Mexican risks his skin to help in Italy


A video made by several members of the Mexican community living in Italy, narrates what the hours of confinement are like, and how the coronavirus took them distracted.

They call Mexicans to become aware of the pandemic and they urge you to stay home.

One of these Mexicans, moreover, crosses the city on a bicycle helping anyone who needs to make a purchase, for example, of medicines, and he lends himself to helping them.

In the most recent report, Italy added a further 627 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, a record figure since the first case was confirmed, bringing the death toll to above 4,000.

In addition, another 4,670 new cases have been recorded throughout the country, making the total count more than 45,700 infections.

In Lombardy, the region hardest hit by the pandemic, the total number of cases now rises to 22,264, after adding up to 2,380 in the last day, while the death toll rises to 2,549, after another 381 deaths have been recorded.

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Soup of Goat moves the first concert of the tour “The Great Wave” to May 28 in Barcelona

The move to prevent coronavirus contagion, which limits the number of shows to less than 1,000, has also affected the music world. Sopa de Cabra and the Cruïlla Festival announced yesterday that the concert by the Girona group scheduled for today in Barcelona, ​​and which opened the presentation tour of the album The Great Wave, will finally be held on May 28 in the Poble Espanyol. Tickets purchased for this concert will be valid for the new date. In view of the uncertainty generated by the current situation, the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne has also postponed the concert he was planning to hold at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on April 18.

The launch of the Strenes festival, which has the traditional inaugural concert from the Girona tourist office for next Saturday, March 28, is on the air for now. Also for that weekend is scheduled one of the highlights of the Black Music Festival, with a performance, on Sunday, 29, by The Cat Empire from Australia in the room La Mirona in Salt. At the moment, the festival has postponed all the scheduled events until the 27th.

The Friends of the Arts also announced that they would delay the release of their long-awaited new studio album. The album, entitled The Sign You Waited for, was due for release on Friday, March 20. “We will keep an eye on the evolution of events and announce the release date of the new album as soon as the situation normalizes,” the group announced in a brief statement.


“The Big Wave” by Sopa de Cabra is the third best-selling album in Spain

The new work of Goat Soup, The big wave, has entered directly as number 3 in the list of best selling albums in Spain. In addition, the band’s new work has also become the second best-selling album in all FNACs in Spain.

Sopa de Cabra released its tenth album with Promo Arts Music Records on February 28 and since then it has added more than 700,000 streamings on digital platforms.

The live disc presentation was scheduled for this Saturday at the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, ​​as part of the Cruïlla de Primavera festival, but was suspended due to measures related to the Covid-19 epidemic.


What helps against annoying cravings?

Cravings come in powerfully – and often when you want to lose weight. What does the body really need in such moments? If you pick the right hunger brakes, the pounds will drop more easily.

Cravings often have little to do with real hunger. When the body runs out of energy, it likes to cry out for something sweet to raise its blood sugar level again. But he is much less choosy. “When it comes to cravings, the body usually doesn’t lack nutrients,” says nutrition psychologist Adrian Meule.

Cravings usually require high calories

Foods rich in fat and carbohydrates in particular appear in the mind’s eye when the cravings strike. Not cucumber slices or apple pieces, but pizza, chips and chocolate – a relic from the times when high-energy foods ensured survival and the body had to provide for hunger times.

Many also involve emotions. Children get chocolate as a reward or for comfort. In a stressful phase at work, a bag of gummy bears helps. “These are trained habits,” says Maike Ehrlichmann, nutritionist and certified nutritionist from Hamburg.

But what do you do if you are craving chocolate and chips? Maike Ehrlichmann thinks little about self-mortification, but advises: “Take what you feel like and see if you are really better.” Then you might notice “that the desired effect often does not occur at all.” Prohibiting something is the wrong reaction.

Eat in peace and alternatively reward yourself

Instead, it is important to find out what the body really desires: Perhaps a relaxation exercise, a short walk or a conversation with friends bring a lot more wellbeing than the quickly plastered box of chocolates. Control is quickly lost, especially when having meals on the desk or in front of the television.

“The feeling of satiety sets in after 15 to 20 minutes, the chocolate bar is already gone,” says Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society. Chewing, tasting and swallowing in peace is therefore a good way to limit the amount of food to a healthy level. “Distraction also helps,” says Gahl. “Because eating is often a substitute satisfaction.”

Even on a diet with strict rules, the cravings often spark in between. The risk of cravings can be reduced with a flexible weight loss strategy and a menu that is as varied as possible. A little planning also helps: an emergency snack in your pocket, such as nuts or a protein bar, can make the candy bar from the candy vending machine superfluous.

Salad and soup are healthy gastric fillers

Of course, you can also outsmart the cravings: via the taste receptors of the tongue and the stretching of the stomach. Does the stomach sufficient, it signals saturation. For example, a large portion salad ideal to supply the stomach with plenty of filler without unnecessary Calories to charge.

Soup is also a good stomach filler. “With soups, the warmth also ensures that we feel comfortably full for a long time,” says graduate ecotrophologist Brigitte Neumann. The nutritionist from the Franconian Uttenreuth recommends that you satisfy your hunger with vegetable soups in particular. “If you want to go fast, frozen soup vegetables are in Vegetable broth ideal. Just bring it to a boil and then enjoy. “

Grain dumplings support the filling effect without supplying too many calories. For the dough, the expert mixes two tablespoons of cereal, an egg, a tablespoon of cream cheese and Spices to taste, Then shape small dumplings and cook in the soup for 15 minutes. The included egg bends thanks abundantly protein later cravings.

Proteins fill you up for a long time and inhibit the desire for sweets

“In addition to eggs Quark“Harzer cheese and low-fat sour milk products are good food cravings,” says Neumann. The proteins not only boost the metabolism and thus increase energy consumption. They also have a high satiety value and thus curb the appetite for chocolate, crisps and other sweet sins. A slice of whole grain bread is also ideal for in-between hunger, according to the nutrition expert.

Acid shrinks hunger

Intense taste stimuli can also curb cravings. So it can help when craving chocolate eating something sour: if everything contracts in the mouth, the desire to eat automatically decreases. An acid one cucumber, snacking directly from the glass or as a bread set stops some food cravings. This also applies to a glass of lemon water. A vinegar-oil dressing in the salad makes us eat less during the main meal and supports the satiety effect.

Spiciness numbs the taste receptors

Sharpness can also prevent you from reaching too often. Spicy chilli chips are usually eaten less than the mild pepper variety. This is because the pungency numbs the taste receptors. This reduces the desire to continue eating.

Hot peppermint candies and chewing gums have a similar effect. The toothbrush handle is also popular to keep chocolate cravings at bay. Because the taste of fresh mint dampens the desire sugar,

Bitter substances put a brake on saturation

Bitter types of salad such as chicory, endive, arugula and Radicchio also prevent food cravings. As soon as the tongue tastes something bitter, a saturation brake is set in motion. The bitter taste is a warning signal to the body of potentially toxic substances. He wants to prevent you from consuming too much of it and you automatically eat less. The types of lettuce taste as a salad, in a sandwich or in a curd as Spread,

“Too much waiver makes us hungry for a caterpillar”

If all of this does not help and the desire for chocolate becomes overwhelming, the following applies: “Just eat a piece and give in to the pleasure, instead of feeding yourself like a little caterpillar through an abundance of low-calorie snacks”, recommends the health expert. “It doesn’t have to be the whole table right away.”

Cravings: Those who know the triggers can take countermeasures

In addition, the expert advises to go on the cause research in case of constant cravings. “Often leave us stress, Boredom, frustration or too many sweets. Who knows why he is accessing can fight the triggers and create healthy alternatives. “