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Google employee shot down with COVID-19, Amazon sidewalks travel


San Francisco, February 29 (IANS) A Google employee in Switzerland has been tested positively for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) on Saturday, while technology giants such as Amazon have announced travel restrictions for employees in fear of a growing pandemic .

According to an NPR report, the Google employee was in his Zurich office “for a limited time” before showing the symptoms of COVID-19.

“We can confirm that an employee of our Zurich office was diagnosed with coronavirus. They were in the Zurich office for a limited period of time before they presented symptoms,” said a Google spokesman in a statement.

“We have taken – and will continue to take – all necessary precautionary measures, following the advice of public health officials, as we privilege everyone’s health and safety,” added the spokesman.

The company said it had not closed the Zurich office, but has limited employees to travel to Iran, Italy and China and is preparing to expand the sidewalk in Japan and South Korea next month.

Google also canceled its “Northern News Initiative” summit in Northern California in April, while Facebook also canceled its flagship F8 developer conference in May.

“We regret having to cancel our global Google News Initiative summit, but the health and well-being of our guests is our number one priority,” the company said in a note given to CNN.

On Friday, the World Health Organization stated that the risk of the global impact of the virus was “very high” when coronavirus reached 57 countries.

An Amazon spokesman said the company placed a limitation on all non-essential travel.

The death toll from the outbreak in China rose to 2,835, health officials said on Saturday, while the number of confirmed cases increased to 79,251.


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Amazon tries to curb speculation with the price of masks | Technology

The outbreak of the coronavirus outside China has triggered the sale of medical devices in Spain, where the demand for masks has increased by 10,000% compared to January last year, according to the latest data from the Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors (Fedifar). This has made pharmacies run out of stock and users turn to the Internet to get them. Some merchants who use Amazon to sell their products have taken advantage of the situation to increase the prices of masks and disinfectant gels, the most requested items. In response, the company is tracking its website “on an ongoing basis” identifying the merchants who put these oversized amounts.

“Commercial partners put their own prices in our store,” an Amazon spokesman tells EL PAÍS. But even so, they must conform to the fair price policy established by the company. “We are actively tracking our website and will withdraw offers that violate any of our policies.” This action is a response to the escalation of prices that have been observed in hygiene products in recent days due to increased demand. This Wednesday, the best selling in the health and personal care section of Amazon Spain was a hand sanitizer gel and several packs of disposable masks. Different types of these hygiene products, together with thermometers and antiseptic wipes, are among the 20 items most requested by customers.

As a consequence, prices have increased. A package of 100 generic disposable masks went from 3.95 euros on Saturday to 149 euros on Tuesday, according to data from Keepa, a company that tracks prices on Amazon. The increase coincides with the detection of new cases of coronavirus in Spain, although this type of protection is not useful to prevent infection. This Wednesday had dropped to 35 euros. FFP2 protection masks, unlike disposable ones, prevent small particles in the air and are used more frequently to protect against virus transmission. The price of a pack of 5 has gone from costing 15 euros to 99 in just three days. The increase has coincided with the arrival of the coronavirus in Italy.

Amazon coronavirus mask

enlarge photo

Variation of the price of disposable masks according to Keepa. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Health authorities are not recommending the use of masks and emphasize much more effective measures, such as careful handwashing with soap and water.

Price control

More than half of the items available on Amazon are put up for sale through merchants who use the platform to sell their products. It is in these items sold by third parties where price escalations have been seen in recent days. To prevent these businesses from taking advantage of emergency situations, the company sets a fair price based on the amounts of those same products in previous weeks and even on what they cost on websites outside Amazon.

The giant is tracking its website to detect that the items conform to its policy and alert merchants when it is not. If these sellers keep increasing their prices, some of the consequences include the offer being withdrawn, suspending the shipping option or, in case of recidivism, temporarily or permanently suspending the merchant’s selling privileges.

Buyers have complained on social networks about the high prices of supplies at Amazon. It has also been hotly debated among users in the company’s official sales forum during the past week. It is not the first time these complaints have occurred, it has also happened during other emergencies. When Hurricane Irma approached Florida in 2017, for example, the increase in bottled water prices caused a protest on-line. On that occasion, Amazon declared USA Today They were proceeding just like now: “We are actively monitoring our website and eliminating bottled water offers that substantially exceed the most recent average sales price.” It is a usual protocol in the company.

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that the authorities of Italy, country that so far suffers the largest outbreak of the disease in Europe, had opened an investigation on prices on-line which they defined as “insane” for medical supplies, although not to mention any specific website.


A thousand athletes meet on Saturday at Kangas Mountain

All ready in Cangas de Onís to host on Saturday the seventh edition of the 27 Kangas Mountain, a mountain race that has made an important place in the national calendar in just a few years. The event will break a record, as they will take the exit, in San Pelayo street of the old capital of the Kingdom of Asturias, a total of 1,060 runners, representing four countries. The thousand participants will face three distances: 12, 31 and 55 kilometers. The test was presented yesterday. Absent this time will be the winner of the last three editions of the original distance (31 kilometers), the range of possibilities in the men’s category opens. The Juan Juan Somohano Peramato, current champion of Spain of Ultra is the rival to beat. The Basque Oihana Kortazar, with several world championships behind her, starts as a favorite in the women’s category.

All the test information in:
27 Kangas Mountain Maxi Trail 55Km
27 Kangas Mountain Original Trail 31Km
27 Kangas Mountain Speed ​​Trail 12Km


PSG: scent of tension after the defeat at Dortmund

If the peculiarity of the big clubs is to always be there, no doubt: the Paris-SG is one of them. Two hours after the defeat (1-2) of the team coached by Thomas Tuchel in Dortmund, in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League, the brother of a Presnel Kimpembé aligned for the first time of the season in a defense to three central, which did not make a hit on Wednesday, attacked the German coach on Instagram in unambiguous words: “Go fuck your mother, son of a bitch!” Thereafter, we distinctly hear the word “joke” dropped twice by the same, as if to diminish the scope of the message. Finally, it happened anyway.

The Parisian environment rocked somewhat into chaos after the game. According to what we wrote before the match, Neymar was perfectly able to play since February 7, the date of his return to training after a “Chondrocostal lesion” (the Parisian club is scrupulously cited) received six days earlier against the Montpellier Hérault in Paris. The fact that he did not play a minute before Dortmund was therefore a somewhat superstitious political choice (Neymar had missed all or part of the last two knockout stages of Paris-SG, meeting sanctioned by elimination ) and, in the general opinion and especially of his, the Brazilian was not in condition Tuesday, slow, at the wrong time. “It’s hard to stay four games without playing, found the player. Unfortunately, it was not my choice, it was something of the club, the doctors, they were the ones who made the decision and I didn’t like it. We had a lot of discussions on this. I wanted to play. I felt good but the club was afraid. And I’m the one who suffers in the end. “ A little corporate speech but it must be understood that at this point, since it was he who dragged himself before the cameras on the ground, he does not care.


Useless to put the decision on the back of Tuchel, that Neymar carefully avoids to quote: the German made understand on almost all the tones that he would have liked to align it in Lyon (on February 9) or in Dijon in the Cup (February 12), or even in Amiens on Saturday, to gradually re-athletize his striker. So you have to look at the side of the “club” (sports director Leonardo, who must speak urgently on this) or “doctors”. Last but not least, while Neymar lit the match in the mixed zone, the Belgian defender Thomas Meunier explained to his compatriots the last hour that he had not been made aware of the fact that a yellow card in Dortmund would prevent him from returning, which did not fail to happen. A slightly light approach from the technical staff and a huge rock in Tuchel’s garden, even if the player could have asked himself the question.

In short: a low-noise crisis, all the more pointless since the result of the first leg leaves the door open to a qualification after the return match on March 11. There remains the impression left by a slightly intense, strangely worn Paris-SG. And overtaken by a form of inhibition to say the least. “We lack a little confidence, I have the same impression as you [les journalistes], conceded Tuchel. We played today with too much fear of making a mistake. It’s not good, we have to think about finding solutions. If you think too much about not making mistakes, you make too many mistakes. We lost our confidence with too easy balloons. I do not know why.” His predecessor, Unai Emery, can probably help him a bit: it’s been the same story since 2017.

Grégory Schneider


OM: the phoenix feeds on its ashes

Bloodless last season but solid second in L1 after their victory (1-0) Saturday against Toulouse, the Marseillais led by André Villas-Boas take pleasure in sharing the adventure this year despite the will of the club to sell its stars as soon as possible . With two locomotives: Dimitri Payet and Steve Mandanda. .