The reunited group “Kino” postponed concerts due to the pandemic :: Society :: RBC

The band decided to reunite in 2019 for a new tour, which will be based on digitized recordings of Viktor Tsoi’s voice. Concerts had to be postponed due to ban on mass events in connection with the coronavirus pandemic

The rock group “Kino” has postponed the previously planned concerts for the next year. About this musicians reported fans in a video message on the YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately this fall it will not be possible to hold such big concerts as we have planned. And so we have to postpone them, ”the team said in a statement.

In the commentary under the video, the musicians noted that they postponed the decision to postpone the concerts as long as they could, but now it is already clear that this fall it will not be possible to hold events for ten thousand spectators anywhere.

According to the updated schedule, the performances of the band will be held from February to June 2021 in Minsk, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Riga.


State Duma deputy Vakha Agayev dies of coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

He underwent treatment in Moscow and was in a coma for the last days. Agaev was a deputy of the last two convocations of the State Duma, elected on the federal lists of the Communist Party

Vakha Agaev

(Фото: Ruslan Kurbanov / YouTube)

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vakha Agayev died of coronavirus. This was reported to RBC by his fellow party member Denis Parfenov.

“Unfortunately, this is true,” Parfenov said. The information was also confirmed by the deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the party, Yuri Afonin. “Yes, [он умер] today in Moscow, “said Afonin (quoted from TASS).

how write “Vedomosti”, citing a source in the party leadership, in recent days, 67-year-old Agayev was in a coma. At about 19:00 Moscow time, party colleagues received information about his death from COVID-19.

Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan infected with coronavirus dies

Uktam Barnoev

Vakha Agaev was born in Kazakhstan, in 1977 he graduated from the Chechen-Ingush State University named after I. L.N. Tolstoy, where he studied to be a historian. In 1985 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Moscow Cooperative Institute Tsentrosoyuz.


Ivan did not expect such a reaction! The key man “turned his back on her”

The important person who experienced a number of unforgettable moments with the Golden Nightingale, in addition to co-owning the GoJa agency, is himself František Janeček (76). However, his explanation of why he will be missing among the VIP staff is very human and understandable. “Ivanka recently invited me to a screening of the documentary and I apologized to her because I only saw the trailer and it crushes me. I admit it. It still hurts, “Janeček explained to the website.

Bohdalová about Gott in Studio Blesk: Let no one touch his wife!

“It’s a difference when you meet someone occasionally, and it’s a difference when you know someone for twenty years. We have known each other for more than fifty years and twenty years very intensely. It’s a very painful place for me. The place after it is irreversible. The singer of his type is unrepeatable and there will never be any again, “believes the influential producer, who added that no one will fill Karl’s place anymore and that he continues to regret that their paths have parted.

“We did not agree on one project. Then it happened that he received an offer from other people to represent him, and it was settled. I was sorry. I would lie and pretend. You must always feel sorry for breaking up with a giant of his type. He is a unique person, “concluded Janeček.

Janeček celebrated 75 with a constellation of congratulators! He won the premiere of The Witch!


Popova called the proportion of the elderly among those who died from COVID-19 in Russia :: Society :: RBC

The proportion of elderly people among the deaths from coronavirus exceeds 80%, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova

Anna Popova

(Photo: Mikhail Pochuev / TASS)

Most of those who died from coronavirus in Russia are citizens over 65 years old. This was reported by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, reports TASS.

“We have a group of people over 65, who, unfortunately, also today in the Russian Federation make up more than 80% of the total number of deaths from coronavirus infection,” Popova said.

The elderly are at risk for COVID-19. In addition to them, those with chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer are at greater risk of contracting coronavirus, reported on the website of the Moscow Department of Health.

Children are not included in the risk group. In addition, according to Popova, there are very few cases when they infected any of the adults. “There are very few cases of infection of adults from children, or they are not clearly described,” she said. RIA Novosti.

Popova named regions with the largest proportion of residents with antibodies to COVID

Anna Popova


Pamfilova recalled a request not to publish exit polls on a plebiscite :: Society :: RBC

Unlike ordinary elections and referenda, the CEC cannot ban the publication of exit polls to vote on the Constitution. But the agency asked not to do this until July 1

Photo: Maxim Shipenkov / EPA / TASS

There are no bans on the publication of exit polls for voting under the Constitution, but the CEC requested that they not be published until after the plebiscite. About this, the head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova said Business FM.

“Unfortunately, this problem is not regulated by our law, we have no levers to prohibit it. The only thing we asked was for the results of the exit polls not to be announced, at least until the moment the vote ends. But this is only what we could give as a recommendation. Unfortunately, we have no other levers, ”she said.

VTsIOM named the results of exit polls on voting under the Constitution

Photo: Artur Lebedev / RIA Novosti

On the morning of June 29, two days before the end of the vote, the results of the exit polls were published by VTsIOM. The center conducted a survey at polling stations in 25 regions. 70% of respondents agreed to answer the question about their choice. Among them, 76% voted for amendments,

The law on all-Russian voting does not spell out the situation with exit polls, the head of the CEC recalled. There is no ban on campaigning in it. “This is not spelled out in the law on All-Russian voting, just like the regulation of campaigning is not spelled out, and everyone is free to campaign for, against – as he considers it necessary, this is only that we do not allow ourselves this as an electoral system,” – said Pamfilova.

In early June, the organizers of the No campaign, who opposed the amendments, appealed to the CEC with a request to provide them with time and space in the media to campaign against amendments to the Constitution. In response, CEC member Maya Grishina said that the law on all-Russian voting does not provide for agitation for or against, only informing is possible.

How voted on amendments to the Constitution

Choose region



Poklonskaya commented on the attack on Sobchak in a monastery in the Urals :: Society :: RBC

Natalya Poklonskaya

(Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / AGN “Moscow”)

The incident with the attack on the film crew of Ksenia Sobchak in the Central Ural Monastery is regrettable. About this “RIA Novosti” said the deputy head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Natalia Poklonskaya.

She hoped that the victims of the attack in the monastery would soon recover, and the story of the schema-leader Sergiy (Nikolai Romanov), who was to appear before the church court on 26 June for speaking about the coronavirus and closing of churches, “will end well.” Earlier, the media repeatedly called him “Poklonskaya’s confessor”.

“I’m sure he [схиигумен Сергий] she’s very worried about what happened and, of course, didn’t want such a conflict, especially, as far as I know from the media, he himself wasn’t there, ”Poklonskaya said.

According to her, during visits to the monastery, she did not see the assault by any of the ministers. Poklonskaya added that “any provocation and excesses on this score” are “dishonest methods of achieving goals” for her. She urged people to protect “pure faith” and not succumb to provocations.

Sobchak posted a video after the attack in the monastery


The performer of the hit “My Boy” Svetlana Vladimirskaya has changed beyond recognition

The name of Svetlana Vladimirskaya in the early 90s was booming throughout the country, and her hit “My Boy” was played on all radio stations. However, at the peak of fame, the artist left show business and began to live a recluse. Some said she left for USAand others complained that the celebrity was in a sect.

Svetlana Vladimirskaya has been living in a remote village for 20 years Petropavlovka in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. She moved there when she married producer Mark Bolshoi. He worked with Lube and Vladimir Kuzmin. The latter, by the way, introduced Svetlana to her future husband.

From Mark Vladimirskaya gave birth to three daughters. However, marriage with him did not work out. After the divorce, the singer married the artist, having given birth to his son. And recently I became a grandmother.

Svetlana admits that she rarely gets out of her favorite places, but for Andrey Malakhova made an exception. “There were doubts, maybe we should stay in show business. But after many years I realized that I did everything right. There is no regret that I moved from Moscow and I live here, ”the vocalist said on the show“ Hello, Andrey! ”

On the set of the program, Svetlana Vladimirskaya appeared in a new image. Photo: Russia 1Photo: print screen video.

On the set of the program, she appeared in a new image – with long black hair and bright makeup. At first, Angelina Vovk, who was present in the studio, did not even recognize the singer: “Have you been in the video?” So changed during this time“.

Svetlana recalls the filming of the clip “My Boy” with love. Work on the video took a day, and when the video came out, it instantly became a hit.

“Such a lively and young voice, it’s very unfortunate that you left. Now I would be a very sought-after artist,” complained Arkady Ukupnik.

However Vladimirskaya regrets nothing. “Apparently so destined to all the will of God. She built herself a cedar, two-story house,” she summed up.

Svetlana Vladimirskaya “My Boy”.The first video for one of the best songs of Svetlana Vladimirskaya “My Boy” from the 1993 album of the same name


The Foreign Ministry announced bewilderment over the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova on loans :: Politics :: RBC

Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / RBC

The decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, which recognized the loan agreement with Russia as unconstitutional, causes bewilderment and regret, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko.

“Perplexity is because, firstly, the Moldovan side applied for a loan, Russia did not impose anything on anyone,” Rudenko said. He added that since November 2019, negotiations on the agreement have been open and covered by the Moldovan media. Rudenko noted that at that stage “no one raised the question of the constitutionality of negotiations.”

Dodon called the timing of receiving a tranche of $ 200 million from Russia for road repairs

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

“Regret causes a politicized attitude towards Russian credit,” the deputy minister added. He suggested comparing the terms of loans that Chisinau receives from Russia and from other countries and organizations. “Our desire to help Moldova, which is close to us, is sincere, especially when it is experiencing economic difficulties, which are exacerbated by the situation with the coronavirus,” summed up Rudenko.

He noted that some Moldovan politicians put their political ambitions above the needs of citizens of their own country. According to Rudenko, there probably could not have been “without a hint from the outside.”


Doctors compared mortality of COVID and other infections

On the page of the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov interesting information about the situation with infectious diseases in the world was published on the social network. And in particular that rotavirus infection causes hundreds of thousands of deaths per year in the world. Is the familiar and familiar rotavirus more dangerous than the coronavirus? “KP»Understands together with the immunologist, expert in public health and international health care, candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Kryuchkov.

– Of course, in addition to COVID-19, there are many other dangerous diseases in the world and these are not necessarily infectious diseases. Let me remind you that mortality from cardiovascular diseases is in the first place, also high mortality is associated with oncological diseases, in particular, lung cancer, and, of course, infectious diseases are also often the cause of death. However, the threat of rotavirus infection today is greatly exaggerated, said Nikolai Kryuchkov.

How many people die from rotavirus?

According to pessimistic estimates provided by the World Health Organization, around the world in 2013, 215 thousand children under the age of five died from rotavirus infection. According to other data obtained in international studies, this is 122 thousand deaths in 2013.

– The situation since 2013 in terms of mortality from rotavirus infection has not changed much. I think here we can talk about 200 thousand deaths per year among children under five years of age. Half of the world’s deaths occur in five countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Angola and Congo– emphasizes the immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov. – In the media you can often find information that up to a third of deaths of children under five are caused by rotavirus. This is not true! The fact is that among all deaths of children under five years of age in the world, mortality from diarrhea accounts for about 8%, but among these 8% of deaths from diarrhea – from 25% to 30% are attributable to rotavirus. That is, it turns out about 200 thousand deaths of children under five years of age per year in the world, while more than 6 million children under five die in the world per year.

On the page of the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov on the social network, interesting information was published on the situation with infectious diseasesPhoto: Ivan PROKHOROV

Is rotavirus disease relevant for Russia?

If you consider Europeyy region to which Russia, then the figures for mortality from diarrhea are lower than in developing countries. Mortality from diarrhea among children under five in Europe is 4% – 5% of all childhood deaths. About a quarter of them are rotavirus.

In Russia, according to WHO estimates, in 2013, 52 children under the age of five died from rotavirus infection, which is 0.3% of all other deaths of children under five years of age. Rotavirus infection is not the most common cause of death among children, and even more so among adults (the latter rarely die from rotavirus, so all statistics are data on the death of children – approx. Ed.).

– Rotavirus is a problem primarily in poor countries with a warm climate. For Russia, this is also a problem, but to a much lesser extent, ”said Nikolai Kryuchkov, a doctor. – It is important to emphasize that effective and safe rotavirus vaccines exist.

The incidence of rotavirus infection after the introduction of vaccination has decreased many times. In Russia, universal vaccination against rotavirus is not carried out, but, despite this, mortality is low, given that it is clear how to help such patients. The main thing here is replenishment of lost fluid and symptomatic therapy. Given these two factors — the availability of a vaccine and the development of affordable treatment — mortality from rotavirus is very low even among children from zero to five years old, not to mention adults. Among adults, these are isolated cases.

Who is worse: rotavirus or coronavirus?

According to epidemiologists, mortality (taking into account the number of deaths from the number of episodes of the disease) of rotavirus infection in the world is from 0.05% to 0.09%. This is comparable to mortality from seasonal flu. Yes, in the poorest countries it can reach up to 2%. However, in this case, only moderate to severe episodes are taken into account, and not all cases of rotavirus infection.

“With coronavirus infection, according to my most optimistic forecasts, the mortality rate in the world will be 2%,” says Nikolay Kryuchkov. – Let me remind you that now the mortality rate from COVID-19 in Russia is about 4%. AT Germany – 3.5%, and this is one of the best examples in Europe. Of course, a lot depends on how the data are kept and analyzed, but even though there are probably unaccounted cases, the mortality from coronavirus infection is much higher than the mortality from rotavirus. And the epidemic of coronavirus infection is still far from over.

“It is also important to understand that we are having a coronavirus pandemic, and the situation with rotavirus is under control.” The number of deaths from coronavirus is now growing, due to the fact that there is an increase in cases of infection. The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8%. Therefore, it is obvious that the situation with rotavirus is stable, and the coronavirus pandemic for us is not known how it will end. The coronavirus infection pandemic continues to grow, it is important to understand this, ”Nikolay Kryuchkov emphasized in a conversation with“ KP ”. – When we talk about the number of deaths from rotavirus, 200 thousand people a year around the world among children under five years of age are deaths that happened in a year! As we know, the coronavirus epidemic lasts about four months. This is significantly less than a year.

The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8% Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8%Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

How many deaths from coronavirus infection will be in a year (given that, according to the data of May 3, 243,922 people died in the world – approx. Ed.)? Yes, there are other dangerous infections in the world, but many of them can be protected. This is Hepatitis B, and pneumococcal infection, tetanus, and so on. And Dr. Myasnikov rightly points out the need for widespread vaccination against the most dangerous and common infections. Unfortunately, there are no vaccines from COVID-19 yet, they will be ready by the spring of next year at best.

Also, an important difference between the course of rotavirus infection and coronavirus infection: hospitalization with rotavirus disease in developed countries is very rare. All necessary treatment conditions can be provided at home. With coronavirus, the patient often needs active therapy, which can only be provided in a specialized medical institution.


Dr. Myasnikov gives such statistics on mortality from infections (in the world for a year)

Measles (there is a vaccine) – 140 thousand deaths per year

Pneumococcus (there is a vaccine) – 2 -2.5 million deaths per year

Hepatitis B (there is a vaccine) – 650 thousand deaths per year

Tetanus (there is a vaccine) – 89 thousand deaths per year

Cervical cancer (there is a vaccine) – 250 thousand deaths per year

Tuberculosis (there is a vaccine) – 1.5 million deaths per year

Influenza (there is a vaccine) – 650 thousand-1 million deaths per year

Coronavirus (no vaccine) – 244 thousand deaths from the beginning of the spread

Coronavirus: myths and reality.The farther the coronavirus, the more truth and speculation around it. We tried to deal with the main myths about the Covid-19 pandemic


Virologist Vitaliy Zverev: the coronavirus is now with us forever. Like the flu or the common cold

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