Tesla has ceased to receive subsidies from the US government

Tesla, an electric car manufacturer, has ceased to receive tax subsidies from US authorities, said company head Ilon Musk.

“By the way, Tesla, in fact, receives the“ smallest ”subsidies compared to any other automakers in the United States. Federal tax subsidies apply to electric cars from other automakers, but no longer to Tesla, ”Mr Musk wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, the analytical agency JD Power conducted a study, based on which it compiled a rating of the highest quality cars. Tesla took the last place in this rating, as 250 problems per 100 cars were revealed in electric cars.

Details – in the article “Kommersant FM” “Tesla showed the problem areas.”


Alibaba founder ceases to be China’s richest man

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is no longer China’s richest man, Forbes writes. He lost the first line of this rating to the head of the Chinese gaming giant Tencent, Ma Huateng.

Tencent shares have grown by 14% since the beginning of the year, allowing Mr. Huaten to increase his fortune to $ 48.3 billion. Jack Ma’s fortune is now estimated at $ 41.2 billion.

The head of Tencent was called the richest man in China in the last Forbes ranking published in March. However, in the April ranking of the richest people in the world, Jack Ma was again above his counterpart. Then Jack Ma took 17th place with a fortune of $ 38.8 billion, and Mr. Huaten was in 20th place with a fortune of $ 38.1 billion.

Kirill Sarkhanyants


Kazakh President terminates senatorial powers of Nazarbayev’s daughter

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev signed a decree on the termination of powers of Speaker of the Senate of Parliament Dariga Nazarbayeva, daughter of the country’s first president Nursultan Nazarbayev. The corresponding decree is published on the website of the President of Kazakhstan. The reasons for terminating the powers of Ms. Nazarbayeva are not specified.

Dariga Nazarbayeva is the eldest daughter of Nursultan Nazarbayev. She has been the speaker of the upper house of the Parliament of Kazakhstan since March 2019, in September she was re-elected to this post. Prior to this, Ms. Nazarbayeva chaired the chamber committee on international affairs, defense and security.

In March, it became known that in the spring of 2019, the property of Dariga Nazarbayeva, as well as the grandson of Nursultan Nazarbayev Nurali Aliyev and his wife Aida, were arrested in London. They bought real estate for more than $ 100 million, they issued it in three offshore areas – the Antilles, Panama and the British overseas territory of Anguilla. The arrest was imposed at the request of law enforcement agencies.


How did Gigi Hadid hide her pregnancy for 5 months?

More than 20 impressions, but no one noticed.

The good news is that top model Gigi Hadid and Zane Malik waiting for the firstbornexcited the world. Do not have to doubt, this was confirmed by the mother of the model. Insiders report that the couple is waiting for the girl, because Gigi is already on the 20th week – the period when the floor is easy to recognize. But hey, how is a model with an ideal figure? pregnancy hid for 5 whole months, and did not arouse suspicion?

Gigi did 22 views for one season in the state of “pie with the filling.” The hard-working bee did not ask for concessions, however, she “conspired” with designers about certain outfits for the catwalk, which did not even give out an “interesting” position to the older Hadid 360 degrees.

At the January show Jacquemus Gigi defiled in an open dress, however assembly even a minimal increase in volume and puffiness were successfully concealed on the stomach.

In early February, the future mother made a photo shoot for the British Voguewhere oversized poured a mile away. Judging by the calculations, then Gigi had the end of the second month of pregnancy and toxicosis, from which the model was very swollen. Since then, the girl began to appear everywhere in clothes a la bag, but fans considered it to be following fashion. However, in one photo, the model still “burned”, but did not focus on this.

Takes the bronze medal for hiding the tummy “Wide open”. Model stopped buttoning their coats and jackets, both on the catwalk and in life. Clothing can do anything; multilayer techniques more than conceal pregnancy even under the guns of thousands of paparazzi.

7-9 months after the end of world quarantine, experts predict a boom in fertility. Sweets, the amount of which has increased in the diet of many women, are not “contributing” to the aspen waist, and therefore Gigi’s methods for masking his tummy will not “gather dust on the shelf”.


In Russia, stopped selling leaf tea Lipton and Brooke Bond

Unilever stopped selling leaf tea under the Lipton and Brooke Bond brands in Russia. A representative of the Unilever Russian office told RBC that tea of ​​these brands will remain only in the most popular form among Russian consumers – in bags.

Leaf tea Lipton Yellow Label and Brooke Bond can no longer be bought in online stores. At Perekrestok.ru and Ozon you can order tea only in bags. The company did not name the reasons for the refusal to sell leaf tea of ​​these brands in Russia.

Unilever leaf tea will remain only under the premium brand Sir Thomas Lipton and the Saito brand launched last summer.

Earlier, the head of Unilever’s press service in Russia, Irina Antyushina, noted a drop in demand for black tea, which is the main one in the Unilever business segment. According to her, this is a general trend in the global tea market.

For more details, see Kommersant’s Unilever Will Not Remain for Tea.


A drunk driver arrested for colliding with two different cars in the same house




CHP (California Highway Patrol) officers arrested a driver in Idylberry Dirve (San Rafael, Californa) for drunk driving, assault and theft of a vehicleor, in addition to investigating its collision with two different cars in another owner’s home.

Specifically, through your official Facebook account, they explained that, around 3 in the morning, they called them alerting of strange events that they did not understand what had just happened. Apparently, an extremely drunk driver collided with his Mustang in someone’s home, who after finding out what was happening, took his keys and called the authorities.

However, the subject, in an attempt to escape the sceneHe took the Toyota from the owner of the house, with such bad luck to put the forward gear and give gas, so he ended up colliding this second vehicle in the same house, right next to his Mustang.


A driver arrested for skipping confinement, being drunk, without a driving license or valid ITV




Related news

The Local Police of Lepe (Huelva) has arrested a neighbor of the town after being intercepted breaking the confinementdriving his drunk car, without a valid driving license or having the vehicle passed the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV).

According to Efe police sources have informed, the driver was caught on a street in the town last Monday, after calls from a neighbor who alerted that he had seen a car carrying out strange maneuvers, and once the agents were located and stopped They found that he had obvious symptoms of having consumed alcohol.

The driver refused to submit to the breathalyzer tests and the agents found that he lacked administrative authorization to drive motor vehicles, and that the car had not passed the ITV.

For all these reasons, he has been denounced through the courts, joining the file with the complaint for skipping the confinement by the Royal Decree of the State of Alarm, in which he was proposed for a sanction from 600 to 30,000 euros.


Our passion according to Snchez | Spain

Double exposure frame

Frame with double exposure of Pedro Snchez during his speech in the plenary session held this Thursday in Congress.

I was wishing I was wrong. I was wishing that from insidePedro Snchezthe pandemic would remove an unsuspected bit ofAdolfo Surez. And that on that little piece, for lack of greater stature, it could be built not some Pacts of La Moncloa, which are only the rhetorical indication thatIvn Redondohas changedThe west wingbyTell me, but at least a shared bill, an emergency legislation that better prepares Spain to survive the economic devastation it is about to experience.

But a crazy dog ​​is not a loving bear nor can it be. Everything that Snchez has accomplished in his political life he owes to sectarianism. Resignation rather than abstaining fromRajoy, submission before magnanimity with Susanism, genuflection beforeTorrarather than breaking the sanitary cord on the right, the embrace of neo-communism before the approach to the center. And in these came the Covid-19. And I thought that where virtue did not drive him, the worst national tragedy since the Civil War could push him. And I sat down to watch the debate with a cloud of hope. As well. I know that 50,000 dead and seven million unemployed will not be enough to change Snchez either. Considering the intervention of that nephite in readings and professor in hatred of whichJavier Fernndezso justifiably ashamed today, we can already conclude that not only will we go to hell, but during the debacle all the energies of the Government will be concentrated on crushing the opposition. The scorpion only wants to bite the frog that fords the river, although we all sink.

“What do you want from us?”Marriedafter announcing his affirmative vote, his face marked by the recent shrapnel ofLastra. I explain it to you, Pablo: he wants his contempt to make support impossible for you to run to point out you as the culprits of the sinking as soon as you withdraw it. He wants the blocks to remain inclusive, because the meaning of his stupid career depends on the enduring noise and fury, the propaganda of the good and the bad, the comfort zone of your trench and mine. Why demonstrate intelligenceEdmundo Balholding out a hand that you don’t want to shake. Because a guy like Snchez only beats being forgiven. If the PP dispensed with the rear-view mirror in which the beard ofAbascal, will leave Snchez without arguments suffocating him with love. Although I understand the disgust.

The passion that we celebrate today will not last a week but months or years. It did not start in 2020 but the day we took the institutions for granted and declared respect for the adversary superfluous. We are exactly where our rulers have brought us, from the vengeful revisionism ofShoemakeruntil the cagataza cegata deRajoy. In this solar we can and his best plagiarist was crowned king of the civil war. He has not yet known how to make budgets but has removedFrankfrom his grave, today we know that out of envy. Its end will be inevitable, but by no means noble.

Espaoles: Calvary awaits you. And you don’t see the day of resurrection coming.

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They found a hanged and half-naked young woman in Tigre: there is a detainee

In a media agenda dominated by news of the coronavirus and compulsory social isolation, there is another topic that stands out, despite everything: unstoppable femicides, throughout the country. In the last hours, a 30-year-old woman was found hanged with a jacket on a street in the Buenos Aires town of Tigre, in which case a suspect was arrested, police and judicial sources reported.

The victim was identified by investigators as María Florencia Santa Cruz (30), the daughter of a retired inspector commissioner, whose body was found hanging from a wire fence on Benito Lynch and Acceso Tigre streets. Santiago Ezequiel Hernández (32) was arrested for the fact, in a search of his home.

The discovery of the body was recorded around 3 in the morning yesterday, when personnel from the 1era.de Tigre police station on board a patrol car passed by the site and observed a woman hanging from a wire fence and with a jacket around her neck. At first, the police saw that Santa Cruz was half-naked since she only had on a shirt and a pair of slippers.

A meter from the site there were pants and a pant, so the researchers analyzed eight cameras from the Tigre Operations Center (COT) to establish when they had arrived at the place and if they were accompanied by someone to determine if they were actually had he attempted suicide or not. According to the sources, the images captured the moment when Santa Cruz, who according to what his relatives said had psychiatric problems and addictions, arrived at the place where he died minutes before 0.45 accompanied by a man who was bare-chested and I had a bermuda.

Although the recording did not take the moment of death, the suspect retired from the place on foot and through other cameras that followed his route, it was confirmed that he arrived at his home located just over 10 blocks near 1.20. In addition, the investigations began to suspect that it could have been a femicide because on the way the man traveled to return to his home, the police found a pair of glasses, a handkerchief and the victim’s wallet.

With these data, the prosecutor Diego Callegari, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) Specialized in Gender Violence, and his partner Sebastián Fitipaldi from Rincón de Milberg, ordered a search of the Hernández house, in José Manuel Estrada y Gral. Fields.

Police personnel apprehended the accused, who kidnapped the clothing he used at the time.

Sources added that Hernández had abrasions on his arms that had occurred in the past 24 hours, which investigators suspect may have occurred when Santa Cruz attempted to defend himself from an attack. The autopsy will be done today to find out if the victim was abused and if there is any other type of injury.


Confirmed femicides since the isolation began until last March 29. Three others that are still being investigated in Santa Fe, Salta and Río Negro and the last one, in Tigre, Buenos Aires province, were not included. Due to this situation, on Monday there was a “noise”


Last minute… Metro services stopped in Istanbul

The arrangements made today for the metro services are as follows:

* The group that will meet in front of the Beyoğlu French Cultural Center at 19:00 March 8, International Women’s Day Due to the external letter coming from the Provincial Police Directorate, As of 11:00, Taksim station will be closed to passenger entry and exit until a second instruction. Trains station will pass.

* Taksim- Kabataş Funicular will be closed to passenger entry and exit until a second instruction. The north side of Şişhane station (Istiklal and 6th Circle entrance and exit) will be closed to passenger entrance and exit until a second instruction. The south side of Şişhane station (Şişhane, Kasımpaşa, Refik Saydam entrance / exit) will be open to passenger entry and exit.


İBB Spokesperson Murat Ongun also made a statement on social media, saying “With the decision of the Istanbul Governorship, the M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line, the entire Taksim station, Şişhane station İstiklal and the 6th Apartment entrance-exits and the F1 Taksim-Kabataş Funicular line were closed to the passenger reception. The decision to open up to transportation will be determined by the Governorship. ” said.