TOP 5 pluses of the second generation Hyundai Creta

“Crete” has become not only more technologically advanced, but also much more attractive.

Hyundai Creta II (ix25) for China. Photo: Hyundai China

The second generation Hyundai Creta debuted in the Indian car market in 2020. The novelty has not yet reached Russia – we sell restyling of the first generation. The experts of the IndianAutosBlog portal named the TOP 5 pluses of the second generation Hyundai Creta.


The new “Crete” pleases with a stylish design – the front of the body received custom and aggressive optics, and the radiator grille is brought to the modern corporate style of Hyundai.
Unusual appearance was to the taste of young motorists, tired of the classic design.

Hyundai Creta II for India. Photo: IndianAutosBlog


The youth audience will also appreciate the “stuffing” of the new Hyundai Creta. The list of equipment includes a modern multimedia complex BlueLink Connected.

The option allows you to track the location of the car, adjust the seats and air conditioning, as well as synchronize with smartphones on iOS and Android.

Rich equipment

“Creta” is in the segment of budget crossovers, but pleases with a list of equipment. In terms of Russian currency, a crossover in the maximum configuration in India costs about 1.5 million rubles, and the “base” can be bought for 900 thousand rubles.

In the second generation of the model, a panoramic hatch with voice control, electric drive and seat ventilation are offered to customers.

Interior Hyundai Creta II. Photo: IndiansAutoBlog

Hyundai Creta developers have not forgotten about the security systems – there are ABS, EBD, parking sensors, a full set of airbags and much more on board.

Motor and gearbox

Under the hood, “Creta” is a 1.5-liter gas turbo engine with a capacity of 140 “horses”. The motor allows you to call the crossover dynamic – acceleration to “hundreds” takes 9.9 seconds.

VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

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VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

2020-06-29 09:35:55

A smooth automatic transmission with double clutch will help to gain speed – the technology allows to achieve greater fuel economy, even than in the case of manual transmission. Also, the box has the ability to switch to the classic “mechanics” mode.


Hyundai Creta is not offered with a 4X4 system and a frame body, but even a front-wheel drive is enough to drive on moderate terrain. The traction control system, which has the Sand, Snow and Primer modes, will help in this.

When the novelty reaches Russia, it is unknown. In Russia, the crossover is in high demand and is the leader in its segment, so the premiere, although belatedly, will certainly take place.


The blogger explained why Renault Sandero Stepway inferior LADA XRay Cross

Unlike Togliatti competitor, “French” and not nearly pulls for the price of one million rubles.

Photo: Renault Sandero Stepway, source: Renault

Raised hatchbacks — a controversial form factor for the car. Let the machine in such a body and increased ground clearance, it has no space in the cabin, nor patency of the crossover. However, cross-hatchback continue to come out, and the French Renault Sandero Stepway loses LADA XRay Cross, which he explained to the blogger YouTube channel Autospot.


The cost of the basic “Stepway” starts from 830 000 rubles, the top package costs 1 000 000 rubles. XRay in the “base” is cheaper than “French” — 784 900 rubles, but the maximum grade is also costs about a million. As prices on the best equipment of both cars together, it would be logical to compare them to the “maximum speed”.


In the top-end performance and “Sandero” and “Iccrea” there is one and the same 1.8-liter engine producing 113 HP, which residents have borrowed from the French. Despite one motor car traveling in different ways: due to the fact that the LADA is heavier, its acceleration to “hundreds” comes in 12.5 s, 0.5 seconds slower than the Sandero Stepway. Models also share the same CVT for two, produced by Jatсo.


The third detail you share with each other the “Stepway” and “Cross” — platform B0. However, for the running machines are much stronger than the motor or transmission, as the engineers of “AVTOVAZ” to seriously work on suspension XRay. With the front suspension the manufacturer has installed an L-shaped levers, which improve the controllability of the machine.

On the rear wheels of the Russian cross-hatch are disc brakes, while the Sandero — “drums”, despite the fact that he, too, is worth a million rubles in the “top”. Plus French cars in this sense the softness of the suspension. The only thing that can bring inconvenience to the driver — wheel, which fly strikes on the irregularities in the rest of the suspension gradually “eats up” all holes.


Comparing the equipment of two cars, the Frenchman losing almost everything: no heated steering wheel, armrest, sub-floor in the trunk, rear view camera etc. the Only thing that can boast the “Stepway” four, and not two as Lada, airbags and remote engine start.


The expert noted that neither the LADA XRay Cross, nor Renault Sandero Stepway does not show any dynamics. The difference in driving characteristics is that improvements in the suspension of “Lada” went in her favor, so that the machine is operated much better than “French”. In addition to the suspension, this helps MDPS and more accurate feedback on the steering wheel. The “Sandero” same wheel just heavy and does not give any connection.

Photo: LADA XRay Cross, source: AVTOVAZ

Thus, it becomes evident that Renault Sandero Stepway is not competitive even in comparison with the best model of “AVTOVAZ”, but it shares the same engine, transmission and platform.


The owner compared the LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige 2016 and 2018

Then acknowledged the second sedan “raw”.

Photo: LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige source

The user portal nick ibragim-05 instead of a sedan LADA Vesta 2016 in picking Luxe Prestige bought the same car in 2018. Later, the owner compared both “Vase”.

The first thing he saidthat drive LADA Vesta 16 year three thousand kilometers of eighty, he faced a breakage of the steering column, and then replaced the current-carrying coil and stabilizer. In addition, the lack of climate control did not give the motorist peace. For that reason, took over the new “news” in the configuration Luxe Prestige, as it was confident in its finalization.

First, the owner could not get enough of cruise and climate control, but after driving 1,800 kilometers realizedthat his LADA Vesta 2018 rulitsya heavier than the former: “the steering are given more difficult”. In addition, the quality of materials has deteriorated. This despite the fact that portal users repeatedly talked about “very scratched oak plastic”, “rubber products bad quality” and “low-grade materials used in the seats, even in the Suite”.

According to the owner, on the old “West” in comparison with the new there was no noise in the cabin, nor the howling of the instrument panel. The only thing that bothered him is the limiter the driver’s door, which was too tight. In the end, he said that did not feel a strong difference doorstop, and “buns” in the form of extra bulbs, enlarged glove box, a separate button for heated windscreen, arm rest, changed fuel cap, and seat heating, not met expectations.

If you compare the price of LADA Vesta in picking Luxe Prestige in the secondary market, it turns out that the sedan 2016 will cost 460 000 rubles, and in 2018 — 650 000-730 000. Based on the words of the owner and user, “Drom” leads to the conclusion that to get the old version cheaper than a new one.

Photo: LADA Vesta Luxe Prestige source

Thus, the portal “Lada.Online” reported that brand removed package Luxe Prestige due to low demand. The company’s management did not deny the information based on the information of monitoring of labels and modifications.


In Washington sell Mitsubishi Van for $ 5,000

“Japanese” 1988 release may be an option to “Loaf.”

Photo: Mitsubishi Van 1988, source: Motor1

On the eve of the American automobile portal Motor1 reported that Mitsubishi Van sell in Washington for $ 5,000. According to the seller, “minivan runs and drives good, it had lots of mechanical work recently”, and it is in excellent condition, which is not expected from 32-year-old car with mileage of 380,000 km.

Under the hood of the “Wagon” is naturally a 2.4-liter gasoline engine that equipped with new components. Under the replacement went the water pump, timing belt, thermostat, accessory belts, spark plugs, fuel filter and fuel injector connector. Block four-cylinder coupled with an automatic transmission four-speed, and the actuator is provided back.

Photo: Mitsubishi Van 1988, source: Motor1

Of the minuses Mitsubishi Van the owner has identified unsatisfactory insulation and rough engine operation at idle. From the pros spacious 8-seater cabin, capacity 1200 kg, maneuverability and low maintenance. For comparison, the capacity of Ulyanovsk “Loaf” is 875 — 1225 kg. in addition, inside “Mitso” you can furnish a house on wheels.

Recall that the value of the Japanese car is 5,000 dollars, which translated into Russian currency is 347 000. It is noteworthy that the UAZ the same year in good condition can be found on the secondary market for 250 000 — 370 000 rubles. Lovers of Japanese cars such exhibit may be to the taste, because it looks decent.

Photo: UAZ “Loaf”, source: Drom

Skoda will develop competitor Hyundai Creta

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Skoda will develop competitor Hyundai Creta

2020-06-21 08:33:30

Compact minivan Delica Mitsubishi made its debut in 1968. Under this name a car known in his homeland, as well as on the Australian and Taiwanese markets. In Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates model known as the L300, but in America — the Mitsubishi Van or Wagon. The conveyor 52 for years, the minivan was replaced by the 4th generation and has undergone 6 restyling, while domestic UAZ “Loaf” for the conveyor 55 years, has had only 3 upgrades.


Tuners presented a low Toyota FJ Cruiser

Filipino craftsmen have deprived “Kruzak” the main benefit, but made him faster.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Car tuning like “Kruzak” often ends in preparation for the harsh “peresechenke” due to the suspension lift and install larger diameter wheels. But tuners from the shop Atoy Customs in Manila did the opposite and presented the understated Toyota FJ Cruiser, which is actually turned from SUV into a city car. About it according to the portal Street 63.

Sanityth “Kruzak” managed with a set of Endura Pro Tein dampers and springs Plus KYB Xtage with a diameter of 40 mm, and also the appropriate fit, and trim details. These improvements were enough to significantly change the appearance of stock FJ Cruiser and “press” him to the ground, but the tuning is not over.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

The idea was made by the owner of tuning Studio Atoy Customs Ton Llavewhose “Kruzak” 2014 release and fell victim to the experiment. Having also in possession of the frame Toyota Hilux pickup, the motorist thought that the two SUVs are not necessary. And so along with a team of tuners have prepared for yourself understated Toyota FJ Cruiser.

But the understatement “Kruzak” craftsmen from the Philippines decided not to stop along the way increasing the capacity of a regular 4-liter engine 1GR-FE V6 to 238 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque due to chip-tuning, installation of exhaust system type Catback and the new long headers.

And to the Toyota FJ Cruiser has shown its strength in all its glory, the car “shod” in suitable for urban roads the tires Stealth Custom Series F5 and removed from the rear door spare wheelby reducing the weight of the SUV. So “Kruzak” has become a compact SUV that just quickly goes through the city and the highway — a decision completely opposite tastes of most drivers consider auto publications Motor1 and Carscoops.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Production staffing Toyota FJ Cruiser began in 2006 at the plant of Hino Motors in Japan. Since then, the model is valuable not only for a fun retro exterior, but for reliable all-wheel drive, the high terrain and liquidity in the secondary market where used “Kruzak” age 1-2 years is worth 4.5–5 million rublesand 5-7 year instance from 2.5 to 3.5 million rubles.


Five reasons to change from KIA Sportage for Volkswagen Tiguan – the opinion of the owner

The engine is stronger, the light brighter, and most importantly, the little things are encouraging.

Photo: left Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen source; right KIA Sportage, a KIA source

KIA Sportage and Volkswagen Tiguan are avid competitors in the world automotive industry. A key factor during the purchase price becomessince “Korean” in the maximum configuration for a half-million cheaper “German”: a 1.4-2.3 million rubles against 1.7-2.8 million rubles. The user portal nick ooGAMEoo outlined 5 reasons to change from KIA Sportage for Volkswagen Tiguan.

The first reason is the 4-cylinder engine capacity of 2.0 liters. It is superior to the competitor of the power: 220 vs 184 horsepower, which affects the dynamics of dispersal and potential. Columnist says that inferior to the KIA Sportage Volkswagen Tiguan in the wings and vitality, because “German” is included in the first two gears.

The second reason — a robotic 7-speed transmissionwhich, according to the owner, less of a problem than with automatic transmission on KIA Sportage.

“The speed and the sharpness of the shifts in sport, small claps, even on a stock exhaust is for me the pros of this box. This also will record its reliability,” he says.

Blogger on the YouTube channel “Fox Rules” I’m sure that with proper and timely servicing of the DSG-box is the most environmentally friendly and directly affects the voracity of the machine.

According to the portal, fuel consumption of Volkswagen Tiguan Sportline equal to 6.4 liters in the combined cycle drive, and the KIA Sportage Premium is 8.8 liters. If not for the difference in the recommended fuel: for the “German” gasoline AI-95 and AI-98, and “Korean” — gasoline AI-92 and AI-95, it was another plus in the direction of “Tiguan”, and “that is what comes out at the price.”

Photo: on the left the salon, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen source; right transmission KIA Sportage, a KIA source

The third reason is the 190 mm ground clearancethat adds German SUV cross. However, the observer noted that the whole height is leveled with a body kit and at the end he was getting the KIA Sportage with its 182 mm, which had no complaints.

The fourth reason — led headlamp near and far light projection type, as well as led taillights with 3D design. The former owner of the “Sportage” don’t miss the opportunity to complain about xenon headlights that are missing on the lighting track.

The fifth reason — heated windshield and the presence of pre-heater. Seemingly small things, but the benefits of PPP is that the driver of the car sits in the winter in a warm car, not waiting for warm-up. In his KIA Sportage was not given options from the factory.

Photo: left Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen source; right KIA Sportage, a KIA source

The owner would have recognized the appearance of the Volkswagen Tiguan perfect, but fallsville, which is only in the maximum configuration, caused him to doubt and to put the “Four plus”. Summing up, the motorist noted that this is the case when a good car is worth to pay.


The pros and cons of models with mileage

“Pradik” inferior “Chinese” in efficiency and dynamics, but has advantages in the form of prices and options.

Haval H9. Photo: Haval

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado needs no detailed presentation. In Russia, the SUV known and loved, and competitors expect “bite” a little glory at the legendary “Japanese”. While the best copes with this task frame SUV Haval H9.

But what of the “rogues” is to choose in the secondary market? A definite answer to this question is no, and so we have to consider the pros and cons of both models with mileage.

Motor line

Range of engines of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 are quite common. Over the lifetime of the generation were presented and restyled version that differed, and updates the motors. That is why Russia’s “secondary” today you can buy

“Pratik” with petrol and diesel engines, and power — 173, 177, 190 and 282 horsepower.

Haval H9. Photo: Haval

Haval H9, in turn, cannot brag of such variety. In Russia you can buy a SUV with either 2.0-liter 245-horsepower gasoline turbo engine or a 190-strong “diesel engine” of a similar volume. While the diesel variant appeared in Russia only in 2019.

Heroes “traffic light racing”

As for the speakers, then wins Haval H9. Owners in reviews praise the speed of even the diesel version of “Chinese”. The first 100 km/h appears on the speedo already in 12.4 seconds, which is a great result for SUV frame. The petrol version shows a similar result for 9 seconds.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150. Photo: Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 is an outsider. To develop the first “hundred” even the most powerful motor in the lineup will succeed in 9.3 seconds, while the diesel variants and is accelerated for 13.8 seconds in its most powerful version.


Require frame SUV low fuel consumption — at least silly. But in this case there is favorite. Motor from Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 quite a lot, but in either case the flow will not be below the level of 15-16 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle. Although the developers promised indicators about 8-9 liters.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150. Photo: Toyota

The fuel consumption of both versions of Haval H9 is on average 10 liters of fuel.


Here the leader is almost impossible to identify. Haval H9 and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 equally confidently handle offroad, but “Chinese” is somewhat better due to more modern electronic assistants for the off-road.

What at the prices?

Today a used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 on the secondary market to buy an average of 1 500 000 rubles. Cheaper this level often come across broken instances and models with the “stranded car”. The “Predic” in good equipment will have to pay about 2 000 000 rubles.

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Haval H9 in turn is at least 2 000 000 rubles, but most often sellers ask for the order of 2 500 000 rubles.


Three reason to abandon the purchase

“Tired” beauty and the abundance of tuning should alert the buyer.

Modern TLC 150 Prado, 2020 model year. Photo: press service of the Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser for the Russians since the 90-ies remains an indicator of status and wealth of the owner, not just a reliable SUV. Land Cruiser Prado, in turn, is the cheap “Kruzak” and therefore — the most popular on the secondary market of the Russian Federation.

There are three factors, noting that in used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 is better to abandon the purchase.

“Tired” interior with small mileage

“Predic” — a fairly reliable and durable car, and therefore, in the early runs resell its owners reluctantly. Low mileage Land Cruiser Prado at a low price of approximately 1 500 000 rubles says that the SUV still has some problems. They lie most likely in the suspension and running gear — so selling “Kruzak”, which raced “in the tail and mane” on the offroad.

A typical “suspicious” Prado with a mileage. Photo: Avito

Cheerleaders should and the condition of the cabin — often the interior of “Pratika” is clearly battered, but the odometer is the mark of a small run of about 100-150 thousand kilometers. In this case, the mileage most likely “twisted” unscrupulous seller, and deception with a run is the most popular type of “divorce” when we are talking about “Kruzak”.

Garage facelift

This kind of “divorce” is not primarily buyers who do not are experienced, and to boast of the purchase of “Pratika” all you want.

Some sellers equip the old Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 restyled tuning the exhaust, causing the inexperienced motorist may not distinguish the model from the 150.

Most often such “Predici” sold with problem documents, or even without them for the price of less than a million rubles.

TLC 150 Prado, released in 2016 — bestseller “secondary.” Photo: press service of Toyota

Fortunately, such manipulations occur in the secondary market is less, because today to check the car by using special services, such as the Autocode. But garage facelift is often installed in the case, if Land Cruiser Prado 150 was in an accident and damaged the original body. The seller about this, of course, prefer to remain silent.

“Pradik” durable, but not eternal

On the “secondary market” often you can find SUVs with mileage of more than 500 000 km and the seller insists that in this “experience” his Land Cruiser Prado seamlessly.

It is worth considering that the engine of any “Kruzak” according to the developers is not beyond 300 000 mileage, which also hints at possible problems with the engine and its individual parts.

Often in these cars, when checking on the “Autocode” in the title, is about five previous owners, and how they serviced the SUV — no one knows.

So what then to buy?

The unequivocal answer to this question, of course not. However, it is advisable not to buy “Pradik” less than 1 500 000 rubles and not to take a word to sellers, referring to the above-mentioned services. Also not superfluous will be to enlist the support of atopognosia, but it will cost more expensive.


For a 3 year old Hyundai Creta motorists do not give more than a million: “the Queue is not built”

Popular Korean “SUV” with a run of losing heavily in price.

On the photo: Creta Hyundai, source: Hyundai Motor

South Korean brands in Russia trust is more than Chinese, but a popular crossover the Hyundai Creta liquidity on the secondary market without confidence. And all because many motorists do not give over the “SUV” with 60 thousand mileage more than 1 million rubles. Moreover, it is the maximum which can be expected, by selling 3-year-old “Cretu” in good tidy condition and after MOT.

This is indicated by the opinions of motorists on the portal Drive2 in the comments of a post the former owner of a Hyundai Creta 2017 with a 2-liter 149-horsepower engine, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. To the dealer for “Krutoi” with a price tag of 1.15 million rubles, “the queue is not built”confident motorists, and call the maximum price tag of 1-1. 05 million rubles, indicating that the used “Crete” in the market very much, and without the original disks and other machine nothing to lose. Real price for sale 3 year old machine users call the range from 700 to 950 thousand rubles. Because what would a good condition nor was Hyundai Creta is already not a new car with an expired guarantee.

In the opinion itself the motorist said he decided to take a 3-year crossover in Trade-in, receive a discount on the purchase of a new car. It attempts to selling “at the “top” of the market were in vain: “Zero interest,” — said the author of the post, stressing that “Crete” was in excellent condition, and in addition was original rims with pressure sensors, set of tires and some Goodies in the cabin.

The dealer put Creta Hyundai for sale at a price of 1,149 million roubles. For the same cost wanted to realize the car and the former owner, but with the “DOP”, which was removed from car before delivery to “trade-in”. “People will buy and will be easy to ride, but at the dealership, without a rubber even on the little things. The owner as buy didn’t want,” complains the motorist.

On the photo: Creta Hyundai, source: Hyundai Motor

Portal users think that 3 years of “Korean” is not worth the money, at least from the owner directly, though of “trade-in”, and do not believe that the proposition was. “People like to buy cheaper. Without original discs with sensors worn by 50% rubber, aluminum protection and other”, — stated in the review and highlights: cars with mileage 60 thousand will not sell almost for the same price at which it was purchased in 2017.