These Germans are allowed from Monday to Mallorca

Ssix weeks ago, that Peggy Welkener, 70, your life’s dream to meet and to Mallorca to emigrate wanted to. Your apartment in Flein, near Heilbronn, Germany had terminated to the end of March, a new apartment in Can Picafort, in the North-East of the island where it was rented. For the 29. In March they had booked a eurowings flight, but the corona is cancelled due four days prior to the scheduled Start time. First of all, Welkener lived with friends for six weeks, she now lives in the Hotel “sun” in Talheim, Germany.

Katrin Hummel

Editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

Hans-Christian Rößler

But next week, it is finally so far: On Thursday you will fly with Tuifly to Mallorca, and then you can go and, hopefully, unhindered in their new apartment without having to for 14 days in home quarantine in Spain actually still for immigrants; according to the previous plans, the limits will only be back on 1. July opened.

Welkener is but one of nearly 11 000 German tourists, participants of a pilot project that may travel next week, without this essential restriction on the Balearic Islands. They all benefit from a derogation: In the airplane you will need to fill out a form about their health condition, after landing her body temperature is measured. Later, the Balearic health authorities contact them and ask to be in. Only anyone who displays symptoms, will be tested and in case of a positive result in a property brought to the regional government.

This rule also applies to you, know Welkener only for three days: “I have read in the Newsletter of the Mallorca magazine’ that all the flights whose flight numbers begin with a ,X3′, authorized flights are and exception,” she says. That’s why she is now sure that you will not be sent back at the airport, and is full of anticipation.

In Spain, the enthusiasm about the return of the German tourists are, however, not because the Locals can find 1 in your country is still expected to to to. July not free to move. “We had a week long-not even on our own residential street walking,” says Sabina Ostermann, a German from Braunschweig, who has been living for 29 years in the vicinity of Santa Margalida in Mallorca. Only been 14 days since the Restaurants have opened again and now the beaches are filled with Locals, because who lives in Madrid or Barcelona, can dream of a bath at the Playa de Palma only. Contemplative it is at the moment, life on the island, “because you don’t hear at every table, in German,” says Ostermann. She’s afraid that the infection rates are now rising again, because the tourists bring Corona: “Then we are all locked up again. We find the actions of the regional government of disrespectful.“

The pilot project, around half a dozen Hotels are involved, to actually help figure out whether the Islands are well prepared for the first major tourist rush in July. That’s why some tour operators, for example, the “schauinsland-reisen send”, with the authorized flights currently no tourists, but only employees to Mallorca to test all the processes.


Fund investors in Europe are pulling record amounts of money

Pimco headquarters in California

As a bond house, Pimco has benefited greatly from the boom in this asset class in recent years.

(Photo: Pimco)

Frankfurt A cartel of silence dominates the European fund market. None of the big asset managers want to talk about the massive escape of investors from the products. In March, customers in Europe withdrew a total of 232 billion euros from funds because of the corona panic in the markets – more than ever before.

The number is based on the latest estimates from the rating agency Morningstar for the Handelsblatt. It is significantly higher than the data published a little more than a week ago. “The number should also continue to rise because we still lack information from some funds,” says Morningstar analyst Ali Masarwah.

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Mandatory use of mouthguards in Coahuila due to coronavirus: Miguel Riquelme

Too indicated that they will increase the filters of sanitary inspection in the municipalities, to restrict traffic only between people with a real need to leave their homes, and did not rule out sanctions being applied to people who fail to comply with these new preventive measures in the state.

“There are still people on the street, a place that for some reason is open, there are the people. If you leave a taco stand open, at this time it is full and with people who are not careful nor do they keep the recommended distance or necessary, that is the reality and we are going to toughen up the actions, I say it with all respect and with the responsibility that I have as governor of the state, we are going to stiffen up the actions so that people take shelter at home, “and He commented that it will be in the next few hours when necessary measures are taken to stop.

It should be noted that this prevention measure (mandatory use of a mouthpiece) was applied in the city of Monclova, as it is the municipality with the highest number of positive, suspected cases and deaths from coronavirus.


These are some benefits that medical personnel that join the Federal Government will have

* Training to attend to those infected with SARS-CoV-2 by the best specialists in the country

* In the case of general practitioners, those who participate in the program will receive two points in their Examination for Aspirants to Medical Residences

“This is not a gift, it is an element of knowledge that in those six months (general practitioners) will be dedicated body and soul to the care of patients,” said Robledo.

* Christmas bonus and a vacation bonus

In the case of IMSSThe doctors and nurses who respond to the call will also have medical and dental assistance as well as support for cultural activities.

On the other hand, Alejandro Svarch, head of the National Medical Coordination of the Institute of Health for Well-being (Insabi), He pointed out that the call ‘Mexico against COVID-19 seeks to cover a deficit of 6,600 doctors and 12,300 nurses.


Coahuila announces a thousand mp bag for COVID-19 contingency and purchase of equipment to carry out more tests

“And 200 million for the purchase of supplies for the contingency: sanitation tunnels, mobile hospitals, vehicles for taking samples in the different regions,” Riquelme explained.

The state president explained that currently Coahuila has a capacity of 200 tests per day to detect the COVID-19 virus, and that it seeks to multiply with the purchase of the equipment this week.

“We have purchased a kit for the PCR tests. Right now we are buying a team for Saltillo, Monclova, Piedras Negras, Torreón and the Carboniferous Region. That will help us to have 600 tests a day, in a time of three or four hours. They will be starting on Friday. Right now we have capacity for 200 a day, ”he explained.

On whether the tests were accredited by the Federal Government, the Secretary of State for Health, Roberto Bernal, only mentioned that they were accredited by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The governor also indicated that they will install filters at the main entrances and exits of the State. He even announced that he will start a media campaign to ask the countrymen who live in the United States not to come to the entity for the time being.

“With our population that has people working in our neighboring country, so that they extend their visit to our entity this time,” he said.

After the conference, the governor pointed out that they were about 86 thousand countrymen who are in the United States and who come to Coahuila.


‘There will be no Dry Law in Coahuila’ Governor indicates possible change of schedule for the sale of alcohol

The Governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solis reported during the State Board of Health that in the state there will be no Ñey Seca during the coronavirus quarantine (COVID-19), as has been done in some states of the country.

“There was total chaos yesterday, there will be no Dry Law, but by regions we are going to define the hours that we must have,” said the Governor.


Director of clinic 7 of the IMSS of Monclova dismissed after 42 infections

Mourned the doctor’s death Gualberto Reyes, who was the second victim of COVID-19 in the entity, and said that another point is to keep track of the suspected cases of COVID-19 that are in the hospital as well as the contacts made by positive patients to prevent the spread of the virus among the community.

He clarified that there will no longer be a problem of supplies, since protective suits have already arrived for medical and nursing personnel who treat patients suspected or positive of cOronaviruses have already reached Coahuila and will be distributed in the various clinics.

He said that in Monclova the provision of 50 ventilators is contemplated so that in the event that patients with extreme problems are hospitalized and require mechanical ventilation, they have the team to support them.

He clarified that at the moment there is only the case of two hospitalized coronavirus positive patients, all the others are isolated at home.

Finally he commented that the doctor Ulises Mendoza, will leave the address and will be replaced by Dr. Víctor Manuel Hernández Barbachano.

Governor Miguel Riquelme regretted the death of Dr. Gualberto Reyes and mentioned that all the demand will be put in place so that this type of situation does not happen again.

“The doctors and nurses have all our respect, all our support and all our recognition, what we seek today is that they work in the best conditions.”

Yesterday in Coahuila eight new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were presented, six of these in Monclova and 2 in Piedras Negras, so the figure in the State reached 64 cases that have left two deaths.


AMLO rejects laboratory of the Nobel Prize in Medicine to detect COVID-19

The argument is that they were not authorized by Cofepris, but there was more background. A senior official at the Ministry of Health confided it to an official at one of the public hospitals, when it was suggested that the government could do whatever tests were needed to do an early detection of the virus.

They were not going to authorize its manufacture because it contravened the policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who did not want evidence from the population, because he did not believe that the pandemic was real.

His public attitude, denying the reality posed by the World Health Organization and the number of infections and deaths caused by the virus in Asia and Europe, were a demonstration that he did not need order for within an ethically deficient government, for not daring to tell the president what they really think, their wish will be honored.

For the same reasons, apparently, no inputs were purchased. An example was the N95 isolation masks. While the undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, the spokesperson designated for the pandemic, reiterated that mouthguards were not necessary, at least eight governments were ordering N95 masks from manufacturers in the United States, who produced 500,000 a day each and they couldn’t keep up.

They did the same with respirators and medicines that were working in the countries where they were applied. In Mexico, the government was in a different cosmogony, metaphysical, not scientific.

The government barely authorized last Friday the purchase of medical supplies and equipment in an expedited manner, where it could be found because in Mexico there are none.

The President announced that 5,000 fans had been acquired from China, indirectly acknowledging that his Health experts’ estimates, which claimed that Mexico was prepared for the pandemic, were incorrect.

Days before the order was issued, in an illegal and desperate action, because there was no law or decree involved, federal authorities toured Motolinia Street, in the Historic Center of Mexico City, where they are sold at retail. medical equipment to seize fans.

The belated reaction to equip and prepare for COVID-19 is directly associated with López Obrador’s denial of the reality of the pandemic and his resistance to prepare.

The case of the tests developed by Abbott Laboratories is an example of this careless and negligent attitude. Rejecting the proposal without even seeking to delve into it, speaks volumes about the hands on which the health of the nation rests. There was no interest in any of it, nor did they want to antagonize the President.

Since last week, Abbott Laboratories has been producing 50,000 tests a day, and sending tens of thousands to those who request them, under the authorization of the US emergency government, which cut red tape by 12 months.

Last week, President Trump recognized the company and said the arrival of that molecular device was “a whole new game” in the fight against the coronavirus. In Mexico they ignored it. The opportunity, once again, was lost.


‘I apologize,’ says López-Gatell, for the way the coronavirus outbreak was reported in Monclova, Coahuila.

The Under Secretary for Health, Hugo López-Gatell, spokesman for Republic Government for the health emergency for COVID-19 apologized today after having reported “by mistake” on the reasons for the rebound that occurred in the city of Monclova in the number of cases of coronavirus.

“I want to make a clarification. It seems fair to me. I apologize to the State of Coahuila – I have already apologized to the Governor (Miguel Ángel Riquelme) – and to the inhabitants of Monclova who I admit were upset by this comment. that the outbreak is true, but the attribution to this infection outside the Unit (General Hospital of Zone No. 7) was my mistake “said the official.

This Wednesday, it was reported at the same conference, an official froml Mexican Social Security Institute will visit Coahuila and, in a press conference with the State governor, will report on the measures being taken in the General Hospital of the Moclova Area.


Coronavirus claims its second victim in Coahuila; it would be a doctor from the IMSS of Monclova

The doctor Gualberto Reyes doctor of the clinic 7 of the Mexican Social Security Institute, Whoever tested positive for COVID-19 died a few minutes after 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday in the intensive care room of the same hospital, he would be the second fatality of coronavirus in the entity.

The doctor with a long history in the health service spent his last days in the intensive care area of ​​this hospital with a serious diagnosis, although representatives of the institution assured that it had a marked improvement.

Gualberto Reyes would have been infected with coronavirus inside the clinic 7, However, it was in this same week that he was confirmed as a carrier of COVID-19.

Although the IMSS has not reported the death, it was the same Ministry of Health in the state that confirmed the death to VANGUARD.

The medical and nursing staff of the hospital regret the loss and are already organizing a massive demonstration for this Wednesday morning due to the situation that the hospital and its staff are going through in this contingency, which according to the employees is not being taken with the seriousness it deserves.