this coronavirus is still there or is not there anymore?

It is not true that politicians are the champions of the quarrel: argue, much more, and among them, the professoroni of medicine. With the consequence that people understand even less: this coronavirus is still there or isn’t there? Is afraid or less afraid now that the hospitalized in an intensive care unit are reduced, for days now, at 12 in all the Veneto region of 5 million inhabitants?

The last – for now – installment of the soap opera in salsa veneta Viruses certify the distance of the Region of Veneto, from his Andrea Crisantithe director of the Department of microbiology and virology, Padua became famous first for having asked to test all those who were from China, except to backtrack when it was pointed out by the big manager of health, the venetian Domenico Mantoan that the thing was not possible, then, for having asked and obtained from the governor Luca Zaia of the redo buffers to the entire population of Vo’. The fact is that at a certain point – too eloquent? too this not in the lab to work, but on national tv? – Crisanti must be seemed cumbersome. And to prove that the veneto model has a team, and not only one expert, the governor Zaia began to invite the crisis Unit of the civil Protection of Marghera, all the protagonists of this health emergency, the lady of the plasma Giustina De Silvestro to the pediatrician Livian By Dalt. The last visit to Marghera was one of Roberto Rigoli, vice president of the association of Microbiologists Italian clinical as well as the primary of Microbiology in Treviso and coordinator of the 14 Microbiologie of the Veneto region, Saturday, in Marghera, has dared to say that the coronavirus is weakening. At that, the Corriere del Veneto, Crisanti he taunted: “Chat”.

Coronavirus Veneto, prof Palu: “It’s time to stop with this story of the tampons”

Cites Paracelsus, the swiss physician, who lived between the XV and the XVI century: Omnia venenum sunt: nec sine veneno quicquam existit. Dosis sola facit ut venenum non fit. Everything is poison and nothing exists without poison, only the dose makes the poison does not take effect.

“Who speaks of the infectivity of this virus does not know what he says, because infectivity is measured experimentally and the man it is not possible to do any experiment and there is no animal model. Without numbers, and without measure is not science, they are just a chat – he said Crisanti, director of the Department of microbiology and virology, Padova, Since it is not possible to do experiments of infectivity on man, no one knows what is the infectious dose of this virus, and there is nothing to comment on: you can comment with a scientific topic, a thing which is not Science”.

The replication Crisanti came from Rigoli directly through the press office of Palazzo Balbi. Which Crisanti, also hired in Bergamo as a consultant of the Prosecutor in the inquiry to the epidemic, the negligent to stand Up and Nembro, at this point it seems more and more isolated. The man of the pads, indicated at the national level as the magician in the case of veneto, which has circumscribed the epidemic, not only is it a voice outside the chorus, but it seems not to enjoy even the support of the policy that governs the Region.

So much so, in its response Rigoli manco cites Crisanti: “In regard to what appeared in the press in relation to the statements of a representative of the scientific community in padua, according to the reasoning given by the undersigned are just a lot of talking, remember that, in agreement with the president of the Association of Microbiologists Italian clinical dr. Pierangelo Clerici, milan, with professor Maria Capobianchi, head of the laboratory of Virology of the Spallanzani of Rome, and professor Fausto Baldanti, head of the laboratory of Microbiology of the San Matteo general hospital, Pavia, it was decided to put in discussion the interpretation given in the light of the discordance between the clinical manifestations, trend and epidemiological positivity to the test performed in PCR-RT. In particular, the discrepancy appears clearly in patients clinically cured with C. T. high (low battery).

The low/no infectivity was evaluated on two fronts: the first epidemiological monitoring the close contacts of the patients with a low charge, the second seeding on cell culture samples in patients with c.t. high (low battery). Preliminary data of a study, carried out by prof. Baldanti show that only a small minority of these samples was positive in the cell culture, confirming other recent data of the international literature. In agreement with the president of AMCLI, and the members of the board listed above, I reiterate the concept that the open discussion between all is the only way to win the war towards this new pathogen”.

And it’s back to the starting point: if even the experts, as well as the politicians, they fight, what can you understand people?

Coronavirus, the virologist Crisanti: “Covid is turning off? They are just a chat”

The coronavirus is not “switching off”. To say it is the professor Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of microbiology and virology, Padova university, of done smash, the Corriere Veneto, the investigation on the results of the swabs made by the Region and presented yesterday by my colleague, Roberto Rigoli, coordinator of the microbiologie of the Veneto region.

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Mattarella to open the school year at Vo’ Euganeo – Policy

The president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, will be present at Vo’ Euganeo (Padua), the city that was a hotbed of Coronavirus in the Veneto region, for the opening of the next school year. This is confirmed by sources of the Quirinal.
Vo, where it counted the first victim of the Italian Covid, Adriano Trevisan, was the first municipality in which, on the decision of the governor Luca Zaia, were made of the swabs to the entire population. Examination then replicated by prof. Crisanti, who asked and obtained from the Region, the funding for the study.

Listen to “So will open the school in September, the work of the task force on Spreaker.

“The choice of the President of the Republic to usher in the next school year at Vo’ Euganeo is the confirmation of its great attention to the school. I thank them for it. It is a signal that is very beautiful. The Vo’ is a school community that has been particularly affected, which has reacted with force to the emergency. It will be an honor to be present as the Minister of Education.” Writes on fb, the minister of Education Lucy Jay.

“The President Mattarella had informed me, and I consider this to be a good news, and its availability, a nice recognition for Vo’ and the Veneto, which add to the declaration of the President in favour of regional autonomy, to where the road is marked,” said the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia.

“I want to thank the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for choosing Vo’ Euganeo, as a country, symbol where to inaugurate, in September, the next school year,” writes on Facebook Federico D IncàThe minister for Relations with Parliament.