Coronavirus Rome, at San Giovanni 9 infected: medicine department closed

Covid-19 closed the Medicine 2 of the hospital Saint John of Rome. A measure made necessary after the discovery of two doctors, a nurse, an auxiliary and five patients found positive for the coronavirus. One of the doctors and the nurse, having carried out the swab, were transferred to Spallanzani, where they are hospitalized. The social-health worker is assisted in home isolation while the patients have been sorted into the other dedicated hospitals in the capital.


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The ward has been closed “transiently” since April 24, the day the outbreak officially exploded, to allow sanitation and while waiting for all staff to be able to return to regular service. Twenty-eight operators are in quarantine. The wife of one of the two doctors would also be positive and in home isolation. The Sisp, the health and public health service of the ASL Roma 1, is investigating the cluster epidemiological link, identifying the circle of the closest contacts had by all ten positives.

MEASURES Paradoxically, San Giovanni Addolorata is one of the Covid-free nosocomes of the Roman hospital network, that is, it does not accept hospitalizations of positive patients. These are diverted rather to Umberto I, to San Filippo Neri, to Gemelli, to S. Andrea or to the Policlinico of Tor Vergata, to mention the main Covid hospital. Since the first death in coronavirus was recorded in Rome at the beginning of March at the San Giovannni (an 87-year-old who during the 46 days of hospitalization started on 17 January, well before the emergency exploded, passed through several departments) from the contagion in the wards they were accelerated under the pressure of the staff themselves, from the cleaners to the doctors not all yet equipped with the adequate personal protective equipment, worried about having to deal with the new and insidious virus that arrived from China.
Hastily, the access routes were separated, a suitable triage was organized in the emergency room to immediately intercept the positive potentials and visits from relatives and friends from the outside were completely blocked. Even today, if personal effects are to be brought to the patients, relatives contact the wards and leave the material to the operators. It thus becomes even more inexplicable, now, how come the Covid-19 has found its way back into one of the main departments of the building in via dell’Amba Aradam. The hypotheses are various but none appears to be verified at the moment. The most accredited is that it may have been brought by a healthcare professional employed in multiple facilities. But, in fact, it is a circumstance that, at least for the moment, has not been supported by real findings.

THE FALSE NEGATIVE There is an element that worries the anti-Covid task forces that are working tirelessly to stem the virus in Lazio: the so-called false-negative swabs. That is, the swab itself does not give absolute certainty of the presence of the disease, which is indicated with more certainty only in the key days of the symptomatology. So it is happening that people discharged from hospitals even with negative swabs and then in need of secondary care in rehabilitation centers or nursing homes, have then turned out to be positive, giving rise to new infections. Few cases, fortunately, so far. But that indicate a potential danger that should not be underestimated.

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New suspected case of coronavirus in Portugal – Portugal

New suspected case of coronavirus in Portugal. A woman, who came from Milan, is at the São João hospital in Porto, according to the statement made by the Directorate-General for Health.

“The Directorate-General for Health informs that a new suspected case of infection with a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Portugal has been validated, after clinical and epidemiological evaluation. This is a patient from Milan, who was referred to the Center University Hospital of São João (CHUSJ). The unit is one of the reference hospitals for these situations “, it can be read.

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