Gas prices may soon drop to 99 cents a gallon in parts of the United States

Although many Americans increasingly see pump prices below $ 2 a gallon, the drop may soon worsen. This is especially true in the Great Lakes region, where prices could soon be 99 cents a gallon at hundreds of gas stations. Here’s how Patrick De Haan, head of GasBuddy’s oil analysis, believes that: the Chicago spot […]

Face masks of South Korean rations in the fight against Coronavirus

SEOUL: just before 13:00 on Friday, Son Jae-son marched to his local pharmacy, looking for a valuable item in South Korea: his weekly ration of two face masks. South Korean health officials urged all citizens, even healthy ones like Mr. Son, to wear filtered masks, making the product disappear from the shelves. With his family […]

Coronavirus is dominating stock trading. The Dow is holding on.

Text size Foreign equity markets are falling again, but US stocks are approaching the breakeven line as investors assess the growing fears of the coronavirus. It has been a difficult race for investors lately. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, for example, seven of the last eight days had fallen at Tuesday’s close. Hong Kong Hang […]