, a celebrity tried to establish her personal life by becoming a member of the talk show “Marry Buzova”. In an exclusive interview with, a close friend of the singer, showman Timur Batrutdinov, said that Olga would long compare all her potential suitors with her ex-husband. It’s not a secret to anyone that a TV presenter was not given a divorce from football player Dmitry Tarasov.

TV presenter Olga Buzova and her lover David Manukyan
After a divorce from Dmitry Tarasov, a socialite took time to learn how to trust men again (Photo:

Now Buzova is happy in relations with David Manukyan. The girl found in her chosen one all those qualities that, in her opinion, should be possessed by a man.


Brezhnev made a funny video with her husband and a grown up daughter in quarantine

Vera Brezhneva does not like to talk about her personal life. The artist has been married for almost five years with Konstantin Meladze. Lovers do not have common children, but from a past relationship the composer has two daughters and a son. The performer of the hit “My Girl” also has heirs. Her eldest daughter Sonia lives in Los Angeles, but the youngest Sarah lives with her. For more than a month, the singer has been self-isolating with loved ones.

“Finally Real”: Brezhneva sang in quarantine with voluminous jumperThe actress shared her touching home shots.

Usually Brezhnev does not publish family photos. Last year, she even deleted all the joint pictures with her husband, which provoked rumors of an imminent divorce. But the girl explained that she simply did not want to provoke haters. After several weeks of quarantine, the artist began to shoot short videos showing what she was doing at home. Recently, she sang a duet with Meladze, which is extremely rare.

And now Vera decided to amuse the fans. She began to grimace at the camera with her husband and a grown daughter. At the same time, Arthur Sargsyan’s song “Coronavirus, go away” was played. For greater effect, the star imposed a filter that stretched her faces into smiles.

Fans were indescribable delight. Many assured that they could not help laughing. Moreover, not every day impeccable Brezhnev gives reason to laugh at himself.

“Faith, you and Kostya are great positivists”, “Ahhh, I roar with laughter! You are all cuties like that, she’s such a beauty ”,“ Wow, how the quarantine changes people. Now they have become even better, more beautiful ”,“ Oh, I can’t, even grunt with laughter ”,“ Always look at you with a smile! ” Happy you! ” – commented on the post subscribers.