Erto Pantoja and his special story about the fateful scene of his character in La Fiera: “I went to heaven” | Entertainment and Shows

Erto Pantoja was the last invited to talk to the podcast Impact on the Face, where he reviewed his career in national soap operas. And one of his most prominent roles was in The fair, iconic TVN production.

There the actor played Humberto Fonseca, a man whom Catalina Chamorro (Cluadia Di Girolamo) left planted at the altar in the first chapter.

And even though his character didn’t have the best of intentions, ended up becoming a hero in the last episode, after saving the life of The fair, being shot by Magdalena Ossandón (Aline Küppenheim), who was known as the ‘Joyita’.

And it was precisely that scene that marked the actor, due to a particular sensation he experienced. “When I read it, I found it interesting, because it was strong, powerful for the story”, he began recounting.

When I did, it was fierce, because I left. It’s not that they put the camera on, it’s done and that’s it, but you have to hold the scene and it happened to me that I fell on Clauda’s legs (Di Girolamo) and she grabs me super strong, with that powerful energy that she has ”, Pantoja added.

Capture | TVN

“He shakes me and starts yelling my name. I was lying on my back, on her legs and looking at the sky, and I felt that I was leaving, of leaving. I felt the cameras moving and then it was over. We stayed with Claudia there, she cached and stayed with me for a long time, so I could go down. I went to heaven, hueónErto said with a broken voice.

“I stayed there as empty and they left us alone, while they took everything apart, until my soul was appeased and there it remainedHe recalled, explaining his reaction. “It excites me, because it really happened and Claudia was a good co-worker, with great sensitivity”added.

Finally, he indicated that he liked how the remembered scene was finally recorded. “It was super good, but internally it meant something else too”, closed the sensitive moment.

Check out the commented scene from The fair:


It wasn’t Shakira: the unexpected initial character that Sígrid Alegría had in “Amores de Mercado” | Entertainment and Shows

Market loves It must be one of the most remembered soap operas in the drama area of ​​TVN in the 90s, due to its iconic characters such as Peyuco (Álvaro Rudolphy) or Chingao (Mauricio Pesutic).

However, there was another who stole the stares of the audience. It was about Shakira, a sensual star played by Sigrid Alegría, role to which he referred in conversation with the podcast Impact on the Face, revealing an unknown detail.

“La Quena (Rencoret) always gave me the opportunity to play very different characters. I played a lot doing soap operas with her. From the nun I went to the peasant, then to this good girl and now to the puti club“, The interpreter began by recounting that these days we can see her on the screen with the re-release of Where is Elisa?

“This girl has an anecdote: That character was not mine, it was for Alejandra Fosalba. And when they tell me at the reading meeting that it was going to be Bethzabé, the daughter of the evangelical, I arrived with the tambourine, the guitar, the proposal… the whole monkey ”, he revealed.


However, the production director did not like this. “La Quena told me no, no, no … she is the protagonist, she has to be as neutral as possible. And i got upset. And I hit the table saying it was a can, that doing it like that was a can ”, said Sígrid in the interview.

Changing roles

As expected, this attitude upset Quena Rencoret, who, according to Alegría, hit the table back. “He looks at the Fosalba and says: ‘Sigrid doesn’t like her character, do you want to do it?’ She had been arriving from Spain, she had been away for a year. And she tells me, “friend, the truth is, it suits me,” she said.

Sigrid admits that playing Shakira was a kind of punishment for Rencoret, but after the good results, it was Rencoret herself who made a funny comment: “He said, ‘What’s your luck? I give you a character to make you angry and it turns out that you end up happy “, he indicated.

Alegría also mentioned as a fact that the scene he did in said television series with Iñigo Urrutia dancing as a couple in the cabaret achieved the highest rating score in the history of soap operas, with 64 points. Although he warned that it had to be corroborated.