Current Dax rate: Dax gives way slightly

Dusseldorf The German stock market starts the new trading week in a friendly manner, but slips further down the line. In afternoon trading, the leading German index Dax is down …

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Dax current: Dax is giving way significantly – cyclical stocks come under pressure

The release of new data illustrates the extent of the corona crisis. The savings rate is increasing and consumption is likely to shrink significantly. .

Top managers are picky about stocks

“The insiders live out their countercyclical character,” says Olaf Stotz, professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. That means: The executives who know their companies better than anyone …

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Insider barometer: Top managers are picky about stocks

Managers only bought titles of their own companies on a large scale until the beginning of April. Since then they have held back – and are waiting for better courses. …

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Dax makes up almost 600 points after heavy losses at the start

“The recession will be at least double-digit worldwide in the second quarter” Dusseldorf The Dax experience another volatile trading day. After an initial minus of five percent, the index rose …

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Economists are demanding a protective shield for banks

Frankfurt The worldwide sudden slump in economic activity in response to the corona epidemic represents a risk that has so far been neglected for the financial system. Moritz Schularick, a …

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