The Russian Embassy reported the threats after the publication of the NYT on the Taliban :: Society :: RBC

Employees of Embassy of Russia in Washington and London began to receive threats after the publication of the New York Times (NYT) about the alleged announcement by Russia of a reward for the murder of the US military in Afghanistan. This was reported by the Russian Embassy in Washington on his Twitter page.

The Embassy called the charges in the article “baseless and anonymous.” The Embassy also attached to my post screenshots with threats. One of them is a link to the NYT article is accompanied by the caption “Let’s declare a “reward” for your diplomats.”

In this regard, the Embassy asked via Twitter to the New York Times with a call to stop creating fake news lead to dangers for life.

The NYT found out about the Russia-proposed reward to the Taliban for the murder of the US military

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The NYT found out about the Russia-proposed reward to the Taliban for the murder of the US military :: Policy :: RBC

According to U.S. intelligence, Russia secretly offered, if any, for the murder of the US military and other coalition countries in Afghanistan. In Washington rassmatrivajut possible answers of Russia

Photo: Omar Sobhani / Reuters

A division of Russian military intelligence secretly offered the militants associated with banned in Russia by the Taliban, compensation for the murder of the military coalition in Afghanistan, including the United States. This was reported by the newspaper The New York Times (NYT), citing sources.

To the conclusion that Russia is offering a reward for the murder of the military in Washington came a few months ago, says the publication. In 2019 in Afghanistan had killed 20 Americans, however, the involvement of some of them suspect Russia is unclear.

Information about the possible reward offered by Russia were received, including during the interrogation of captured Afghan militants. Sources NYT did not lead the details of the Russian operations, for example, they are not reported, therefore a chosen goal.

Trump announced the immediate beginning of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

Surveys of American intelligence was reported to the President of the United States Donald Trump. During the last months in Washington to discuss a possible response to Moscow, sources told the NYT. Whilst there is a wide range of options, from sending a complaint through diplomatic channels and demands to cease hostilities before new sanctions. According to sources, the White house has not yet approved a single one of the steps.


The media learned about the luxury flights of “Aeroflot” abroad in spite of quarantine :: Business :: RBC

All flights are executed under the numbers of scheduled flights and on-time schedule, which was the “Aeroflot” to the pandemic. However, the sales for these flights opens in less than a week, and book tickets on the airline’s website for next week is impossible, write “Vedomosti”.

Vice-Premier called the condition for the opening of the international flights

Despite the fact that such flight does not advertise, the demand for them is still very good, said an employee of the Russian airline, which is familiar in June flew to Europe. Because she hasn’t opened the border, they can get only EU citizens and also those who have citizenship or residence permit in a European country, recalled in an interview with the publication the employees of the two airlines. To buy tickets for these flights are only entitled to entry to these countries, confirmed the “Vedomosti” employee of “Aeroflot”.

As the newspaper notes, the tickets for these flights are much more expensive than flights of the same duration in Russia. For example, the cheapest ticket to Rome with a flight duration of 4 hours will cost depending on the day of departure from 17 thousand to 35 thousand rubles, while tickets to Novosibirsk airlines sells from 6.1 thousand.

As explained to the edition, the employee of “Aeroflot”, the high price also caused by the fact that the aircraft returned to Moscow without passengers. Also, the newspaper said, in these flights, the airline began to use the large and capacious planes, which are usually not filled even in the high summer season. In particular, in June in Europe flying the Airbus 350-900 312 seats, which “Aeroflot” there is only one instance, the newspaper writes, citing data from resource flightradar24.

Sony will offer partial opening of the air service from July 15

Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS

“International cargo flight is allowed. These flights are designed as cargo, but they with the permission of the Federal air transport Agency is sold”, — said two members of “Aeroflot”.

In most of the airlines and the Federal air transport Agency on inquiries not answered.

That from Moscow can fly to new York, was announced and users of social networks. Girl, came from Russia to this city, writes that in order to get on the flight, did not need “any special documents or for work or for medical treatment or relatives”. “Planes fly, the tickets are sold. <...> Aeroflot flies Sunday and Tuesday, tickets appear every week for the next few days”, — stated in the post.

On the background of the pandemic coronavirus Russia in late March, has suspended flights. The exception was made only for export flights for Russians stranded abroad, and foreigners who had to bring home.

June 8 on behalf of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina restrictions on entry to Russia and departure from it were partially removed. Now the Russians can go abroad to close relatives in need of care and treatment either at work or school. The same measure applies in relation to foreigners who have for similar reasons, to get into Russia.

Source RBC in one of the major airlines announced that Sony will offer to partially open the air service to July 15. According to him, in the first stage, Russia may resume flights to 15 countries. The first Federal air transport Agency will propose open borders with the countries of Europe, including Turkey, as well as with China and South Korea.


Putin said about Russia’s openness to the General system of world security :: Policy :: RBC

Only together can Nations protect the world from dangerous threats, Putin said. In the beginning of the year he proposed to convene a summit of the “nuclear five” and also noted that Russia is ready to negotiate with the US on arms control

Vladimir Putin

(Photo: Sergey Pyatakov / Getty Images)

Russia is open to dialogue on the establishment of a common security system in the world, said President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the Victory parade. The broadcast led to RBC.

“We know the face of the challenges facing the planet today, has a special feel which is the greatest value — people. His dreams, joy, hope, peace, calm, productive life. Understand the importance of strengthening friendship and trust between peoples, and open to dialogue and cooperation on the most topical issues of the international agenda. Among them, the establishment of a common reliable system of security which is needed by a complex, rapidly changing modern world. Only together can we protect him from dangerous new threats,” Putin said.

According to Putin, the world stability is threatened, in particular due to the crumbling of the system of arms control. He spoke about it back in February, noting that security in the world largely depends on the state of relations between Russia and the United States.

Putin said about the approach of the world to a “dangerous line”

Vladimir Putin


Trump offered to call the coronavirus “Kung flu” :: Policies :: RBC

The US President Donald trump called coronavirus infection “Kung flu”. This name was suggested during a campaign rally in Arizona, reports The Hill.

In his speech, trump said that the fashion industry, there are many names and only he is able to list 19 or 20 of them.

The President called several names, among which was the “Chinese virus”, “Wuhan”, and “Kung flu” (flu is from English. — flu). In the last name trump plays with the name of Chinese martial arts kung fu, notes The Hill.

“Wuhan contracted the coronavirus, kung flu,” said trump.

The Washington Post notes that trump has repeatedly accused China of epidemic coronavirus and continued to use the name “Chinese virus” for a long time after the disease spread outside the country.

Pandemic coronavirus. The most current on June 23

Previously, trump has repeatedly said that China is responsible for the outbreak of coronavirus, and also accused Beijing of concealing information on the origin of the virus and the prevalence of infection. In mid-may, the American leader made a break in relations with China because of the pandemic.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i


The number of recovered patients with the coronavirus in Moscow exceeded 134 thousand :: Society :: RBC

In the capital from the coronavirus recovered another 2115 people, said Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova, reports the operational headquarters.The total number of recovered patients with COVID-19 in Moscow has reached 134 549.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin suggested to keep the remote work in the capital “for some time”.

“If possible, we must save the coming weeks. Maybe even a month or two still further, as still there is still the risk of infection”, he said. According to him, this is especially important when the city comes “from Chavignol history.” Sobyanin believes that “the less people sit in the office, the better.”

The mayor noted that after removal of number of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus, the amount of movement in the city has increased significantly and is approximately 70% percent of the level that was before the pandemic. Sobyanin recalled the importance of observing safety precautions, including mask regime and social distance.


Russia prepared to terminate the taxation agreement with Cyprus :: Economy :: RBC

Moscow’s proposal to increase taxes for a resident of Cyprus to 15% did not meet with understanding from the authorities of Nicosia

Photo: Petros Karadjias / AP

Russia intends to break the current agreement with Cyprus on avoidance of double taxation (DTT). The reason is that the authorities of the island state has not presented Moscow his proposals for changes in rates, told RBC Federal official.

Vedomosti, citing its sources reported that the talks about changing the tax treaties with Cyprus stalled. According to them, Cyprus in response to Moscow’s proposal to increase when current rates offered to save them, tightening the control over foreign entities of the Russian business. However, Moscow insists on raising them, threatening to denounce the current agreement in the autumn, the newspaper writes.

Now a tax Treaty with Cyprus provides that the payment of dividends in favor of residents of Cyprus from Russia can be reduced to 5 or 10%, and the interest on the loans to 0%.

The Finance Ministry has proposed to Cyprus to remove all tax benefits on dividends from Russia

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

After the unilateral withdrawal from the DTT with Cyprus all payments (dividends, interest, royalties) in favor of residents of Cyprus from Russia will be taxed in accordance with Russian Tax code, i.e. at the rate of 15% (dividends) and 20% (interest, royalties). Can also hurt Russian companies and natural persons, who receive income from Cyprus, since the taxation of these payments will be effected under the laws of Cyprus, without applying the DTT.


The German Ambassador called unacceptable threats of US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 :: Politics :: RBC

The Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir believes that the Europeans themselves should decide how to ensure its energy security. Earlier intention to impose new sanctions against the pipeline said the senators

Geza Andreas von Geir

(Photo: Nikita Markov)

Threat to the United States on the application of extraterritorial sanctions to block 2 project Nord Stream (“Northern stream-2”) is unacceptable. About it RBC said the Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir. “We Germans and Europeans are well able to decide for themselves how best to ensure its energy security. We do not accept outside pressure, through extraterritorial sanctions,” he said.

In early June, a group of senators in the U.S. Congress said that it had prepared the text of the bill on new US sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. According to the document, financial constraints may fall all vessels engaged in laying pipes for the project. The sanctions may relate to businesses, including companies insuring these vessels and their maintenance and the installation of special equipment. The sanctions prompted to enter retroactively, from December 2019. That the US imposed the first restrictions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”, their managers denied entry to the US, and US accounts have been blocked.

USA has prepared a draft law on new sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”

Photo: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg

On Tuesday, the Chairman of the Commission of Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst, called upon the German government to think about their actions in case the US decides to extend sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. In response, Ernst has proposed to introduce personal sanctions against senators — authors of the bill about the new restrictions and duties on coming from the States liquefied natural gas (LNG).


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