US CDC Admits to Misdiagnosing Coronavirus Patients

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has admitted to misdiagnosing some patients with # COVID_19, this according to a tweet from Lijian Zhao, a Chinese politician and current deputy director of the Information Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

According to Zhao, several people were diagnosed with the flu instead of COVID-19 during the 2019 flu season.

Given this, Zhao encouraged the authorities to get patient 0 since the COVID-19 virus has been around since September of last year.

According to CDC statisticsBetween October 2019 and February 2020, the flu affected some 34 million people, of whom an estimated 12,000 died. On the other hand, the coronavirus has infected more than 300,000 and a total of 14,611 people have died. The World Health Organization (WHO) It has identified more than 150 with cases of coronavirus.


Shipping company details loading processes due to coronavirus alert

The shipping company Crowley assured that it has sent the cargo to Puerto Rico on a regular basis, this in the face of the emergency caused by the coronavirus.

“Crowley is transporting all available cargo to the Island. If the cargo from a loader is delivered to our terminal in Jacksonville, Florida, it is shipped promptly, twice a week. If Island residents are experiencing a shortage of disinfectants for hands, cleansers, surgical masks, etc., they are not alone. All these types of products are scarce on the continent as well, “the company’s management told Metro in a written communication.

Similarly, they specified that they are currently taking measures to continue with the flow of cargo worldwide. “We have instituted security measures on ships and terminals serving Puerto Rico and the mainland. This includes restrictions on visitors to the facilities, better staff health assessment, and travel limits to reduce the risk of disease spread. “the company noted.

Food industry asks not to hoard supplies

Likewise, the Chamber of Marketing, Industry and Food Distribution (MIDA) organization, which represents the main components of the food distribution chain, explained that its main concern at this moment is the impulsive hoarding of consumers that cause temporary shortages and unnecessary.

“Although it is correct that there is a global limitation of certain disinfectant products, it is no less true that there are multiple equally effective alternatives to disinfect, and that the shortage of disinfectant products should not be equated with the case of food where there is a much greater variety of products and supply sources ”, explained José Soto president of MIDA.

“Citizens must do their part, to the extent that we avoid hoarding, and the supply chain is not interrupted, we understand that we can manage the needs of our consumers,” said Soto.


COVID-19: Pharmaceutical company announces that medicine for the disease is ready

The Spanish pharmaceutical company PharmaMar has reported that all the results obtained through in vitro examinations for its clinical study of the drug Aplidin (possible drug for the coronavirus) have been positive.

According to the research group, the potency that Aplidin has shown in its effectiveness is a nanomolar order. So it is possible that this will help reverse the symptoms that the coronavirus.

Medication use

This type of medication is frequently used for the treatment of Hematological Cancer, being approved in several countries, such as Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand and South Korea.

Most of the studies carried out for this medicine have been carried out at the National Center for Biotechnology of the Superior Center for Scientific Research. There, several experts have devoted themselves to seeing the effectiveness of the medicine against the disease.

Among the results obtained, it has been possible to verify a hypothesis in which it is proposed that the therapeutic target of this antitumor drug called Aplidin. This has had a key response for the multiplication and spread of the virus itself.

The protein that causes this situation is known as EF1A, essential for the virus to expand within the human body.


This process is known as nucleoprotein, where the virus manages to become visible and also manages to reproduce, finally spreading through the cells of the body. The role it would fulfill Aplidin it would be to hijack the virus, forming a resistance (stable complex) that would cause the virus to be unable to spread and be viable in the body.

Human testing?

Thanks to these results, the PharmaMar pharmacist will carry out all the subsequent steps in order to contact the health authorities. Thus begin to carry out tests on human patients infected with the disease, to check how they behave.

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