Professional ‘Mentoring’ to break gender stereotypes | Economy

15 prestigious directives in Spain. 15 university students wanting to eat the world; 15 innovative projects or ideas, and three months to develop them together thanks to the knowledge that the mentors will bring to their young students. So is the shadowing I, boss, a mentoring initiative promoted by the communication agency Trescom With the […]

Why You Should Sometimes Leave a Partner You Love, and How It’s Done | Good Life

your relationship It is going smoothly, love is inexhaustible, you feel invincible and life is wonderful … until a phone call unleashes the storm. They offer you a job offer abroad; “the opportunity of my life”, you tell yourself, excited. But when you share the good news with your partner the first blow comes: his […]

The art of making music go through the eyes | Innovation

There was a time when listening to music had its own ritual. Remove the disc from the case, place it on the turntable deck, arrange the needle, give the play. This sequence was simplified with the cassette first and the CD later, to die definitively with the arrival of the mp3. Digital formats, which —for […]

The rise of men’s intimate cosmetics | ICON

Leaving behind taboos, historical conventions and sexist apprehensions, intimate cosmetics has decided to make its way into the men’s bag. It does so with a growing supply and demand curve in recent years, with dozens of laboratories willing to meet the needs of an audience that finally feels free to take care of their genitals. […]

Bloomberg will free women who want to talk from their agreements | U.S

Michael Bloomberg He announced this Friday his decision to release the commitment not to speak to three women who signed confidentiality agreements on harassment and sexist comments at work, something to which the candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party refused the past in the last debate carried out in Nevada. “[La compañía] Bloomberg […]

athletes publish a forum to “break the silence”

“Breaking the silence is also serving sport” : several high-level French athletes called Tuesday, February 4 in a Tribune at “Give voice” following revelations about sexual abuse in the French skating community. “Recent revelations of sexual assaults suffered by several young athletes shake the system and arouse our anger”, wrote in The Parisian members of […]