the father who died with his family from Bashkiria recently returned from Moscow

The couple enjoyed life and made plans for the future. Photo: social networks

The details of a terrible accident that claimed the lives of young spouses and their young children have become known. Let us remind you that everything happened late in the evening in the Beloretsk region of Bashkiria. There, at about 11 pm, on the 151st kilometer of the Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway, the Volkswagen Polo car collided with an oncoming Man truck, after which the mangled foreign car was thrown into a ditch. Everyone who was in the cabin of a foreign car was instantly killed.

According to eyewitnesses of the accident, it was raining heavily that evening. The road was very wet and slippery, so the Volkswagen driver simply lost control of the bend, and therefore flew into the oncoming lane. The driver did not go for any overtaking, risking his family’s life.

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

– It was a fatal accident. A passenger car skidded into the rain on a bend and drifted into the oncoming lane. The truck driver didn’t even have time to react. Now he is in severe shock and is waiting for a tow truck, – said a friend of the truck driver “Man”.

– Last night, we saw this family at a gas station, the girl managed to ride a scooter. Mom and son were standing next to them. When calculating, I wished them a good journey. So nice, polite, smiling. And now I came home from work, looked at the phone … Oh my god …. Before my eyes is a girl on a scooter, a doll! It was not night … Evening … They were already practically at home. We were the last ones who saw them and who took them on the road – gas station worker Almira G., who spoke with her family shortly before the accident, cannot hold back her tears.

According to the regional State Traffic Inspectorate, police officers, an ambulance and other emergency services worked at the scene. On the fact of the fatal road accident, proceedings have begun.

The truck driver is still in severe shock.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The truck driver is still in severe shock. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The head of the Beloretsk region, Andrei Ivanyuta, also commented on the tragedy and expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.

– The Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway does not forgive mistakes. Even a slight speeding can turn into a terrible tragedy. Now, in the off-season, this road becomes especially dangerous. On the passes, the road, wet from rains, will begin to freeze, and drivers will need to drive cars very carefully, – the head of the district addressed the drivers.


As it became known later, a whole family died in a broken foreign car – young spouses from Beloretsk Vlad and Nina I., as well as their little children of three and five years old. All of them received injuries incompatible with life and died on the spot before the arrival of doctors. Friends and relatives speak of the dead as kind and sympathetic people who enjoyed life, made plans for the future and loved each other very much, treasured their family.

As the father of the deceased 27-year-old woman said, the wife and children were returning home from Ufa, where they went to meet the head of the family.

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow.  Photo: social networks

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow. Photo: social networks

– Vlad flew in from Moscow, he worked there, and the children were terribly bored, they were looking forward to dad. He brought them gifts, he wanted to please the children. These gifts all along the road then lay … – the man cannot hold back his tears.

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

– Lord, these are our neighbors. Children grew up before our eyes. How could this happen? What a grief! Children are crumbs at all! – Svetlana N., a neighbor of the deceased family, grieves.

– Timosha, such a good, well-mannered boy, went to my group in a manger. The parents are so nice, nice. May the earth rest in peace for you, – laments the teacher of the deceased boy Alia D.

The driver's wife who died was only 27 years old.  Photo: social networks

The driver’s wife who died was only 27 years old. Photo: social networks

– Sincere condolences to family and friends. A terrible tragedy that does not fit in my head. People, traffic rules are written in blood, follow them, please. After all, there is nothing to fix such a tragedy. Strength and patience to loved ones. Hold on, – regrets Nadia M.

KP-Ufa expresses its sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.


Trump called Abe the greatest prime minister :: Politics :: RBC

Shinzo Abe

(Фото: Franck Robichon / Getty Images)

US leader Donald Trump, speaking with Shinzo Abe, praised his work and called him the greatest prime minister in the history of Japan. About it wrote on Twitter, Deputy White House Press Secretary Judd Deere.

“The President said that Prime Minister Abe has done a fantastic job and that relations between the United States and Japan are better today than ever,” he said.

According to the deputy press secretary, both politicians said they hope to continue their “wonderful friendship” in the future.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigns

Shinzo Abe

how writes Sankei Shimbun, Trump and Abe spoke on the phone. The latter also thanked the US President for strengthening Japanese-American relations.


The iPhone SE, Apple’s budget phone, is already on sale in Argentina: how much is it worth

This team of Apple It is known as the “economic” of the apple company, but this only has its size, thanks to its 4.7-inch screen.


It should be noted that it is equipped with a chip A13 Bionic, the same processor as the most advanced device in Apple, the 11 Pro.

In addition, this small mobile phone boasts of having a main camera based on a single 12-megapixel lens with a fairly bright aperture (f / 1.8).

“This device has a compact design, reinvented from the inside out, and is the most affordable iPhone. It works with the Apple-designed A13 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. It also has the best camera system ever seen on an iPhone. “explained the manufacturer.

But although this equipment was already for sale on different electronic commerce platforms, such as Mercado Libre, from this week it can be obtained through authorized Apple stores in Argentina.


Its price?

Maxim, one of the authorized distributors for Apple in our country, it markets them from $ 83,759 for him iPhone SE 64GB, up to iPhone SE 256GB white at $ 114,598.

Taking into account that the value of the minimum living and mobile salary in Argentina is $ 16,875, it would take 5 to access the cheapest version of the equipment.

It should be noted that the iPhone SE The 2020 version is available in the United States at a base price of US $ 399 ($ ​​54,633 at “blue” price) for the 64GB storage model.


Jiřina Bohdalová influenza? The actress founded her own Instagram

Jiřina Bohdalová definitely does not belong to scrap metal. She did this by learning how to use the new touch phone. So far, she had an ordinary button. The touch can often not be controlled by younger people, but Jiřina is not afraid of anything.

Jiřina’s colleagues from the show Golden Mask made you happy. Jakub Prachař, Michal Hudák and Libor Bouček bought her a new phone. The actress screamed with joy and kissed the young man around her. Everyone knew she was annoyed that she wasn’t surfing the internet on her old phone.

The actress was happy

“I like receiving presents, boys,” the actress blurted out. “We have already created an Instagram profile for you there, so from now on you become an instagrammer,” Jakub Prachař told her. Enthusiastic Bohdalová immediately tried all her functions with pleasure.

The actress has always been very young and is definitely not going to retire. The last time she thought of it was to organize a big celebration of her 90th birthday at the O2 arena, where tens of thousands of people will have fun with her guests during the show. But that will not happen in the end.


Efremov read a speech at the trial

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, but met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule his expert

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

During a court hearing in the case of a fatal traffic accident with the participation of Mikhail Efremov, the actor explained why he appeared without a lawyer. This was reported by the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alyona Martynova from the courtroom.

– Dear court, I still remember almost nothing from that day. I know that I took a taxi.

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, and met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule of his expert.

– I went to court for the truth, so that they explained to me where I really was. What did I see? Witnesses who hearsay said that I was driving, who changed their testimony, like Don Juan women. Medical examiner with toys – Barbie dolls and cars. She said that the car with the victim was turned clockwise, so Zakharov could not get worse. Although the video shows that the car was turned against. In addition, every 10 minutes from my phone there was a call to a certain number (read out the number), – said Efremov.

He also stated that the examination of the electronics in his car had not been carried out, and that Efremov himself could have been in the passenger seat, since an airbag had fired on him upon impact.

– The testimony of expert Fialko was ridiculed. Although not checking the electronics in an American car is at least strange. The passenger’s airbag went off, perhaps I was there, – noted Efremov.

The actor also said that he continues to search for a new lawyer.

– Over the weekend, my wife received a lot of calls and messages from lawyers, 2/3 of them were useless. Tomorrow we will decide who will represent my interests. Why not spend this day and a half on a biological examination?

The court sessions were postponed until August 31, so that Efremov could find a new lawyer.


Blacksmith trap? Contracts over the phone will not apply

One of the most common traps for older people or those who are less well-versed in today’s world are telephone contracts.

These usually take place by calling a seller offering a service or goods. If the addressee expresses their purchase, sometimes even unwanted consent, he can “look forward” to often overpriced and low-quality products.

The power in question usually has no chance of withdrawing from the contract. And in the event of non-payment of the agreed contract, it may end up in foreclosure.

Skillful handling

“Consumers often do not realize that it is possible to conclude a contract by simply approving the offer by phone call,” confirms Eduarda Heková, director of the consumer organization dTest, which deals with several similar cases in its counseling center on a daily basis.

In addition, some “telephone” salespeople are so capable that they lead the people addressed to the required answers in such a way that they do not even realize that they have concluded a contract.

They now have fourteen days to resign, but most do not know. “We also encounter cases where entrepreneurs charge contractual penalties and refer to a contract concluded over the phone,” states Heková. Again, according to her, this often happens against the law, because the sellers do not acquaint people with the contractual penalty during the phone call. But again, customers have no idea.

However, all this should change from July 2021. On Monday, the government will discuss an amendment to the Civil Code, which will give the sale by telephone the exact rules.

Only in writing

The consumer’s verbal consent during a telephone call will no longer be enough to conclude the contract. The seller will have to send him the contract in writing. “The contract will be created only when the consumer signs the entrepreneur’s offer or sends his consent in electronic form,” states the explanatory memorandum to the amendment submitting the Ministry of Justice.

The Office approached this solution because the current method of withdrawal proves to be non-functional in a number of cases. “Consumers are often unaware that they have a contract, and by the time they seek the advice of another person, it is no longer possible to withdraw from it,” the ministry confirms dTest’s experience.

In addition to the government, the amendment must be approved by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and signed by the President.


Case with robotic legs takes your mobile to wireless charging

Gif: SNU BioRobotics Lab/YouTube (Other)

By now, our brains are wired with phone battery anxiety, and panic begins to set in when battery levels drop below 50%. In one of the strangest ways to keep that stress at bay, a team of researchers has developed a new cover for phones with a set of tiny robotic legs that allow a phone to be dragged onto a wireless charging pad each time it is placed on your desk.

Robotics researchers at the Seoul National University Biorobotics Laboratory adapted an existing tracking robot to create the CaseCrawler. Like battery cases from companies like Mophie, CaseCrawler adds a bit of bulk to your phone, roughly 16 millimeters at the end that houses the prototype’s electric motor.

If it is ever put into production, the housing could definitely be simplified and miniaturized even further, but 16 millimeters is still impressive given that CaseCrawler features a set of retractable legs with a knee that bends unidirectionally so that when moved in one direction, they push. against the ground and propel the robot forward. When they move in the opposite direction, they collapse and act passively so as not to impede the robot’s forward locomotion. The case can support a payload of up to 300 grams, which is 13 times its own weight, and more than enough to carry an average phone, which weighs less than 200 grams.

The CaseCrawler prototype does not seem to have its own intelligence or the ability to drive; it just runs forward in one direction. However, thanks to its clever leg design, it does not suffer from smaller obstacles in its path, through which it can simply crawl. Over time, the phone you’re carrying could provide all the intelligence and sensors you need to intelligently orient yourself and navigate an area like a desk without chasing over the edge. Automatically finding a charging pad to fill up your battery is an app, but imagine if the next time you lost your phone, you could just call it a pet and it would run back to you. That’s a future that many of us would aim for with our eyes closed, even if you’re the type who hates putting her phone in a case.


Kuzbass police put thief in law Shamaz on the federal wanted list

The Kuzbass police announced the federal wanted list for kingpin Shamaz. Photo: Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kemerovo Region

The Kuzbass police put Alexander Shamazov, known in criminal circles as “Sasha Shamaz”, on the federal wanted list. He has the status of a so-called “thief in law” and is hiding from the investigation.

Alexander Shamazov, born on 02/06/1964, is a defendant in the only case in the region, initiated under the article “Occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy.” He has already been prosecuted for organizing a criminal community and a series of crimes.

– In 2018, Alexander Shamazov was released from prison, after which he took the lead in the criminal hierarchy of the region, in particular, he appointed the so-called “overseers” over various conditionally divided territories of Kuzbass, – said the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kemerovo Region.

Now Shamazov is hiding from the investigation, in connection with which he is put on the federal wanted list.

The police ask residents who know anything about the whereabouts of the wanted person to report it by phone: 8 (384-2) 52-41-00, 52-46-00 or 02 (102 – from mobile). Confidentiality is guaranteed!


Due to the negligence of information regarding the Beirut explosion, the lives of 9 firefighters disappeared without even taking action, ‘It was as if (Everything) had evaporated’ – All Pages

Dead and missing firefighters: Sahar Fares, Najib and Charbel Hitti, Ralph Mallahi, Charbel Karam, Joe Noun, Rami Kaaki, Joe Bou Saab, Elia Khzami, and Mathal Hawa

Screengrab / Al Jazeera

Dead and missing firefighters: Sahar Fares, Najib and Charbel Hitti, Ralph Mallahi, Charbel Karam, Joe Noun, Rami Kaaki, Joe Bou Saab, Elia Khzami, and Mathal Hawa

Due to Negligence of Related Information Beirut explosion, The lives of 9 officers Firefighters This also disappears without taking any time to act, ‘as if (everything) has evaporated’ – A powerful explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday (4/8/2020) at 18.07 local time.

The explosion killed more than 150 people and injured at least 5,000 others.

Lebanese security officials revealed that the incident allegedly stemmed from an explosion of about 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in a warehouse in the port of Beirut city.

The explosion originating from the shore caused a shockwave with a very wide reach, causing shattered windows of surrounding buildings, as well as considerable shaking.

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The magnitude of the explosion can also be witnessed through a number of amateur video uploads that captured the moment of the explosion.

The explosion apparently also left a heartbreaking story of firefighters who had to lose their lives in vain due to negligence in the information they received prior to their assignment.

Launch Al Jazeera, Saturday (8/8/2020), about five minutes before 6pm (15:00 GMT) on Tuesday, the Beirut fire department received a call from the police.

The call informed them that eyewitnesses had seen smoke rising from the city’s harbor.

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At that time, First Lieutenant Raymond Farah received the call.

He told Al Jazeera, “I told them I would not send my fire truck until I learned what kind of fire it was. I needed to know what was there.”

“A state security officer called and said it was a hangar with only fireworks. Knowing that, and on the command of the fire department commander, I gave the order to leave.”

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Immediately, a team of 10 people, 9 male firefighters and a female paramedic, got into a fire truck and ambulance and ran towards the port.

The port was not far from their location in the city of Quarantine.

A military personnel waved at them through the harbor gate.

Farah is in close contact with them. “They called after they (firefighters) arrived and said, ‘Something’s wrong here; there’s a scary sound and a big fire.'”

The team also asked for help. Farah rang the firefighter bell and those on duty immediately took action.

The officer grabbed the equipment, and ran downstairs to where the fire engine was located.

Farah witnessed a driver getting into one of the fire engines and slamming the door – and then an explosion occurred.

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“First the air hit us, then it was very hot. Not two stones were left on top of each other at the command center,” said Farah.

The top floor of the building was destroyed, according to the commander of the Beirut fire department, Brigadier General Najib Khankarli.

“On the one hand, those in port are rescuing people at the center by calling for help. If they are in their office, they will not succeed,” he told Al Jazeera.

After treating the injured, Farah ran to the road, started her motorbike and headed for the harbor.

“When I got to the hangar, there were no fire engines, no ambulances. It was as if (everything) had evaporated, “he said. “The largest part we found was about the size of a hand.”

Sahar Fares, a paramedic, has been confirmed dead and buried in the funeral on Thursday.

Dead and missing firefighters: Sahar Fares, Najib and Charbel Hitti, Ralph Mallahi, Charbel Karam, Joe Noun, Rami Kaaki, Joe Bou Saab, Elia Khzami, and Mathal Hawa

Screengrab / Al Jazeera

Dead and missing firefighters: Sahar Fares, Najib and Charbel Hitti, Ralph Mallahi, Charbel Karam, Joe Noun, Rami Kaaki, Joe Bou Saab, Elia Khzami, and Mathal Hawa

The missing firefighters – Najib and Charbel Hitti, Ralph Mallahi, Charbel Karam, Joe Noun, Rami Kaaki, Joe Bou Saab, Elia Khzami, and Mathal Hawa – are presumed dead.

Farah, Khankarli and Beirut police chief, Mohammad Ayoubi, all said they had no idea that large amounts of highly explosive ammonium nitrate were stored in the port.

“If we had known that there were explosives at the port, we would have acted very differently. We would have called for the evacuation of the area and for sure we would not have sent these young men and women (officers) there,” Khankarli said.

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Maybe the US is starting to be afraid to make trouble with China, the US Defense Minister even calls the Chinese Defense Minister to talk about this, find peace?

Sosok.ID – According to China The south, as one of the busiest waters in the world, is becoming a disputed territory, which involves China.

China claims more than 80 percent, while Vietnam claims sovereignty over the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands.

The conflict remains unresolved for decades, and is increasingly involving several countries such as AS, which in turn further soured the relationship ChinaAS.

The relationship got worse with military action China and AS which held military exercises in the Sea region China South and other factors such as the corona virus problem, trade wars and others.

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However, it seems that the conflict has met a bit of a bright spot.

Launch SCMP, Friday (7/8/2020), via phone call, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe and US Defense Secretary Mark Esper warned each other about the increased risk in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

The call came in the highest-level US-China talks since state leader Yang Jiechi met US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Hawaii in mid-June.

Speaking to reporters in Washington on Thursday, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said Esper “expressed concern about (China’s) destabilizing activities around Taiwan and the South China Sea, and asked (China) to respect international obligations” and shared more of its data on Covid- 19.

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