Student hit by chair gets deformed skull and serious brain injuries – World

A young American student was left with a permanently deformed skull and severe brain damage after being hit by a chair that fell from a building in New York, USA.

Annabel Sen, 24, was on the street and was going to her boyfriend to have lunch together when a solid wooden chaise lounge, fallen from the 12th floor, fell over his head.

According to the New York Post, the young woman from Midtown now wants to be compensated, since, according to her lawyer, there was negligence in the way the chairs were arranged in the penthouse suite of the building where the fall occurred.

Benedict Morelli, Annabel’s lawyer, says that “it was a miracle” that the young woman survived and that her brain injuries were “severe, permanent, serious and traumatic”. The young woman is recovering after having undergone several surgeries.

The sequels are permanent, but Annabel’s family believes she can regain her full mental abilities. He had recently moved to New York with the aim of obtaining a Master’s degree.

“We are all hopeful of her recovery. She fears a lot of injuries and serious damage, but she is not dead,” says the young woman’s lawyer, representing the family.

According to the civil lawsuit presented, on the day of the tragedy there was a lot of wind and rain in the city and the chairs should have been packed, tidy and secured, which will not have happened. The owner of the penthouse, who is also one of the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils clubs, Michael Rubin, has already come to ensure that the space was rented and discarded any responsibility.


Portuguese emigrant arrested for sex with three under the age of 15 – News

Young people had placed an ad online looking for work as a babysitter.

A 48-year-old Portuguese man was arrested by the police in the Spanish province of Aragon for having sex with a 15-year-old girl and a friend of her, who had posted an online ad looking for work as a babysitter. The emigrant, who, according to an investigation by the police authorities, gave alcohol to the two minors, faces charges for crimes of sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

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Five students from schools in the Leiria region infected with Covid-19 at the start of the school year – Society

Five students from schools in the Leiria region tested positive for covid-19, which led the health authority to place more than 15 young people in prophylactic isolation, it was announced today.

The Public Health coordinator of the Pinhal Litoral Health Center Group, Odete Mendes, confirmed that a positive case was registered at the Professional School of Leiria.

“In the classroom context, in that class there were no risky contacts between students or teachers. But, in the social context, there were nine high-risk contacts, as young people were in a closed space without a mask, so they were placed in prophylactic isolation “, said Odete Mendes.

At Escola Básica 2, 3 D. Dinis, in Leiria, the Parents’ Association announced that a student tested positive, having taken the health authority to put three students in isolation, said Odete Mendes.

The Polytechnic of Leiria confirmed the existence of two positive cases: one at the School of Technology and Management, in Leiria, and another at the School of Tourism and Technology of the Sea, in Peniche.

“Two weeks after the beginning of the classes, we have the confirmation of two positive cases of covid-19. These are two students who acted according to the guidelines of the Polytechnic of Leiria: when presenting symptoms, they immediately contacted the health authorities , having not returned to the respective schools, remaining in isolation “, said the president of the Polytechnic, Rui Pedrosa.

According to Rui Pedrosa, health authorities are “monitoring these situations in a thorough and continuous way”.

“The Polytechnic of Leiria and its schools are acting in accordance with all the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health, namely regarding the sharing of information from potential contagion networks. In this context, one of the classes was prophylactically at home in isolation for two weeks, starting to take distance classes “, said Rui Pedrosa, underlining that” the potential transmission chains are identified “.

On Thursday, a student at Afonso Lopes Vieira High School, in Leiria, disrespected the prophylactic isolation suggested by the health authority and went to the presentation of the school year, while waiting for the test result.

“This student was in the class and still went to the ‘mall’ with friends. In a school context, the social distance was sufficient and they were always wearing a mask. Identifying colleagues who could be classified as being at greater risk, we placed four in prophylactic isolation,” he said Odete Mendes.

In the social context, the doctor said that the young man had three more friends, one of whom from another school in Leiria. “They spent more than 45 minutes without a mask at lunch, so they were also in prophylactic isolation.”

Odete Mendes explained that whenever there is a positive case, a risk assessment is made.

The delegate of health also guaranteed that “there will never be a whole class to be quarantined”, unless “there are many infected”.

“This context is being lived with great concern and tranquility. We hope that students, parents and family members follow the guidelines of the health authorities. Possibly there will be more cases, but if communication is fast, there is ventilation, distance and the use of masks at school, the risk is reduced, “he added.

Portugal accounts for at least 1,920 deaths associated with covid-19 in 69,200 confirmed cases of infection, according to the latest bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.


13-year-old boy who became a babysitter after abuse is “traumatized” – World

An English woman from Reading, UK, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for several crimes of sexual abuse committed against a 13-year-old boy whose English was a babysitter. Leah Cordice, 20, even got pregnant with the minor. The victim’s mother says that the boy “is traumatized” and that he “will hardly recover” from episodes of sexual abuse.

The pedophile was tried in May for crimes committed in 2017 and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Meanwhile, she gave birth to a baby, the daughter of the youngest child she abused. The child was delivered for adoption.

According to the prosecution, Leah seduced the minor for several months before, in January 2017, drunk, undressing, taking off the boy’s pants and sexually abusing him.

When the woman learned she was pregnant, she panicked and said she was her husband’s son. The lie was quickly unraveled, but Leah hid the truth again and reported that the minor was the one who had violated it. According to the victim’s mother, the boy “was in a state of depression and on the brink of exhaustion” when the babysitter made such accusations.

“He told me that sometimes she would throw his friends out of our house so that she could abuse my son. I always defended Leah when rumors arose that she abused minors, but I never thought she would do such a thing to us. She she was a friend of the family. She showed zero regrets and destroyed my son. She is a compulsive liar. I saw my granddaughter being taken away, my son being a father so young… It has been very traumatic “, says the mother of the abused child. Mirror.


Girl raped and beaten asks doctors to let her die so she won’t return home – World

A seven-year-old girl, who suffered violence and sexual abuse at the hands of her parents in Pueblo, Mexico, asked doctors to let her die after she was admitted to Las Margaritas Hospital in critical condition. The youngest said that she feared returning home and would rather die than return to her parents.

Little Yaz was admitted to the emergency room on August 21, according to the local press that quotes the doctors who accompanied the victim, the girl had internal bleeding, a punctured lung, cigarette burns all over her body and severe back burns and signs of violation.

“I want to die. I don’t want to go back to my parents, they will continue to beat me,” said the girl to the doctors. Yaz was taken to the hospital by a neighbor who witnessed one of the episodes of violence.

The parents, Rafael and Alejandra, have already been detained and are accused of domestic violence, aggression and child abuse. The child’s uncle, who will be responsible for the sexual abuse, is on the run from the authorities.

According to the Yucatan, in the last year Yaz had already been in the hospital with aggression, cuts and burns, but an investigation was never opened. The police are now also investigating the death of the girl’s younger sister, three-year-old Mitzi, who died in June, according to the autopsy, “due to accidental asphyxiation.”


Ex-model accuses Trump of sexual harassment: Sticking my tongue down my throat – Boiling

The number of women reporting Donald Trump for abusive behavior is increasing. Now, it was the turn of a former model to reveal, in an interview with The Guardian, that she was the victim of sexual harassment by the President of the United States during a tennis tournament in 1997.

At the time, Amy Dorris, then 24, says she was surprised when Trump, 51, pushed her against the wall just outside the bathroom in the VIP area of ​​space in New York. “He stuck his tongue in my throat as I tried to push him. But he grabbed me and I couldn’t let go. I had his hands on my body, he touched my tail, my breasts, everything ”, he says, guaranteeing that at the time he felt“ sick ”and“ violated ”.

For years, the ex-model guarantees that she gave in to silence in order not to expose her family, but today she claims that it was her twin daughters who led her to speak. “They are going to be 13 years old and I want them to see that their mother tried to do something to prevent this type of behavior from happening in the future.”Boyfriend was present
Amy Dorris recalls that she had met Trump a few days ago when he invited her to spend a weekend with her boyfriend in New York. His companion was at the tennis tournament at the time of the siege, but that did not deter the now president of the United States. “He came right to me in a very determined and firm way. Like someone who feels he can do what he likes. Even if I was with my boyfriend at the time, ”he laments, ensuring that he has asked Trump several times to stop.The politician denied the charges through his lawyers.

Facade union
Since 2005, Melania and Donald Trump have maintained a relationship that has given them a lot to talk about. In a recent book about the couple’s life, journalist Michael Wolff says that the two live a facade wedding.

Sizzling night with prostitute
In 2016, prostitute Stormy Daniels claimed to have received more than 100,000 euros in order to keep silent about the night of sex she had with Donald Trump, so as not to tarnish the image of the President of the United States. However, the pact of silence has been broken. “We met [em 2006] in a golf tournament. Trump was holding a magazine in which the cover was him and I said, ‘Someone should whip you with that magazine.’ Suddenly, he pulled his pants down and let him do it “, he says, adding that the two later had a night of sex in which they did not use a condom.

25 women accuse donald trump
In all, there are 25 women who have publicly accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment, including his own ex-wife, Ivana, who accuses him of having forced her to have sex. “As a woman, I felt violated,” she recalls.

There are several complaints, but the President of the United States has always categorically denied the charges.


A 12-year-old boy in a ‘dungeon’ dies weighing 19 kilograms. Detained father and stepmother – World

A couple was detained after holding a 12-year-old boy in a “dungeon” in Pennsylvania, USA. The child was found dead, in an advanced state of malnutrition and weighing only 19 kilos.

The boy’s brothers, Maxwell Schollenberger, were warned by their father and partner to ignore their brother, who for years was kept in a room with the blinds closed with duct tape and the shutters blocked by nails. He was covered in feces when he was found by the police.

The investigation report reveals macabre details such as the fact that the bed has nail marks and that the boy was so weak when he died that he could not even stand.

Father Scott Schollenberger Jr, 42, and fiancee Kimberly Maurer, 35, now face murder charges. The case was discovered after being reported by a neighbor. The boy died on May 26, having never been to school.

According to the newspaper The Mirror, the couple had three more children, who lived a perfectly normal life. There was plenty of food at home. The cause of Maxwell’s death was attributed to malnutrition and head trauma.


Uses martial arts techniques to injure policemen trying to stop an illegal party – Portugal

The PSP announced this Tuesday the arrest of six people in Greater Lisbon for crimes against public authority during the dispersal of gatherings. In one of the events, the participants, who “uttered injuries and threats” to the police, resorted to martial arts techniques to escape the authorities.

In a statement, the Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the PSP states that a detention took place on Sunday, in the parish of Mina d’Água, Amadora, before a gathering on the public road, even after the authorities had been on the spot and dispersed people, warning for the illegality of the concentration.

However, the PSP was called back to the place, where it found another gathering, one of the men said that he would not leave the space, at the same time that he directed injuries against the police. He was arrested for disobedience, as well as for the crime against public authority.

The remaining citizens at the scene fled, no longer allowing any arrests or identifications.

In the same dawn, at 3:45 am, five more men were detained for being suspected of committing crimes of offenses against the qualified physical agent of authority, injuries and disobedience.

After several noise alerts at the unspecified location, the policemen went to a residence where they found a party going on, with about 20 to 30 people.

During the departure from the house in question, the participants “made injuries and threats” to the police, which led to four arrests.

When these were taking place, the remaining citizens advanced towards the police “with a hostile, challenging and aggressive body posture”. In the attempt to immobilize, one of the suspects – the fifth detainee – always tried to evade, using martial arts techniques.

Two policemen had to receive hospital treatment with various injuries.

The six detainees have already been brought before the court, all of whom have been given a term of identity and residence (the least serious coercion measure), according to the police.

This measure is of mandatory application whenever a citizen is constituted accused. In addition to the identification of the accused, he is obliged to appear before the authorities whenever the law requires it or is notified to do so.

The suspect is also unable to change his residence or be absent from it for more than five days without communicating how he can be found.

In order to control the spread of covid-19, the Government placed mainland Portugal in a contingency situation as of 00:00 this Tuesday and until September 30th.

The new rules to contain covid-19 – most of which have already been applied this summer in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area – include limiting concentrations to 10 people, unless they belong to the same household, on public roads and in commercial establishments, and prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages in service areas or at fuel filling stations.

In retail establishments, including supermarkets and hypermarkets, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited from 20:00.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages continues to be banned on the public road, and alcohol is also banned in outside spaces of restaurants and beverages after 8:00 pm, except in the context of meal service.


Woman with Covid-19 breaks isolation, goes to party and causes outbreak with 37 cases – World

A 26-year-old woman went to a party after receiving isolation orders after showing symptoms related to Covid-19 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Alemanha.

The employee at a hotel where American soldiers and their families are usually staying in the German Alps, had sore throats after returning from a trip to Greece.

The American was tested and quarantined for 14 days but ignored the health authorities’ order, ending up going to a party with friends the following night, according to information advanced by Mirror, which cites the authorities of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The woman is said to have attended several night spots and restaurants in Garmisch. The next morning, I learned that I had tested positive for Covid-19.

For failing to comply with orders, the young woman is now charged with an outbreak of at least 37 cases at the ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The spike in infections forced the city to suffer tighter restrictions again. The Edelweiss Lodge and Resort hotel, where the woman worked, has also been closed for two weeks after several workers tested positive for the virus. At least 24 people at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort are infected.


Enter sexshop, undress and use store vibrator to masturbate – Unusual

An American woman was arrested by the police in Fort Pierce, Florida, after entering a sex shop, taking a vibrator off one of the shelves and starting to masturbate inside the store, after having undressed.

According to the authorities, Ann Stanley, 36, was found by the agents completely naked while “using the pink penis-shaped sex toy to masturbate”. The woman had in the meantime closed herself off in a shop office after the owners called the police.

Surprised by the authorities, Ann got up and dropped the vibrator on the floor. According to the police, he looked drunk. The woman was then immediately arrested for indecent exposure and theft and eventually admitted that she was “a little drunk after drinking six beers” when she starred in the unusual episode.

Ann Stanley was first taken to the hospital for evaluation and then arrested, subject to a security deposit of around 1300 euros. The American had already registered for drug possession and prostitution.