The blogger explained why Renault Sandero Stepway inferior LADA XRay Cross

Unlike Togliatti competitor, “French” and not nearly pulls for the price of one million rubles.

Photo: Renault Sandero Stepway, source: Renault

Raised hatchbacks — a controversial form factor for the car. Let the machine in such a body and increased ground clearance, it has no space in the cabin, nor patency of the crossover. However, cross-hatchback continue to come out, and the French Renault Sandero Stepway loses LADA XRay Cross, which he explained to the blogger YouTube channel Autospot.


The cost of the basic “Stepway” starts from 830 000 rubles, the top package costs 1 000 000 rubles. XRay in the “base” is cheaper than “French” — 784 900 rubles, but the maximum grade is also costs about a million. As prices on the best equipment of both cars together, it would be logical to compare them to the “maximum speed”.


In the top-end performance and “Sandero” and “Iccrea” there is one and the same 1.8-liter engine producing 113 HP, which residents have borrowed from the French. Despite one motor car traveling in different ways: due to the fact that the LADA is heavier, its acceleration to “hundreds” comes in 12.5 s, 0.5 seconds slower than the Sandero Stepway. Models also share the same CVT for two, produced by Jatсo.


The third detail you share with each other the “Stepway” and “Cross” — platform B0. However, for the running machines are much stronger than the motor or transmission, as the engineers of “AVTOVAZ” to seriously work on suspension XRay. With the front suspension the manufacturer has installed an L-shaped levers, which improve the controllability of the machine.

On the rear wheels of the Russian cross-hatch are disc brakes, while the Sandero — “drums”, despite the fact that he, too, is worth a million rubles in the “top”. Plus French cars in this sense the softness of the suspension. The only thing that can bring inconvenience to the driver — wheel, which fly strikes on the irregularities in the rest of the suspension gradually “eats up” all holes.


Comparing the equipment of two cars, the Frenchman losing almost everything: no heated steering wheel, armrest, sub-floor in the trunk, rear view camera etc. the Only thing that can boast the “Stepway” four, and not two as Lada, airbags and remote engine start.


The expert noted that neither the LADA XRay Cross, nor Renault Sandero Stepway does not show any dynamics. The difference in driving characteristics is that improvements in the suspension of “Lada” went in her favor, so that the machine is operated much better than “French”. In addition to the suspension, this helps MDPS and more accurate feedback on the steering wheel. The “Sandero” same wheel just heavy and does not give any connection.

Photo: LADA XRay Cross, source: AVTOVAZ

Thus, it becomes evident that Renault Sandero Stepway is not competitive even in comparison with the best model of “AVTOVAZ”, but it shares the same engine, transmission and platform.


Japan has refused to deploy US missile defense systems :: Policy :: RBC

Japan has decided to abandon the plan to deploy the country’s missile defence of the us production of Aegis Ashore. This was announced at a meeting on the security of the ruling liberal democratic party, Japan’s defense Minister Taro Kono, the Agency Kyodo.

According to the Minister, the decision was taken following the meeting of the national security Council headed by the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

15 Jun Taro Kono announced the suspension of the deployment utility facilities in the prefectures of Akita and Yamaguchi. As noted by the Minister, that the decision was due to the threat of falling booster rocket outside of the military base, including an existing risk for the residential areas. As noted by Kono, to correct this deficiency will require additional resources and time.
It was assumed that the complexes will be introduced into the country in fiscal 2025.

June 21 TV channel NHK announced the intention of the Japanese government to abandon the plan to deploy ground-based systems.

Japan adopted the decision on the distribution of Aegis Ashore throughout the country in late 2017. This decision was due to the need to cover the country from possible missile attacks from North Korea.


Trump has imposed restrictions on the issuance of work visas :: Policy :: RBC

Due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of temporary work visas “are an extraordinary threat to employment” of Americans, said trump. In this regard, their results will be withheld until the end of the year

The United States has suspended until the end of 2020, the issuance of a number of temporary work visas. The corresponding decree was signed by President Donald trump, the document published on the White house website.

“Temporary workers often accompany their spouses and children, many of whom also compete with American workers. Under normal conditions, a properly organized program of temporary employment can benefit the economy. But in an emergency the economic downturn caused by the outbreak COVID-19, some nonimmigrant visa program to allow such employment, present an extraordinary threat to the employment of American workers,” said trump.

Under restriction were the following visas:

  • H-1B visa that allow to work in USA for foreign qualified professionals, mainly in the field of technology;
  • visa H-4 family members of holders of H-1B visa;
  • seasonal workers visa H-2B;
  • visa L-1 for official intra-company transfer for executives, managers and professionals. These visas allow you to move from a foreign company to its subsidiary or branch in the United States to work on a temporary basis;
  • some J-1 visa for cultural and professional exchange.

At the same time, those workers who are already in the United States, under the restrictions imposed do not fall.

Trump has signed a decree on the suspension of immigration to the United States

The unemployment rate in the United States on the background of the pandemic coronavirus reached in April to 14.7%, which was the worst result since the great depression, reported the labor Department. Without work then was 20.5 million people. In may the figure fell to 13.3%.

To protect Americans who have lost their jobs due to the effects of coronavirus, trump in late April signed a decree on the suspension of immigration to the United States. The restriction will be in effect at least 60 days and a decision on its withdrawal or extension will be made based on the situation on the labor market, noted in the White house. Medical and other employees whose assistance is needed to combat the outbreak of coronavirus, the restriction does not affect.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus has infected 2.3 million people, victims of the disease become 120,3 thousand inhabitants. According to both indicators, the country is in the world in the first place.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i

Victoria Polyakova


suspension of relegation to Amiens and Toulouse, the season will not resume

The Council of State has suspended the June 9, the relegation of Amiens, and Toulouse in the second division, and dismissed the action brought by Lyon to resume the season 2019-2020 football, stopped in the face of the sars coronavirus. According to the press release of the proceedings, the judge hearing the application “valid to the end of the season and the standings but suspends the relégations “.

→ THE DEBATE. Coronavirus : stop, or even to professional football ?

The magistrate also enjoins the professional football League (LFP), in connection with the French football Federation (FFF), to review, by June 30, 2020, the question of the format of the League 1 for the next fiscal year, which could play to 22 teams instead of 20 currently.

The supreme administrative court gave reason to the clubs in Amiens, and Toulouse, who sought to challenge a demotion “arbitrary “ and “unfair “then they had nine days to play to try to maintain themselves on the land.

No resumption of the championship or the play-offs

But for Lyon, which called for the resumption of the season or, failing that, a “white season “ retaining the european qualifications of the previous year, it is a defeat. The judge validated the decision to stop the championship recognised by the board of directors of the LFP on April 30, as well as the final standings, to be decided according to a performance index.

The president of the Olympic lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas, defended publicly the possibility of resuming the exercise interrupted by means of the play-offs, while Italy, Germany, England and Spain, have taken over or are going to do it. The Council of State has also condemned the club lyonnais to pay 3,000 euros to the LFP with the cost of the procedure.

The demotions are not automatic

If he / she has validated the order of the final classification, the court emphasized that it was not automatic to make demotions. “The decision to proceed with a classification of the championships, League 1 and League 2 will not necessarily, by itself, the relegation to League 2 of the last two of the championship, League 1, not more, moreover, that the accession in Ligue 1 the first two of League 2 “is it written in the ordinance. The relegation of the two clubs also leads to a “serious and immediate threat “ to their interests, notes the judge.

This decision increases the risk of upsetting the French football, while the president of the FFF Christmas Graët was harnessed to meet the ups and downs in each division, professional and amateur.


Why LADA Granta, even in the “zero” configuration is better than many “Asians”

It is not in vain that the domestic “state employee” is considered the flagship of the AvtoVAZ line.

Since 2011, the Grants lineup has received improvements to the technical part, appearance and functionality. Comparing the current performance of the car with the first samples, the changes become visible to the naked eye. But the main advantage of modern LADA Granta is its availability and unpretentiousness in operation. Let’s see why the model even in the “zero” configuration is better than many “Asians”.

The fact that the LADA Granta 2020 model year received a more attractive design is no secret. The car became available in four versions: station wagon, sedan, hatchback and liftback. Due to the variety of body structures and trim levels, including a useful winter package, each driver can choose a car to suit his needs and driving style. None of the Grants rivals will offer such an assortment at an affordable price.

The only external difference between the basic version of the model and more expensive was the lack of fog lights. Under the hood of the “state employee”, a 1.6-liter engine with 87 hp is installed by default. Due to the simplicity of design and unpretentiousness in operation, this power unit is considered the most reliable in the motor line.

But the main advantage of the technical part of the LADA Granta model is its energy-intensive suspension, which is difficult to “break through”, making it the best in the class. The set of options in the “poor” configuration of the car is small and has only the necessary elements in the form of a heater, interior, 12V sockets, power windows and on-board computer.

Thus, LADA Granta even in its basic version has a “savvy” technical part with a minimal but necessary set of options. Cheap does not mean bad.


Century-old reliability and penny service? No matter how! Why is it better to take LADA Vesta instead of Renault Logan?

The former “king” of state employees is losing ground, as evidence of this is a drop in demand.

Renault Logan sales in 2019 were unsuccessful for the French company. In total, the alliance managed to sell about 60,000 copies of the Logan and Sandero models, which corresponds to the Hyundai Solaris sales level. What is the reason for this weak implementation once the Russian bestseller?

The fact is that Logan strong outdated on the technical side: a rail on the body, poor suspension, an old steering column, poor passive safety, an outdated solution for electronics, electrics and interior design. In addition, the car is cramped. Advantage of Renault Logan Only a soft, energy-intensive suspension is considered. Wherein, cost “Logan” with respect to competitors is not much less, and sometimes competitors are even more profitable.

Nevertheless, they still buy a good French car, and this, strangely enough, is connected with banal stereotypes about age-old reliability and cheap service. But no matter how! Yes, the “Logan” of the first generation is really characterized by much better quality and much cheaper service, when compared with the second generation, but the new generation has risen in price. In addition, the first “Logan” was sold even when the market did not have LADA Vesta, which is much better than the “Frenchman”.

Another argument in favor of a Renault car is considered to be the fact that it is – foreign car. True, the localization level of Logan in Russia is higher than that of Vesta, but they collect it on the B0 line in Togliatti. Why is it better to take LADA Vesta instead of Renault Logan? The answer is simple: modern and beautiful appearance, worthy of passive and active safety, a spacious lounge and rich equipment.

And although the manufacturer assures that Logan 2020 the model range will become more spacious, more comfortable and more technologically advanced, it is still difficult to judge this from spy shots. Say what you like, little remains of the former greatness of the “Frenchman”. Renault does not make big bets on the new Logan, but rather aims to play on the memories and nostalgia of customers and brand followers.


Moved from Renault Arkana to the Haval F7x and not happy – owner impressions

Previously, the “Chinese” chip was cheap, but now they are no longer needed.

The motorist used to own the BMW X4 and Renault Arkana, while now he decided to transfer to the Haval F7x. The first impression of the Chinese crossover was good, because the car looked really interesting. Under the hood, a two-liter turbo engine, complemented by a robotic 7-speed gearbox. Chromed plastic seems to look rich, but its owner appreciates it more as a sign of cheapness. The pads, although stand out, but come off or not come off – it is not clear.

When he just bought a car, the driver could not get used to the “joystick” all day. On the road, passing pits and potholes on loose sand, there were no problems. In the Haval F7x, the driver felt confident, as the all-wheel drive car and wheels would connect at the right time if the car does not row and does not drive. The engine is torquey, while the car is not responsive enough when you press the gas pedal, there is a delay of several seconds. After pressing the pedal, the motor already roars, and the car still “thinks”.

At the French cross-coupe, the box quickly adapts, just one sharp press is enough for it to start holding the gear when discharging gas. Arkana has not the most acute, but distinct reactions to the steering wheel, reliable and predictable behavior on an arc and a straight line.

The suspension in the Haval F7x is very soft, the car enthusiast is not used to it and is rocking it. On a long stretch with small irregularities, the suspension responds softly and shakes the car like a boat on the waves, like a boat on the waves. The suspension on the Renault Arkana is similar, but on the BMW X4 more rigid. The body kit, clearance and wheels allow you to operate the car on the road and enjoy. This car is more suitable for urban residents.

“It’s expensive and not tasty,” said Renault Arkana owner after riding the Haval F7x.


Ball: «The suspension of the San Fermín fair has been a very strong stick for everyone»


Oinatz Bengoetxea with Jokin Altuna during a material choice. / ALTUNA WOLF
Oinatz Bengoetxea with Jokin Altuna during a material choice. / ALTUNA WOLF

Oinatz Bengoetxea was fifteen in July of his debut in 2005 with Beloki in the Labrit cycle couples tournament