unions call for mobilizations Tuesday against use of 49.3

The intersyndicale, which met this morning, also calls for more local gatherings this Monday. Through Le Figaro with AFP Unions demonstrating on February 20 in Paris. MARTIN BUREAU / AFP After the government’s decision to use article 49-3 of the Constitution, the trade union organizations, opposed to the pension reform, call “to organize demonstrations in […]

a few thousand people express their anger at the use of 49-3

“Neither god nor king nor 49-3“. Retirees, casual shirts, teachers, students … Several hundred people gathered at Place de la République in Paris this Monday at the end of the day. The demonstrators were mobilized against the pension reform – and the use of 49-3 – at the call of the inter-union. An intersyndicale – […]

FO leaves funding conference

The Prime Minister is steadfast on his positions in pension reform. After announcing on Saturday the use of 49-3 to have the text adopted without a vote in the National Assembly, he sent a letter to the social partners in which he reaffirms his desire to use an age measure to balance the system . […]

Can employees exercise their right of withdrawal from the coronavirus?

They found the door closed: for two days, tourists must give up visiting the Louvre museum. The site is indeed closed due to the right of withdrawal claimed by employees, who fear the spread of the coronavirus. But what is the right of withdrawal, and in what context can employees exercise it? Le Figaro make […]

the main changes made by MPs and the government

FOCUS – Several amendments from the right, the left and the center have been incorporated into the bill. Le Figaro lists the major changes in the reform. Thanks to the additions to the bill, mothers will be allocated 2.5% more points from the birth of the first child. 185758984 / rh2010 – stock.adobe.com The Prime […]

mobilization is possible “from next week”

“Lost opportunity“For the CFDT,”deeply outrageous“According to the CGT,”unacceptableIn the eyes of FO: whether they are rather favorable or hostile to the pension reform, the unions deplored Saturday, February 29, the use of article 49-3 of the Constitution. See also – Pension reform: Édouard Philippe announces the use of 49-3 Philippe Martinez of the CGT told […]

what will happen after the 49-3 announcement?

The announcement shook the benches of the Assembly. At the end of the afternoon, Saturday, February 29, Édouard Philippe took responsibility for his government, ending the laborious discussions that had been held in the Hemicycle for two weeks. The pension reform project will therefore not be voted on but directly adopted at first reading, as […]

Édouard Philippe invites the social partners to “further develop the bill”

Édouard Philippe invites the social partners to “still evolve the text of the bill“On the pension reform, in particular on the arduousness, and indicates that it will otherwise take its”responsibilities», In a letter sent after the appeal on Saturday to article 49-3 of the Constitution. “The end of debates at first reading in the National […]

what are the rights and duties of quarantined employees?

People who have traveled to a risk area are asked to stay at home due to the spread of Covid-19. Employees who return from countries at risk, even for leisure, or who have been in contact with the sick, are requested to notify their employer and stay at home for 14 days. These are the […]

The calculation of unemployment benefits will change on April 1

According to forecasts made by Unedic before the reform, 1.32 million people are affected by the new formula. From 1st Next April, job seekers will know the new amount of the benefit. Roland LETSCHER / herreneck – stock.adobe.com Since 1st November 2019, job seekers know the conditions on which they can claim unemployment benefits. From […]