Mike Tyson’s partner in a cannabis business wants to name the Camp Nou

As published by Daily Mail, Barça already have an offer to put a trade name at the Camp Nou. This is Alki David, the business partner of former boxer Mike Tyson in his cannabis business. “It’s an opportunity I’m optimistic about. It’s a historic moment in the world of sport because of the circumstances, and that fits in well with my current plans,” said the millionaire, who has a fortune of about 3 billion. of euros. The surname he proposes is that of Swissx, a brand through which he sells cannabis. “It’s my favorite option,” he acknowledged.

Trade name to help in the fight against coronavirus

The Camp Nou will have a commercial surname for the first time in the 2020-21 season. The board of directors of the club has decided to cede the title rights from the Camp Nou to the Barça Foundation, for a single season, to fight the coronavirus. The commercial area of ​​the club is already looking for which company would like to be the protagonist of the first agreement of this kind in the history of the club, because until now the Barça stadiums had never had a commercial name. Barça’s idea was to be able to finance part of the Espai Barça project, the club’s future stadium, with a last name, but as the works have been delayed this possibility is still a future option.

Before that, the idea was for the Camp Nou to have a surname in the 2020-21 season, but the financial benefits would be used to help the Barça Foundation and not to improve the club’s economy. According to the statement, the idea is to “get some income that will be invested in research projects and intended to combat the effects of covid-19 that are carried out in Catalonia and the rest of the world.”


“I didn’t like the image I projected”

“When I looked at myself from the outside, I saw that I wasn’t projecting myself as I am. Because I don’t like stridencies, I’m a discreet and hardworking person. I lost control,” he admits to the Efe l agency. businessman Emili Rousaud (Barcelona, ​​1966), who in a few months went from being a complete stranger to being at the center of Barça’s media focus and eventually losing his position as institutional vice-president after resigning.

“It wasn’t the fault of the press. It was my fault. I admit I was wrong, because I didn’t like the image I projected. What I did was because I love the club,” the former manager insisted. In an interview, the successful entrepreneur in the energy sector asks not to address more issues about the Barçagate: “It’s all said and nothing that can be updated. In addition, now we have to wait for it to come out the audit commissioned by the board at PriceWaterhouseCoopers “. Rousaud lived without stridency in the Barcelona board waiting to present himself as the alternative of the Barça council for the 2021 elections, because he never stated either privately or publicly that he had already decided. They had proposed to him and he just said, “I’m excited.” But, as if it were the devastating effect of a hurricane, Rousaud went from absolute anonymity to becoming the focus of Barcelona and the media.

One factor led to this: when Ràdio Barcelona revealed that the club had hired a company to have good positions on social media and it was made public that the price was out of the market and that the messages were not only kind to the board, but contrary to staff of the entity and former club athletes. Rousaud was directly affected by this circumstance because he belonged to a commission that had to validate these invoices, but as they were cut (in less than € 200,000) so as not to pass through his hands, he felt that someone had done the bridge and ultimately had deceived the entire board.

“All is said and there is nothing that can be updated”

Emili Rousaud Former vice-president of Barça

The unknown Rousaud, in those days, went from the most remote place on the board to the headlines. There were two circumstances that made him leave anonymity: that he was linked to a kind of riot to resign President Josep Maria Bartomeu and that on the RAC1 station he let go that “someone had put the hand in the box “. “It is true that at the informal board meeting in February there was talk of advancing elections. I never put the president between the sword and the wall, neither to resign nor to advance the elections. It is not true that he we would demand his resignation, “he insists.

He admits that he aligned himself with other executives who thought it was best to advance the election (scheduled for the summer of 2021) in anticipation of the “complicated economic environment” approaching. “We argued that because of the kind of decisions that have to be made, which will be very brave decisions, it was better for them to be approached by a management team with six years in office,” he recalled. “This was my opinion, which was not shared by the president. And I respected that the president saw it the other way around,” said Rousaud, after he was pointed out, along with Jordi Cardoner and Maria Teixidor, as instigator. to remove Bartholomew from the presidency.

When a reporter asked RAC1 on April 10 if “anyone has put their hand in the box,” Rousaud replied, “I honestly think so. If external auditors tell us that these services that have been provided have a market cost of 100,000 euros and we paid a million, here someone has put their hand in the box “.

Two weeks later, after resigning and seeing the dust rise again, Rousaud stressed: “I have a reputation in the business world. I don’t behave that way. Those of us who have left are the people who are aware that there has been an irregularity here to hide this contract from the board, from the whole board. We don’t blame the board, because I didn’t know anything about it. ” “Managers resigned [Emili Rousaud, Enric Tombas, Maria Teixidor, Jordi Calsamiglia, Silvio Elías i Josep Pont] closely linked to the economic dimension of the club. Managers who have no connection to this issue stayed. It was very difficult for us to stay and say that you are on the adjudication committee that had to authorize this contract and someone has hidden it because he has torn up the bills so that he could not see them. “

“There is an adjudication commission in the club that verifies all the contracts that are higher than 200,000 euros. In this commission there are always three directors and it is ensured that the contracts have a lawful object, a market price and that there is no no link with suppliers “. And he recalls asking for explanations when he learned the newspaper reports that the contract had been split: “That’s why I demanded an audit, in an email I sent to all the executives.”

As for the current moment, and after his resignation, Rousaud considers that the club is “at a critical point”, although everything remains waiting to know the result of the audit. Following the tone of the affair, both in the board and in the media, Bartomeu telephoned Rousaud inviting him to leave the board, and he was accompanied by five other members. The dissident group, however, reached nine board members, three of whom backed down.

“It pained me not to wait for the audit report to appear. We would have talked to the president and left in a different way. Responsibilities could have been cleared to satisfaction or not, and in that case we would have left otherwise, but resigning for sure, “he predicted. The businessman believes that Bartomeu “did not want to pass this audit scrutiny with us inside” and after the president’s call, in which he asked him to resign, he thought at first of not doing so until that the report appear.

Asked if the audit will restore its image and that of executives if PriceWhaterhouseCoopers reveals that the contract was torn to avoid board control, and that the price was off the market, Rousaud has limited himself to saying that the club will have to “debug responsibilities” as well as “repay the money to the entity, as we pointed out in one of the points of the letter we sent to the president”. After the commotion, although the club has announced that it will file a lawsuit – “perhaps more information can be provided to clarify everything,” he said – Rousaud insists that he would have liked to handle this mess differently. , because he admits that he may have been indirectly affected by his enthusiasm for running for president.

“I haven’t lost the illusion of being president of Barça. But I didn’t like the image I projected with the statements I made, because I’m very hardworking and very discreet. Maybe I sinned by inexperience, if I hadn’t been well advised, ”he admits. “I was wrong about the staging, about how the message may have fallen among the partners. And when I saw myself, the image from the outside that I saw wasn’t how I am, because I don’t like stridencies and I’m very discreet. I lost control. It wasn’t the fault of the press. It was my fault. “

“I can never blame the board, because I was inside and we didn’t find out,” added Rousaud, who admitted after what happened: “For an election, I don’t benefit from this image. continuist candidate did not see me, because if I want to change things I can not continue in the board “.

“If I show up, it’s because I have a chance to win. But now I don’t have the image to be. People have told me that Barçagate has helped me because many Catalans have known me. But now I don’t have good brand image and what needs to be done is a redesign, ”he admitted. This is not the first time that Barcelona’s presidency has crossed Rousaud’s mind. In fact, before the 2015 elections he already dealt with a group of friends to make the leap, but after one of the meetings to present his ideas he met Bartomeu, who invited him to join. in his candidacy “when Barça had not yet won any title in the 2015 treble”.

“I never meant myself on the board to be president. Until Jordi Cardoner said he didn’t want to run and he proposed to me. And Bartomeu asked me to be the continuist candidate in 2021. What I said was that I would not take a step forward at that time, but I did not deny that I would be excited, “he recalled. “I have not lost this illusion, but in this environment it is difficult. Unfortunately when you make a move to explain something that is the detonating element by which we leave managers, there was a widespread reaction that showed that it was attacking the club. In return, I took that position because, precisely, I love the club, “said Rousaud.


Barca, on an election fight with three clear fronts

Although the prospect of running an early election this 2020 has filled hours of talk off the record in Barça, little by little, everyone assumes that Josep Maria Bartomeu will run out of office until June 2021. Covid-19, which does not allow large gatherings of people when the elections in Barça have to be in person, and the The resignation of who should be the dolphin of the current president, Emili Rousaud, has just cleared the scene for the moment, but the big question remains to be answered. Who will be the contending candidate?

A little over a year before the end of his term, the Granoller businessman Victor Font has announced that he wants to run for “new fire”. Font, CEO of Delta Partners and a shareholder in the newspaper ARA, has been making proposals for some time because he needs to be known by the Barcelona social masses. Thus, he announced the creation of his candidacy Yes to the future, which has defended the implementation of electronic voting or requested a second referendum on the Espai Barça project. Font, who after years living in Dubai, where his company was headquartered, has returned to Catalonia, has a good relationship with Xavi Hernández, who told him he would be a “good president” and insisted the latter days that “lack of transparency, billing more than anyone else but having to sell or trade players at the last minute of each season to squeeze squeezed accounts is untenable.” In recent months, Font has become the most active opposition to Bartomeu’s directive. So much, that he was one of the names attacked on social media in the context of Barçagate.

Laporta thinks so

The businessman from Granillo knows that there are many options for having the competition of another opposition candidate, that of the former President Joan Laporta. The lawyer, president from 2003 to 2010, had already run in the summer elections of 2015, when he was defeated by Josep Maria Bartomeu. But then, Laporta got 15,615 votes, 33% of the total. Laporta has been holding meetings for months and is planning a possible candidacy that has not yet been made official, because it wants to allow some time, until the end of the year, to decide it. This weekend, in a statement on Gol channel, he admitted: “It’s a project that I’m excited about, that I keep in mind. I am bringing together people and professionals of my confidence, because we need to think carefully about how to reverse the economic situation at the club. ” In addition, Laporta explained that Barça has become “the club of three trillions: a trillion in revenue, a trillion in expenses and a trillion in debt.”

Other names are pondering, such as the eternal aspirant Agustí Benedito, candidate in 2010 and 2015 and the census ballot driver against Bartomeu in 2017.Or the former director Toni Freixa, who won only 3.7% of the vote. In 2015, however, the current directive, however, is only regarded as dangerous rivals Font, who defends an idea of ​​breaking with a past marked by fratricidal struggles and beginning a new era, and Laporta, who defends Barça’s legacy most triumphant in history as opposed to the current directive.

A directive that continues without candidate. The name Emili Rousaud has never generated consensus and has finally fallen. Now the CEO of Factor Energia will have to decide if he is also leading an election proposal. Before Rousaud’s election, other managers sounded buzzing, especially Oriol Tomàs, new vice president, a man with experience in the world of sports because he was the Managing Director of Nike’s Spain and Portugal football. Also valued was the new manager of the football area, Xavier Vilajoana, or Maria Teixidor, who does not rule out submitting to be the first woman chair of the club, having resigned these days, but leaving behind Rousaud .

Rosell, always present

The continuation candidacy will emerge from the environment of Sandro Rosell, who continues to enjoy a lot of weight around the board. Rosell has no plans to introduce himself, but one of his acquaintances, the entrepreneur Jordi Roche, is best positioned to lead the project with Bartomeu’s current vice presidents. Former President of Girona (2001-05) and the Catalan Football Federation (2005-08), Roche has met with people from the football world to be ready if he finally makes the leap forward to face Font i Laporta . Roche in 2015 refused to go into Bartomeu’s directive and now remains to decide whether to take the plunge, in a complex balancing game. He prefers a project of his, but his surroundings offer him the face of continuity. The directive needs a project but accepting that a renewal image that Roche could embody will have to be offered. The directive does not yet know what its continuation project will look like. If any, finally.


“Bartholomew is much stronger than people think”

The newspaper Sports World publishes this Sunday an interview with Sandro Rosell, former president of Barça. “Barto is much stronger than people think,” says Josep Maria Bartomeu. “To say that the new board is more rosellist is a falsehood of unprofessional journalists who misinform and contrast,” he adds.

“If I had not been Barça’s president I would not have gone to jail, I have no doubt,” says Rosell, who acknowledges that he would re-file Neymar without hesitation. “I promised my mother that I will not run for the presidency again Barça, “she confesses.

The interview, by Cristina Cubero, is accompanied by an opinion article by Santi Nolla, director of the newspaper. “The Rosell Stage as president of the Barcelona is much more recognized now that when was at the head of the club, “he assures.


“If I had not been president of Barça I would not have gone to jail”




Related news

Sandro Rosell has already a year at liberty since all the accusations that unfairly kept him two years incarcerated in preventive detention were dropped. The former Barcelona president considers that all the accusations he received and the reason why he was imprisoned was due to his relationship with the Barça club. Rosell, who led the club between July 2010 and January 2014, has no doubt that if he had not held that position he would not have been 643 days in preventive detention, the largest in history in Spain for an alleged economic crime of which he was finally declared innocent on April 24, 2019, almost a year ago.

«If I had not been president of Barça I would not have gone to jail. Of that I have no doubt. Nor do I think that anyone would have investigated me in a business way, spied on me, or had such an aggressive prosecution that I still have 72 actions by the Tax Agency since I was elected president of Barça. Before being president, zero tax inspections. Casual? », Rosell asks ironically in an interview published today by Mundo Deportivo. Keep in mind that Sandro Rosell was very active in defending the right to decide in Catalonia, without declaring independence, while he was president of Barça. Rosell won the elections of June 13, 2010 with the highest percentage in history with 61.4% of the votes, a total of 35,021, prevailing over Agustí Benedito (14.1%), Marc Ingla (12.3% ) and the continuator Jaume Ferrer (10.8%), who came from the board chaired by Joan Laporta, who exhausted the mandate until the elections.

Sandro, born in the I am a very Catalan family, believes that he paid dearly for defending Barça’s values ​​as more than a club. During his presidency, he left the Camp Nou for the so-called Concert per la Llibertat to take place on June 29, 2013 and also opened the Estadi to pass the Via Catalana on the Day of September 11, 2013. With Rosell still as president , Barça approved that the substitute kit be the ‘senyera’, with which he played at home the League match against Athletic at the Camp Nou coinciding with the 300th anniversary of the fall of Barcelona in the War of the Spanish Succession.


Barça, Madrid, Sevilla and Real Sociedad will go to the Champions League if the League does not return

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has authorized on Wednesday the extension of dates to manage the end and start of the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons and the classification criteria for the next Champions League in favor of the four Barça, Real Madrid and Real Sociedad. From an agreement with the delegated commission, the continental classification decision will be made upon request by UEFA, “following the classification order of the last day of First Division in equal number of matches played by the 20 teams “and with certain criteria.

At this time, and after 27 games, Barça leads the list with 58 points above Real Madrid, with 56. Sevilla are third with 47 and Real Sociedad take fourth with 46, the same as Getafe, which is fifth. Atletico are sixth with 45 and Valencia with 42 and Villarreal with 38. The first four classified in the First Division would play the Champions League, and the fifth and sixth (Getafe and Atlético de Madrid) would go to the Europa League with one of the two finalists of the King’s Cup (Real Sociedad and Athletic Club), according to different circumstances depending on whether or not the KO tournament match was played, postponed without official date.

If the final is played, the champion will go, as long as he is not in the top six in the league. If the scoring system drew this scenario, the team that took seventh place in the domestic championship would qualify for the next Europa League. If the Cup final had not been played, if the two clubs were in the top six, and therefore already qualified for Europe, they would be in seventh place. If one of the two were ranked in the top six, the other finalist would go, and if neither of the two finalists were in the top six, whoever would win the Continental Ticket would be best placed on the overall table in the league.


Barça sends a message of hope


The Barça club has released a video

Barça released a video on Tuesday with a message of hope and optimism for all Barça players. Under the slogan “Today we fight, tomorrow we will enjoy # TOTSUNITSFEMFORÇA”, the club wants to share this video in which representatives of all Barça people participate, together in these exceptional moments, and who also wants to show their appreciation and gratitude to the professionals who are in front line fighting the pandemic.


Víctor Font: “You have to make a new fire”

The electoral scene at Barça is becoming more hectic, especially after the controversy with Barçagate and the recent resignations of the six executives, which have left the current president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, in a vulnerable position. The only candidate, who has, for the moment, openly announced that he will run in the elections scheduled for the summer of 2021, has issued an open letter to members in the name of Yes to the Future, his candidacy, to react to the latest news of the Barça news:

“For some time now, Yes to the Future has been warning Barça members that the club is on the right path to a perfect storm: it must replace the best generation of footballers in history, build and finance Espai Barça and compete against joint-stock companies with almost unlimited financial resources, and must do all this while preserving club ownership in the hands of members and their competitive ability in both football and all sections.

If the risks were great, they are now gigantic: we are in the middle of a pandemic that has stopped the planet and that will have effects that we cannot foresee today in all the orders of life, also in the sport. At the same time we have been witnessing an embarrassing climb for months in the institutional behavior of the club, in which the last one covers the gravity of the previous one, culminating in recent days with accusations and serious reproaches between managers, and six resignations. Just at the moment when the only priority should be to get the club out of this crisis, the presidency announces a new reshuffle of the governing board. What is at stake now is Barça.

“Barça is in danger of economic bankruptcy and moral bankruptcy”

Victor Font Candidate for the presidency of Barça

Bad doesn’t come from now: We’ve been sentenced by the club to the Neymar case, public disagreements between employees and players with executives and executives, and a social media case audit, which seems to be confirming the scandal . Add to that the erratic sports policy, the breakdown of the board and the significant reduction in revenue due to the pandemic, and the result is the danger of economic bankruptcy and moral bankruptcy in which the club has settled. Game over.

New fire is needed. The management model that in recent years has allowed us to be the best multi-sports club in the world is no longer valid. Lack of transparency, billing more than anyone else but having to sell or trade players at the last minute of each season to squeeze squeezed accounts is untenable.

From Yes to the Future we have always been in favor of institutional stability. And it is not a phrase: when the pandemic erupted, we contacted President Josep Maria Bartomeu to put him at his service and to try to come to a common front during these weeks. But the president has decided to run away as if it were a crisis. And it is not.

“Under normal circumstances Yes the Future would have called for resignations and the immediate convocation of early elections. But with the confined country it is virtually impossible to open the ballot box this summer.”

Victor Font Candidate for the presidency of Barça

Under normal circumstances, the gravity of the events would have led the Yes to the Future to call for resignations and the immediate calling of early elections. It would be irresponsible not to. But with the country confined and without knowing when we will return to normal life, it is virtually impossible to collect signatures, run nominations, campaign and open polls this summer. And since the club has also dilated its use of electronic participation mechanisms in the club’s major decisions, it is not even realistic to articulate a censorship motion with effect laws to denounce the unjustifiable government action we are suffering.

And this is serious, because in the coming months will have to make very important decisions that will define the future of the institution. And it must be ensured that these decisions are made in a context of stability and with a solid project that supports them – requirements that are not now met. The reformed board of directors, born without authority or credibility, cannot hide behind the pandemic and make decisions that can mortgage the future of the club.
That is why we require the board of directors to:

  1. Explain fully the economic situation and total debt of the club, and to what extent this debt limits the short-term plan of action, in a totally transparent way.
  2. Delay any structural decisions that are not essential as we do not know for sure what the coronavirus impact will be on the club’s life and economy. It is vital to postpone the decision on Espai Barça until the new board of directors is elected.
  3. Provide maximum prudence and transparency in dealing (investing and selling) with players.

Yes, the Future undertakes to exercise strict and permanent control over the fulfillment of these requirements.

The club administration needs a transformation in the offices that is as brave, creative, innovative and successful as Johan Cruyff did on the lawn. And that transformation is possible, because Barça’s power is huge. But to achieve this we need to bring together the best talent available from the Barça fans and the direct involvement of the athletes who have starred in the best Barça in history. Yes in the Future it offers an honest project, open to the participation of members, and committed to society and the country. A project that gives us the confidence to feel well represented by the entity’s governing body and to make us feel satisfied with the game, with the joy of victory and with the pride of belonging to the best club in the world. “


“I don’t know who, but someone has put their hand in the box”

The fire series around Josep Maria Bartomeu continues to add new chapters. Emili Rousaud revealed the critical situation of the Barça board this morning in an interview with The world at RAC1, point by point. The former Barça executive, one of the six who left the club in the last hours, said “there is someone who has shoved hands in the box” under the Barçagate and the services contracted to manage the flows. opinion on social networks. “It’s a gross case. I honestly believe that someone has put their hands in the box. That these services are worth 100,000 euros and that we paid a million means that someone has put their hands in the box. There is a significant economic difference. he is paying an overpayment. I do not know who he was and what level he is a part of. The contract had been broken into pieces to prevent the commission where I was from being aware of the situation and this is very ugly, “he said. -is definitely the figure of the current President.

“I don’t know if Bartomeu knows who he was. It’s important to understand the situation. There have been a number of irregularities. What we will not do is look elsewhere. It hurts all of us to leave. Some of ours teammates wanted to leave together to send a message to the partner, and I think it’s important: We work for our club, we’re loyal to the club, I’m aware that if we leave the board, in a month we won’t have any microphones to talk to. “I was really excited to be the president of Barça, but I want to sleep well. We could see more resignations. There are three executives who have doubts whether to continue or not.”

Six managers resign and leave Bartomeu alone

The economic weight

The former vice president has analyzed the reasons for his farewell to Barca focusing on the economic scenario. “The invitation to leave was given to us last week by the chairman, who is closely linked to the PwC audit to be published. I said why these decisions were made to the board now, why not expect this? My suspicion is that the audit is about to come to light The audit is almost complete The president may know what this audit is saying If I know that he is almost done the president must also know “It,” he said.

“It has also affected the measures taken these days in the reduction of football players’ salaries during the downturn. We said that the reduction would be insufficient to cover the disappearance of income. The council was not heeded. We do, because I really like the comment the President makes when he calls me, we think about the feasibility of the club, not about the footballers, “he said.

Rousaud said that the big decisions that will set Barça’s future “should be led by a new board”. “Barça has two major challenges. On the one hand, it is on the economic side, because income will decrease, as in the whole country. I think we can better cope with a new board that has 6 years in front. “Espai Barça. We decided to hold a referendum. It is now unfeasible because we are confined. It would make sense for the new board to decide these issues. “I respect all my co-workers because they are great people,” he said.


Six directors resign leaving Josep Maria Bartomeu alone

Josep Maria Bartomeu is increasingly alone. Six executives resigned with a critical joint letter to the management of the president, who remains determined to move on despite the fact that some of the departing directors are expensive, such as Maria Teixidor, who had successfully led the project. of the women’s club. It was Teixidor, in fact who personally called Bartomeu to inform him of the decision of the six executives.

The departing directors are Emili Rousaud, Enrique Tombas, Silvio Elías, Josep Pont, Jordi Calsamigla and Teixidor. Rousaud, Tombs, Elijah, and Pont had received a call from Bartholomew inviting them to leave. And after much thought, they decided to step in front of a notary, posting a letter to the members in passing. “We must emphasize our disillusionment with the unfortunate episode of social media, known as ‘Barçagate’, of which we were acquainted through the press. We ask here that once the result of the audit commissioned by PWC is presented, the responsibilities as well as the possible capital redemption are clarified. As a last resort to our club, we recommend that as soon as circumstances allow you to call a new election to allow you to manage the club in the best possible way against the important challenges of the immediate future, “they defend in a letter to the members.

Bartholomew, however, is still determined not to fold. When on January 23, 2014, Sandro Rosell decided to resign, Josep Maria Bartomeu found himself at the helm of Barça without a plan. The current President has said many times that he had a better time as Vice President, but he has learned how to become President by adding wins on the pitch and defeats away. At different times, club executives have almost taken Bartomeu to the ground early. But the months pass and he is determined to run out of office, until June 2021.

Rosell resigned when investigated within the Neymar case, a resignation that remained unclear to even most of his executives, who asked unanswered what was the true reason behind Rosell’s decision. If part of the board did not understand why Sandro Rosell was leaving, many executives now do not understand why Bartomeu is following, which has seen pressure to be president end up affecting him in his personal life. The wear and tear added to the Barçagate scandal led many executives to think that Bartholomew would finally give up. But quite the opposite, the directors who told him during a board meeting a few weeks ago in Sant Just Desvern that it was time to go for the election and, therefore, to leave, have seen the president defenestrava . Bartholomew has seen seven vice presidents change in five years.

The first to leave was Javier Faus, economic vice president, who left the club after the 2015 election to focus on his job, very touched by a public feud with Lionel Messi, who said of Faus. that “I had no idea about football.” In 2016 departed Economic Vice President Susana Monje, who did not share much of the decisions of her fellow members. In 2017, it was the turn of the Vice President for Institutional Relations Carles Vilarrubí, who left on October 1 to consider that the club was wrong playing a game on the day of independence referendum. One of the least traumatic changes was that of Vice President of Marketing Manel Arroyo, who left to focus on his job at Dorna, the company that manages the Motorcycle World Cup. 2019 was the turn of sports vice president Jordi Mestre, dissatisfied with the changes in his area. One area, the sports one, where from 2015 to 2019 four sports directors were seen: Andoni Zubizarreta, Robert Fernández, Pep Segura and, finally, Eric Abidal. In addition, there are managers who have also left for different reasons, without being vice presidents, such as Jordi Monés, who left with Vilarrubí.

Bartomeu has been left alone, surrounded by loyal employees such as Jaume Masferrer and Òscar Grau, the club’s CEO. Surrounded by loyal people to face their final year with a directive that is slowly falling short. Now with 13 executives. And any of them could leave, as the six who have signed a short film do, which further weakens the president’s term.