Only 4% of UdG undergraduates have taken the alternative assessment system

A total of 483 undergraduate students of the University of Girona (UdG) has hosted the alternative evaluation system, which represents 4% of all students. Teachers have adapted what tests they used to evaluate students, and there is no such thing as a globalized system. Thus, some of these 483 students will have to study for an exam at the end of the semester in some subjects, but in others they will have completed complementary work or practice.

The cloister of the UdG approved this measure on October 25 to allow students to participate in mobilizations in the wake of the Supreme Court (TS) ruling on independence leaders.

Students who have opted to take an alternative assessment to the partial exams and seminars that are commonly used to take notes at the University of Girona (UdG) have remained at 4%. In October, following a series of protests against the Supreme Court (TS) ruling, a group of students decided to close access to all faculties. In this way, classes were prevented.

With this action organized by the Student Union of Catalan Countries (SEPC), the rector’s office was requested to take measures to prevent the right to education to be impeded by the right to manifest. And the fact is that most classes are compulsory assistance from the implementation of the Bologna plan. In addition, there are also partial exams, seminars and other tests which help in continuous assessment, instead of facing the students only one final exam.

Finally, on October 25, the faculty approved an alternative evaluation system. This way, any student who wants to participate in the mobilization could do so. If this meant that they missed classes or could not attend the seminars, this would not mean having to take the subject but instead, each teacher should come up with an alternative such as take only one exam, do work or complementary practices.

Now, after the end of the first semester of the course, it has become official that only 483 undergraduate students of the UdG have opted for this alternative route. This represents only 4% of all students currently pursuing a college degree. These 483 people have taken the different tests that the teachers have posed them according to the subject. After approval of this alternative, the schools decided which tests were used in each subject, taking into account the characteristics of each of them.

By the second semester, the university will return to normal and for this reason all students will undergo a continuous assessment system.