Coronavirus: Barcelona recommends having sex outdoors to avoid contagion

Every day a new sanitary measure emerges to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Yesterday the World Organization of Health (WHO) advised to avoid saluting with the elbows, a practice that spread since the pandemic was declared, because it had been proven that, far from what was thought, it transmitted the infection. What’s more, he proposed to greet by putting his hand to his heart.

In Barcelona, the land of Lionel Messi’s football prowess and the romantic songs of Joan Manuel Serrat, surprised by making an unexpected recommendation to try to avoid infections and, thus, new outbreaks of Covid-19 in Spain. It was at the heart of what the city’s health authorities consider a hot zone where the disease is progressing.

In a guide published by the Barcelona Public Health Agency, which promotes “virtual sexual appointments, erotic videos or personal masturbation” as alternatives to sex Conventional, with the idea of ​​avoiding passionate kisses and lowering the contagion curve of Covid-19, it is also recommended to have sex outdoors.

The Catalan health entity ensures that intimate encounters are only safe if the protagonists have no symptoms or were not exposed to the virus. Like the New York guide and the Argentine government’s recommendations, it suggests not making escapades outside of the couple you had at the time of the pandemic and advises “sexting”.

In the event of new ties or doubts about the partner’s health, the agency proposes a series of prevention measures such as “do not kiss or exchange saliva” and “use condoms or dental dams” for oral and anal sex. In the case of clandestine relationships, the guide recommends taking the data from the other, another to be able to do the health screening and preventive isolation if it tests positive.

Although there is no scientific evidence that the disease is transmitted through sex, it is known that Covid-19 is spread by direct contact with the respiratory secretions of a person with the virus, to which “it is easy to expose oneself” in love relationships that, it is empirically proven, are impossible to practice with social distancing and difficult with a mask.

The advice of the body responsible for caring for the health of Barcelona is based on scientific studies that affirm that “there is less risk if relationships are maintained in large, open and well ventilated spaces.” Gardens, patios, terraces or balconies are some of the options for having sex in ventilated spaces, according to these recommendations.


the reminder of ministers to schools after class closings, “deviating from protocol can have detrimental effects”

Since the start of the school year, several cases of coronavirus contamination have been observed in a series of schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, both among students and among supervisors. Caroline Désir, Minister of Education, and Bénédicte Linard, Minister of Health, wanted to reframe schools on the rules for class closures.

“Class closures have been observed in several schools since the start of the school year, in different areas of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation”, they write in a joint statement. The ministers wish to ensure “the proportionate management of these situations with regard to the ONE protocol concerning Covid-19 cases and contacts”. “As a reminder, this protocol was updated by ONE in close collaboration with the competent regional health authorities (AVIQ / COCOM) following the new scientific recommendations made by the Risk Assessment Group (RAG) published on August 14 on the Sciensano site, ”the statement continued.

The protocol thus recommends the automatic quarantine of an entire class if, and only if: a supervisor is positive in kindergarten.

“In kindergarten, primary and secondary, the closing of a class CAN also be decided after consultation and evaluation of AVIQ or COCOM when the class contains 2 positive cases proven to Covid-19 ”.

Any class closure that does not follow this protocol “may result in students finding themselves in quarantine without health reasons, with detrimental effects on the smooth running of their schooling”, deplore the ministers. They say they are aware “of the unprecedented nature of the health crisis and of the difficulties encountered in the field by school administrators, educational teams and other members of staff, as well as by PES teams”.

“With a view to identifying avenues for strengthening the support provided to them in the management of Covid-19 cases, Ministers Désir and Linard will very quickly meet with representatives of ONE, the Health Promotion services in the School (PSE), the Accueil Temps Libre (ATL) as well as the federations of organizing authorities.

This will involve evaluating the situation on the ground on the basis of the various situations recorded since the start of the school year with regard to the procedures provided for in the protocol and, if necessary, evaluating the system put in place as well as strengthening or re-specifying the communication that has been made. The objective of the Ministers is to avoid as much as possible of class closures when this is not planned in order to guarantee the most normal possible school year for the majority of pupils ”.


How to have a better internet connection at home – Technology Tutorials – Technology

It is quite a headache for many to have a fast and effective internet connection at home. One in which the image and voice do not freeze when in the middle of a work video call meeting, or that allows another member of the family to download all the information they may have while enjoying a movie on a streaming platform. you need to study without any fright.

And this scenario has become even more prevalent with the pandemic, when millions have had to replace offices and classrooms with the corners of their homes in order to work or study. Which, without a doubt, has meant a greater demand for the internet they have.

And although it is very common to point the finger at the operator that provides the broadband service in the home to blame him for the problems, the truth is that there are many points that are involved when the signal that reaches him is the most optimal. This guide will help you identify what the problem is.

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1. Equipment technology

Do you know what technology your device supports? This can be an important factor when buying a tech gadget for your home.

Currently, most computers or cell phones come with Wi-Fi standards that allow for an optimal connection – either Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6; However, If you have a computer that is over a decade old, the solution to your network problems is probably to find a new one. and the fault is not of your operator, nor of the quality of the signal that your router emits.

On the other hand, it is true that there are devices on the market that can offer you better connectivity, either by supporting a more modern Wi-Fi protocol or by having a more powerful reception antenna.

2. Check the wifi protocol

It is likely that if you have a router that your operator gave you 8 years ago, it has an old and obsolete protocol that is the cause of your connection problems. The best option, if you don’t have your own router, is to call your internet provider for an update. The latest Wi-Fi protocol is Wi-Fi 6, and although it doesn’t represent a giant change in speed, it does allow more devices to work simultaneously.

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Note that the operators in the country do not yet provide routers with this protocol, so the option to obtain it is buy it on your own. Do not forget that both your router and your devices must support this protocol in order to function optimally.

3. Include a router

A good option to improve your internet connection is to buy a router that distributes the Wi-Fi signal in your home, that is, connected to the modem-router that your operator gives you. In the market there are not so expensive options that are better than those offered by the operators. These routers can be between 160,000 and 450,000 pesos, the important thing is that the wifi protocol is at least 5; that operates in 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz; that has MU-MIMO technology and that it is from a recognized brand such as Linksys, Netgear o Tp-Link. There are also those with wifi 6 and suitable for mesh systems.

Finding an open and central space in your home, to install the router, and in height, is the general recommendation.

4. Wire

The best way to have a stable connection with the highest speed that your provider offers is to wire. If you can, wire the apartment or the whole house, don’t hesitate, but if that’s too difficult in your case, at least have your main computer, the one you use the most, connected to the cable modem-router.. You will notice the difference. And the rest, by wifi.

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5. House materials

If it works by wifi, it is key that you pay attention to the materials that surround your router and / or that your signal will have to pass through to provide a good connection: concrete, a metal door or a mirror can significantly affect the correct distribution of our wireless signal at home. Wood, on the other hand, is not a great enemy of our signal. And the brick is somewhere in between. Consider this when deciding where in your home to distribute your wireless signal.

6. Location of the modem-router

Finding an open and central space in your home, to install the router, and in height, is the general recommendation. The other option is to put it near where most of the devices that are going to use the internet are concentrated and cover the rest with signal repeaters. The closer your computer or device to the modem the more speed you will achieve.

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7. Do the signal extenders work?

They can be a cheaper solution if more coverage is needed, especially in large houses with two or more floors, since it is very possible that the signal that the router gives you will not be enough to effectively reach every corner.

“Although it is a coverage option, there is the possibility of having jumps in the network. That is, if I am on a video call and go up to the second floor, it is possible that due to the jumps between the router and the extender the communication will drop”, Indicates Jorge Rueda, commercial manager for the Andean Countries of Linksys, who explains that in this case a degradation of the signal and “If on the first floor I have 100 megabytes, on the second I can have 50 megabytes.

8. Measure your signal

Currently there are several free applications to download to your cell phone or laptop that allow you to measure the strength and stability of your Wi-Fi signal at different points in your home. An example is WiFi Analyzer, but there are many more. This will let you know which is the best position for your router or if you need to change transmission channels because there are many neighbors on your channel.

How to improve the WiFi signal?

Wood, on the other hand, is not a great enemy of our signal.

9. More speed in loading and unloading

It is important to know what you need your network for. For example, download speed is important to download files faster or stream content without problems. On the other hand, if you need higher quality live broadcasts or uploading content, loading speed is the key. Some operators offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, ask yours for better plans with higher speeds.

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10. Mesh or mesh wifi systems

It is the latest technology and allows not only multiple simultaneous connections without any loss of speed, but they come in independent modules or stations that can be located in different parts of the house, with which the ‘dead zones’ (with poor signal, unstable or null) will end forever. It’s a more expensive alternative, but it guarantees excellent Wi-Fi throughout your home. And the best: without forcing your equipment (cell phone, tablet or laptop) to jump from network to network as you move, as it happens with old signal repeaters. Internet operators sell them, but also in Unilago and on the web.

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“In this period, it’s quite absurd”

“They arrived this Friday morning and settled in the parking lot of the football field facilities,” exclaims Carine Lheureux, the manager. “I didn’t understand what was going on. They explained to me that they were there for the weekend to participate in a rally in the region. “

Except that this Friday evening, training took place and this Saturday matches are scheduled. “They have no authorization and even the bourgmestre was not aware. I find that quite absurd in addition in this period. We asked them not to enter the facilities because we spend our time disinfecting them and then we have situations like that, ”she regrets.

► The acting mayor, Michaël Modave, reacts
: he must have found a emergency solution.

► Other municipalities were concerned … but were not aware either


“Even asymptomatic people can have serious heart problems,” warns Marc Van Ranst

Din an article, le magazine « Scientific American, writes that in recent weeks the evidence has reinforced the hypothesis that heart damage can occur even in people who have never shown symptoms of the coronavirus. These frightening results help explain why America’s college and professional sports leagues exercise special caution when deciding whether or not to play.

Up to 7% of deaths from Covid-19 could result from myocarditis, according to some reports.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst reacted to the magazine’s analysis on Twitter: “This is one of the good reasons why many virologists choose not to ‘learn to live’ with the virus. Even infected people without symptoms can have serious heart problems ”.

Marc Van Ranst’s heart therefore leans towards a strategy of crushing the infection curve, “until we have a vaccine”.


“We must professionalize the profession of commissioner”

It is unfortunately from my sofa in Monaco that I am writing this mood post. Before this Tour de France, I had two wishes and they were simple: win a stage and finish the Tour in Paris in order to take revenge on my destiny, but, as you know, barely 100 kilometers after the start of this new edition, I fell with about fifteen riders on the Promenade des Anglais a few meters from the prestigious Hotel Negresco.

After the fall, I felt a sharp pain in my left knee and, from the first few meters, I felt the same pain in my popliteal fossa. Like in 2018, I couldn’t tell if it was ligament, tendon, muscle and / or bone. It was only around 11 p.m., after having passed the last tests in a private clinic in Cagnes-sur-Mer, that the fracture line, exactly at the same place as when I fell in the descent from Portet d’Aspet, was diagnostic.

►► A complaint to the CAS, the role of the commissioners: discover the entirety of Philippe Gilbert’s column.


Hainaut: having a mask on you will be mandatory from Wednesday noon

If this ban is violated, offenders risk a prison sentence (up to 14 days) and / or a fine (up to 200 euros).

Aseeing a mask on oneself will become compulsory throughout the province of Hainaut from Wednesday noon, announces Governor Tommy Leclercq in SudPresse. The sale and consumption of alcohol will also be prohibited on the motorway areas between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

These two measures, which will come into force this Wednesday at noon, complete the national or local rules which require the wearing of a mask in certain places. “Life is made up of fortuitous circumstances. In the event of a puncture, for example, we call for help and we come into contact with people who are not part of our bubble, ”explains the governor. “Having your mask on you will respond to this kind of situation. “

Hainaut is the first province to take this measure, adds SudPresse. Only the city of Antwerp had adopted it since the end of July.

The governor has also decided to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in the stores of service stations on the motorway network between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., as well as the consumption of alcohol in their car parks during the same hours. He justifies this measure by the resurgence of gatherings of people who go to the motorway areas to party after the closure of night-shops and cafes.

If this ban is violated, offenders risk a prison sentence (up to 14 days) and / or a fine (up to 200 euros).


“Two minutes after the bite, sweat was flowing from his forehead”

While talking with his neighbor from his garden, Benny Hennus, a resident of Kortenaken, Flemish Brabant, was stung in the arm by a wasp. Panicked, he had time to go back to his house and alert his wife.

But just two minutes later, he collapsed, in front of his partner, explains Het Laatste Nieuws. “Two minutes after the bite, sweat was running down his forehead,” she says.

Help arrived and spent more than 45 minutes trying to resuscitate the victim, without success. “‘It doesn’t look like it’ is the last thing I could say to him.” According to his wife, Benny had never suffered from an allergic reaction to a wasp sting.


Long awaiting adoption, nine-year-old boy moves viewers: “I would like to have a family” (video)

His testimony led to thousands of adoption requests.

At nine, Jordan has been a little boy living with a foster family in the United States since he was three. For a report, a reporter from Fox59 News went to meet him. With his moving testimony, the little boy touched viewers to the heart. In a video released by the channel, the reporter can be seen asking Jordan where he would like to be if he could travel anywhere in the world. ” At an adoption party to have a home
», Then replies, RTL reports.

Then, when asked what would be the three wishes he would like to make, Jordan simply replies: ” I would like to have a family, a family. These are my only wishes. I would love to have a family to have a mom and dad. Or just a mom, or a dad, I don’t care. That way I’ll have someone to talk to whenever I need it

Jordan’s dream is therefore to find a family, like his brother Braison, who was adopted last year. His story moved and touched viewers in the United States. So much so that more than 5,000 people volunteered to adopt the little American.

« Several families had previously expressed interest, but decided at the time that it was not the right time for them to adopt. We therefore had difficulty placing it. I am very excited about this and have high hopes that a home can be found for this child.
», Also explains Christopher Marlow, in charge of finding a family for Jordan.


Jordan, 9, moves a whole country after his intervention on television

It is a story that moved a whole country in just a few seconds. Because when a Fox59 News reporter asks little Jordan, 9, the place he would like to travel to, he simply replies: “In an adoption party to have a house.”

One thing is certain, the little American does not ask for much. Even though he had three wishes, Jordan would only want one thing: “to have a family, a family, a family.” These are my only wishes. I would like to have a family to have a mom and a dad. Or just a mom, or a dad, I don’t care. That way, I’ll have someone to talk to whenever I need it ”.

Words that have been heard. Because after telling his story (the boy has been living with a foster family since he was three), 5,000 adoption requests were made. “Several families had previously expressed their interest, but decided at the time that it was not the right time for them to adopt. We therefore had difficulty placing it. I am very excited about this and I am very hopeful that a home will be found for this child, ”said the man responsible for finding a family for Jordan today.