This will be the new hospital in Soacha – Bogotá

The municipality of Soacha will have a new highly complex hospital. I know It is a level IV health center that It will have more than 240 hospital beds for specialties such as maternity, cardiology, surgery and outpatient consultation.

The work, which began in June of last year, already makes initial progress in the foundations and construction of the bases. In total, 100,000 million pesos will be allocated for its construction and is expected that in the next 30 months is finished.

The hospital will have state-of-the-art equipment, with which it will be able to stand out in the area of ​​specialized surgery. It will be six stories high and will have a basement. In total there will be 25,451 square meters built.

It will be located in the Ciudad Verde neighborhood, between the 6th and 7th races, in front of the Mira Flores shopping center.

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The project will be operated by the private company Diacor Soacha, and the Avidanti SAS organization, which, In addition to being the owner of the property where it will be built, she has nearly 27 years of experience in the health sector.

“It is a private project, but as we know, health in our country is regulated by the EPS, this means that any system that operates in the municipality It will serve us all, both the subsidized and the contributory regime”Said Juan Carlos Saldarriaga, mayor of Soacha.

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The official also mentioned that they will continue to contribute to improve the municipal health system with private and public constructions that respond to the needs of the soachunos.

It should be noted that at this time, the municipality it only has a fourth level hospital, the Cardiovascular. According to the Soacha Health Secretariat, this center along with the others are still insufficient to serve the public. This is because the municipality receives patients from other parts of Cundinamarca.

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A day in which forgiveness was asked and justice was demanded

Agro cundinamarqués for 40,000 families in the region



Javier Ordóñez has 9 skull fractures: Legal Medicine

He Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Hugo Acero, revealed this Friday that lawyer Javier Ordóñez, victim of the case of police brutality that has shocked the country and the world, died as a result of the blows that were inflicted on him, apparently, the policemen who took him to CAI last Tuesday night.

“There is a report from Legal Medicine that talks about a possible blunt weapon in the death of Javier Ordóñez. (…) From the point of view of forensic medicine, there are different causes of death. A blunt weapon can be a closed fist, ”the official told the public radio station Radio Nacional.

In the preliminary opinion of the forensic entity Specifically, nine fractures are evidenced in the victim’s skull, as well as other serious injuries apparently caused by blows to different parts of his body.

Likewise, it was known that There are videos in the possession of the authorities in which the severe beating of Ordóñez could be evidenced in the CAI to which he was taken in the town of Engativá.

Old quarrels

It was also aired that the researchers have found alleged old quarrels between the uniformed men and the victim, which could well become the motives for crime.

The death of Ordóñez, which has unleashed a day of protests that left 13 people killed by firearms in three days in Bogotá and Soacha, occurred at dawn last Wednesday, after being taken by several policemen to a CAI in Engativá.

Prior to his arrest, a video in which two agents discharge electric shocks from a ‘taser’ gun on repeated occasions against Ordóñez, whom they allegedly sued for consuming liquor on public roads.

“They massacred him.” Vadith Gómez, defender of the Ordóñez family, told the press that the policemen “massacred him inside the CAI”, So those responsible should be charged, he said, the crimes of aggravated homicide, torture and abuse of authority.

The lawyer also advocated because the case remains in the ordinary justice and do not go to the military criminal justice system, since, he warns, the excessive use of force cannot be considered an act of service.


Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, He asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Police and announced that in the middle of the investigations another five uniformed men were suspended, who join the two who had been temporarily removed from their positions last Wednesday.

This case, Trujillo said, “it hurts and outrages us, and generates solidarity ”.

For this reason, he stated: “The Police apologizes for any violation of the law or ignorance of the regulations incurred by any of the members of the institution.”

He reported in this regard that “A hearing has been summoned for abuse of authority and murder” and that “the police have been suspended so that the investigation is not obstructed.”

Likewise, it pointed out that the investigations are progressing with respect to “other police officers who may have been responsible for the death of Javier Ordóñez by act or omission.

So it finally resolves, “suspend five more police officers to subject them to the investigation process”.

In turn, the director in charge of the Police, General Gustavo Moreno, also asked for forgiveness: “On behalf of all the police officers in Colombia I want to ask the family of Mr. Javier Humberto Ordóñez Bermúdez for forgiveness. (…) Sorry to your family, sorry to your friends, sorry to all citizens, sorry to all Colombians, because we know that this type of situation seriously damages that faith that citizens should have in their Police ”.

They ask for the removal of Trujillo

Fourteen human rights organizations filed a disciplinary complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against the Minister of Defense, in which they request the dismissal of the senior official and the police officers of Bogotá and Soacha. This before the 13 people killed by firearms that left the protests of recent days as a balance. “In addition to the dismissal and disqualification after a process in the Office of the Attorney General, the immediate suspension must be given to prevent the events of September 9 from happening again. (…) The patterns under which the Police acted in Bogotá are striking, which suggests that acted under specific orders or influenced by doctrine and training processes”The statement read.

Training in Human Rights

After a meeting between the Defense Minister and the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, the Ministerial Chief announced how the process of transformation and modernization of the institution will be carried out.

One of the fundamental axes of this meeting was training the police force on Human Rights. “We will have the support of the UN and the Ombudsman’s Office on the issue of protection of Human Rights. We will reference the best international practices and improve the internal process, For this, the Ombudsman will accompany us and a review of the protocols will be made”Trujillo detailed.

In this sense, the defender stated: “The Ombudsman will accompany the review and evaluation of procedures of police operations in the light of international rights and protocols. It will also accompany the human rights training process for Police units ”.


Covid19 | How the curfew applies in Soacha – Bogotá

“Today I am more concerned about employment in Soacha than about the pandemic,” these were the words of Juan Carlos Saldarriaga, mayor of Soacha, who announced new measures with the aim of starting to boost the economy.

One of the decisions was to lift the curfew that was in force during the day on weekends. Now this measure will only apply from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am from Monday to Sunday in order to avoid family gatherings and clandestine parties.

The ‘peak and ID’ will also change. “We went from four daily identification numbers to six, so now they will be able to go out six daily identification numbers to buy, to make their returns, because we have to reactivate the economy,” said Saldarriaga.

Also there will be a new schedule so that people can go out to make purchases and procedures. This will be from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Although it is still unknown how the new ‘pico y cédula’ will apply. The municipal mayor announced that This Saturday, August 22, people whose identification number ends in an even digit will be able to leave, and on Sunday, August 23, those who have an identification number ending in an odd number may do so.

“The measures we have taken are timely, especially due to the good behavior of the soachunos when they remain in their homes during isolation. Today we have a figure close to 2,000 active cases and a hospitalization rate of 39%, for that reason the schedule for carrying out errands and shopping in the city was extended one more hour “explained the president.

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Theaters and cinemas receive with reservation measures for opening.

‘Governing in Kennedy is a race against time every day’.

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Bogotá News: In Legal Medicine, they find a resident of Soacha from Cartagena

The 23-year-old man left his home to look for work, but did not return alive.

A 23-year-old parishioner living in the municipality of Soacha, Cundinamarca, was found dead in the last hours in the center of the capital of the republic.

The ‘deceased’ turned out to be a man from Cartagena identified as Jefferson Guerrero Fuentes, who left his home in the Loma Linda neighborhood of Comuna 4 of the town where he did not return.

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The Bolivarian boy before dying he managed to communicate with his family to tell them that he was looking for work due to lack of money because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the hours passed and not knowing anything about Jefferson’s whereabouts, his relatives went to the facilities of the Institute of Legal Medicine in the center of Bogotá where when asking about their loved one and giving physical characteristics of him, forensics on duty showed them photos of a dead that turned out to be those of Guerrero Fuentes.

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After receiving data about the discovery of the corpse, the mourners of the Cartagena began the necessary paperwork to claim the mortal remains of the loved one to give him the last goodbye in a cemetery in his homeland.