Netrebko in a tunic dress and barefoot appeared on the terrace of her house in Vienna

The opera diva has already said that her heart belongs to this Austrian city.

Anna Netrebko (Photo:

In his regular column for one of the publications of the socialite chronicle, the presenter of the program “Fashionable Sentence” on Channel One, Alexander Vasilyev, specified that the opera diva herself was from Krasnodar. The fashion historian has no doubt that Cossack blood flows in the lover of the Azerbaijani tenor Yusif Eyvazov. So, co-host Evelina Khromtchenko noticed that 48-year-old Anna Netrebko can boast not only a deep beautiful timbre, but also very attractive external data. Speaking about the figure of the singer, the art historian assured that she absolutely does not need to lose weight. By the way, Anna herself also said that for many years she has been in the same weight. The celebrity is not going to follow the fashion line and exhaust himself with strict diets for the sake of far-fetched beauty ideals.

Opera diva Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko in an oriental-style tunic dress posed on the terrace of her house in Vienna (Photo:

As already wrote, Anna Netrebko did not waste time on home isolation. Beloved Azerbaijani tenor made repairs on the terrace, painting the walls and updating the decor. Now the opera diva can rest on the renovated site, where garden chairs and fresh bush flowers appeared.

In Stories, the opera singer shared the reporting photo, posing on the terrace of her house in Vienna. In front of the camera lens, Anna appeared in a tunic dress and barefoot, preferring oriental styling. Netrebko made it clear that she was satisfied with the repair. Beloved Yusif Eyvazova personally painted the walls and selected suitable shades, acting as a designer.


Russians called the main problem of distance education :: Society :: RBC

Only 23% of Russians highly value distance education platforms. The vast majority are confident that distance education prevents students from preparing for the final tests

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The main fear of graduates and their parents in conditions of self-isolation was the quality of preparation for final exams. This follows from a survey conducted by the research company Wanta Group. Research materials are at the disposal of RBC.

The top 5 fears of graduates and their parents included:

  • quality of preparation for final exams (42%),
  • the risk of not entering the desired educational institution (28%),
  • postponement of final exams (22%),
  • difficulties finding a job after graduation (21%)
  • transfer of entrance tests to universities and colleges (18%).

81% of respondents believe that self-isolation prevents graduates from preparing for exams. The reason for this, first of all, was the quality of the remote platforms that students offer. Only 23% of parents and graduates stated that they highly appreciate the quality of the distance educational platform that is offered at the educational institution.

At the same time, young people rely more on the opportunity to prepare for exams in conditions of self-isolation and transfer of exam dates. 70% of respondents aged 18 to 24 believe that postponing final exams will give schoolchildren the opportunity to prepare better. Among respondents aged 45 and older, only 51% share this opinion.


Dmitry Dibrov about the “insignificance” of Russian TV and the “Fashionable sentence”

The other day, besides, Dmitry successfully appeared in the program “Fashionable Sentence” and introduced a new intonation into the intrigue of female visual transformation.

In an exclusive interview with, Dmitry spoke about the light and dark sides of quarantine, about the habit of talking everywhere, like in a frame, receiving an “emotional point”, checking friends with a pandemic and having a nice meeting with Ekaterina Skulkina.

– Work on television is full of force majeure. Since you are familiar with virtually all television professions, including a screenwriter, could you imagine such a force majeure as a pandemic in your most violent fantasies?

TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov. Photo: EG / Boris Kudryavov

– Of course not. Although, as you remember, my work was not based on work with the audience in the studio, but with a lonely spectator on the other side of the screen – “Anthropology”, “Resurrection with Dibrov”, “Temporarily available”. Here a pandemic would be powerless.

But here is the program “Who wants to become a millionaire?” involves the audience in the studio, and here the change is felt. At least that’s what.

There is a technique that can be called an “emotional point.” This is when you bring the dialogue with the guest to a moment that unmistakably resonates with the mood of the majority of the audience, which is certainly accompanied by an explosion of applause.

Here in such an inertia you are waiting for a flurry of applause. Moreover, not only you – your guests, as a rule, are public people, and they are used to the fact that applause always sounds at the moment of an emotional accent …

And there it was: there were no spectators, there was deathly silence in the studio! And this is a test of professionalism: if you can without an emotional prompt, and it is in it that the main role of the audience in the studio is not to lose the emotional height of reference.

Dmitry Dibrov admitted that he knows the name of the murderer Vlad ListyevBut the TV presenter is in no hurry to name the criminal.

– You succeded! But is there an inner feeling that your studio lion kingdom has declined?

– An experienced host does not have a moment to rely on someone else’s emotion. Over decades of working on air, the TV presenter gradually turns into an independent emotional design.

What is called a “homeostat” is the position where the system itself supports itself in the given parameters. In everyday life, it even looks like an eccentricity, the household says: “Listen, what are you saying, how are you performing?” And we otherwise can no longer switch pointlessly.

Firstly, we are talking based on the diaphragm. Secondly, it is somewhat louder than everyday speech. And thirdly, we do not formulate as is customary in everyday life. Indeed, for a TV presenter, speech is a tool.

What follows from all this? And the fact that the situation in the studio is not so important for an experienced TV presenter. Our main sight is on the other side of the screen.

TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina. Photo
TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina. Photo: KP / Frolov Mikhail

– Today, people seek reassurance and entertainment. and your program is an element of stability and leisure. Viewers have time to share this opinion with you on social networks, for example?

“Perhaps they are sharing with someone, but I don’t read them.” Why should a TV person get into social networks? After all, he, like the vast majority of others, will be disappointed there.

After all, any person goes to the social network to find additional confirmation of their extraordinary, why is the television presenter an exception? Isn’t he a living person? But the Network was not created to encourage, rather it is a training ground for honing slander.

But if an ordinary person receives his portion of insults in stages, not immediately, the TV presenter rakes everything immediately. It is natural to hate everything that is a reproach to one’s own destiny.

“The smell of childhood”: my grandmother taught Polina Dibrova how to cook a special Rostov dishThe parent taught the culinary master class to the 30-year-old granddaughter.

But here is what was given to us, Ostankinsky, as a consolation: I wouldn’t find any disgusting criticism against me in endless fields, I know for sure: next Saturday even the most rabid critic will obediently sit down on the screen at least to find out what to criticize. So I won!

So, we do not read to ourselves. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know what you really are. And for this, we have television viewing data – the most accurate measurement of our talent or mediocrity.

The fact that television is a form of self-awareness of the nation, we are aware of quite well. Every TV person who is really worth it, and Posner, and Urgant, and Dibrov, you can rest assured, is well aware of the importance of their work for our viewer, who is in Saransk, Ufa, Yoshkar-Ola, Murmansk.

Dmitry and Polina Dibrova with sons Ilya, Fedor and Sasha. Photo
Dmitry and Polina Dibrova with sons Ilya, Fedor and Sasha. Photo: KP / Frolov Mikhail

– Now the consumption model is changing all over the world, and this applies only to consumer goods, but also to television programs. In your opinion, will the viewer change after a pandemic?

– Often in the last 10 years you come across the phrase “What a jerk you turned television! How do you, the current television people, lowered his level. “

So I reply: “Excuse me, why did we omit him so? Aren’t you? Indeed, unlike the USSR, where there was only one television channel, today you have more than two hundred of them, and you click the channels without getting up from your chair.

So television is what the finger of your right hand turns it into. So why do you focus on the most negative manifestations of domestic and world television? Why are you watching public swords and squabbles in the studio, and not the beautiful historical and documentary channels? ”

Vasilyev in the “Fashionable sentence” will be replaced by Dibrov and PelshViewers will see the program with the new co-host Evelina Khromchenko on Wednesday, April 29.

– Will the value of simple human communication increase after coronavirus?

“Thanks to the coronavirus, we were once again convinced that the main luxury is, after all, human communication.” And gladly discovered a new communicative toolkit. For example, this one can provide a dialogue of 6-10 people on one screen, like the Zoom program.

“Have your friends been tested by a pandemic?”

– Of course! They are still interesting to me, they are still coming out of confinement to our friendly meetings with interesting phrases, comments, ideas. I must say that loneliness is an intellectual profession. Each of my friends is involved in an important business: someone is a television operator, someone is a poet, someone is a designer, someone is an architect, someone is a banker. In each of the listed professions there is a component of seclusion, when a person is accustomed to work, sitting face to face with a screen, computer, paper. We do not need other people’s, borrowed emotions, we have enough of ours. We are used to cultivating them in ourselves.

TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina. Photo
TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina. Photo: EG / Kudryavtseva Larisa

– The period of the coronavirus threw you a surprise – to become the host of the Fashion Sentence program. You are a famous mod, with the style clearly on “you.” Long thought to agree or not?

– No, I would love to! The program is different from the one with which it all began in 2007. Then it was a court, where there was a prosecutor, judge, lawyer. Everything changed, only Evelina Khromtchenko was irreplaceable, as she is really an outstanding fashion expert.

She has a pronounced literary gift: pushing away from the details, such as clothes and pendants, Evelina is able to reach touching universal conclusions. Today, the program is no longer an explicit court. The journalistic segment of the program has become much more significant. Editors began to pick up truly tragic human destinies. As a rule, today’s Fashionable Sentence comes people whose marriage is on the verge of breaking, whose relationship could not work out, people with failures in the emotional sphere of life. But how can I refuse to work with people once again? This is what I built my television career on.

“Just clouding”: Dmitry Dibrov denied an attack of epilepsyOn the eve of the presenter, they were taken to the Botkin Hospital.

– Did the stylist pick you a cage suit?

– God forbid, only me. The only person to whom I would entrust the selection of clothes for the air is Evelina Khromchenko. But it is she who does not participate in the selection of my things (laughs).

– When you were told the scenario according to which Ekaterina Skulkina from KVN should take part in the program, did this sound like a pleasant surprise to you?

TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov and his son Sasha. Photo
TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov and his son Sasha. Photo: EG / Boris Kudryavov

– A pleasant, joyful, bright surprise! Before that, we could not work together with a colleague Skulkina. And this opportunity was provided more than once – it’s no secret that we have to feed our families not at the expense of theft of state money, which are mainly featured in crime chronicles, but due to the fact that we host various events and celebrations. And Katyusha and I have one entrepreneur who manages these invitations. He kept suggesting that we had a doubles conference, and somehow it didn’t work out. And now, thanks to the shooting in the Fashionable Sentence, I was able to make sure that Katyusha is a bright, unyielding, benevolent person in life. I must tell you that not all of us, TV stars, are like that.

“Awesome outfits”: Skulkina copies Babkina’s style for filming in “Fashion sentence”The actress replaces a colleague while she is on sick leave.

– What else did these shootings remember?

“The television hosts have such a curse – doubles.” When the director or screenwriter does not know what he wants, the screenwriter does not know what to say, think of it better yourself, and the director himself will not mount it. So all the horror remains different, his fellow montage. “One more take!” The director shouts, and thus produces ten each. At the same time, no recommendations are made to improve actor’s paint or verbal accents. What he will do with them at the installation is incomprehensible to anyone, and to him first of all. Do you know how it exhausts? And for me, the director of the “Fashion Sentence” Yuri Kondratyuk, a highly professional person who explains the task before filming in such a way that everything is done, as they say, from one take, became a real discovery for me.

– If the situation develops in such a way that you will be offered to conduct a “Fashionable Sentence” on an ongoing basis?

– If my colleagues suddenly decide that the paint that I brought to the program is appropriate, I will be happy to continue this work.


The vice-mayor of Novorossiysk leaves office due to violation of self-isolation

The deputy head of the Novorossiysk administration, Yekaterina Demchenko, is leaving her post for violating the quarantine regime, said Mayor Igor Dyachenko. Earlier, a video appeared on social networks, which shows how people relax in violation of the isolation regime at one of the recreation centers. In one of the vacationers, users recognized Mrs. Demchenko.

“The news about the inappropriate behavior of the municipal employee, which some news stories published on the Internet today, does not require any comments,” Mr. Dyachenko wrote on Instagram. And he announced that the deputy is leaving the post.

In April, the head of the Scottish Ministry of Health, Catherine Calderwood, decided to leave her post after violating the conditions of quarantine imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The minister left Edinburgh twice for her country house, about an hour’s drive from the Scottish capital. After photos of her trips appeared in the media, the behavior of the minister was criticized by representatives of the opposition and the public.


Alena Krasnova on vacation emphasized the figure with a crop top

On Instagram, the 23-year-old lover of the soloist of the band Multiverse shared fresh shots. Even before the introduction of the self-isolation regime, Nikita Presnyakov took his wife to the former dacha of Primadonna. In an interview, Alla Borisovna clarified that her senior grandson was watching her house in Istra. The singer herself has long settled in the village of Mud near Moscow with her husband showman Maxim Galkin and six-year-old twins Harry and Lisa.

The daughter-in-law Orbakaite after a party at the bar celebrated her 23rd anniversary with her familyOn the night of March 8, Alena Krasnova arranged a celebration for friends, after which she spent the weekend in the company of her family.

On vacation, Alena Krasnova arranged an impromptu photo shoot in a marble arbor with columns. In front of the camera, daughter-in-law Orbakaite posed in artificially aged denim shorts. The girl emphasized the figure with a crop top, focusing on the waist.

Alena Krasnova dressed in crop top and shorts made of artificially aged denim. Photo: frame from video,

The favorite of the family, a white dog, also got into the frame. In a conversation with fans, Nikita Presnyakova’s lover made it clear that she was used to working on herself. In her youth, Alena even wore braces in order to achieve a beautiful smile. According to the model, it took her almost two years to do this.

The musician’s beloved clarified that she does not see anything reprehensible in saving. So, in the makeup bag of the model, it is quite possible to find affordable and inexpensive cosmetics from the mass market. The girl assured that she would not overpay for the brand, if you can find similar care products of exactly the same quality.

Model Alena Krasnova
The model, along with her husband, settled in the former cottage Pugacheva in Istra. Photo: frame from video,

According to Alena, she and her husband are in no hurry to have children. At the same time, the mother of Nikita Presnyakova, 48-year-old Kristina Orbakaite, admitted that she had long been ready for the appearance of grandchildren. But the elder children of the singer are in no hurry to acquire offspring.


Alena Krasnova kissed Presnyakov on a date

23 year old Alena Krasnova, together with musician Nikita Presnyakov, went on a double date. The company was made up of the spouses by the girlfriend of the model and her lover. So, daughter-in-law Orbakaite clarified that even in conditions of self-isolation they managed to arrange a romantic dinner for their men. On a personal page on Instagram, the singer’s lover shared fresh reporting frames. Together with her husband Alena settled in the former dacha of the Primadonna of domestic show business in Istra.

“It looks young”: celebrity stylist did not find mistakes in the fashionable image of PugachevaAlla Borisovna in a light midi dress impressed Lina Dembikova, host of the Reloaded program.

“What a day it turned out today! We’ve been charged for the whole summer … We decided with a friend to arrange a romantic for our men, we haven’t seen the sunset for so long sincerely, ”said Alena.

Krasnova and her friend organized a picnic on the pier. Girls treated their chosen ones with delicacies. On Instagram, the model shared a personal photo with Nikita, showing their kiss. Alena does not cease to admit her feelings to her lover, believing that she was very lucky with her husband.

In an interview with fans, Orbakaite’s daughter-in-law clarified that it was a real surprise for her that Presnyakov made her a marriage proposal. Nikita himself explained why he decided to stay at home. The grandson of Pugacheva could well return to the States. According to the singer, he became a soloist of the band Multiverse and got his own family.

At the wedding of Nikita Presnyakov and his bride Alena Krasnova, distinguished guests attended: Alla Borisovna canceled her vacation in Latvia in order to come to the celebration. The lovers got married in July 2017.


AvtoVAZ sales fell three times in April

According to the results of the first full month of work in the self-isolation mode, AvtoVAZ sales tripled – in April 10,055 new Lada cars were sold, the press office reported. At the same time, in March, according to the Association of European Businesses, AvtoVAZ sold 32,808 cars.

In April, Lada Granta became the most popular AvtoVAZ model – 3058 of such cars were sold in a month. In second place is Vesta (2913 cars sold). The passenger version of the Largus family closes the top three – 1268 cars of this model were sold in April.

Despite the decline in sales, the company notes that the automaker was able to maintain a leading position in the market. According to its own estimates, Lada occupies more than 20% of the Russian market of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Since mid-April, AvtoVAZ introduced online car sales, including remote assessment of trade-in, assistance in obtaining a loan, payment and delivery of a car on a tow truck.


71-year-old Pugacheva wears a cream and milk midi dress

As the site already wrote, May 9, Alla Pugacheva starred in a new video with six-year-old twins Harry and Lisa. The kids congratulated the veterans and staged an impromptu march along the corridor of a spacious mansion in the village of Gryaz, near Moscow. The company of the daughter and son as a “commander” was the prima donna of domestic show business. In front of the camera lens, the wife of the showman Maxim Galkin appeared in a light midi dress, emphasizing the waist with a wide belt. The image of the 71-year-old singer was supplemented by youth sneakers.

Mom’s pride: Pugacheva and Galkin did not forget to congratulate Orbakaite’s son on his 22nd birthdayUnlike his older brother, Denis Baysarov has little interest in vocals.

For expert commentary regarding the style and relevance of the outfit chosen by Alla Borisovna, turned to the host of the Reloaded program at TNT, Lina Dembikova. It is worth noting that the celebrity stylist was pleased with what she saw, calling the dress of the famous singer fashionable. The expert of our portal praised Primadonna for her courage, clarifying that the wife of Maxim Galkin conducts the correct “propaganda”, saying with her appearance that fashion has no age limit.

In addition, the TV presenter made it clear that Pugacheva replenished her wardrobe with trendy things. The actress wears leggings, sneakers, topical dresses. And these things, according to Dembikova, she is certainly young. In addition, Alla Borisovna manages to emphasize the advantages of her figure.

Singer Alla Pugacheva with children
Alla Pugacheva was praised by the stylist, opting for a light midi dress with a creamy milk shade. Photo: frame from video,

“Light and airy spring look! Perfectly accentuated waist. Generally belts are in trend today. And wide belts are super-practical. It is also excellent that Alla Borisovna has similar shades of tone. The white belt is ideally suited to such a cream-and-milk “cold” dress. And the volume pattern was chosen correctly: the pattern is not too large and not very small. What you need. The singer increasingly chooses these youth bows: sneakers, leggings in combination with dresses. It looks young, ”the celebrity stylist assured. Help

Lina Dembikova is a Russian beauty stylist and presenter. Known to a wide range of viewers thanks to the project “Reloaded” on TNT. He is the founder of the School of ImageHelology StyleHunter.


Yuri Stoyanov found original entertainment on self-isolation

The problems of idleness and stupor on the creative self-isolation of Russian stars, apparently, are a matter of their own self-organization. Someone is fooling around and amusing his subscribers on social networks. But the star of the “Town” Yuri Stoyanov continues to work.

The actor began working on his mini-series Stoyanov in isolation. On the “wide” Instagram screens, 39 episodes have already been released. Yuri Nikolaevich – in the main and only role, the operator (shooting is carried out on the phone) and voice-overs – the wife of the star, the video is edited by a colleague in the legendary Gorodok Pavel Medvedev. Filming takes place in the house, in the bathhouse, on the personal plot of the Stoyanov family near Moscow.

In an interview with, Yuri Stoyanov notes that the humorous project has not yet been monetized, however, this is not what he was up to. This, as the artist put it, is a way of emotional and professional survival.

By the way, other Russian stars in anticipation of work decided to support the Russians, languishing on self-isolation. On the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, they not only talked about what they were doing during the lull period, but also shared tips on how to use quarantine with benefit.


A representative of the US vice president denied media reports about his self-isolation :: Politics :: RBC

US Vice President Michael Pence did not go into isolation after being infected with coronavirus by his spokeswoman Katie Miller. This was announced by the official representative of Vice President Devin O’Malley, reports CNN.

“Vice President Pence will continue to follow the advice of the White House Medical Services and is not in quarantine. In addition, Vice President Pence plans to attend tomorrow. [в понедельник] in the White House, ”said the representative of Pence.

According to O’Malley, the US Vice President is tested daily to identify a new coronavirus that has shown a negative result.

The fact that Pence left for self-isolation, was reported on the eve by Bloomberg, citing sources.

Katie Miller is the wife of Stephen Miller, an adviser to US President Donald Trump. She contracted the coronavirus on May 9th. According to Trump, Miller did not contact him, but was in contact with Pence.

How heads of state defend themselves from coronavirus. Photoreport

In late April, while visiting a clinic in Minnesota, Mike Pence refused to wear a medical mask so as not to become infected with a coronavirus. Journalists present next to him asked Pence why he did not use the mask, unlike the officials who accompanied him. To which the US vice president replied that he was not sick with a coronavirus and confirmed that he regularly passed tests for coronavirus.

On May 10, after contact with a White House employee who confirmed the coronavirus, three members of the working group created by the White House to fight against coronavirus went to self-isolation. Among those affected are Robert Redfield, head of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Stephen Khan, head of the Food and Drug Administration at the US Department of Health and Human Services, and Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 1.3 million cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the United States. More than 79 thousand people died.


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