Travel ban announced by Scott Morrison

The advice to Australians not to travel abroad will become a travel ban, starting tomorrow. Announcing a series of new measures and restrictions designed to curb the country’s coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced tonight that Australians would no longer be able to leave the country. “Previously we received a warning not to travel […]

Apple closes Australian stores to fight COVID-19, Samsung counters

DO NOT drop your iPhone or wash one of your AirPods for the next two weeks. The tech giant Apple closed all its 22 Australian stores today (Sunday) in an unprecedented worldwide shutdown of outlets outside Greater China in an attempt to stem the spread of the new coronavirus. The two-week shutdown, announced by the […]

Healthcare experts offer simple tips to avoid catching COVID-1

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dirty banknotes could spread coronavirus and people should consider switching to contactless payments wherever possible. Cash can carry “all types of bacteria and viruses” and COVID-19 is believed to be able to survive on the surface for a number of days, says the UN health agency. “We advise […]

Within the secret cult of South Korea that spreads the coronavirus epidemic

It is the secret cult of South Korea, whose leader claims to be the envoy of Jesus Christ on earth and whose followers with coronavirus infection have incubated more than half of the country’s 4330 known cases. The mysterious Shincheonji Church of Jesus, which has hundreds of Australian devotees, is led by 88-year-old Lee Man-hee. […]