Charles de Gaulle airport in Roissy idles

REPORT – Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, 90,000 staff and travelers are trying not to fall into paranoia. They adapt their behavior.

Passengers wear a protective mask upon arrival at Roissy.
Passengers wear a protective mask upon arrival at Roissy. GONZALO FUENTES / X02443

Walking around Terminal 2E, it feels like you are in the streets of Tokyo or Beijing. The masks worn by many travelers about to record for long-haul are a reminder of the threat. Everyone goes there with their equipment to protect themselves from the coronavirus: surgical or site masks, with or without filter, white or black, or improvised scarves in mufflers.

Isabelle, a sixty-something woman who is going home to Cotonou, plans to wear hers until her arrival. Her son Handy disinfects her hands. “You have to continue living normally, you cannot stay confined, he says. But as I pushed the cart and went through the airport, I followed the hygiene guidelines. We must remain vigilant. ”

At the pharmacy, sales of 9.90 euros masks are soaring, as are sales of hydroalcoholic lotions bought by almost all customers of the nearby Relay store. “People are flocking to disinfectants, some buy six or eight, specifies Léanne, employee

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Evangelical gathering spreads coronavirus in France

While cases of Covid-19 continue to appear everywhere in France, special attention is paid to Alsace, this Thursday, where a new epidemic focus has been identified.

From February 17 to 24, a religious gathering was held in an evangelical church in Mulhouse “Christian open doors” where nearly 2,500 faithful from all over France and some neighboring countries such as Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, went to pray and fast together.

The story could have ended there if several of the faithful, on their return, had not suffered from “abnormal” flu symptoms. After testing, it turned out to be coronavirus. Several dozen are now infected across the country.

2500 people in the wild

To participate in this religious week organized for 25 years, it was not necessary for the faithful to register beforehand. No list of participants has therefore been drawn up. And this is what constitutes the whole puzzle that the authorities must now face. They need to identify some 2,500 people, possibly infected with the coronavirus and likely to transmit it on a large scale.

“There is a lot of sharing, it is a context conducive to contamination” explained to AFP Wednesday doctor Dr Jonathan Peterschmitt, son of the pastor of the evangelical church. And Nathalie Schnoebelen, communications officer for the Mulhouse church, added: “When we pray together, we can hold hands”, stressing that at that time, precautions related to the virus were not yet in order.

On Wednesday, the prefect of Haut-Rhin, at a press conference, announced the contamination of at least 10 people in the department, in connection with the event in January.

Thursday, dozens of new cases, still related to the Lenten week in Mulhouse, emerged all over France and even beyond. Thus, three people tested positive in Corsica on Thursday afternoon, we learned in a press release from the regional health agency (ARS).

In the Hautes-Alpes, in Briançon, three faithful returning from Mulhouse were also infected when at the same time, at the other end of France, two other cases were taken care of at the Center Hospitalier de Saint-Lô , in the English Channel.

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Today, very few regions are spared. Other cases have been confirmed in Val-de-Marne, in the Paris region – where the CGT-RATP announced that an RATP employee was infected -, in Indre-et-Loire, in the Puy de Dôme, in the South-West, in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and even in Guyana where the prefect has announced the first five cases and the closure of ten classes.

Several people were hospitalized, including a 73-year-old woman in a worrying state in the infectious diseases department of the Tours teaching hospital.

Tuesday evening, the weekly worship service Christian Open Door did not take place within the church but was published on the internet in order to avoid any risk of further contamination.


March 5, 2020, the day when France emitted more carbon than it captures in a year

Inspired by the “overshoot day” proposed each year by the organization Global Footprint Network, which calculates the date the Earth lives on credit, when humanity consumed all the resources generated by the planet in one year, four NGOs (The affair of the century, Greenpeace-France, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation and Oxfam-France) have just created the “day of disorder”. This date corresponds to the time of year when France is no longer carbon neutral. In other words, the country’s emissions are no longer offset by the capture of CO2 by farmland, trees, plants and streams. In 2020, this date of deregulation falls on March 5. “In two months and five days, France emitted all of the greenhouse gases it could emit in one year if it met its carbon neutrality target”, specify the NGOs.

Carbon neutrality expected in 2050

The objective of “carbon neutrality” was set at 2050 by the energy-climate law, promulgated last year. By this deadline, greenhouse gas emissions will have to be below 80 million tonnes of CO2e (“e” for “equivalent”, which makes it possible to take into account the impact of all the gases to greenhouse like methane). Using this target for 2050, the independent consulting firm Carbone 4, specialized in the energy transition, has “Used official government figures, explains Cécile Ostria from the Nicolas Hulot Foundation. Then they used the 2017 emission figures, seasonally adjusted, and extrapolated the 2020 emissions. ”. “These results were obtained by following the trend from 2011 to 2017”, specifies César Dugast, senior consultant at Carbone 4. This is how the date of March 5 was calculated.

Reduction of 6million tonnes of CO2per year

Thanks to reductions in national emissions that have already been initiated, the date has been delayed by three days in four years. The rate of decrease is around 6 million tonnes of CO2 per year. “But it’s not enough. At this rate we will reach carbon neutrality in 2085, not in 2050 ”, specifies Jean-François Julliard, director general of Greenpeace-France.

This exercise will be repeated every year. “In order to measure the difference between speeches and actions. Because there are so many words about ecological matters », deplores Cécile Duflot, Executive Director Oxfam-France, who recalls that a quarter of the reductions required by 2050 will come from changes in the behavior of citizens and “For 75% of public policies for transport, building, real estate and agriculture”.


Insulted, Tottenham player Eric Dier rushes into the stands to explain with his attacker

At the final whistle of the English Cup match against Norwich, the Tottenham player stepped over several rows of seats in the gallery before battling it out with a supporter.

Tottenham had a terrible night on Wednesday at the Premier League’s red lantern, Norwich, when they were knocked out of the FA Cup at the knockout stages (1-1, 3-2 n.a.). The trip went particularly bad for Eric Dier, the Spurs’ defensive midfielder. At the final whistle, the 26-year-old international rushed to a rostrum before stepping over several rows of seats and coming to explain himself with a supporter. Several members of security intervened to end the heated exchange between the two men. A sequence widely used on social networks.

According to Tottenham coach José Mourinho, the spectator would have insulted Dier’s “brother” in the stands (another version of racist insults against Gedson Fernandes who missed his shot). The Portuguese coach did not excuse the attitude of the player but still wanted to defend himself at a press conference. “When someone insults you and your family who is there, and they find themselves mixed up with this person who insults you, in this case his little brother, Eric did what a professional should not do but, I repeat, what we would all probably do. I am with the player and I understand him ”, explained the“ Special One ”.

And incident, which recalls Neymar’s bloodstroke against a spectator who had insulted the players of Paris SG during the presentation of the trophies of the last Coupe de France, or, to a lesser extent, the kung fu kick Eric Cantona in 1995 on a supporter of Crystal Palace is to be investigated by the English Football Federation.


Southeast Asia belatedly mobilizes in response to coronavirus

Caught up in the Covid-19 epidemic, the fragile states of Southeast Asia have to face serious economic and political consequences.

Passengers at Jakarta airport on March 5, 2020.
Passengers at Jakarta airport on March 5, 2020. WILLY KURNIAWAN / REUTERS

Correspondent in Beijing,

In Jakarta, “Jokowi” has finally lifted the taboo of the coronavirus, which hung over the huge archipelago. Monday, March 2, the Indonesian president, with the false airs of Barack Obama, announced himself the news that nobody wanted to hear. Joko Widodo acknowledged the existence of two patients infected with Covid-19 in the fourth most populous country in the world. The “case N ° 1 and 2Are a Javanese mother and daughter who contracted the virus through a Japanese man visiting the capital last month.

Immediately, the news spreads on social networks and long queues are formed in the supermarkets, where the inhabitants of the upscale districts of the immense metropolis make stocks. Do not panic, but the anxiety settles in broad daylight in the “big durian“, The nickname of the sprawling capital. The president said he was confident in Indonesia’s ability to meet the challenge of the coronavirus and sounded the mobilization of its administration. “We have prepared more

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Afghanistan fights near coronavirus explosion near Iran

REPORTAGE – At least 3000 people transit illegally every day between the two countries.

Through Margaux Benn

Distribution of masks on February 26 in the province of Herat, the main potential source of the virus in Afghanistan due to its proximity to Iran.
Distribution of masks on February 26 in the province of Herat, the main potential source of the virus in Afghanistan due to its proximity to Iran. HOSHANG HASHIMI / AFP


At the National Center for Public Health, Doctor Nasir Ahmad Stanikzai puts on a covering apron, a hair net, a surgical mask, gloves and shoe protections before crossing a door marked with the sign “Biological danger.” The laboratory, which occupies a dismal building with dilapidated walls, is the only one in Afghanistan able to process tests for the detection of coronavirus. It has only three RT-PCR machines, which analyze samples sent from hospitals across the country. “For now, we’re holding on,” the scientist smiles, observing absent-mindedly from the laboratory workers in sterile clothes and protective glasses, who handle samples behind a transparent glass. “But until when?”

According to the Ministry of Health, only one person has contracted coronavirus in Afghanistan so far. Another 81 cases are suspected, and the patients have been quarantined. Authorities fear explosion

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When the electro causes serious concerns for the Théâtre du Châtelet

The first of Room with a view, show designed by the king of electro Rone at Châtelet Theater Thursday, March 5, is threatened.

Officially, it’s the party for this show scheduled every evening until March 14. Behind the scenes, the doors slam and the crisis meetings around noise pollution are multiplying. Wednesday, March 4, the Prefecture took up the case. After having convened this morning, the theater management, the head of the prefecture’s studies and control department, decided to go on site with an acoustics expert. A so-called emergence (felt sounds) study took place in the afternoon. According to our information, the acoustics expert will return this Wednesday evening to measure the sound again during the general performance of the show.

At the end of this double test, he will submit a report. Several options are possible. In the best of cases, the creators of the show agree to lower the sound and install a “monitor” which limits the source of the sound frequencies. In the worst case, the theater faces a possible cancellation of the show.

Since the Theater is not used to playing this type of music with a muffled sound and bass, the noise problems are legion. A bailiff’s report was made on February 25 at the request of the adjoining hotel, the Victoria. Its owner also deposited a handrail on March 2. She has already mandated a bailiff for Thursday March 5 if the first takes place.

For years, this municipal theater has been a bourgeois place, a setting of reference for musicals worthy of Broadway. Since the arrival of a new direction appointed by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, his artistic turn to attract a younger and trendy clientele is paying a high price.

In November, a chandelier was damaged in the grand foyer of the theater because of the revelers who jumped in groups in this 19th century place classified as a historic monument. Since then, noise problems have taken precedence. Paris is a particularly dense city, the problems of noise are recurrent. You just don’t expect them from a big Parisian theater.

The troubles between the Victoria and the theater began this fall with the partnership between the management of the Châtelet and the night king, Arnaud Frisch, at the head of the Silencio. The theater and the hotel share the same building, property of the Paris City Hall, avenue Victoria. The installation of an ephemeral nightclub called Joséphine has turned into a nightmare for hotel guests.

These nuisances may ruin my business

Corinne Maes-Place, owner of the Victoria Hotel

From midnight to dawn, the nightclubbers pass by a staircase adjoining the hotel rooms. But above all, the sound propagates. “The director of the Châtelet came to see it for himself at two in the morning, says Corinne Maes-Place, owner of this family-run 24-room establishment with regular business travelers who pay between 150 and 180 euros per night. During recent works which cost 31.5 million euros and lasted more than two years, the theater was not soundproofed, she regrets. Creating a “box in the box” like at la Gaité Lyrique would have made it possible to contain the infrabass and avoid any hassles.

According to Corinne Maes-Place, the management of the Châtelet undertook on 8 November that the noise nuisance should stop. However, on December 27, 28 and 31, the Joséphine nightclub reopens. Hotel guests keep increasing complaints and unpleasant reviews online. Rebelote on January 23 with the parade Jean paul Gaultier and from February 23 when rehearsals begin Room with a view from Rone.

“Everything is shaking, right down to the false ceiling fixings. Having a conversation becomes complicated ”, writes the bailiff. “For director Ruth Mackenzie and co-director Thomas Lauriot dit Prévost, there will be no consequences. This could ruin my business ”.

The “Mister Music” of the town hall came to see the problem several times. But the subject has moved into the background of the campaign for municipal elections. For several days, the owner has had no news. Requested by Le Figaro, the management of the Théâtre du Châtelet declined to comment.


Why will Lyon-PSG be played at an unusual time?

France Télévisions did not wish to modify its programming to advance the shock of the semi-finals of the Coupe de France between Lyon and Paris SG at 9:10 p.m.

The semi-final between Lyon and Paris SG could, if it is played with extra time and penalty shootout, end around midnight on Wednesday evening. Broadcast on France 2and commented on our site, the poster for the last four of the Coupe de France at Groupama Stadium will start at a particularly late hour since the kick-off will be given at 9.10 p.m. This is also the case each time the public service retransmits a meeting. Lyon-OM in the quarterfinals, for example, started at 9:05 p.m. on February 12.

The group France Televisions did not wish to shake up its usual schedule of programs for this Lyon-Paris SG. The 8 p.m. diary will end at 8:35 p.m. and will be followed by the 138th episode of “So Big A Sun”, a series that ends twenty-five minutes later. France 2will take the air a few minutes before the start of the match at 9:00 p.m.

Thomas Tuchel unhappy with late hours

This late schedule may not please Thomas Tuchel a few days before the Champions League round of 16 return against Dortmund. The coach of Paris SG complained about the kick-off given at 9:00 p.m. for the late match of the 15th day between the club of the capital and Monaco while thinking of young viewers.

“For me, it’s too late to play at 9 p.m. I can do coaching at 9 p.m. But I know a lot of young supporters in my daughters’ school who cannot watch the Paris-Saint-Germain matches. They are big supporters of PSG, they are ten years old, eight years old, six years old, eleven years old … they never watch a match, never never, because it is not possible, they have to sleep to go to school. ‘school’, had dropped at the time the German coach who would therefore sign with both hands to avoid a prolongation and an uncertain penalty shootout at Décines this Wednesday evening.


general practitioners poorly equipped to deal with the epidemic

The Liberals will finally be able to get surgical masks from pharmacies. But they will have to do without FFP2 masks.

In a waiting room of a general practitioner in Paris.
In a waiting room of a general practitioner in Paris. Riccardo Milani / Riccardo Milani

While France passed the bar of 200 confirmed cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, general practitioners feel helpless and uninformed in the face of the epidemic. “We are on the front line and we are naked!“Exclaims the Dr Jean-Paul Hamon, general practitioner at Clamart and president of the Federation of Doctors of France (FMF). “Doctors are annoyed by the lack of anticipation. Masks should already have been delivered a fortnight ago, we would also need protective glasses and disposable gowns“He continues. None of this has happened in city offices. “All FFP2 respiratory masks (the most protective, Editor’s note) were donated to hospitals. As usual, the authorities forgot the Liberals! ”, regret the Dr Philippe Vermersch, President of the Union of Liberal Physicians (SML).

Tuesday, while France recorded a fourth death (a nonagenarian from Morbihan), Emmanuel Macron announced the requisition of stocks and production of masks. Ten millions

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