The ‘techie’ that transforms WhatsApp conversations into magazines

He has just returned from French Brittany, where the founders of Famileo work. This application is used by more than 50,000 European families and allows you to transform a digital chat (for example, a conversation on WhatsApp or Telegram) into a printed magazine that is sent to older people who are not familiar with the […]

Professional ‘Mentoring’ to break gender stereotypes | Economy

15 prestigious directives in Spain. 15 university students wanting to eat the world; 15 innovative projects or ideas, and three months to develop them together thanks to the knowledge that the mentors will bring to their young students. So is the shadowing I, boss, a mentoring initiative promoted by the communication agency Trescom With the […]

Covid-19: How to distinguish leisure time when you are confined | Fortune

Quarantine has restricted leisure time inside homes. For those who have been able to move the office to their home, this causes there is no obvious break between work and break times, since all must develop between the same four walls. Routines and taking an active part in tasks, instead of waiting for time to […]

Walk every day at home with this folding treadmill | Showcase

After the obligation to remain confined by the coronavirus, practicing sports at home has gone from being one more option to almost an obligation to stay in good physical and mental condition. To achieve this, the Internet has filled these days with initiatives of all kinds that invite you to practice yoga, dance or stretch. […]

Without a drop of milk, these are the ingredients of vegetable desserts | Good Life

In 2019 almost 12% of Spaniards acknowledged feeling close to life veggie, which groups together vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, according to the latest study The Green Revolution, from the consulting firm Lantern. This last group, that of the flexitarians, is the one with the highest presence (7.9%). Also the most dynamic: people who try to […]

The art of making music go through the eyes | Innovation

There was a time when listening to music had its own ritual. Remove the disc from the case, place it on the turntable deck, arrange the needle, give the play. This sequence was simplified with the cassette first and the CD later, to die definitively with the arrival of the mp3. Digital formats, which —for […]