NASA warns that a giant asteroid is approaching Earth today

The asteroid called "2018 in Woo", which goes beyond the Big Ben clock and rises to an altitude of one third of the height of Big Ben, St. Paul's cathedral and NASA astronomers in California are predicting a change in atmosphere at 2.16 pm GMT. The diameter of the asteroid equals about 10 two-lane buses […]

The best phones you can buy this year

The best phones you can buy this year Huawei Mitt 20 Brochhad This year is a heated race among smart phone makers, who competed in the launch of several devices with innovative and sophisticated specifications, the following is the list of the best ones according to the Tech website Tip: Google pixels 3 and 3xLX […]

News: Saudi Arabia today direct “FIFA”: Congratulations … New Asian asian champion … And Asian talking about achievement

FIFA congratulated Saudi youth under 19 years after winning the 2018 Asian Cup in Indonesia after defeating South Korea in the final. "The Saudi boy is the champion of the football championship U-19 of the AFC 2018 … he made a great game and won 2-1 against South Korea to crown the continent for the […]

Latest Technologies: Microsoft adds the Bing Search option for Swiftkey

The latest technology news: Microsoft adds the search option "Bing" to Swiftky tablet This technical news has been published on the official source: Techworld Sunday, November 4, 2018 Microsoft adds a "Bing" search option to your Swiftkey periodically. Microsoft has released updates, both experimental and official, to SwiftKey on its Android operating system. Contrary to […]

The goalkeeper is inactive 6 weeks after being diagnosed with concussion

The winner of the Arsenal Bradley Jones was out of action for six weeks after suffering a serious injury during his team's match against Al Ahly on Saturday. Indicating that her condition has been diagnosed as an average concussion in the brain. The Physicero Medical Center explained that the early tests of guard Jones revealed […]

200 bodies in a cybernetic security workshop

The National Security Authority of Riyadh conducted a workshop on the national cyber security situation in the Kingdom and the most important projects and initiatives recently launched by the Authority, in the presence of more than 200 governmental, vital and private entities. The seminar analyzed basic cyber security controls and the initiatives of the Authority […]

Prices and Economy – Prices of oil Saturday, 3-11-2018

Oil prices reached a record $ 63.14 a barrel on Friday. Oil prices were also under the pressure of a large increase in global gross output. In the last two months, data from the Russian Ministry of Energy showed Friday that Russia pumped 11.41 million barrels per day in October, the highest in 30 years. […]

Apple wants to turn its smart watch into a medical device

Apple is trying to turn its smart watch into a medical device that accurately measures the heart rate. For this, he used Stanford University for research in a study with about 400,000 people. For this, Apple began sending email to smartphone third-generation intelligent smartphones last year, inviting them to participate in a broad study on […]

Reports: Wenger can return as a coach of Real Madrid

Here are the details of this news Veteran coach Arsene Wenger revealed that he will return to football stadiums in early 2019, but not mentioning the club he will be working with. Wenger, 69, left Arsenal at the end of last season after 22 years as a director, taking three titles in the English Premier […]

Storms accompanied by cold showers and dust in the zones

Welcome to all the surfers of the Al-Arab Al-Youm website. Learn with towers and storms with cold showers and dust on these areas. The cold weather and the dust in these citizen areas: the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection in its report on the climate for today that storms continue from medium to […]