Mass. Child Care Centers Closing Monday for all workers, except those critical of Coronavirus – NBC Boston

Massachusetts child care centers will close on Monday amid the coronavirus epidemic, but some exempt centers will open to take care of the children of critical workers, Governor Charlie Baker said Wednesday during a briefing.

Over 2,000 Massachusetts residents have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, according to the latest numbers released on Wednesday by state health officials.

The new figures show that 2,054 residents have been quarantined, with 1,168 still in quarantine and 886 that are no longer in quarantine. This is almost double the 1,083 total of a week ago.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts rises steadily, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh – who reported 45 cases in Boston on Wednesday afternoon – exposed his thought process about what would be needed to issue a shelter order. on site.

Baker said Tuesday that he had no intention of ordering residents to take refuge on the spot. However, more than a dozen state and local Democrats are urging the Republican to reconsider in an open letter.

Governor Charlie Baker says Massachusetts has no plans for its residents to take refuge on the spot, but said “difficult days are coming.”

In the letter, released Tuesday afternoon, the 17 Democrats asked Baker to seek shelter by Tuesday after other cities such as San Francisco.

“Doctors tell us that COVID-19 is about 10 times more contagious than the flu and that 1 in 5 infected people will contract severe pneumonia that will require hospitalization,” they said.

“Suppressing the spread of the virus is essential to protect the ability of healthcare professionals to manage the influx of new patients and to safeguard public health and safety. Epidemiologists have suggested that Massachusetts could see up to 10,000 cases by the end of this month.”

As of Tuesday, the total number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts has risen to 218, according to public health officials.

The Motor Vehicle Registry was reopened on Wednesday, which attracted large crowds of people lined up, despite Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh’s call for social expulsion in Massachusetts.

Baker said Tuesday that while there were “difficult days ahead”, there were no plans to implement an ongoing refuge.

“We will probably have some very difficult days ahead of us, as we are still at the start of the battle against this virus,” said Baker. “Faith and trust. We will succeed by putting together, taking care of each other.”

Baker plans to provide an update on the coronavirus pandemic at 15:00. at the State House with Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, sect. of health and human services Marylou Sudders and DPH Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel.

In a Tuesday night television speech, Walsh called on the audience to distance social to flatten the coronavirus curve.

“We simply need everyone’s help, and that’s how we will get past this,” said Walsh. “This is not the time for home parties, dating or visiting friends. We need everyone to limit their contacts right now.”


26 new coronavirus cases in Massachusetts take the total to 164 – NBC Boston

There are currently 164 coronavirus cases in Massachusetts, state health officials shared on Sunday, and the number of residents tested went from 475 to nearly 800.

The 26 new cases were announced in a Commonwealth attempt to speed up testing for coronavirus after restrictions have been relaxed on the test protocols.

New guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires doctors only to present a nasal swab instead of presenting previously required nasal and throat swabs. With the modification of the clinical test protocols, the state laboratory test capacity has doubled from 200 to around 400 patients per day.

Massachusetts doctors also now have greater flexibility to determine which patients should be tested without having to call DPH’s Epi Line.

With multiple clinical laboratories in the Bay State working to obtain FDA approval, health officials say that even more testing capabilities will soon be available.

As of Sunday, the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory has tested 799 patients, officials said, compared to 475 the previous day.

Forty-five of the 164 positive state cases were subsequently confirmed by the CDC.

Governor Charlie Baker is expected to provide an update on Sunday night about state testing efforts and what is being done to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Commonwealth.

Governor Baker and Governor Lieutenant Karyn Polito will join Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders and Commissioner of the Public Health Department Dr. Monica Bharel at the State House at 18:00. The Baker-Polito administration says that, contrary to popular rumors, it is not preparing a refuge in order.

Four of the 26 new cases announced on Sunday are related to the employee meeting held at a Boston hotel by Cambridge Biogen biotechnology company last month. Health officials say 108 of the 164 cases are now related to the February 24-27 meeting held at the Marriott Long Wharf hotel, which has since closed “in the interest of public health”.

In new cases, a healthcare professional is included at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The hospital announced the case Sunday morning and said that patients and staff who may have had contact with the infected worker are being contacted.

Eight more cases are associated with travel, bringing the total to 13. Eight remain associated with a cluster in western Massachusetts and 35 of these are currently under investigation, health officials say.

Of the 164 cases in the state, 74 are women and 90 are men. Middlesex County residents still account for nearly half, 75 of the cases across the state. The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk both have 31 cases, while there are nine cases in County Berkshire. There are now six cases each in the Essex and Worcester counties.

The counties of Plymouth, Hampden, Barnstable and Bristol have one case each. Two cases are of unknown counties at the moment.

Two other patients have been hospitalized, bringing the total to 13 so far, although another 36 cases are listed as being investigated, according to Sunday’s data.

The update in coronavirus cases on Sunday came shortly after Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared a public health emergency for the coronavirus epidemic and announced radical changes for bars and restaurants in the city in an attempt to protect residents.

Boston EMS urges people not to call 911 to request COVID-19 tests. People are asked to call their primary care providers, the mayor’s hotline at 617-534-5050 or the state DPH hotline at 211.

Virus-related symptoms include fever (100.4 ° F or higher), cough, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath.

Do you have coronavirus symptoms and want to get tested? We want to know your experience. Please share contact information with NBC10 Boston investigators here or email


What are the symptoms of coronavirus and what should I do if I have it?


March 15, 2020 5:44:01 PM

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Australia has risen to over 200.

As nations around the world increase their responses to try to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, here are the symptoms of the disease and what you should do if you think you have it.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

The most common symptoms are:

But some people also experience:

  • Aches and pains
  • Nasal congestion
  • A runny nose
  • Burning throat
  • Diarrhea

These symptoms are generally mild and begin gradually.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some people become infected but do not develop any symptoms and do not feel bad.

Experts say that up to 80% of people who receive COVID-19 will recover from the disease without the need for special treatment.

But one in six will become seriously ill and develop breathing difficulties.

The elderly and those with underlying health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breathing problems and hypertension are more likely to develop serious diseases.

Symptoms generally appear three to four days after exposure to the virus, but sometimes up to 14 days later.

Am I at risk?

In Australia, the people most at risk of contracting the virus are those who have recently been in a high risk country or region and people who have been in close contact with someone who has the coronavirus.

If you have returned from a country or region at higher risk for COVID-19, you cannot participate in work if you work in an environment with vulnerable people.

According to the advice of the Federal Health Department, from previous experiences with other coronaviruses we learned that the people most at risk are those with compromised immune systems, such as people with cancer, as well as:

What coronavirus experts say:

OK, I think I have it. What should I do?

If you have coronavirus symptoms, authorities recommend that you consult a doctor.

The first thing to do is to call the coronavirus health information hotline on 1800 020 080.

It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They will tell you if you should go to a clinic connected to a hospital in your area or to your family doctor (be sure to call them before your visit).

They can advise you to go to one of the 100 pop-up and drive-through clinics that have been installed across Australia.

Doctors are now reimbursed for telephone consultations on coronavirus, for those who think they may have it or who have pre-existing health problems and do not want to enter a doctor’s waiting room.

If you need to see your GP, call their office ahead of time to explain your symptoms, travel history and any recent close contact with someone who has COVID-19, so that the practice can prepare for your appointment.

They can also advise if a remote assistance consultation is appropriate.

If you’ve recently been abroad or in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, information on the need to self-isolate is available on the Department of Health website.

It is helpful to check sites like these on a regular basis, as authority information is updated frequently as we learn more about the virus and the number of cases increases.

Do I have to take the test?

Your doctor will decide if you need to run the test, based on the following criteria:

  • If you returned from abroad in the previous 14 days you were not feeling well
  • If you have had close or occasional contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case within the 14 days prior to feeling unwell
  • If you have a fever or an acute respiratory infection (e.g. shortness of breath, cough, sore throat) with or without a fever
  • If you have severe community-acquired pneumonia and no other obvious cause, with or without recent international travel
  • If you are a healthcare professional with direct contact with the patient and you have a fever (above 37.5 degrees) and an acute respiratory infection (e.g. Shortness of breath, cough, sore throat)

The test guidelines are regularly updated as the spread of the virus changes in Australia.

What is the test for COVID-19?

The COVID-19 test can be ordered from a specialized coronavirus clinic, your family doctor or a hospital emergency room.

Test methods can include a blood test, a swab test inside the nose or in the back of the throat or a sputum test, which examines a mix of saliva and mucus.

Your coronavirus questions answered:

How can I avoid coronavirus?

The best way to prevent coronavirus from coming into contact with a contaminated surface is to wash your hands properly and avoid touching your face.

You should also wash your hands:

  • After using the bathroom
  • After coughing or sneezing
  • After taking public transportation
  • Before eating and preparing food
  • After touching the animals
  • When taking care of someone who is sick

If you need to cough, you should cough in your elbow or tissue and dispose of it immediately.



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March 15, 2020 06:25:01


Loss India-iPhone 12: updated cameras, 120Hz display and new design

(MENAFN – NewsBytes) Apple iPhone 12 is equipped with some important hardware updates and welcome changes to the design to address the Galaxy 20 series with specifications.

According to EverythingApplePro, the next generation iPhone will face rivals with an updated triple camera and a new flight time sensor. Other rumors also suggest that the phone will offer a renewed design, 120Hz OLED screen, a larger battery and 5G connectivity.

  • Cameras Updated cameras and a new 3D ToF sensor
  • The iPhone 12 has the tip to maintain the same triple camera while obtaining a new 3D Time-of-Flight sensor that will enhance portraits and offer a better AR experience.

    The 12MP main camera could also be upgraded to a 64MP sensor, while the 12MP ultra wide angle lens aperture could be increased from f / 1.8 to f / 1.6. In addition, all three cameras will now support night mode.

  • Information New iPhones to obtain 120Hz OLED screens
  • According to rumors, the iPhone 12 series is likely to have 120Hz OLED screens. This will be an important feature considering all the new Android flagships, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 and OPPO Find X2 Pro series, with this high refresh rate screen.

  • Larger internal battery and 5G support
  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger 4,400 mAh battery. Therefore, other iPhone 12 models are also expected to have larger batteries than their predecessors.

    Rumors also claim that all new models will be shipped with a 5G modem to allow support for the next generation cellular network. In addition, there are also a new A-series chipset and larger RAM on the cards.

  • Information A thinner notch is also provided
  • A recent rendering of the iPhone 12 concept has revealed that the notch will be relatively smaller and that the edges will also be shaved to offer more screen space. The word is that Apple is trying to reduce the configuration of Face ID by adopting a periscope module.

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    Governor Charlie Baker, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to provide preparation and planning update – NBC Boston

    As the number of cases continues to rise here and across the country, Massachusetts government Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh are slated to provide an update on local preparation and planning on Friday.

    Baker, Walsh, Marylou Sudders, secretary for health and human services, commissioner for public health Monica Bharel and other city and state health officials are expected to hold a press conference at 12:30. at Boston City Hall.

    On Thursday, the Massachusetts Public Health Department confirmed a third possible coronavirus case in the state. A woman in Middlesex county in her sixties who recently traveled to northern Italy has a presumptive case of COVID-19.

    Health officials say a Tennessee man who tested positive for coronavirus traveled through Boston airport.

    Earlier Thursday, hospital officials said they confirmed that a patient who had entered Norwell’s South Shore Medical Center had an alleged positive coronavirus case. It was not immediately clear whether this was the same case. Norwell is located in the county of Plymouth.

    Previously, public health officials recognized a confirmed case in a UMass Boston student who had traveled to Wuhan, China, and an alleged positive case involving a 20-year-old woman living in Norfolk County who had recently returned. from Italy with a school group.

    Rhode Island and New Hampshire also had two suspected positive cases each.

    Several local restaurants claim to be struggling with the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

    Biogen announced on Thursday that three people who attended a corporate meeting in Boston last week have tested positive for the virus.

    And Tennessee health officials announced that a 44-year-old man diagnosed with that state’s first coronavirus case had recently flown to Boston Logan International Airport on a round-trip flight from Nashville International Airport. They said it was asymptomatic during the trip.


    How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone and Android phones




    The dark mode of WhatsApp officially reached all mobile devices, both iOS how Android, this same week. After a long development process, the application has managed to output one of its most anticipated features, whose main purpose is to reduce the user’s eye strain in low light situations.

    In order to use the functionality, the first thing you should do is check if your mobile device is updated in a compatible version. And, the dark mode is only available for those phones that have iOS 13, in the case of the iPhone, and Android 10, in the other brands.

    Once you have updated your operating system, dark mode may not be available in the application. To solve the problem, you must go to the App Store, in the case of iPhone terminals, or Google Store, in the Android. There you will have to find the application and click on it. Then, you will see how you find the option of «to update». Once you press, and finish the download, it will have the functionality.

    How to set the dark mode on Android

    If you have an Android device, you can set the dark mode directly from the application. Just open it and click on it. three point icon that you can see in the upper right corner of the screen. After this, you will see that several options are displayed, however, you should go to the last one, in which it says «Settings».

    From there, you will have to go to «Chats»And then select«Topic». Once this is done, you can choose between “Default by the system” (the dark mode will jump in the low light hours), Light (the normal mode) and dark.

    WhatsApp dark mode on Android phones
    WhatsApp dark mode on Android phones

    How to set the dark mode on iPhone

    In the case of devices with iOS operating system, the user cannot set the dark mode from inside the “app”. On the contrary, dYou should go to the “Settings” application and look from within the option of «Screen and brightness». There you will see that you can set the dark mode to activate automatically, or You can customize the functionality according to a schedule of your liking.

    WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone mobiles
    WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone mobiles


    The private peninsula school closes after contact with staff member coronavirus – NBC Bay Area

    Menlo School, a private campus in Atherton, closed Wednesday and will remain closed all weekend after a staff member made contact with a coronavirus positive relative, according to a high school official.

    Head of school Than Healy sent a letter to the Menlo school community on Wednesday, saying that in part all school-related activities will be canceled, including lessons, athletics, arts, clubs and organized trips.

    “During the closure, we will continue to work with the health departments and gain a better understanding of our employees’ situation. We have also started a cleaning service and will use the time to thoroughly clean the entire campus,” Healy wrote. “Although it is not our intention to cause an alarm or undue interruption to the learning of our students, the School has decided to act conservatively and in the best interest of the members of our community in announcing this closure.”

    Healy added that the school will provide an update later Wednesday.


    Anthony Davis leads the LeBron-Less Lakers for the seventh consecutive victory – NBC Los Angeles

    With LeBron James put aside, Anthony Davis knew he had to do a little more – everyone had to do a little more to fix it.

    Davis scored 23 points and six rebounds in three quarters and the Los Angeles Lakers won their seventh game in a row and the NBA 18 in a row on the road against the Western Conference, beating the Golden State Warriors 116-86 plagued by injuries 116-86 without King James.

    It meant taking better care of the ball in the second half and bringing energy to both ends.

    “LeBron, when he’s out, is taking a lot of the things we do, so it’s up to all of us to make sure we fill in those gaps, and I think we did it tonight,” Davis said.

    Rajon Rondo started in James’s place and contributed 12 points and six assists, while Los Angeles turned him into a 40-17 third quarter defeat. James sat outside due to recurring pain in his problematic left groin.

    Davis fired 6 by 13, made 10 of the 12 free throws and also had a couple of blocked and stolen shots for the Lakers, whose 12 bills in the first half allowed the Warriors to keep him close. Kyle Kuzma added 18 points from the bench.

    Rookie Eric Paschall scored 23 points off the bench for his eleventh 20-point game and Jordan Poole had 16 in the Warriors’ eighth consecutive defeat both overall and at home in the new Chase Center. Poole limped with 5:44 remaining in the third after rolling his right ankle, then returned after registering it, but briefly left Golden State with eight players available, two of them with 10-day contracts.

    Golden State guard Ky Bowman came down with 1:11 to play and was helped.

    The return of the Golden State striker Draymond Green from an absence of two games with a bruise in his right pelvic area was short: he was sent off 5:45 before the interval in his second technician just 11 seconds from his first at 5:56 am.

    Golden State also lost Andrew Wiggins, a late scratch with spasms in the upper back. The Warriors resisted early but were unable to stay with the Lakers as they did in Los Angeles’ 125-120 victory here on February 8.

    And if it couldn’t get any worse for the home team, beloved super-sub Lakers Alex Caruso drew the late MVP delays as the arena emptied quickly.

    This losing streak is taking place on Warriors.

    “We have to win a game,” said coach Steve Kerr. “We need to win a game every now and then to feel better about things. We are in a bad stretch right now. It’s hard.”


    James had already been banned on Wednesday and coach Frank Vogel said that after the game a decision on James’s status would come Saturday morning before a game in Memphis that night.

    “I’m just dealing with a little pain. There are still two days to go, “said Vogel.

    James, who lost 27 games last season while breastfeeding the tender groin that injured Christmas Day 2018 at the Golden State, scored 40 points in Tuesday’s home season against Zion Williamson and the pelicans.

    Kerr can see James as an example of a superstar taking him to a new level after a full offseason given that the Lakers star had played in eight consecutive NBA finals before last year.

    Golden State has reached five consecutive finals, but not this season – so players like Stephen Curry, Green and Klay Thompson can benefit from prolonged rest.

    “Looking at LeBron, he looks refreshed, he seems recharged. The idea of ​​eight consecutive finals is crazy when you think of five here and what has been done and how our players have felt last year and the injuries they have hit, “said Kerr. “When everything is said and done, I think our kids should feel refreshed, refreshed and ready to go by next year’s training camp. I hope so. LeBron is also LeBron. It built differently than most people. “


    Lakers: The Lakers have won their first three games with one left on April 7 in Los Angeles. This marks their first win in the season series against Golden State since they went 3-1 in the 2012-13 season and the first time the Lakers have won both games on the Warriors home floor since they swept all four started in 2011-12. … Los Angeles improved overall 18-1 from the Staples Center against the West, having lost its forerunner “road” on October 22 against the Clippers at the Staples Center. The Lakers have won their fourth consecutive road game to improve to 24-5 in the season.

    Warriors: The Warriors used its 29th different lineup, most in one season from a franchise record 49 in 2009-10. … Golden State is planning an update on Saturday about Curry’s status, which has long targeted Sunday’s home game against the Magicians as a return date from a broken left hand – and if it does, it will have lost 56 games since when he hurt himself against Soli on 30 October. … The Warriors went down to 7-23 at home and 5-16 against the West. … Golden State had won 12 of their previous 14 home games against the Lakers. … The Warriors signed G Mychal Mulder with a 10 day contract.


    Lakers: At Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night looking for a 4-0 season before a quick turnaround to play Sunday in New Orleans. The Lakers are 8-0 this season when they play consecutive days on the road.

    Warriors: to the Phoenix Suns on Saturday after losing their last in the desert, 112-106 on February 12. This marks the start of the team’s seventh back-to-back set this season.