USA and Norway raise fighter jets to escort Russian Tu-142 :: Politics :: RBC

Seven Russian aircraft flew over the Barents and Norwegian Seas, as well as over the Pacific Ocean. At certain stages of the route, they were escorted by fighters of the US Air Force and Norway

TU-142 airplane and F-22 fighter

(Photo: NORAD / AP)

Russian long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft performed flights over the waters of the Barents and Norwegian Seas, as well as over the neutral waters of the North Pacific. This was reported to journalists in the press service of the Ministry of Defense, reports RIA Novosti

The flight took place on June 27, three Tu-142 flew over the Barents and Norwegian seas, and four over the Pacific Ocean. The department emphasized that the flight took place in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace. The borders of other states were not violated.

The military of the United States and Canada announced the interception of Russian IL-38 near Alaska

American fighter F-22

At certain stages of the route over the neutral waters of the Norwegian Sea, Russian planes escorted Norwegian F-16 fighters, and over the Pacific Ocean – US Air Force F-22 fighters.

The Joint Command of the Aerospace Defense of North America (NORAD), in turn, reported on Twitter that F-22 fighters, along with KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft, intercepted four Russian Tu-142s that entered the Air Defense Identification Zone (Air Defense) Alaska


Trump said on Polish support in the fight against Communist tyranny :: Policy :: RBC

According to the American President, the Germans prefer to buy from the Moscow gas and not spending money on protection from Russia

Photo: Evan Vucci / AP

The President of the United States Donald trump at a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda said about long-standing allied relations between the two countries. “Poland and the US fought together with the Nazis during the Second World war, and the Americans and poles fought shoulder to shoulder in the struggle against Communist tyranny,” said the American President in his welcoming speech.

Trump said that the overall objective of Poland and the United States was the victory of Western civilization. “We will defend these values together,” said trump.

The American President also added that Warsaw is investing heavily in the NATO budget. According to him. Poland is one of the eight NATO countries that spends money on their defense.

Trump and Duda confirmed the preparation of a Treaty on the NPP project in Poland

On the question of the transfer of additional U.S. troops from Germany to Poland, trump said that Warsaw is ready to pay for it. “This is a serious signal for Russia. But more important point, I think the fact that Germany spends big money to buy energy from Russia instead of spending it on a defense against Russia. I think that the Germans are displeased, but it is their choice,” added the American President.


Bolton said the question trump about the affiliation of Finland to Russia :: Policy :: RBC

The American leader Donald trump was asked whether Finland is part of Russia, says ex-aide to President John Bolton. He also did not know whether UK nuclear weapons, says Bolton

Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

The US President Donald trump was asked whether Finland is part of Russia. About this in his book “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house,” wrote former assistant to the President for homeland security John Bolton. A fragment of not yet published books is quoted by the newspaper The New York Times.

In addition, the “trump apparently did not know that the UK has nuclear weapons,” says Bolton.

71-year-old Bolton was an Advisor to trump on national security from April 2018, however, the fall of 2019 resigned at the initiative of the President. Trump explained that he did not agree with many of the proposals of Bolton.

Book is ex-Advisor to “the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house” needs to be fully published on 23 June. Even now it leads the ranking of the top 100 bestellers Amazon, which sells on pre-order.

Bolton reported on the request of trump to XI Jinping, to help him with his re-election

Photo: Jonathan Drake / Reuters

The first fragments of the memoirs of Bolton was published in January of this year. In particular, it was said that trump allegedly wanted to freeze military assistance to Ukraine to help Kiev with the investigation against his likely opponent in the election of 2020 Joe Biden and his son hunter, who has previously worked in the Ukrainian company Burisma.


North Korea has declared about possible introduction of troops into the demilitarized zone :: Society :: RBC

The relationship of North and South Korea deteriorated in the past two weeks. Tuesday, June 9, Pyongyang has blocked the lines of communication with Seoul as the first step to limit cooperation between the two countries. The decision was made by first Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the Korean workers party (KWP), the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yu-Jeong and Deputy predsedatelya of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Yong Chor.

North Korea is upset about the situation, with defectors, which throw the country propaganda leaflets, sharply critical of the North Korean leader and the regime. Pyongyang believes that South Korea needs to prevent the spread of propaganda. According to Kim Yu-Jeong, throwing leaflets hostile act which violates the peace agreement between the two countries.

Monday, June 15, the newspaper Rodong Sinmun published an article which stated that the government of North Korea commits an act of revenge and is going to take some serious action against South Korea. “At present, relations between the North and the South went bankrupt and the Korean Peninsula, has developed the most intense situation”, — stated in the article.


Kiev said about the “artificial ventilation” agreements for Donbass :: Policy :: RBC

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine considers that to seek the return of Donbass in Kiev succeed in using diplomacy offensive

Dmitry Kuleba

(Photo: Fabrizio Bensch / AP)

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba in interview to Agency “UKRINFORM”, said that the Minsk agreements on the situation in the Donbas there are still, however, hold only in foreign guarantees.

“I would say that the “Minsk” has not died, but Ukraine keeps it on the German-French ventilator. Sorry for black humor.” — said the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

According to him, Kiev is using the method “offensive diplomacy”, constantly imposing their agenda and forcing Russia to respond. “This, in our opinion, the only way to create a situation when Russia eventually will be forced to take on the form factor, because she is also not acting in isolation, and its arguments that Ukraine is not constructive, does not want to settle and violated “Minsk” look simply absurd, not in themselves, but on the background of how we operate,” — said Kuleba.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine called the Minsk agreement is legally worthless

The Minister also noted that the main issue in the negotiations with Russia is the question of on what terms-controlled militia districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will return to the Ukraine.


Trump allowed a breakdown in relations with China because of the coronavirus :: Politics :: RBC

Donald Trump

(Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

The US may break off relations with China due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was the American president Donald trump said in an interview with Fox News.

On the eve of the United States Senate introduced a bill providing for sanctions against China because of the coronavirus. Earlier, senior U.S. officials officially blamed China for hiding COVID data.

The journalist asked Trump if he had a conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “I have a good relationship … but right now I don’t want to talk to him,” Trump said.

The journalist noted that the Senate proposed limiting the issuance of visas to Chinese citizens, for example. “There are many things that we could do. We could completely break the relationship, ”Trump answered.

Draft Sanctions Act Against China Submitted to US Senate Due to COVID-19

Lindsey graham


The Ministry of Emergencies gave advice to parents during self-isolation :: Society :: RBC

Educational and entertaining Internet resources will help to occupy a child during the period of universal self-isolation due to coronavirus. This is stated in the memo of the Ministry of Emergencies to parents.

The ministry advised parents to find out what their children are interested in and choose the appropriate online portal according to age.

For animal lovers, portals of different zoos of the world are recommended for visiting, which now allow you to watch animals online. Fans of theatrical performances are offered performances in the recording or live.

In the Ministry of Emergency Situations called allowing to break a mode of self-isolation of a situation

“Bring the child to art and visit with him the famous museums of our country and the world: the Hermitage, the Polytechnic Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery,” reads the memo of the Ministry of Emergencies.


Professional ‘Mentoring’ to break gender stereotypes | Economy

15 prestigious directives in Spain. 15 university students wanting to eat the world; 15 innovative projects or ideas, and three months to develop them together thanks to the knowledge that the mentors will bring to their young students. So is the shadowing I, boss, a mentoring initiative promoted by the communication agency Trescom With the collaboration of multiple Spanish companies and academic entities, and the objective of promoting and making female empowerment visible in the world of entrepreneurship, still largely dominated by men.

Presented at the beginning of March at the Esade Campus in Madrid, the program has barely suffered setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic, and mentors and students stay in touch a month later through videoconferences and emails. For Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation, “betting on equality is not only a matter of principle, but also of strategy: the data shows that companies led by women are twice as profitable, despite obtaining less than half the financing of men ”. In his opinion, “inequalities such as the gender gap, which affects 50% of the population, must be reduced.”

“The program serves to approach these girls and show them the reality, but also so that they know that it is possible, that it does come,” says Gloria Gubianas, co-founder of the sustainable fashion firm. Hemper and one of the mentors of I, boss. Juanita Bedoya, her mentor, wants to develop a brand of handbags and accessories made with denim cutouts from textile factories, thus reducing the waste of fabrics. But the projects are very varied, ranging from a platform to improve the quality of life for cancer patients (by Carla Montull) to a technology that helps children develop their soft skills (from Nur Younis) and a marketplace for future moms (by Patricia Aranda), to name a few examples.

“I think it is an important initiative for the new generations. We lack references that help to eliminate the mental limit that sometimes, as women, we impose ourselves, and that still put us in certain systems,” says Laura Nevola, CEO of IDP Pharma and another one of the mentors. “Also, working with such enthusiastic youth brings a lot of positive energy.”

A relationship with benefits for all

But what exactly does the mentoring? It is a professional accompaniment in which the transmission of knowledge is facilitated through learning with a mentor or tutor, who advises and guides another person in order to enhance their professional skills and abilities. “Any committed person, who is truly passionate about growing professionally and accelerating their potential, can benefit from such a program. This will help you learn from consolidated experience, connect with a world of new opportunities and access a network of networking ”, reveals Esther Cid, expert in mentoring digital and CEO of Tipscool, a startup of education technology.

Initiatives like Me boss They help young entrepreneurs to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make their ideas come true. “If I had not participated in several accelerators, where excellent professionals helped us in the process of creating our company, our journey would not have come this far,” confesses Fátima Lucas, CEO and co-founder of Zymvol Biomodeling, and mentor of the program. “This is why we are aware of the importance of contributing our own experiences in the development of talented young people.”

The advice these young women receive helps them shape their project, from establishing a business plan, analyzing its economic viability and studying the potential market to defining its financial, technological and human needs, benefiting from the knowledge that their mentors possess in each respective field, and in many occasions from their network of contacts. “At first I was a bit lost, because despite having entire notebooks full of sketches and ideas, I did not know how to organize them and reflect them in a business model. Thanks to my mentor, in a matter of two weeks I was able to make a business model canvas, mock-ups, start designing the web and do a lot of research, ”says Nur Younis, one of the participating students.

Mentors and students participating in the 'Yo, jefa' program.

Mentors and students participating in the ‘Yo, jefa’ program.

But not only the students or employees who receive this professional support benefit. These programs also present numerous benefits for companies, since they not only keep them updated on current trends in their respective fields, but also “have people who inspire and are extra motivated to grow professionally, aligned with the loyalty strategy of the human capital ”, wields Cid. “The personal brand that the employee creates is generated in the company a positive value on the feeling of belonging and the specific training that each person gets.”

In most of those who engage in mentoring, there are also an underlying feeling of gratitude, of those who benefited in their day from the help of others and decide to use the accumulated experience to do the same with the new generations. “In my years as an entrepreneur, I have always highly valued the figure of the mentors who have guided me; in many ways they have been key both in learning and in different moments of support, recognizes Fátima Mulero, founder of AuTICmo and mentor of I, boss. “I believe that in the world of entrepreneurship there is a chain of favors that is very beautiful and must be maintained,” adds Gubianas. “When someone knocks on your door because they want to start their own company, from scratch, you immediately open it and you are willing to share your experience, because someone, in their day, also opened it for you.”

What does the mentor do and what does the mentor not do?

It is about guiding and helping them to get the talent they have inside, “and that perhaps no one had ever made it known to them before,” explains José Lozano, an expert in e-learning and mentor in the IEBS business school. “It is a continuous job that sometimes requires a face-to-face conversation, others online and, of course, a work plan with objectives. You have to make them see where their strengths are and where they can improve, how to focus their projects … But I don’t solve their problems or do the work for them, “he says. “I just put a mirror in front of them and say, ‘Look at you, that’s you. Maybe you don’t know yourself well, nor do you know the full potential that you have, but you must make the most of it ”.

For mentoring to be effective, therefore, one thing is needed above all: the will to learn and prosper personally and professionally. Like the students who participate in the program We create opportunities in hospitality, of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation. A social initiative developed for just over three years in collaboration with hospitality schools, social entities and the Public Administration, and aimed at young people in a socially disadvantaged situation in Madrid, Burgos and Barcelona. “In 2019, we had 70 professionals working as mentors; people who maintain constant involvement and commitment, and who also collaborate in the additional training that young people receive, offering masterclasses in professional competences and other matters of interest ”, shares Beatriz Herrera, director of the foundation.

For Gubianas, “mentoring It also serves to demystify the vision that we have of entrepreneurs of success… When I was studying, I saw women entrepreneurs as super distant, and I was convinced that this was something I could never achieve. ” But, as she herself is in charge of remembering, “power, you can”, a maxim that they are also in charge of remembering every day from Tipscool, where they have created mentoring and orientation programs for young talent focused on promoting STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) among young women.

“We collaborate with companies motivated to attract female talent, and recently launched the campaign I can be, to break with gender stereotypes and that girls and girls discover that they can become what they want, through the eyes of references that we currently have as inspiring mentors: great engineers, mathematics, scientists, researchers and leading technologists of our country ”, Cid wields. And it is that, with initiatives like this, it may soon be possible to break down that “glass ceiling”, those invisible barriers that continue to prevent many women from reaching those leadership positions for which they are undoubtedly trained.

Expert Master in Coaching and Mentoring

This master’s degree will train you in subjects such as coaching, coaching personal, with NLP, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, influences of the coaching, confidentiality of the process or deontology.

Master in Coaching and Business Management

Through this course, students will learn the basics of strategy and the coaching for the formulation of objectives within the strategic process, and they will acquire negotiation tools.

Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA)

Students will be introduced to the strategic direction of the company and business marketing, and will know the main keys and tools to achieve a successful sale in the commercial environment.


Why You Should Sometimes Leave a Partner You Love, and How It’s Done | Good Life

your relationship It is going smoothly, love is inexhaustible, you feel invincible and life is wonderful … until a phone call unleashes the storm. They offer you a job offer abroad; “the opportunity of my life”, you tell yourself, excited. But when you share the good news with your partner the first blow comes: his life is here and he does not consider leaving the city. Behind the shock initial begins the second round, arbitrated by the restlessness. What will happen to my relationship? Will it withstand distance? Would it be better to leave it? In the end, they are different versions of the same approach: what if love can’t cope with everything?

It is confusing, but the truth is that there are situations that end up causing two people to break even if they love each other. For Delfina Ramos, a psychologist and sexologist at the HLA Mediterráneo hospital, sometimes the breakup is not only inevitable, but also necessary: ​​”There are circumstances that are wearing the relationship down very slowly; cutting in time, before it becomes harmful, may be the best way to continue to maintain a bond with the other person, even if it is friendship. “And you don’t have to wait for the discussions to come, it is enough that there is a constant push and pull.

If expectations are not shared, the path breaks in two

Antoine de Saint-Exúpery put in the mouth of his little prince that love does not consist in looking at each other, but in looking both in the same direction. The affirmation has nuances, but “if the expectations or the vital projects in which each one finds are incompatible, an apparently fruitful relationship often ends, “ affirms Neus Córdoba, a psychologist specializing in couples and family, and director of the Instituto Klein clinic.

One of the projects that show the most differences is the go from being a couple to a family of three, a decision in which there may be significant differences. An example of a manual, taken from the television culture of the nineties, is one of the most promising couples in the iconic series Friends: Monica and Richard. They saved an age difference of 20 years and the fact that he was friends with her father, but when they talked about having children, an insurmountable gap opened up.

As for expectations, one of the most problematic is in the bedroom. “The sexual connection is so important nowadays that, if something goes wrong, it is common for a loving couple to consider breaking up,” explains Córdoba. “Already we are not talking about incompatibility in practice, but about differences in libido “, clarifies the expert, who recognizes that it is one of the most frequent conflicts that are dealt with in consultations. At the beginning of a relationship, sexual desire and activity tend to be greater, and decrease with time. The problem comes when one thinks that they will always stay the same because, when passion decreases, discrepancies increase.

The four steps of the breakup

Not everything is projects or expectations. Another factor to consider is that, contrary to popular belief, a relationship is not always a matter of two. For Córdoba, social pressure influences both a rupture and sexual customs. “When your friends or family don’t accept the other person, you look forced to choose between the relationship and the social network, and many times the second is above love, “he says. Yes, those who love you can sometimes be sabotaging your relationship.

According to the psychologist Miguel Hierro, Socioeconomic differences are also often a determining factor. “That one has a higher social status, comes from a family with more resources or from a strong religious tradition can generate that the environment condemns the relationship, and that one of them ends up being more faithful to their group of origin or friends than his love “, he details.

Does breaking mean you don’t love him anymore? Neither yes nor no. What is clear to Hierro is that there is a clash of priorities. There are those who put love first and those who put job, money, power or family above. In any case, acting under selfish motivation may have a justification: “If you feel that your relationship is harmful in some way, there is no point in continuing with it,” recalls the specialist. But how can you leave the person you love to be as traumatic as possible for both of you? And if you are the injured party, how do you overcome a breakup when love endures?

Make sure it’s really what you want

Specialists agree that the first step is to do some introspection. Do I have strong reasons? Sometimes calming down and looking for the most objective perspective possible helps clarify ideas. For Hierro, imagining what our life would be like without the other person can give us some answers. But it is useless if we block emotions or we are not honest with ourselves … and with the other.

Dialogue always comes first

Cartridges must be burned before breaking. Discussing possible concessions can become the ultimate life jacket. Of course, the agreement may not come. In these cases, “the best thing is to try to break away without resentment and say: we have not reached a common solution, but love has always been there and with that I stay,” advises Neus Córdoba.

Negotiate the terms of the breakup

Once the decision is made that it is convenient to put an end to it, perhaps the most complicated part comes: to agree on the terms of the rupture. Reaching an agreement is not easy and there is no magic recipe either. It’s more, Experts differ on whether it is advisable to stop seeing each other for a while or to keep in touch: one can become a support for those moments or disappear and let the ex-partner pass her period of mourning. The problem comes when there is an ambiguous duel, in which there is an “absence present”. This term refers, for example, to when your partner is no longer with you but information continues to come to you (for example, through mutual friends) that makes them continue to be present in some way. In these cases, try to cut the link in environments such as social networksAt least at the beginning of the duel, it usually works better than trying to ignore the present absence.

Accept change

Especially when the good feelings are still in the way, it is common to face the rupture as a failure. It’s a mistake. For Córdoba, the best way to overcome this situation is “to abandon that warlike and traumatic metaphor associated with the ruptures and see the situation as a change in life.” Delfina Ramos goes one step further: “It is good close a relationship recognizing what the other has contributed and being able to thank them. Otherwise, we would fill ourselves with a psychic energy that would not allow us to completely close the relationship and, surely, not start a new one either, “he points out.

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