The Pompidou Center reopened in Shanghai

Finally, good news that should give strength to all those who fight the coronavirus, from the ranks of those who directly confront the disease to those who suffer it as a result, that is to say all the actors of the economy, its second victim. “The Center Pompidou is pleased to announce the reopening of the Center Pompidou x West Bund Museum Project in Shanghai, this Friday, March 20, 2020“, Announced the same day by press release the great Parisian museum.

The Pompidou x West Bund Center, officially opened on November 5, 2019 by the President of the French Republic and opened to the public in Shanghai on November 8, closed on January 24 for Chinese New Year. Without reopening due to the Covid-19 epidemic and following the Chinese government’s decision to close all public places until further notice.

The health situation in China has improved considerably in recent days, the Chinese authorities have agreed to the partial reopening of certain places, including museums“, Said the Pompidou Center in Paris in its press release.

The magnificent Aurélie Nemours and Calder room in the semi-permanent exhibition “The Shape of Time”. V. D. / Le Figaro

“Shanghai has reopened while taking the necessary precautions, I can only congratulate myself, entrusts to Figaro Bernard Blistène, director of the National Museum of Modern Art (MNAM), very involved in this Chinese project. This globetrotter of art, now immobilized in Paris by the health crisis, was in Shanghai in early November to welcome the French presidential delegation, alongside the president of the Pompidou Center, Serge Lasvignes, the curator of the inaugural exhibition Marcella Lista (“The Shape of time”) And multiple teams delegated to Shanghai (mediation, conservation, etc.).

Reopening … but strict rules

We are already working on implementing the rest of our programming: “Observations” should follow in summer, as previously agreed, the exhibition “Design and wonderful”, a state of contemporary design from our collections and then, as long awaited, the explosion “Kandinsky” which should open in September 2021. In addition, we are working with enthusiasm on a second thematic section for a renewal of the semi-permanent presentation of the creation of the XX and XXI centuries, section which will succeed the opening one designed by Marcella Lista, entitled “The Shape of time”, emphasizes this positive spirit.

Cristina Iglesias, “
Sin Titulo (Passage II)“, 2002.
V. D. / Le Figaro

“It is necessary, he says, welcome the complicity of our teams who have overcome with determination and rigor the situation with which the whole world is confronted today. There is no doubt that the reopening of the Shanghai Museum will restore vitality and hope to those for whom art remains the place of knowledge of others and of themselves.

As of this Friday, March 20, the Center Pompidou x West Bund Museum Project is therefore able to welcome visitors again, while still observing certain rules. They remain strict.

Only the two exhibition spaces (Hall 1: temporary route; Hall 2 and 3: semi-permanent route) will be accessible for a maximum tonnage of 500 people per day. Visitors must present themselves with an electronic ticket previously purchased online and will be required to continue to comply with the health and safety rules put in place to combat the spread of the virus.

In “
I see a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman), Tate Liverpool, 2009-2010“, The Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra reacts the college students to”
The crying woman ” by Picasso.
V. D. / Le Figaro

Temporary exhibition “Observations”, presenting fifteen artists from the Center Pompidou’s New Media collection, from Tony Oursler at Bruce Nauman, from Rineke Dijkstra to Ciu Xiuwen, from Peter Campus to Joan Jonas, was originally scheduled to end on March 29. It will be extended until the end of April. The first semi-permanent route “The Shape of Time“, Bringing together a hundred works by major artists from the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, will remain available until May 9, 2021.

Events bringing together the public (such as workshops or shows) will then reopen, free guided tours of the exhibitions for small groups of visitors will be organized. The complete program «of upcoming events at the Pompidou Center x West Bund Museum Project, updated in view of the situation, will be communicated soon

The empty patio of the Pompidou x West Bund Center in Shanghai, awaiting the speech of the President of the Republic. V. D. / Le Figaro


Low fares that attract travelers to fly despite the coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic escalating in the United States and abroad, Dylcia McBlackwell could not justify a single spring break. The air fares were so cheap that he decided to book three.

Now the 39-year-old Chicago restaurant worker has tickets to fly to Denver to visit friends next month, followed by a May trip to Charleston, South Carolina. He later booked a flight to Costa Rica. a combined total of $ 435 for trips that could normally cost $ 700 or more.

“You only have one life to live,” said McBlackwell, who plans to bring wipes to disinfect the tray tables in front of the plane’s seats and perhaps his snacks. “Are you going to spend it sitting at your home scared? I’d rather be out enjoying it. “

For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover.

Regardless, airlines are seeing reservations plummet and cancellations go up as fear of infection causes many Americans to avoid flying. Travel to the United States has been banned from most of Europe, China and Iran. Nationally, business conferences, sporting events, music festivals and other large public gatherings have been demolished or postponed.

Airlines have reduced flight times, especially on international routes, to cope with the downward demand from fearful leisure customers and the slowdown in business travel. A trade group in the industry has warned that the pandemic could cost airlines around the world up to $ 113 billion in revenue.

The proliferation of empty airline seats has meant that some travelers are purchasing tickets for the time being to take advantage of heavily discounted prices.

“Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and I’m always looking for flights to different places,” said Nick Williams of Muncie, Indiana. “I’ve never seen such cheap flights before.”

During his recent spring break, the 22-year-old student from Ball State University paid $ 110 return to visit friends in Orlando, Florida. As soon as he got back to Indiana, he noticed a weekend rate in Orlando for only $ 65.

“I’ve been to Muncie for less than 48 hours,” said Williams, who returned on a plane to Florida. “I felt a little crazy doing it. But these opportunities don’t always arise. “

Williams is not unaware of the coronavirus. From his travels to Florida, Ball State canceled classes in person for the remainder of the spring semester. The courses will still be held online, but Williams said the campus looks oddly silent. He is not afraid to fly home, for now he has excluded travel abroad.

And the cheap fares shouldn’t exceed many travelers’ fears.

“If you are afraid of flying, you are probably afraid at any cost,” said President Delta Delta Hauenstein recently.

Asked about younger travelers taking advantage of cheap airfares, American surgeon general Jerome Adams told reporters Thursday that visiting countries where coronavirus is spreading should avoid contact with older relatives and families with chronic conditions for 14 days after their return.

“Don’t go home and then visit your grandmother in the nursing home,” Adams said at a press conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “Don’t go around grandfather for Easter dinner and tell him all the fantastic trip you just had to Europe.”

Yago Ferreira didn’t think much about the virus when he booked two trips earlier this month. The 27-year-old tech salesman from Belmont, California will fly to Brazil in August for $ 800, just over half of what he is used to paying for his annual trip to see the family. He also took a $ 250 ticket for an Easter trip to surprise his mother in New Jersey.

About two days after Ferreira had booked its flights, the World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus had spread a pandemic. And there was news that three officials from the transportation safety administration at a California airport had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’ve noticed it’s starting to get a little worse,” said Ferreira, adding that he intends to stick to his travel plans. “It’s starting, don’t worry, but it’s keeping me wary.”

For Adriano Mirchou of Orem, Utah, a $ 250 plane ticket offered an unexpected chance to make an upcoming trip to visit the University of Miami, which recently accepted him at his film school.

Concerns about the coronavirus have now closed lessons at the university, also canceling the plans of 25-year-old Mirchou to visit the campus. He still plans to make the trip to Miami and hang out with a friend.

Changing course due to the virus is not in its itinerary.

“I don’t think I’d be in danger just by traveling,” said Mirchou. “It could happen to anyone. But at the same time, I don’t think it will happen to me. “


This story has been corrected to show the general surgeon spoken in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, not New Orleans.


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“Christo” in Beaubourg, the ghost exhibition

REPORTAGE – Time has stood still on the exhibition which is scheduled to open tomorrow. A textbook case for all museums.

View of a room in the exhibition
View of a room in the exhibition “Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Paris! “, At the Center Pompidou, initially scheduled from March 18 to June 15. JC MARMARA / LE FIGARO

It is the hyperactive and living museum par excellence transformed into a palace for the sleeping beauty. Friday, March 13, while France had not yet officially entered phase 3 of the epidemic, the Centre Pompidou was already deserted, without its enormous customary and international flow. The queues, usually crowded, were empty in front of the temporary entrance installed on Beaubourg Street, the time of the work of the forty-year-old escalator, on the other side which opens onto the piazza de Renzo Piano.

At 6e floor, the one reserved for the biggest exhibitions, Gallery 2 where the exhibition was “Bacon in full“Shelters his long-awaited exhibition”Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Paris! ” which was to open to the public on Wednesday March 18 and welcome it until June 15. But, urgency obliges, the exhibition lies there, closed to all, like the abandoned wedding banquet of Miss Havisham in The great expectations from Dickens.

The curator of the exhibition “Christo and Jeanne-Claude Paris!”, Sophie Duplaix, alone or almost, in the assembly completed on Friday, the day when everything stopped, right on the eve of the closing of the Pompidou Center, the Saturday March 14, 2020. Jean-Christophe Marmara / JC MARMARA / LE FIGARO

The editing is finished, “all that remains is to refine the lighting,

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popular Easter celebrations in Seville canceled

The parades, which attract around 60,000 worshipers and tourists each year, were canceled on Saturday morning. The decision is a few hours before the decision to quarantine all of Spain from Monday.

Sevillian Holy Week in 2014.
Sevillian Holy Week in 2014. GOGO LOBATO / AFP

As recently as four days ago, the celebrations were not to be questioned. One of the most popular religious celebrations in Spain, Holy Week in Seville, April 5 to 12, was canceled on Saturday morning. A decision made a few hours before the government announced the country’s quarantine from Monday.

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“The decisions taken by the Spanish government and the Meeting of Andalusia (the institution of the autonomous community of Andalusia, editor’s note) have been analyzed”, can we read in a press release on the Holy Week website. Spain has 136 dead. 15 more than Friday. In all, there are more than 5,753 cases of contamination recorded across the country. A state of alert declared Friday by Pedro Sanchez must allow full use of “Economic, health, civil and military means”, according to the head of government.

Multiplication of cases

“Public health and the public interest are at stake”, add with one voice in the press release the three authorities organizing Holy Week: Juan Espadas, mayor of Seville, Archbishop Juan José Asenjo and the president of the Council of Brotherhoods Francisco Vélez. The Andalusian event attracts around 60,000 worshipers and tourists each year. Especially French, who cross the border to admire the sixty brotherhoods retracing the Passion and the death of Jesus to the rhythm of Saeta, flamenco song.

Since the beginning of last week, cases have multiplied at an exponential speed in the Iberian Peninsula. After the confinement of certain cities in Catalonia and the closure of schools in three regions, the pace is accelerating. All Spaniards will have to stay at home from next week.


Coronavirus: grandchildren shouldn’t visit grandparents for now – AZERTAG

Baku, March 14, AZERTAC

Covid 19 disease can range from mild to fatal. Older people in particular have to fear a bad course of disease – that is why they should protect themselves now.

There are still some open questions regarding the corona virus. However, the knowledge that the experts have so far includes knowledge of the risk groups. These include people aged 50 and over. Seniors over 80 are at particularly high risk of death in the event of illness. It is now important to protect these people. In this regard, a medical professional is now presenting immediate measures.

It is currently better to refrain from meeting grandparents with grandchildren – until September or October, recommends Christian Drosten, the most influential German doctor and virologist. What may sound hard at first – after all, most grandparents are very happy about the welcome change that their grandchildren’s visit brings – is only for the protection of the elderly. The children could pass on the corona virus to grandma and grandpa, since the little ones could be completely symptom-free.

The virologist also speaks of the current need for support for older people. For example, shopping included for them “so that they no longer have to go to the supermarket”. But it is no less important to make it clear to the older family members that they belong to the risk group. Only with this knowledge can they act in accordance with the danger.

The coronavirus situation changes daily, even hourly. Always read the latest news in our ticker for Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.

The symptoms of Covid 19 disease, such as fever, are known. But how does it actually express itself when the lung disease has affected you? A German patient reports what the coronavirus feels like.

Risk groups cannot only protect themselves by restricting social contacts. You can also make a difference by taking the right hygiene measures.

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Tefaf Maastricht closes in disaster after discovery of infected exhibitor

The day we realized the seriousness of the situation linked to the Corovanirus, we were setting up our stands at the Tefaf Maastricht! The machine was on. It was too late to give up“Confides a longtime exhibitor. The fact remains that this fair, one of the most prestigious and influential in the field of the ancient and modern art market, decided to close its doors at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, without discussion. After a summit committee, the organizers realized the obvious. The ax has fallen. In the interest of all!

An email was sent to the 285 exhibitors at the end of the afternoon. “In agreement with the city of Maastricht, it was decided to close this evening, four days before the end, despite the opinion of the health authorities who had not changed their mind regarding their agreement to open the fair, at given the situation in the Netherlands, ”reads.

No word on the exact reason for this closure. But according to our information, the organizers have been informed of the contamination by the coronavirus of an Italian exhibitor present at the show from the time of installation until Sunday. And not just any: according to our sources, it would be a major merchant with a stand located on the “Champs-Élysées”, these large, most expensive, best exposed and most visited alleys of the fair … It was after leaving Maastricht that it was tested, that the test was positive and that it informed the Tefaf, explained Wednesday evening the organizers at Figaro.

However, the press release sent to the other exhibitors made no mention of this specific problem. Nanne Dekking, head of the board of trustees of TEFAF estimated Wednesday that “c“Given recent developments in the regions around Maastricht and growing concerns, we no longer believe that it is appropriate to continue as planned.” “We would like to thank our exhibitors, visitors and employees for their trust and support in this unprecedented situation. The Tefaf community has always excelled in bringing the best of art to the world in Maastricht, we are proud to have witnessed the professionalism and union of our family during this fair and the unprecedented circumstances “, he added.

And Annemarie Penn te Strake, Mayor of the City of Maastricht, adds: “I support and respect this decision. We understand that the unrest is increasing due to the circumstances in the countries of origin and the regions around us. It is only fair that this concern be taken into account. We are proud of our many years of partnership with Tefaf and know that this strong bond also helps us through difficult times ”. This is a police release with the rigor and Dutch diplomacy with which the French have had to familiarize themselves over the years …

What should we do? The decision is delicate when you know that many shows have been canceled. In particular this afternoon, Drawing Now, a contemporary drawing fair which was to take place at the end of March at the Carreau du Temple, in Paris. But others not yet: the drawing room at the Palais Brongniart, on the Paris Stock Exchange, announced, through its young president, Patrick de Bayser that it would be maintained. But everything can change tonight, given what is happening in Maastricht.

“For Tefaf Maastricht, I could not have found a better compromise in an unprecedented situation if I were in the place of the organizers, confides the young Parisian merchant Oscar Graf, much criticized at the opening, when he rightly announced that major American museums, the main buyers in this fair would not come, starting with the Getty in Los Angeles, the Met from New York, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Virginia Museum in Richmond. And that it was extremely damaging for this 33rd edition. “There was no worse timing for this fair which had to open and close tonight out of moral obligation. This is unfortunate, especially for those who do not do their business right away. But this is how., add the latter ..

Everyone was however prepared for an opening against all odds or a premature closing. Many of the exhibitors, among the most cash, did not hide their concerns. The installation of the stands before the opening on Thursday 5 March with the VIP opening was very anxiety-provoking. Fair or not fair, whether it takes place or not, the merchants had closed the hatches, to set up their stand, with the energy that must be in you and the financial investment that follows to do it …

We expected the worst and by the time the show opened, many exhibitors had worked well. And they were happy to participate, as if to defy the darkest predictions“, Emphasizes an exhibitor. “To cancel it, it would have been the biggest cold shower, everyone would have lost a lot of money but today, it is a duty to stop everything!Adds another. In such a situation, nobody wants to give their name anymore … The organization of Maastricht, a powerful and well-established organization according to Dutch rigor, did not believe possible such an event. Or did not want to believe it, given the challenges of this fair, the number one that has no equivalent in modern and contemporary, except Art Basel.

This is a lesson for other events and their organizers who imagine they can still hold their events. Anxiety is mounting among merchants whose semester, with these cascading postponements, risks being financially disastrous. And no horizon defined for a recovery.


Death at age 71 of Yves Gastou, great merchant and collector

The news fell at the Maastricht Fair, the famous gallery owner died. In 2018, he exhibited his treasure of men’s rings. Opportunity to discover the secrets of an engaging personality.

Yves Gastou on the right and his son Victor to whom he had transmitted the passion for Decorative Arts.
Yves Gastou on the right and his son Victor to whom he had transmitted the passion for Decorative Arts. Yves Gastou Gallery

A collection is often a self-portrait. That of Yves Gastou revealed the hidden side of this somewhat rascal personality of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the district where he lived and practiced for more than thirty years.

With his South West singing accent, the man – white mane, black suit, white shirt – never tired of recounting his epic of discoverer of eras – from Art Nouveau to the 1970s – and talents – Gallé , Majorelle, Lalique, Molino, Ponti, Prouvé, Perriand, Royère… He exposed them before all in his shop in Toulouse, his stand at the Puces de Saint-Ouen then his gallery on rue Bonaparte stuck to the School of Fine- arts. Designed by Ettore Sottsass in the early 1980s, its terrazzo façade defied the chronicle. The struggle with the administration lasted five years. Jack lang ended a phone call.

A hyperactive, discreet and curious chineur, he has long kept his passion for secret rings. He wore three on each finger and changed them often. “I grew up in Limoux, a small town of 10,000 inhabitants near Carcassonne, the medieval cradle of valiant knights and rebellious warriors who built my imagination. In the 1960s, at the end of mass at the Saint-Martin church, I went to kiss the bishop’s hand, as tradition dictated. My mother surprised me to come back there three times, I was so fascinated by her ring, in this atmosphere of organ and incense to give you chills ”confessed this son of a bailiff and auctioneer, who died of cancer at the age of 71.


the Raphael exhibition in Rome closes three days after its opening

Seventy-two hours after opening its doors in Rome at the Quirinal Stables, the event exhibition dedicated to the genius of the Renaissance, Raphael is already closing its doors on Sundays. Like all Italian museums, the institution is obeying a government decree providing for the closure of all Italian museums until April 3 to try to curb the coronavirus epidemic. The exhibit is scheduled to end on June 2.

Despite the coronavirus epidemic hitting Italy hard with more than 7,000 cases and 366 dead, more than 70,000 visitors had booked their tickets online to admire Raphael’s works.

The Raphael exhibition is the fruit of three years of work which has brought together a hundred works of the “handsome Raphael”, a prodigy famous from his youth, who died at only 37 years old, in 1520 in Rome. Famous for the perfection and the grace of his paintings, Raphaël forms with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci a sort of trinity of the great artists of the Renaissance.

In addition to the prestigious Uffizi Museum in Florence which has lent a quarter of the works, the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery in London and Washington as well as the Prado Museum in Madrid have also allowed their paintings to travel. Among the painter’s most famous works on display at the Quirinal Stables are the “Virgin with the Rose” and portraits of Pope “Julius II” and the writer and diplomat “Baldassare Castiglione”.

The papal portrait of discord

But as with the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Louvre, this Raphael event was not without controversy. At the center of this quarrel between experts is a splendid portrait of Pope Leo X kept in the Uffizi Museum in Florence. The scientific committee of the Florentine museum estimated that this “Portrait of Leon X with two cardinals” painted between 1518 and 1519, was too fragile to travel. And he resigned en masse last week to protest the decision of the Director of Offices, the German Eike Schmidt, to overrule and send him to Rome.

In a column published in the daily newspaper La Repubblica, the four members of the committee recalled that this table, which caused a sensation in Raphael’s time, is part of the list of 24 non-transportable works drawn up on December 9 by the Offices.

Following the decree of the Italian government, the Vatican Museums, a financial windfall for the Holy See with its more than 6 million visitors, have also followed the instructions of the Italian government and will remain closed until April 3. The major archaeological sites have also lowered the curtain in the country, like the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, or Pompeii in the Bay of Naples.

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the homage of Rome to its divine artist

At the Écuries du Quirinal, the 500 years of the master’s death exhibition immerses visitors in the height of the Renaissance. A celebration disturbed by the coronavirus since the event closed its doors, Sunday after three days, following the decree of the Italian government.

Visitors admire three works by Raphaël (from left to right) at the Quirinal Stables, in Rome: The Young Man with the Apple, 1505,
The Lady with the Unicorn, 1505-1506, Portrait of a man, 1503-1504.
Visitors admire three works by Raphaël (from left to right) at the Quirinal Stables, in Rome: The Young Man with Apple, 1505,
The Lady with the Unicorn, 1505-1506, Portrait of a man, 1503-1504.

Special envoy to Rome

[Cet article a été rédigé avant la fermeture de l’exposition le 8 mars, trois jours après son démarrage, suite au décret du gouvernement italien qui ordonne la fermeture jusqu’au 3 avril de tous les musées du pays pour endiguer le coronavirus]

On April 6, 1520, less than a year after Leonardo, died in Rome Raphael. The Louvre having eclipsed all the other commemorations of the Tuscan (died in France), Italy had to celebrate in splendor this other beacon of the Renaissance to which the modern West, starting with Rome, owes a lot. The main exhibit of this 500e birthday occupies the two floors of the vast stables of the Quirinal Palace, a stone’s throw away from the Presidency of the Republic. Having required three years of work, it is doubly exceptional. Because if it is true that the influence of Raffaello Sanzio, a native of Urbino in the Marche, is as universal as that of the father of the Mona Lisa, he never left the peninsula, doomed that he

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Infections that are far from coronavirus: the flu account has more than half a million deaths per year, and measles

The whole history of mankind is life side by side with bacteria, parasites and viruses. They cause infectious diseases, that is, transmitted through various kinds of contacts: through the blood, as HIV, hepatitis B and C, with insect bites like malaria, by airborne droplets like flu, tuberculosis and measles. Since the end of last year, a new type of coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, joined the group of the latter. The lack of knowledge and therefore the weak predictability of the new enemy is understandably alarming. It’s important that it doesn’t panic, since stress itself affects the immune system, doctors warn. Because of this, our basic defense against infections is weakened.

In order to be less nervous, experts advise, firstly, to take preventive measures (observe hygiene rules, visit places less crowded). Secondly, to face the facts: in fact, we have long been cohabiting with infections that take incomparably more lives than coronavirus (according to currently available data).

Moreover, infectious diseases themselves, which until the beginning of the 20th century were the main killers of people, have now given way to another leader.

– The vast majority of people today die not at all due to infections. And because of the so-called NCDs – noncommunicable diseases, – said Artem Gil, professor at the Higher School of Health Management at Sechenov University, told KP. – Among such NCDs, cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes are leading causes of death. In general, NCDs account for at least 60–65% of deaths worldwide. And in Of Russia – 90%.

Such diseases are not transmitted from person to person. And while their distribution is largely dependent on the people themselves. From our way of life. Judge for yourself: according to the World Health Organization, about 9 million people a year die from coronary heart disease (CHD), and about 6 million die from strokes. While the deadliest infection – tuberculosis – kills up to 1.3 million patients. Moreover, in the case of coronary heart disease and strokes, we essentially drive ourselves into the grave. It has been proven that the main risk factors for the development of these diseases are smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and alcohol abuse.


Most important for Russians are HIV and tuberculosis

– Among the infectious diseases for Russia, the most relevant and dangerous are HIV and tuberculosis, – says a professor at the Graduate School of Health Management at Sechenovskiy University Artem Gil. – The prevalence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis strains is increasing. Because of this, the effectiveness of treatment remains at a rather low level. Tuberculosis now affects people regardless of their socio-economic status.

At the same time, HIV infection in our country has gone beyond the limits of traditional risk groups (drug addicts, women of easy virtue) and spreads mainly through heterosexual sexual contacts, remind infectious disease specialists. Therefore, doctors advise against neglecting HIV testing. This can be done for free at the AIDS prevention and control centers that operate in each region. Full list of addresses – on the official portal


Medical TV presenter, ex-head doctor of the Kremlin Hospital, cardiologist Alexander Myasnikov:

– From the complications of influenza in the world, up to 650 thousand people die every year, measles – more than 120 thousand, from cervical cancer, which develops due to the human papillomavirus (HPV) – 270 thousand. Vaccines for these diseases are, tested and safe. However, the Russians are still in no hurry to do these really necessary vaccinations.

“Like a war”: doctors against the coronavirus.In China, more than 170 people have died from coronavirus. Among them are doctors fighting the infection … Moreover, doctors are dying not only because of 2019-nCoV


Map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world: how the disease spreads

We publish the distribution map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world, as well as talk about disease prevention measures (details)

The network has clearly shown the benefits of thorough hand washing for the prevention of coronavirus

Experts recommend rubbing your palms with soap for at least 20 seconds – during this time you can double-play the song Happy Birthday (details)


List of countries with coronavirus that need quarantine after visiting

Rospotrebnadzor approved a list of countries with coronavirus, after visiting which quarantine is needed even in the absence of disease symptoms (details)