Crisis aid: bus travel industry calls for corona soli

Nno more rolls. Instead of driving through Swiss valleys, in the Spreewald or around Lake Garda, the buses of the 3000 member companies of the RDA bus travel association are in the depots. There is a long standstill in the corona crisis. “As bus tour operators, we fear that we will be the last to […]

Why it is worth buying shares despite the Corona crisis

Whe thing that has been happening on the stock exchanges lately is bound to drive you crazy. A few weeks ago, stock indices such as the Dax were higher than ever, investors were extremely complacent and ignored the emerging risks. Then the corona virus spread further and there followed a crash as rapid as the […]

Federal government promises Tui KfW loan of 1.8 billion euros

Tui The group should get a loan because of the slump in sales in the corona crisis. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf The travel company Tui, which had financial difficulties due to the corona crisis, takes the first hurdle for the bridging loan application. The Federal Government announced 1.8 billion euros in funds to come from the […]

Holidays in Corona times: cancel or rebook?

DIs 2020 going to be a summer without vacation trips? Many Germans are asking themselves this question. In any case, those wishing to travel must be flexible this year when it comes to planning. Even if the curfews currently applicable nationwide are relaxed or lifted – the Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel […]

More applications than ever: Short-time worker wave in Germany

I.In view of the Corona crisis, more and more companies are sending thousands of employees on short-time work, including large industrial groups such as Volkswagen, Bosch, Continental, MAN, Thyssen-Krupp, Lufthansa, Puma, Adidas and Tui. Daimler also announced on Thursday that it would send most of its employees on short-time work, initially for a limited period […]

Tourism groups put the travel agencies in the checkout

Dusseldorf Martin Cyrus Nurischad, head of a four-person travel agency in Rennerod, Westerwald, is hardly to be envied for his current situation. He recently had to cancel a fully organized trip to Iran at a high loss, the business of the medium-sized company has ceased for days and the office is orphaned. But he hopes […]

How well are Germany’s companies prepared?

BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen stop large parts of their car production. The world’s largest tourism group Tui no longer sends vacationers on vacation. The Lufthansa flies only five percent of their program. Messages unthinkable just a few weeks ago are almost part of everyday life. The fight against lung disease Covid-19 triggers a supply and […]

Travel companies call the state for help because of the Corona crisis

Tui machine If providers like Tui slip into bankruptcy, the state could face payments in the hundreds of millions. (Photo: NurPhoto / Getty Images) Dusseldorf The world’s largest tour operator Tui is not alone in applying for government aid in Germany. Competitor FTI Touristik, which generated 4.2 billion euros in the past financial year and […]