Cardi B made it clear that she was not wearing underwear with a very open and pearly dress

With many pearls on top but without intimate clothes, Cardi B was seen just days after her separation from Offset

The rapper Cardi B, who continues to reap success after success and more now with recent single ‘WAP’ next to Megan Thee Stallion, re-burned the social networks when posting in Instagram a photograph that left little to the imagination.

It was a white dress with many encrusted pearls and she also wore the same jewels in her hair. In a matter of minutes the image reached almost 5 million likes and of course, if the dress had openings on the sides that made it very clear that the singer did not have underwear on.

“Completely white and pearly”, wrote the singer who announced days ago that she was going to divorce her sentimental partner, the also rapper Offset. Many of the followers told him that “The divorce fell as a pearl”. However, the rapper is still wearing the wedding ring.

There’s no doubt Cardi B she’s having the best time with her recent hits and she’s getting sexier every day.


The light of the world. Naasón Joaquín García pleads “not guilty” in the US

Mexico City /

The leader of the La Luz del Mundo church, Naasón Joaquín García, pleaded “not guilty” in a hearing held today in Los Angeles, United States, as revealed by the same religious organization, which reiterated that the accusations are an “infamy” made by “anonymous whistleblowers.”

Through social networks, the religious group affirmed that in due course the complaints against the leader of La Luz del Mundo will be dismissed and in those instances “his innocence will be proven.”

“We reiterate that both the Apostle of Jesus Christ (as stated by Naasón Joaquín García), and the Church, trust that the institutions that impart justice will act within the scope of their powers with total independence, impartiality and legality, in order that truth and justice prevail, “he stated.

La Luz del Mundo explained that between 2015 and 2019, the representative of the institution toured 27 countries “having public presentations in more than 1,100 communities on three continents.”

“We do not omit to state that, from the moment of his arrest and until today’s hearing, no evidence has been released to justify the reckless accusations against him. We trust that in the appropriate procedural stage, the charges will be dismissed and his innocence will be fully proven. “



Video of Police being ambushed and shot in the car, Trump furious page all

THE ANGELS, – A man shoots two Police Sheriff The Angels County on Saturday (9/13/2020) night.

As a result of the attack, the two police officers were reported to be in a critical condition Reuters, Saturday.

The incident was captured on a CCTV camera and released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Twitter account.

The footage shows the suspect approaching a parked police car on foot in Compton City, The Angels County, United States of America ( AS).

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The suspect then opened fire with a gun through the side window of the car and then fled.

“The gunman approached the officers and opened fire without warning or provocation,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff said on Twitter.

During a press conference, Captain Kent Wegener identified the perpetrator is a black man.

Police has not yet caught the shooter and has been declared a fugitive.

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The two officers, male and female, are still being treated in critical condition.

Meanwhile, the US President Donald Trump strongly condemns the shooting of the two policemen.

Trump expressed his defiance byretweet uploaded the video on Sunday morning.

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He also wrote that the shooter should be severely punished.

“If they (police officers) are killed, the court immediately executes the killer. The only way to stop this, “Trump wrote in another post.


Both become the wives of a wealthy businessman, take a peek at Maia’s house portrait … collage

Being the Wives of a Rich Businessman, Take a Look at the Portrait of Maia Estianty’s House in Paris and Nia Ramadhani in Los Angeles, Who Has More Luxury?

Grid.ID – People are, of course, familiar with figures musicians Maia Estianty and artist Nia ramadhani.

Apart from both working at entertainment world, Maia Estianty and Nia ramadhani known as one celebrities wealthy.

How not, Maia Estianty and Nia ramadhani both married one person entrepreneur success Homeland.

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No wonder the two of them are able to live in luxury and comfort in various ways.

One of them is the residence owned by Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani.

Both Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani are known to have luxurious and elite houses abroad.

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Al El Dul’s mother owns luxury home assets in Paris, France.

Meanwhile, Ardi Bakrie’s wife is located in the Beverly Hills area of ​​Los Angeles, California, United States.

In addition, their goal of having a luxury home in another country is definitely for a temporary stopover when traveling on their career, work, or business matters.

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Are you curious about the appearance of the houses of these two top celebrities?

Here are the luxuries of Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani’s overseas homes.

Maia Estianty’s mansion

Maia Estianty's home abroad

Maia Estianty’s home abroad

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Apart from being known as a legendary musician, Maia herself is a successful businessman.

So, the wealth of Ahmad Dhani’s ex-wife is also considered very sufficient in terms of material or other matters.

As can be seen from the photo above, besides having a comfortable house in Jakarta, Maia also has luxurious home assets in Paris, France.

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The magnificent house was designed by an Interior Designer from America through his Instagram account @maiaestiantyreal.

The purpose of uploading the wife of businessman Irwan Mussry is to share corner portraits of houses by trusted designers.

Maia also provided a caption that provided an explanation for the photo he uploaded.

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This luxury house in Paris, France was designed by an American interior designer, Pablo Molyneux.

”Love this Private Residence in Paris designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux @j.p.molyneux …Cool !!!,” wrote Maia Estianty in her Instagram upload.

In addition, Maia Estianty’s magnificent house carries a classic design style.

The building itself has a size that exceeds its function.

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The grandeur of Nia Ramadhani’s house

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

The house owned by a mother of three children is indeed located in Los Angeles, America which looks towering.

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As is well known to the public, Nia Ramadhani is a celebrity in the country with her socialite style.

In addition, he often shows off his personal life in luxury such as holidays to various countries and his stately home.

The two-story house is equipped with a swimming pool and a beautiful backyard with trees.

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The location of Nia’s house itself is in an elite settlement.

Because the stately home is in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States.

The house of Ardi Bakrie’s wife is designed in the American House style, which is no less luxurious than the residence of Hollywood celebrities.

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Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia herself chose the color of her house with a dominance of elegant white.

It can be seen from Nia’s own uploads that she always appears as if she shows the corner of her house.

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So it’s no wonder that taking pictures in your own house gives a luxurious impression when people see the portrait.

The all-white interior is indeed a comfort for Nia Ramadhani and her family.

The first photo shows part of the house that plays the character of Bawang Merah in front of it.

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Meanwhile, the second photo shows the inner corner against the neatly displayed book background.

As additional information, one of the characteristics of this interior design is that it has aesthetic value and beauty that can be seen in the detailed ornaments and carvings.

Having large pillars in ancient design with high ceilings makes this house feel grand and luxurious.

So the house of these two artists is indeed very luxurious like a palace, huh!

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Two policemen shot in serious condition. Police speak in ambush

That’s what a video of the attack shows. A person approaches the Los Angeles police vehicle, fires and flees, in an act that the sheriff of that American city called “coward”.


Corona in the US Before WHO Announced this Outbreak from Wuhan?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study reveals the possibility that the Corona Covid-19 virus has spread in Los Angeles (US) before the World Health Organization (WHO) learned of an unusual respiratory disease in Wuhan, China which was later known as Covid-19.

This study was conducted by UCLA and the University of Washington by analyzing medical records from UCLA hospitals and clinics. They found an increase in patients with cough symptoms from December 22, 2019 to February 2020.

Some of these patients went on an outpatient basis, the rest came to the emergency room (ICU), and some ended up being treated at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center or another UCLA operated hospital.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) first declared the coronavirus detected in the US in mid-January 2020, when a man in Washington state who had recently visited Wuhan tested positive for the infection.

According to the researchers in their study, it is possible that doctors at UCLA hospitals and clinics have treated dozens of Corona patients without knowing it.

The researchers did not perform any diagnostic tests, so they cannot say with certainty when doctors first encountered someone who was infected with the name SARS-CoV-2.

If it is true that Covid-19 had spread in Los Angeles before Christmas 2019, the pattern of patient visits to UCLA facilities would be very similar to what is happening today. The results of this study were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research on Thursday (9/10/2020) local time.

“The significantly higher number of patients with complaints and respiratory illness starting late December 2019 and continuing through February 2020 indicates the spread of SARS-CoV-2 to the community before clinical awareness and testing capabilities were established,” wrote the researchers, led by Dr. Joann Elmore, who is an internist at UCLA, was quoted as saying by the Los Angeles Times, Saturday (12/09/2020).

[Gambas:Video CNBC]



Schwarzer shot – now witnesses report

Again, police officers killed a black man in the United States. You are said to have fired numerous shots at a 29-year-old. Now residents tell what they experienced on site.

After police officers hit a black man on Monday The Angels killed with multiple shots, protests against it in the city Police violence came. The US newspaper “Los Angeles Times” reports. On Monday afternoon, police officers in Los Angeles killed 29-year-old Dijon Kizzeewho had previously been on his bike.

The details of the police According to Kizzee to have disregarded a traffic sign on the bike, which is why the officers tried to stop him. During the persecution, he dropped a weapon, and the police opened fire on him. According to the Los Angeles Times report, the police spokesman couldn’t say how many shots the officers fired.

Alida Trejo saw the man through her window

One day after the accident, media witnesses reported the crime, about which little confirmed information is known. One of them is Alida Trejo, who told the LA Times that she was sitting at her sewing machine on Monday when she saw a man through her window who was being followed by police officers. Then she went to the door to see what was happening.

There she saw how the police tried to arrest Kizzee, who was resisting. “Later they said he hit the police, but I didn’t see that,” Trejo told the newspaper. Other residents called Kizzee to give in, they should have asked the police not to shoot. Then the police opened fire. “I heard between eight and eleven shots,” said the witness, “they continued shooting when he was already on the ground.”

A teenage girl saw the man die

15-year-old Tabatha Ingram also told the Los Angeles Times about what she saw on Monday afternoon. She was home when she heard the shots on her doorstep, Ingram said, according to the report. Then she ran outside and saw Kizzee fall to the ground. Neighbors started shouting loudly and telling the police: “You didn’t have to shoot so often,” Ingram remembers a day later.

Ingram’s father, Timothy Ingram, told the Los Angeles Times that the police had handcuffed the shot Kizzee. They refused to cover the body even though local residents asked to do so. Only at night, between midnight and one o’clock in the morning, was the body removed from the crime scene, Ingram said.

The dead man was lying on their property

This is also reported by a user named Irene on Twitter. She writes that the brutal incident took place in her yard. She was not allowed to leave the house for hours because the body was still on the property. “Tomorrow morning I have to go out and see the blood that was left behind.” was not able to independently verify the identity of the woman. The US news portal “The Daily Beast” got in touch with her and later quoted a neighbor named Irene Roberson, 22 years old.

She trembled for an hour because she feared that the dead person could be her brother, the woman continues to write on Twitter: “I was so relieved when I found out that it wasn’t him, but I’m down destroyed.” She continues: “It means that other people have to live with the fact that their brother / son / husband / friend was murdered.”

Kizzee’s uncle and local residents cleaned the scene

The Los Angeles Times also spoke to the relatives of Dijon Kizzee. The 29-year-old was in the area to visit friends, they told the newspaper. Because the police left the dead man’s blood on the scene, he and neighbors cleaned the sidewalk the following morning, Kizzee’s uncle told the newspaper. Afterwards, relatives and residents erected a small memorial on site.

Since the black George Floyd was brutally killed by police officers in May, there have been repeated violent protests against police violence and racism in the USA. Sometimes there were riots. Most recently, Kenosha was in the public eye in the state of Wisconsin, where police officers shot a black man in the back several times. The man survived with serious injuries. US President Donald Trump arrived in the city on Tuesday, despite the state’s mayor and governor declining to visit.


Another black man shot. Dijon was supposed to break traffic rules on his bike

The fight was to take place after two police officers tried to stop African-American Dijon Kizzee (29), who was to break several road rules on a bicycle. According to their statement, Dijon decided to flee and the police finally caught him a few blocks away.

The pair of officers then testified that Dijon should have punched one of them in the face. In addition, several things were to fall out of his pockets during the fight, one of which was to be a revolver.

“The police noticed that a black semi-automatic revolver had fallen to the ground. They then opened fire,” Lieutenant Brandon Dean told the newspaper. Los Angeles Times.

Dijon succumbed to his injuries on the spot. After the shooting, several dozen protesters gathered at the place of his death, who then also headed to the office of the local sheriff.

The family demands that the police publish both names of police officers, as well as footage from cameras that police officers in America wear on their vests. According to the sheriff’s deputy, unfortunately, the police officers did not have any cameras on their vests, as their department plans to start using them this autumn.


California fires seen from space – Terra & Poli

Capture images of the fires that are ravaging California from space. NASA’s Terra satellite has captured the huge column of smoke that, blown by the winds, extends for almost 2,000 kilometers southwest, off the Pacific Ocean.

In the images there are many completely smoke-obscured areas including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, parts of San Francisco and Idaho, which lie along the smoke trail of the fires.

The images are available on the NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (Eosdis) Worldview website that allows you to interactively browse global satellite images and download data. The images are updated within three hours of observation, showing the entire Earth as it appears at that time. Fires appear as red spots.

In 2020, NASA notes, more than 5,700 fires have already occurred in California, affecting areas extending over 500 square kilometers, or 4 times the land burned in 2019. California continues to experience a suffocating heat wave and high Temperatures coupled with dry conditions, according to NASA, could provide conditions for further outbreaks of fires.

The fire is devastating, notes the US space agency, but the effects of smoking are also negative, especially for health. Smoke (released from forest fires, buildings, tires, waste) is in fact a mixture of particles and chemicals containing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter, and may also contain other chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, benzene, toluene, styrene, metals and dioxins.


Record amount for a baseball card

A rare Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout baseball card was sold for a staggering $ 3.84 million on Sunday, according to The Action Network.

The previous record was $ 3.1 million. A card from Honus Wagner, a shortstop whose career stretched between 1897 and 1917, had sold for that amount.

The seller of the Trout card, Dave Oancea, is a collector who purchased the object in 2018 for $ 400,000. At the time of his purchase, Oancea told sports card site Beckett that he “was a record breaker.”

“I’m not going to sell it before I can do it for the highest price ever for a card,” he added.