Russia prepared to terminate the taxation agreement with Cyprus :: Economy :: RBC

Moscow’s proposal to increase taxes for a resident of Cyprus to 15% did not meet with understanding from the authorities of Nicosia

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Russia intends to break the current agreement with Cyprus on avoidance of double taxation (DTT). The reason is that the authorities of the island state has not presented Moscow his proposals for changes in rates, told RBC Federal official.

Vedomosti, citing its sources reported that the talks about changing the tax treaties with Cyprus stalled. According to them, Cyprus in response to Moscow’s proposal to increase when current rates offered to save them, tightening the control over foreign entities of the Russian business. However, Moscow insists on raising them, threatening to denounce the current agreement in the autumn, the newspaper writes.

Now a tax Treaty with Cyprus provides that the payment of dividends in favor of residents of Cyprus from Russia can be reduced to 5 or 10%, and the interest on the loans to 0%.

The Finance Ministry has proposed to Cyprus to remove all tax benefits on dividends from Russia

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After the unilateral withdrawal from the DTT with Cyprus all payments (dividends, interest, royalties) in favor of residents of Cyprus from Russia will be taxed in accordance with Russian Tax code, i.e. at the rate of 15% (dividends) and 20% (interest, royalties). Can also hurt Russian companies and natural persons, who receive income from Cyprus, since the taxation of these payments will be effected under the laws of Cyprus, without applying the DTT.


Massachusetts Coronavirus cases rise to 218 – NBC Boston

The total number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts is up to 218, public health officials said Tuesday after it had arrived at 197 the day before.

Massachusetts is one of the states in the United States with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country so far. While nobody died from the virus locally, more than 70 people died nationwide.

Severe restrictions on daily life have been ordered, including the canceled school, the limits on gathering in groups and eating in restaurants, while the state struggles to mitigate the spread of the deadly pandemic.

Earlier Tuesday, Governor Charlie Baker said Massachusetts faces “tough days ahead” and has torn down rumors that residents have been ordered to take refuge on the spot.

President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force gave updates on the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, urging people to follow the CDC guidelines for at least 15 days and to act very cautiously. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin later announced a tax deferral of the IRS for those who are liable to pay taxes.

For days, most Massachusetts cases represented in the Department of Public Health numbers were related to an employee meeting held by the local biotechnology company Biogen at a hotel in downtown Boston. But it is no longer so: Tuesday’s data show 102 people linked to the meeting directly or through members of their family.

Thirty-three cases were found to be transmitted locally and 24 related to travel, according to the numbers. Another 59 remain under investigation.

Someone has coronavirus in at least 10 of the state’s 14 counties.

Eighty-nine cases were in County Middlesex, 43 in Norfolk, 42 ​​in Suffolk, 14 in Berkshire, eight in Worcester and Essex, five in Bristol and Plymouth, two in Barnstable and one in Hampden. Another case has not yet been traced to a location.

Twenty-one cases have so far been confirmed as in need of hospitalization, while 52 remain under investigation and 145 people have not needed to go to hospital.

Many officials cited the phrase “flatten the curve” while seriously reducing public events. An infectious disease expert explained what it means and why it is crucial for the public health system.

The haste to limit social activity across the nation is an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading so quickly that it overwhelms hospital intensive care units, which places like Wuhan, China and Italy have seen.


Sonoma County health officials announce the second probable Coronavirus case – NBC Bay Area

The Sonoma County Department of Health Services confirmed Monday
an alleged positive case of the new coronavirus in the county.

A positive presumptive case is defined as probable
positive for the virus and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will
conduct another test to confirm the diagnosis, the Department of Health Services
She said.

If confirmed, it will be the second case of the virus announced by the county since last Tuesday.

Local, state and federal health agencies are identifying people
the most recent patient had contact with before being hospitalized, county
officials said.

The patient in the alleged positive case was at sea
cruise between San Francisco and Mexico and was in the county for 10 days.
The patient has symptoms of the virus and is in stable condition in a
isolation room in a hospital, said the department of health services.

Last Tuesday, Sonoma County health service officials
confirmed a case of coronavirus in a patient being treated at a hospital in

That patient was among the displaced in the United States from the contaminated Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, who were flown to the Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, then taken to a hospital in Sonoma County. The Department of Health Services said the patient had not been infected in Sonoma County. Further details on that person were not disclosed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend these seven tips to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In response to the presence of the coronavirus, he declared the county
a local public health emergency and a local emergency. Both statements will
be examined for ratification by the Board of Supervisors at a meeting of this type

“This recent alleged positive case of COVID-19 is a
cause for concern and the county is declaring the activation of these emergencies
and deploy resources to adequately respond to an increase in cases ”
Health care worker Celeste Philip said.

“They will allow us to work in tandem with our cities
and healthcare professionals to ensure that we are ready to fight an outbreak of
COVID-19 in our communities, “said Philip.

The county is waiting for test kits for the virus that will
be used in his public health laboratory.

County residents should contact a health care provider if
have symptoms including fever and cough or who have had close contact
someone with symptoms who have returned from China, Italy, Iran in the past 14 days,
Japan or South Korea, said the Department of Health Services.