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Updated on 03/29/2020 at 23:10 One of the most curious things that exist on your smartphone. WhatsApp It is the application that many are using during quarantine in order not to leave home and avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Through video calls, anyone can communicate with their friends, coworkers, family, etc. Definitely, WhatsApp It […]

A dye and 8 tricks to dye your hair at home and look good on you | Showcase

After a first hint of allowing hairdressers to remain open during the state of alarm with the aim of serving people who cannot wash their hair alone at home, the Government finally decided that only the service of hairdressing at home. So, keep this slogan in mind and remember that you can contact the professionals […]

15 products (and 3 tricks) to better care for your curly hair | Showcase

In Europe, 45% of the population has straight hair, 40% wavy and the remaining 15% what is called “closed curl”, as our colleagues from Buena Vida explained. And yes, this type of hair needs special care. Not necessarily older, but oriented to protect and keep that special curl beautiful. That is why hair product brands […]

The trick to prevent my «smartphone» from knowing where I am at all times

ABC TECHNOLOGY Madrid Updated:03/15/2020 01: 57h save Related news The “smartphones»Have completely transformed the user’s life. If you remember, you will remember how, about 10 years ago, your mobile device did not have WhatsApp nor possibly Internet connection. Now, with the “boom” of the Internet of Things, terminals store absolutely all of their owner’s life […]

The trick to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

ABC TECHNOLOGY Madrid Updated:03/12/2020 11: 21h save Related news WhatsApp It has transformed the way we communicate with our family and friends. However, the messaging application does not rest on its laurels and continues to adopt new features every so often. Among the latter we find the adoption of the dark mode on all devices, […]

the trick to always get to work at your time

ABC TECHNOLOGY Madrid Updated:03/10/2020 09: 43h save Related news Google Maps It is one of the tools most used by users on a daily basis. The platform, which already has 15 years, not only has he become the place of consultation from any address, but also in one of the most popular browsers on the […]

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One of the things you should always configure or read everything you write. WhatsApp It is one of the fast messaging applications that has gained popularity in recent years. Through it you can not only send a series of texts, but also share images, videos, PDF and Word files, GIFs, emoticons and even the funniest […]