Flanders in Belgium: Bruges and Ghent honor Jan van Eyck

EIt’s like time travel. You can have the best tourist guide, the best weather and the best attractions, but all too often the feeling of coming closer to the past does not want to arise. The magical moment when you think you can catch a glimpse of the past cannot be forced. A lot has […]

Sailing in the South Pacific: Because of Corona quarantine on the boat

Dhe worldwide travel has come to a standstill – even on the world’s oceans, the supposedly last place of freedom. Austrians Doris Renoldner, 52, and Wolfgang Slanec, 64, are currently anchored in French Polynesia. They call themselves sea nomads: in 1989 they set out for the first circumnavigation of the world, in 2002 another seven […]

In times of Corona: Five declarations of love for Italy

Wonderfully unspectacular: Salento NUsually it is unwise to sound out an insider tip at this point, because if everyone knows about the charms of Salento, the secret will be revealed. But times are not normal, and the southern tip of the Italian hoe – that is exactly the Salento – is large enough that a […]

South Sea souvenir: The idea of ​​the “noble savage” lives on

Long-distance travel South Seas souvenir The idea of ​​the “noble savage” lives on here At the moment there is little more than to travel to the world of fantasy. There are no limits to dreams – you can go straight to one of the most beautiful places on our planet: the South Pacific. As of: […]

Galicia: The shearing of horses follows an ancient rite

The region of Galicia Vor almost exactly 40 years ago, Galicia was granted autonomy; Galician was made the official language alongside Spanish – and the almost 2.7 million Galicians were recognized as the historic nation of Spain (a privilege that Basques, Catalans and the people of Navarre also enjoy). Located in the extreme north-west of […]

Swiss Alps: retro on the slopes – that’s what skiing once looked like

Europe old news Retro on the slopes – that’s what skiing used to look like Après-ski in a bikini, bobsleigh with a crochet hat and crease: 60 years ago, skiing became the most popular winter sport. A Swiss museum has put together wonderful vintage objects. Status: 07:42 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes By Kira […]

Nepal: This is how quickly you endanger your life in the Himalayas

Rand four euros, 500 rupees, costs the eight-hour bus trip from Kathmandu to Bhulbhule. This is where my Himalayan adventure begins: a good two weeks on the so-called Annapurna Circuit. It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Nepal. It leads around the Annapurna mountain range, in which various climatic and vegetation zones […]

Belgium: In Ostend, the concrete serves as a canvas for street art

Garbage men who do nonsense instead of cleaning up. House-high vases made of Delft ceramic, which appear as three-dimensional objects on a gigantic shelf – a perfectly staged optical illusion. Colorful fantasy characters. Realistically painted people doing everyday activities, enlarged several floors. Cute dogs, wandering ants, strange metamorphoses. From facade-covering maxi paintings to miniatures: a […]

On the Atlantic: Spain is different in the Basque Country

Von the mighty rocks and walls that protect Motrico (Basque: Mutriku) from the floods of the Atlantic, the roar of black-headed gulls can be heard. It seems to compete with the jumble of happy-sounding voices echoing from the cafes and bars on the cliffs of the cliffs. If a few birds or people meet in […]

Tasmania: The city of Hobart is a hit at the end of the world

VFrom the pier on Hobarts Brooke Street, the “Mona Roma” plows up the Derwent River. Canapes are served in the “Posh Pit”, the first class of the ferry that connects Hobart’s port with the Museum of Old and New Art. Wine flows freely. Finally, the museum, called “Mona” for short, appears on its cliff like […]