Cei against Conte decree: ‘Freedom of worship is violated’. Scientific Committee, for critical issues that cannot be eliminated – Chronicle

“The Italian Bishops cannot accept to see the exercise of freedom of worship compromised. It should be clear to everyone that the commitment to service to the poor, so significant in this emergency, stems from a faith that must be able to feed on its sources. , in particular sacramental life “. This was stated by the CEI in a note entitled “The disagreement of the bishops” on the contents of the Dpcm on ‘Phase 2’ illustrated by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The Prime Minister takes note of the communication of the CEI and confirms what was anticipated in the press conference by President Conte. Already in the next few days – a note reads – a protocol will be studied that will allow the faithful to participate in liturgical celebrations as soon as possible in conditions of maximum security.

Scientific Committee, for Masses that cannot be eliminated – “Critical issues that cannot be eliminated” make it impossible according to the technicians of the Scientific Technical Committee to reopen religious services as early as May 4th. In particular, the committee believes that “the participation of the faithful in religious services currently involves some unavoidable criticalities which include the movement of a significant number of people and close contacts during the Eucharist”. Therefore, starting from 4 May and “for the next three weeks”, the experts say, “the impact of the partial reopenings and the gradual easing of the measures currently in force on epidemic dynamics is not yet foreseeable, the CTS considers it premature to foresee participation of the faithful in religious services “. An opinion, they point out, however, that can be revised “starting from May 25 in the direction of a forecast towards the participation of the faithful in religious services, strictly respecting the measures of social distancing on the basis of epidemiological trends”.

Future, unjustifiable injury – “It will be very difficult to make it clear why, obviously in a wise and appropriate way, you can go back to factories and offices, enter small and large shops of all kinds, go to parks and gardens and instead you will not be able to attend Sunday Mass. It will be difficult because it is a short-sighted and unjust choice. And the sacrifices are understood and accepted, the injustices are not. ” The editor of Avvenire, Marco Tarquinio, writes in an editorial that on the subject of faith and phase 2 speaks of an “incomprehensible and unjustifiable wound”.

Bonetti, incomprehensible not to celebrate masses – “I cannot remain silent in the face of the incomprehensible decision not to grant the possibility of celebrating religious services”. The Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Elena Bonetti family told ANSA commenting on the speech of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. “I have never shared this decision and I do not think it absolves us to refer to the rigidity of the opinion of the scientific technical committee. It is up to politics to protect the country’s integral well-being, and religious freedom is among our fundamental freedoms”.