how the city turned into a landfill wild


The official report : an explosion of filings in the wild.

Just walk in Roubaix in recent weeks to notice it : the city is in a state of dirt hardly conceivable. Deposits wild are everywhere. There is everything : couches, tires, trash cans, cardboard boxes, papers, mattresses, etc. in Short, we cross a succession of very large deposits which would be almost…


figure of sport, Jean-Jacques Verbrackel has died

He is a figure in Roubaix sport who has just passed away. Jean-Jacques Verbrackel died Wednesday. A figure of sport in the broad sense. Because between cycling and fencing, the heart of Jean-Jacques Verbrackel swayed for a long time during the forty years he devoted to the sports movement, integrating in 1969 the Municipal Sports Office.

His sons Daniel and Stéphane are surely for a lot in this double passion. Member of the steering committee of the Roubaix Vélo club, he was the father of …


the perseverance of a hairdresser at the Hommelet rewarded with a gold medal

For twenty years, Mohamed Benoumeur has had a hair salon with his wife at L’Hommelet. This 43-year-old Roubaisien, student at the CFA of Tourcoing, has just won a prestigious regional competition in Cambrai. A great pride for the one who, as a high school student, had given up his diploma because he couldn’t find an internship.


Two people arrested after five robberies of snatch collars in the Roubaix sector

A man who approaches his victim for tear off the gold chain that she wears around her neck before running away in a car. The procedure reported by the victims is always the same.

The police services of the brigade for the suppression of attacks on persons (BRAP) in Roubaix have counted at least five such acts, all committed in the course of 2019, without anyone ever being confused. The complaints evoke thefts perpetrated in the middle of the street in Roubaix, Croix and Wasquehal ….


Covibox, born between Roubaix and Tourcoing, protection against the virus in Parisian hospitals

It is a heavy act, but essential to save the patients most affected by the coronavirus. When they need to be ventilated for several weeks, ICU patients are given air through a hose, but which can damage the larynx and trachea over time. The only solution is a tracheostomy, an opening in the trachea. Gold, ”
it’s one of the most contaminating acts because Covid-19 lodges in the respiratory tract
“, Details Professor Yann Nguyen, ENT surgeon at Pitié Salpêtrière in …


Roland-Garros and Paris Roubaix carried away by the Covid-19

After the Tour of Italy and the main Italian classics at the start of spring, including Milan San Remo, here the cobblestones of Roubaix are in turn affected by the Covid-19. The owner of the race, the company ASO, announced Tuesday March 17 the postponement of the northern route, and the two other spring classics it organizes, the Flèche Wallonne and Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

Since 1896, the year of the first edition, only the two world wars had defeated Paris-Roubaix, one of the monuments cycling sport. ASO will request new dates from the UCI, but the deal looks difficult. The world peloton has been resting for several days already and cancellations are piling up, which reduces the number of race weekends available until the end of the year

The Tour de France threatened?

Riders are forced to a stop due to cancellations and containment measures in different countries. The last World Tour (first division) event in the world is Paris-Nice, which ended Friday March 14, a day earlier than expected, without the final stage to Nice being contested. Fears about the Tour de France, which is scheduled to start on June 27 precisely in Nice, a city close to the border of Italy in the midst of a pandemic, are therefore becoming more and more pressing.

ASO has let no clue leak its intentions about the Tour de France, adopting the same cautious stance as the International Olympic Committee. Meeting in general assembly on Tuesday 17, the IOC remains for the moment on the assumption of an opening of the Games on July 24 as planned. Conversely, UEFA, the regulator of international football, had decided earlier Tuesday 17, to postpone the Euro 2020 football to the summer of 2021.

An autumn Roland-Garros thanks to the new roof of the Central Court

In a statement released late Tuesday afternoon on Tuesday, March 17, rich in bad sports news, the French Tennis Federation announced its decision to postpone the Roland-Garros Tournament. Initially scheduled between May 24 and June 7, the Auteuil fortnight will therefore be organized between September 20 and October 4. One week just after the end of the US Open.

→ PRACTICAL. Coronavirus: download the certificate required for any trip

Despite the weather risks, this fall choice is possible thanks to the new stadium configuration. The roofed center court, which was to be used for the first time this year, will prove very useful. “It is a difficult but courageous decision that we have made in this exceptional and evolving period since this weekend “Explained Bernard Giudicelli, president of the FFT. Tickets already booked can either be refunded or exchanged taking into account the new dates. The practical details will be the subject of a later communication.


May 4, 1949: the Torino team decimated in the plane crash

Every week with RetroNews, the BNF press site, a look back at a history of sport as told by the press at the time. This Saturday, the air disaster that decimated the team of the “Grande Torino”, May 4, 1949.

“The players of the best Italian football team are killed in a plane crash near Turin. The 31 passengers are charred ”, title in one Humanity May 5, 1949. The accident took place in the town of Superga, near Turin. “The plane from Portugal found itself in difficulty near the basilica which stands on a height”, informs the newspaper. The altimeter would then have frozen and the aircraft struck the bell tower of the basilica before crashing to the ground and catching fire.

Torino was the breeding ground for the Italian national team, double reigning world champion (1934, 1938) recalls fight. “Torino, Italian champion for the 1947-1948 season, after a long-standing undecided fight with Milan, was poised to win the title again. Among the victims is the Frenchman Emile Bongiorni, several times selected in the French team, who wore the colors of the Italian club since the start of the 1947-1948 season: he was a player whose ardor and passion had made the popularity. “ Another Frenchman, Roger Grava, died in the accident.

Dawn May 6 provides details of the cause of the accident: “The aircraft could not land on the Turin aerodrome made impassable by the recent rains. The plane then headed for Milan, but its disordered altimeter indicated a height of 2,000 meters when in reality it only flew at 600 meters. The poor visibility did not allow the pilot to see the dome of the Church of Superga which he struck at a speed of 400 km / h “ The newspaper focuses on the personality of the two French players who died in the drama. “Bongiorni,” Milo ” [son surnom, ndlr] hid in his great physical means an innate sense of football. Dangerous shooter, he had no equal to shake up a defense. […] The same size, the same power, Roger Grava also distinguished himself by his strong personality, both physical and moral. In Roubaix, his last club, with which he won the French championship in 1947, his services were unanimously appreciated. ”

“All of Italy is grieving after the tragic end of the Turin football team”, title Tonight May 6, 1949. The newspaper collected the testimony of a former “Milo” Bongiorni teammate at Racing, Ernest Vaast. “He was not just a teammate. He was a friend to me. We started racing together in 1942. And together we played for the national team. […] He had signed a two-year contract with Torino, but I know he was doing everything he could to join us again next season. For him, for his memory, we have one more reason to win Sunday against Lille. “ Far from this emotion, the newspaper delivers sordid details on the identification of bodies: “At the Turin morgue, it is difficult to recognize, in these horribly mutilated corpses, the magnificent athletes who, on the green lawns of the stadiums, made so many football enthusiasts vibrate. Relatives parade endlessly in front of the victims in order to identify them, here recognizing an alliance, there an old scar. ”

In its next day edition, Tonight publishes a full page of photos taken at Superga. They bear witness to the violence of the crash with a wing here, the propeller elsewhere, an engine in the outbuildings of the basilica and the grief of those close to the missing (Ossola’s mother, another player’s brother).

Tonight May 8 announced on the front page that the next day, during the final of the French Cup which will oppose them in Lille, “Racing players will mourn in Colombes their former teammate,” Milo “Bongiorni”. A photo shows two players: “After removing their equipment from the club’s headquarters on rue Ampère, Moreel and Vaast attach the black armband that was given to them by the managers on their jerseys.”

fight May 9 announces that the remains of Emile Bongiorni will be returned to Paris the same day. His former Racing teammates paid him homage by winning 5-2 in the Coupe de France final against Lille.

“Yesterday morning, the Parisian sportsmen went to the Parc des princes to pay a last tribute to Bongiorni and Grava whose bodies were exposed under the presidential tribune transformed into a burning chapel, recounts fight May 13. The Racing players taking turns mounted an honor guard around the body of their unfortunate comrade while players from the Italian US surrounded the remains of Grava. “

Seven months after the disaster, Paris Presse-l’Intransigeant from January 13, 1950 title “Superga is fading. Italy will go to Rio by plane. ” Understand: the national team will fly to Brazil to compete in the World Cup of which it is title holder. The calendar did not leave him any other option says the newspaper, “Highlighting the very short time between the end of the Italian championship (May 23) and the start of the World Cup in the first half of June.” The trauma of the Superga crash has not been erased: “However, it has already been established that the trip will be made in several groups.”

Continuation of the story. The Torino reserve team plays the last four games of the 1948-1949 championship and wins the title before Inter. It is the sixth and final coronation of the Grande Torino, as the best Italian team was nicknamed, national champion in 1928, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948 and 1949, cup winner in 1936 and 1943 before losing its luster. The Torino is slowly waning, a situation all the more cruel as the big local rival, Juventus, is gaining momentum. The club experienced a revival allowing it to offer itself a new Scudetto in 1976. In the 90s, in the grip of big financial difficulties, it made the elevator between first and second divisions. In recent years, Torino FC has not shone or particularly dark, regularly finishing in the middle of the table. The Derby della Mole is a perfect illustration of the chasm that separates the two teams located on the banks of the Po since the Torino have won against the Old Lady only once since 1995. The saying goes, however, that the club of the inhabitants of Turin remains the Torino when Juventus is that of the rest of Italy.

Since the Superga drama, football has also been regularly marked by air disasters that decimate entire teams. In 1958, eight of the “Busby Babes”, the hypertalentent class of Manchester United trained by Matt Busby, die in the plane crash at Munich airport while returning from Belgrade where they qualified for the Champions Club Cup semi-finals. The Danish team, on July 16, 1960, those of the Bolivian club The Strongest, on September 26, 1969, of Tashkent, on August 11, 1979 also paid a heavy price. On December 8, 1987, 43 people including the 16 players from Alianza Lima, one of the most famous Peruvian clubs, perished after their plane crashed into the sea. In 1993, the entire team from Zambia disappeared in the accident of the military plane which took him to Senegal for the World Cup qualifiers. Last collective disaster to date, that which bereaved the Brazilian club Chapecoense, November 28, 2016: 19 players who were going to play the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana in Colombia die, three survive.

Gilles Dhers