They clarify that there will be no seca dry law ’in Nuevo León

“Do not make panic purchases, beer and alcohol will be of no use to you, please, do not do that,” commented the governor of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón.


Given the federal guidelines that have been given by the Covid-19 pandemic, and for not being considered an essential activity, the beer production in the entity will stop its production from April 3, although it is not considered to be established as ” Dry Law”.

Through a statement, the government of Nuevo León reported that despite the fact that the Heineken brewing company announced the stoppage of its production in the entity, and consequently its distribution, Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón mentioned that it is not a “Dry law” and the sale of beer in the state will continue normally,

“So that the issue of the seca dry law’ or not seca dry law ’will not be misunderstood; This is in the national agreement, it is not a provision of ours, it is a national agreement, the beer companies will not work, the distribution will not work, it is not an essential element, therefore there will be no product to sell, “expressed the State agent.

He added that after day 3 there will be no distribution, therefore there will be no sale in the beer and alcohol businesses.

The Governor called on the population to avoid panic buying.

“Do not make panic purchases, beer and alcohol will not serve you anything, please, do not do that,” he said.

“If we are saying that it is a national agreement to safeguard your health and if you go out, they conflict the problem, the virus is already with us. If you are going to fill the shops, the businesses to buy a Tecate six, don’t scrub it, it’s not okay. ”

Rodríguez Calderón said that what is sought is to safeguard the health of the people of Nuevo Leon and not to reach curfew situations as is already happening in other cities.

“If you continue doing this, we are going to have to take more extreme measures that we should not take if we are all aware,” added the governor.

Although he clarified that this measure will bother many people, it is a federal decree that was taken for the good of the population.

He said that it is not necessary to reach the situation that exists in other countries for not complying with the provisions of the authorities.

“We are talking that for these 30 days, we have to have a discipline in order to have less mobility on the street; if we have less mobility on the street we can beat the virus, ”said Rodríguez Calderón.


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‘If I have it, everyone should have it’; man with Covid-19 walks around Walmart

In the video hosted on YouTube and currently reaching over 4 million views, Justin M. Rhodes spoke of the other places he visited that day. Photo: Special

In the video hosted on YouTube and currently reaching over 4 million views, Justin M. Rhodes spoke of the other places he visited that day. Photo: Special


Justin M. Rhodes, who said he tested positive for Covid-19, was arrested in North Carolina, United States, after he was recorded walking through a Walmart store and said: “If I have it, have it all.”

In the recording, which according to local media took place last week, Justin M. Rhodes assured that he was asked to be quarantined, but “I also have to eat, so they have to deal with it.”

“If I have it, everyone has it. To hell … all of you, this is how I feel about it,” he added.

In the video, which is hosted on YouTube and currently reaches over 4 million views, Justin M. Rhodes talked about the other places he visited that day.

After the images appeared, the Albemarle Police Department launched an investigation, which concluded that in Stanly County, a site from which Justin M. Rhodes hails, no one tested positive for coronavirus.

On Instagram, Justin M. Rhodes posted an apology in which he said that “he had not taken the virus seriously.”


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Coronavirus: Only six leagues are active in all of America

With the suspensions of Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador, there are fewer active soccer leagues in America, despite the coronavirus pandemic that killed more than 6,000 people worldwide.

This weekend, Liga MX, the Brazilian Soccer Confederation – the governing body of tournaments in Brazil – and Liga Pro in Ecuador decided to stop as a form of virus containment.

In all three cases, the pressure from soccer players took effect, especially in South American countries, annoyed at having to put their health at risk.

Although there are still six countries with active soccer on the continent, it is expected that more leagues will continue to close this week, given the advance of the deadly virus.

Here are the six countries that still have active tournaments on the continent.


Costa Rica: Deportivo Saprissa is leader with 33 points, after tying one with Pérez Zeledón on date 15.

Schedule 16 is scheduled for next week. The Costa Rican is a twelve club tournament.

Guatemala: Communications continues to command the National League by defeating Municipal 3-0 on Sunday on the 13th.

Matchday 14 would take place next weekend. The Guatemalan championship is twelve teams.

Nicaragua: Diriangén assumed the top of the Nicaraguan first division, after defeating Real Estelí 2-0: he reached 17 points, after Managua’s draw to one against Municipal Jalapa.

The tournament is ten teams and the date nine would be played this Wednesday.


Argentina: In the Argentine Soccer Association there is a debate on whether to play behind closed doors or to suspend the Super League Cup, the current competition in dispute.

The powerful River Plate did not want to play this weekend to prevent its footballers from suffering the effects of the coronavirus: the rest of the clubs did not support him.

The President of the Republic, Alberto Fernández, suggested that the teams take action behind closed doors and that the channels open their broadcasts to the public.

Bolivia: The Strongest is the leader of the Bolivian championship, after beating Aurora 2-1 on matchday 12.

The Tigers have 21 points, with the same amount as Always Ready but with a better goal difference.

Date 13 is scheduled for next weekend. The league has 14 teams.

Chile: Everything continues in the Chilean first division, with Universidad Católica at the head.

The Crusaders defeated Cobresal 1-0 on Saturday, reaching 19 points. This Monday follows date eight, and the ninth begins on Thursday.

The austral tournament has 18 clubs.

Recall that the parties that were suspended over the weekend –Palestino vs. Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo vs. Santiago Wanderers- were motivated by the social protests that still shake the nation.

Tournaments suspended by the coronavirus in America

Until now, in the Concacaf: Panama, El Salvador, United States, Canada, Mexico.

In the Conmebol: Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador.


Coronavirus and its Nocebo effect: here’s what it means and why you should avoid it at all costs

We have all heard of the placebo effect in which people believe they are receiving an important drug while all they are served are sugar pills. Among the fear of the coronavirus, there is talk of a new term: walnut effect. It is basically the dark side of placebo where you are made to believe that the important drug you are given can have worse side effects, so instead of recovering, your recovery is being affected because that’s the message you’re sending to your brain. .

You must have heard from many doctors and wellness experts that if you don’t believe in a treatment, regardless of how good it is, it won’t work with you.

Simply put, the Nocebo effect is a harmless thing that causes harm because you “believe” it to be harmful. Like it or not, some people may fall prey to coronavirus due to the Nocebo effect.

Social scientist Achal Sharma, secretary of the Corepeeler Foundation shared that the nutbobo effect is perhaps more powerful than the flu virus as it compromises the immune system before you have even had a chance to catch the real virus.

“What happens to your external environment is not under your control, however your response to it is definitely. Coronavirus is the scare of this decade that has hit the planet in all its facets. Panic has struck all levels of society and people rush to buy disinfectants and face masks. People don’t need to panic in such a situation. I would prefer to suggest them to be calm, as stronger immunity to any situation external, including this virus, is very much inside you. Your mind is the best tool to assist you in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus. While your mind controls the energy flows in your body and when you are panic or fear you tend to weaken your immune system, as endergonic energy reactions in your body tend to release cortisol – the stress hormone. However, because you think it is positive you reverse the reaction and you can fight the virus with better immunity. If you also get hit by the virus, your positive thinking will help you heal faster. ”

Achal also said, taking the necessary precautions for careful hand washing, the awareness of touching the face and coughing / sneezing into a tissue is one of the best ways to approach this. However, being strong in the belief that you will overcome it will help you overcome it. And to believe that the people around you will make it too is a great power for everyone and much more useful than expecting someone you know to die.

He concludes: “So be the placebo and not the nocebo. Use this virus to go viral with the idea that communities can support each other and work together to eliminate threats against humanity – not only the covid virus but all forms of thought similar to the pinobo. ”


Shipping company details loading processes due to coronavirus alert

The shipping company Crowley assured that it has sent the cargo to Puerto Rico on a regular basis, this in the face of the emergency caused by the coronavirus.

“Crowley is transporting all available cargo to the Island. If the cargo from a loader is delivered to our terminal in Jacksonville, Florida, it is shipped promptly, twice a week. If Island residents are experiencing a shortage of disinfectants for hands, cleansers, surgical masks, etc., they are not alone. All these types of products are scarce on the continent as well, “the company’s management told Metro in a written communication.

Similarly, they specified that they are currently taking measures to continue with the flow of cargo worldwide. “We have instituted security measures on ships and terminals serving Puerto Rico and the mainland. This includes restrictions on visitors to the facilities, better staff health assessment, and travel limits to reduce the risk of disease spread. “the company noted.

Food industry asks not to hoard supplies

Likewise, the Chamber of Marketing, Industry and Food Distribution (MIDA) organization, which represents the main components of the food distribution chain, explained that its main concern at this moment is the impulsive hoarding of consumers that cause temporary shortages and unnecessary.

“Although it is correct that there is a global limitation of certain disinfectant products, it is no less true that there are multiple equally effective alternatives to disinfect, and that the shortage of disinfectant products should not be equated with the case of food where there is a much greater variety of products and supply sources ”, explained José Soto president of MIDA.

“Citizens must do their part, to the extent that we avoid hoarding, and the supply chain is not interrupted, we understand that we can manage the needs of our consumers,” said Soto.


COVID-19: Pharmaceutical company announces that medicine for the disease is ready

The Spanish pharmaceutical company PharmaMar has reported that all the results obtained through in vitro examinations for its clinical study of the drug Aplidin (possible drug for the coronavirus) have been positive.

According to the research group, the potency that Aplidin has shown in its effectiveness is a nanomolar order. So it is possible that this will help reverse the symptoms that the coronavirus.

Medication use

This type of medication is frequently used for the treatment of Hematological Cancer, being approved in several countries, such as Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand and South Korea.

Most of the studies carried out for this medicine have been carried out at the National Center for Biotechnology of the Superior Center for Scientific Research. There, several experts have devoted themselves to seeing the effectiveness of the medicine against the disease.

Among the results obtained, it has been possible to verify a hypothesis in which it is proposed that the therapeutic target of this antitumor drug called Aplidin. This has had a key response for the multiplication and spread of the virus itself.

The protein that causes this situation is known as EF1A, essential for the virus to expand within the human body.


This process is known as nucleoprotein, where the virus manages to become visible and also manages to reproduce, finally spreading through the cells of the body. The role it would fulfill Aplidin it would be to hijack the virus, forming a resistance (stable complex) that would cause the virus to be unable to spread and be viable in the body.

Human testing?

Thanks to these results, the PharmaMar pharmacist will carry out all the subsequent steps in order to contact the health authorities. Thus begin to carry out tests on human patients infected with the disease, to check how they behave.

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Latest Developments – CBS Boston


Boston College closes classes at the end of the day. Students will return home by Sunday 15 March. Lessons will be held online until the end of the semester.

• Three new positive tests for coronavirus in Massachusetts bring the total number of state cases to 95.

• Men’s and women’s March Madness tournaments will be held this year without fans, the NCAA announced.

• The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department suspends all visits except for lawyers and restricts volunteers and staff and activities from the external program.

• The University of Brandeis announces that it will transfer all lessons online by March 26th. The campus will remain open and the faculty and staff will continue to have access to laboratories and offices for their work.

• Emmanuel College will extend the spring break until March 17th and will only go online for lessons until March 27th.

UMass students on all campuses said not to return from spring break until at least April 3, lessons move online due to coronavirus

• The University of Boston will be online only from Monday 16 March until 13 April. BU suggests, but does not require, that students leave the campus

• The Northeast moves to online lessons only starting on Thursday, but students can stay in dormitories

• Ivy League cancels all spring sports

All Framingham schools closed for cleaning on Thursday after parents of Potter Road elementary students tested positive

• JFK library closes for possible exposure to coronavirus, asks recent visitors to monitor health

Massachusetts DPH says 445 people are being monitored in quarantine for possible coronavirus exposure

• Salem public schools cancel all field trips, large group events until March 15th

• MIAA Basketball Tournament D3 boys (Sutton vs Sabis) and D4 girls (Maynard vs Monson) postponed

• Clark Avenue Middle School in Chelsea has been closed for cleaning since the staff member has been tested for coronavirus

Rhode Island announces 2 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total status to 5

• Encore Casino starts measuring the temperature of symptomatic guests and employees

• 2 students from Natick High School among the latest coronavirus cases

Hopkinton, Wayland closes cleaning schools after residents test positive for coronavirus

TUESDAY 10 March

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker declares a state of emergency

Massachusetts DPH announces 51 new positive tests, bringing the state total to 92

• Governor Baker says public schools will have relief from school attendance and school attendance requirements

• New rules announced for screening of Massachusetts nursing home visitors

• VA does not permit the presence of visitors in VA nursing homes, except for end-of-life patients.

Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Emerson and Smith colleges set up online learning, sending students home

• New Hampshire reports 1 new case of coronavirus, bringing the state total to 5

• Stow test of positive teachers, 15 students in quarantine

Holyoke cancels his famous St. Patrick’s Parade

• Ivy League cancels the post-season basketball tournament

MONDAY, March 9th

Boston cancels St. Patrick’s Day Parade and breakfast due to coronavirus

• Arlington students test coronavirus positive, school closed for cleaning

Massachusetts DPH announces 13 new positive tests, bringing the state total to 41

• NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS close the locker rooms to anyone other than players and essential staff


14 Italians, 1 Indian in ITBP’s quarantine area tested coronavirus positive – india news

Fourteen of the 24 Italian citizens brought to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) quarantine facility in Chhawla near Delhi have shown that they are coronavirus positive, officials familiar with the matter have reported. An Indian is also among those who have shown themselves to be positive, officials said.

The 24 (21 Italian citizens and three Indians) were in the same group as the Italian citizen who previously proved positive for the virus, officials said. The three Indians in the group are the guide, the bus driver and the help of tourists.

The Italian tourist was the sixth confirmed coronavirus case in India.

His 69-year-old Italian wife also tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, but her samples were sent to Pune for another test. The couple were held in solitary confinement at the Sawai Man Singh (SMS) hospital in Jaipur.

See also Coronavirus: 28 positive cases in India; PM Modi will skip the events of Holi Milano

Regarding the spread of the virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a thorough review of the preparation on Tuesday. He urged people not to panic and instead to take basic protection measures.

A Mayur Vihar man in Delhi who had recently traveled to Italy had tested positive on Monday. He was transferred to a quarantine ward at Safdarjung hospital on Sunday evening.

One of the schools in Noida, on the outskirts of Delhi, where the son of the man from Delhi is an elementary class student, said it will be closed from 4 to 6 March, while the other has declared that it will remain closed until Saturday. Another school has also closed as a preventive measure against coronavirus.

However, samples of six people from Noida who came into contact with the Delhi resident tested negative for the virus.

India has stepped up the screening process. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health of the Union issued a travel notice suspending all regular visas / e-visas granted on March 3 or earlier to citizens of Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan who have not yet entered India.

The advisory also suspends the arrival visa (VoA) issued on March 3 to Japanese and Korean citizens who have not yet entered India.


Coronavirus News: Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo to update the first coronavirus case in New York City

NEW YORK (WABC) – The first case of coronavirus has been reported in New York City. Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo say the risk for New Yorkers remains low.

They will organize a press conference on Monday at 9:45 to provide an update.

Ahead of the press conference, Mayor de Blasio tweeted: “Our health authorities have been on alert for weeks and have been fully prepared to respond. We will continue to ensure that New Yorkers have the facts and resources they need to protect themselves. “.

Governor Cuomo provided details about the patient. “The patient, a woman in her thirties, contracted the virus while traveling abroad in Iran, and is currently isolated in her home. The patient has respiratory symptoms, but is not in serious condition and has been in a controlled situation since she was arrived in New York. “

The 39-year-old woman is a healthcare professional. It is expected to recover.

On Monday the governor said the woman was not symptomatic when she flew home and did not take public transportation to her Manhattan apartment.

Governor Cuomo said he was more concerned about perception and fear. “You cannot allow fear to overcome reality.”

But he expects some to spread eventually.

“We will test the spread of the community. I fully expect the spread of the community,” said Cuomo. “It will happen.”

“The positive test was confirmed by the Wadsworth Lab in New York in Albany, underlining the importance of our state’s ability to ensure a rapid and efficient turnaround, and that’s exactly why I supported the approval of Vice President Pence that New York got just yesterday, “said Cuomo.

Additionally, according to health officials, two people are tested for COVID19 (coronavirus) in New York City.

The New York Department of Health announced on Sunday that they are running new coronavirus tests, which means they will be able to get results much sooner.

Health officials also announced that another test they ran turned out to be negative.


Health officials in Washington state confirmed the first death in the United States from COVID-19.

The announcement came during a press conference that involved public health officials – Seattle & King County and the Washington State Department of Health.

In a press conference on Saturday afternoon in the White House, President Donald Trump confirmed death.

The man who died was over 50 years old, had underlying health conditions and no travel history or contact with a known COVID-19 case, Washington state health officials said at a press conference. An EvergreenHealth Medical Center spokesman, Kayse Dahl, said the person died in the facility in the Kirkland suburb of Seattle.

President Trump said in a press conference that healthy Americans should be able to recover if they contract the new virus.

At the same press conference, the Trump team also announced a travel ban on Iran and parts of other countries most affected by the virus.

WATCH: Trump briefing on the coronavirus epidemic, first death in the United States, travel ban

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Department of Health reports that test results have turned negative for the person in Monmouth County who was under investigation for a new coronavirus.

The department reports that there are no other people in New Jersey who are currently approved and awaiting test results for the virus causing COVID-19.

The CDC also confirmed that the eighth person tested for # COVID19 in the city turned negative.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that New York has received approval to conduct its tests for COVID-19, a move aimed at providing faster results for the results.

Cuomo said the state test was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and that tests will begin immediately at the Wadsworth Lab near Albany Capitol.

“This approval will speed up waiting times and improve New York’s ability to manage the coronavirus situation more effectively as it develops,” said Cuomo in a prepared version.

There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases in New York state, even if a person was under investigation in New York City. These results have turned negative.

While state and large city public health labs were waiting for a fix for defective COVID-19 test kits from Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York and State asked for permission to run their own this week test version.

Since it emerged in China in December, COVID-19 has sickened more than 85,000 people and killed over 2,900 worldwide.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made this statement:

“Today the FDA approved our application to develop our Coronavirus test. This is not the only good news: after asking the CDC for weeks, they finally sent us new kits that will allow us to run the CDC test. locally. This means that soon, within the next week, we will have a chance to get results in a matter of hours, not days. Rapid detection is vital to stopping the spread of the virus and this development will help experts do their job. to protect New Yorkers. “

The University of Connecticut has notified its students studying abroad in Italy that they must return to the United States as soon as possible in light of new indications provided by federal health officials regarding the COVID-19 virus.

In a letter released on Saturday to the UConn community, school officials said UConn is also canceling all official travel to Italy. UConn is the last school to take such actions.

UConn currently has more than 300 students participating in academic programs abroad in 29 countries, including 88 in Italy, one in South Korea and two who have turned around before arriving in South Korea, a school spokesman said . All students in Italy and South Korea will return to UConn, school officials said. At the moment the university has no students in China or Iran for academic programs.

Those students returning to UConn from abroad will be provided with online and remote learning opportunities.

“The health and safety of our UConn students and employees is our top priority. We assure you that by working in partnership with our state and local health departments, we feel ready to respond to any case of COVID-19 that may arise in our campus or UConn Health, “school officials said in the Saturday announcement.

To date, no cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Connecticut or UConn.

Federal Centers for Disease Control recommended Friday night that Americans avoid all non-essential travel to Italy and Iran, noting that access to adequate medical care is limited in areas affected by the virus.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are moving forward to implement their own tests for the new coronavirus, officials say.

Meanwhile, at least one person he spoke with Eyewitness News chose to self-quarantine in his Brooklyn apartment after declaring that the CDC had refused to test him for the virus.

Developments come when New York state works on its COVID-19 test amid a growing backlog of tests at the CDC in Atlanta, and Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday that he spoke to Vice President Mike Pence to discuss of the plans.

RELATED: How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

As the number of people who need to be tested will increase due to the inclusion of multiple countries of origin, Cuomo said it is “practically inevitable”, there will be a positive case in the state.

“As of this morning, 28 cases have been tested, 27 negatives, one is still ongoing, but it is inevitable in my opinion, or practically inevitable, based on math and practicality,” he said. “I don’t want to get into this game every day,” Thank God no one has tested positive “, and when someone becomes positive, now everyone gets nervous. We will have people who test positive. You can’t seal the United States of America tightly.”

Cuomo also stressed that the state is preparing and has shaken the possible future scenarios, stressing: “The worst scenarios are problematic and disruptive”.

“I don’t give a damn about anyone’s politics,” he said. “We must be ready.”

New Jersey announced its similar tests to be conducted at the New Jersey public health labs in West Trenton on Friday, using the test kits provided by the CDC.

Additionally, lawmakers, including Senator Bob Menendez, visited the Hackensack Meridian Center for Discovery and Innovation, where infectious disease experts and researchers continue to study the virus.

“The ability to test samples in New Jersey accelerates response times for case diagnosis and implementation of public health measures,” said Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli. “Testing capacity will further improve New Jersey’s preparedness and response to this evolving health emergency.”

Connecticut has announced that it will also conduct its tests with CDC kits at the laboratory of the Connecticut Department of Public Health in Rocky Hill.

“As determined by our administration this week, Connecticut is taking all necessary precautions and proactive measures to ensure that we are ready to respond to the new coronavirus,” said Governor Ned Lamont. “Being able to test the virus locally will allow us to conduct diagnostics and take every possible measure quickly.”

There are three components for the CDC test for COVID-19 and the kits that the CDC sent nationwide earlier this month had a defective third component, which required that most samples be sent to the Atlanta CDC for analysis.

The third reagent was giving inconclusive results when many laboratories were trying to verify that it worked. The CDC created that test and the three components, before there was a case in the United States. But once they had had U.S. cases to test with, the CDC concluded that the test would work without the third component.

The CDC has now informed public health labs that it is convenient to make a preliminary determination of unexplained symptoms with two of the three components of the test.

New Jersey and Connecticut are following the directions of the CDC and are ready to begin testing using two of the three components, but the New York and New York state health departments are also concerned that the second component will produce accurate results.

Both agencies continue to speak to the CDC before using the test to determine positive preliminary coronavirus, which will still need to be confirmed by the CDC.

So while this new test eliminates the delay of several days to determine the preliminary positive, it will not be a confirmed positive until it is tested by the CDC laboratory in Atlanta.

The CDC hopes that all 100 public health labs across the country will be able to run tests by the end of next week.


Centers for the control and prevention of coronavirus diseases

New Yorkers can call the state hotline at 1-888-364-3065, where experts from the Department of Health can answer questions regarding the new coronavirus.

New York State Information on the Coronavirus

Information about New York City on the coronavirus

John Hopkins’ Coronavirus Tracking Dashboard

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The county of California declares a state of emergency for a deadly virus

The death toll attributed to the 2019 coronavirus novel, nicknamed COVID-19, continues to rise, with tens of thousands of people sick and thousands of others killed by the virus, mainly in China.


Live updates on the coronavirus: the county of California declares the state of emergency for a deadly virus

Update 19:03 EST March 1: After two health workers have tested positive for coronavirus in California, county officials are declaring a state of emergency in Alameda county.

The two cases are awaiting confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

People are health workers from North Bay VacaValley hospital who have been exposed to the virus by a patient hospitalized at the University of California, Davis, Sacramento Medical Center, according to a release. Both hospital workers are isolated at home.

Health officials believe that other health care workers who have come into contact with the patient may also contract the virus and have been isolated or quarantined. They will not return to take care of patients until they have been authorized.

Alameda County has declared a public health emergency in an attempt to gain access to additional resources.

Infections are increasing in Italy: another 5 people have died from viruses

Update 13:38 EST March 1: On Sunday, Italian authorities reported that five more people have died from the coronavirus, bringing the total death toll to 34 since the first case of the virus was reported on February 21. According to the Associated Press, the number of infected people in Italy has increased by 40% in 24 hours, with 1,576 cases.

Delta suspends flights from New York to Milan

Update 13:04 EST March 1: Delta Air Lines announced Sunday that it will suspend its daily international flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Milan Malpensa Airport for two months, the carrier said on its website.

The move, which will take effect earlier this week, is in response to the U.S. Department of State’s high travel advice, which was brought up to level 4 on Sunday due to the spread of coronavirus cases in northern Italy. .

Delta said the last eastbound flight from New York to Milan will depart Monday, while the last flight from Milan to New York will depart Tuesday. Service to and from Milan will resume on May 1 and the second, respectively, airline officials said.

Daily Delta flights between Rome and both JFK to New York and Atlanta continue to operate as scheduled.

Rhode Island confirms the first virus case, health officials say

Update 9:44 am EST March 1: The Rhode Island Department of Health announced the first alleged positive coronavirus case on Sunday morning, WFXT reported.

Health officials said the person was 40 and had gone to Italy in mid-February.

Fear of the virus closes the doors to the Louvre

Update 8:49 am EST March 1: Fearing the spread of the coronavirus, officials of the Louvre Museum in France decided to close on Sunday, reports the Associated Press. More than 2,300 people work at the Paris museum,

A record 10.2 million people visited the museum in 2019, according to BBC reports. During 2018, nearly 75% of the museum’s visitors were foreigners, according to the network.

“We are very concerned because we have visitors from all over,” Louvre employee and union representative for his staff told Andre APristin. “The risk is very, very, very big. It’s only a matter of time, “before one of the workers is diagnosed with the virus.

2 dozen first responders quarantined for possible coronavirus in Washington state

Update 6:42 am EST March 1: Two dozen emergency workers in Washington state are out of work as they are monitored for possible exposure to coronavirus.

On Saturday night, KIRO-TV was told that they were seven fighters, but that number rose to 25, adding two quarantined police officers.

Fire station 21 in Kirkland has an inscription that tells people to keep out, including the firefighters who are based there.

Each fireman is believed to have come into contact with coronavirus cases at the Life Care Center, a care facility in Kirkland. There are two confirmed cases of viruses there and dozens of residents are reporting symptoms that could suggest the disease, health officials said.

Now the situation has limited resources.

To keep families safe during the public health crisis, KIRO-TV has been told that the department will rely on nearby firefighters if something huge happens.

“We have excellent relationships with our regional firefighters and we are making sure we have all the conversations going on, so if we need assistance from our partners, this can be provided,” said Kellie Stickney, with the city of Kirkland.

Partnerships may soon include Kirkland police.

In the center of Kirkland, the coronavirus was the city’s talk.

“I’m not sure I know how it was broadcast here, but I hope I can keep it under control,” said visitor Casey Dishman.

Health services insisted that none of the quarantine emergency workers showed symptoms and claimed that this is only a necessary precaution.

This happens two weeks after Kirkland Fire has posted job postings for rescuers.

The USPS employee in Washington state tests coronavirus positive

Update 1:12 EST March 1: Seattle’s KIRO-TV found on Saturday evening that an employee of the U.S. postal service in the area tested positive for coronavirus.

A corporate communications spokesman said the employee who works in a Seattle network distribution center located in Federal Way, Washington.

The network distribution center is a mail processing facility that distributes USPS mail and marketing parcel services in partial and bulk form and does not handle regular mail. No mail is delivered by the facility.

The spokesman said USPS consulted with the county health department and was informed that the risk for other employees is low.

KIRO was also told that USPS will continue to follow the strategies recommended by regional and federal health officials.

The death toll from the Chinese coronavirus increases after the death of 35 other people

Update 22:45 EST February 29th: Another 35 coronavirus-affected people died in China.

The country recorded 573 new virus cases and another 35 deaths in 24 hours until midnight on Saturday, according to the National Health Commission.

This brought the country’s total to 2,870 deaths and 79,834 cases.

South Korea is the second most affected country after China.

376 new cases were reported on Sunday morning, bringing its total to 3,526. Most of these cases are found in Daegu city and nearby areas.

High travel restrictions for Italy, South Korea

Update 14:10 EST February 29th: During a press conference on Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump said that coronavirus is “difficult”, but “much progress has been made”.

Trump added that “further coronavirus cases are” likely, but added that “healthy people should be able to recover.”

“We have taken more aggressive action to deal with coronavirus,” said Trump.

Trump authorized new restrictions for people who traveled to Iran and further screening of those from Italy and South Korea.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence sent their condolences to the family of the person in King County, Washington, who became the first person in the United States to die of the virus.

Trump claimed that the woman was “a high-risk medical patient in the late 1950s.”

“She was a wonderful woman,” said Trump.

Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said there is no evidence that the woman’s death is linked to the trip.

Trump also launched an appeal to politicians and media members to “do nothing to incite panic.”

Pence, who was charged with the coronavirus task by Trump, said travel restrictions on Iran will include all foreign nationals who have visited the country in the past 14 days.

Pence also said that travel advice in Italy and South Korea has been raised to level 4.

Coronavirus: Trump expands travel restrictions, urges moderation to avoid inciting “panicked”

Washington health officials confirm the first death in the state

Update 13:10 EST February 29th: The Washington Department of Health confirmed Washington’s first coronavirus death on Saturday, according to a press release.

It is the first confirmed death in the United States.

Health officials said there are new cases in King County in addition to the two new cases confirmed on Friday evening, KIRO-TV reported.

The department hosts a press conference at 13:00. local time to provide further details.

South Korean officials report 813 new cases; wife of the infected American soldier

Update 10:03 PM EST February 29: South Korean officials reported 813 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing its total to 3,150, according to the New York Times. South Korea has the most confirmed cases of viruses outside mainland China, according to the newspaper.

Meanwhile, U.S. military officials said Saturday that the spouse of an American soldier infected with the virus also tested positive, the Times reported. The United States has over 28,000 employees in South Korea, according to the newspaper.

The woman had been in quarantine since Wednesday after learning of her husband’s diagnosis and taken to a military hospital, according to the Times.

French health officials: “We are preparing for an epidemic”

Update 18:47 EST February 29: France confirmed 19 additional coronavirus cases late Friday, according to the Washington Post. This brings the total to 57 in the European country, and health officials have warned that an epidemic is now imminent.

“We are preparing for an epidemic,” said French health minister Olivier Véran. He added that “we are moving on to phase two. The virus is circulating in our country and we must stop its spread. “

On Friday, the French newspaper Le Monde, citing airport security officials, said that an airport worker living in the Val d’Oise region tested positive for the virus.

Officials in Washington state announce two new coronavirus cases.

Update 23:20 EST February 28th: Washington state health officials announced two new coronavirus cases on Friday evening, a woman who had recently traveled to South Korea and a high school student with no known exposure to the disease whose school will be closed and sanitized.

Neither person was seriously ill, authorities said.

The high school student attends Jackson High School in Everett, Washington state, said Dr. Chris Spitters from Snohomish County Health District. The student hadn’t traveled recently and the authorities weren’t sure how that person had contracted the disease.

The other case in Washington was a woman in King County in her 50s who had recently traveled to South Korea, authorities said. It is also currently being quarantined at home.

Presumed third confirmed case in patient with no travel history

Update 21:30 EST 28 February: Oregon Governor Kate Brown has confirmed what is believed to be the first case of coronavirus in Oregon.

The patient, who lives in Washington County, had no contact with anyone with the virus and did not travel.

“The case was not a person under control or a person under investigation. The individual had neither a history of traveling to a country where the virus was circulating, nor is it believed that he had had close contact with another confirmed case: the two most common sources of exposure, “said the Oregon health authority in a statement.

The Lake Oswego school district sent a phone call to parents saying that Forest Hills Elementary will be closed until Wednesday to be cleaned thoroughly by maintenance workers.

The initial tests carried out in Oregon have turned positive. Officials refer to the case as “presumptive” until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirm the findings.

Report: 2nd confirmed case in patient with no travel history linked to the virus

Update 16:20 EST 28 February: A 65-year-old resident of Santa Clara County is the second case of community transmission of coronaviruses. The patient has no known travel history in the areas affected by the epidemic.

The second case, reported by the Washington Post, stated that there was no known connection between the last patient and anyone who diagnosed the virus.

The shares sink again Wall Street

Update 16:20 EST 28 February: The shares sank again after another wild day, extending a route that left Wall Street with its worst week since October 2008. The market has recovered much of its intraday losses in the past 15 minutes of trading. Bond prices rose as investors sought security, pushing yields to lows. The stock fainting is driven by fear that the coronavirus epidemic will derail the global economy.

The industrial average of Dow Jones lost 357 points, or 1.4%, to 25,409. The S&P 500 lost 24 points, or 0.8%, to 2,954. The benchmark index has lost 13% since it hit a record high 10 days ago. The Nasdaq rose 1 point to 8,567.

Number of positive cases on the rise in Italy, United States

Update 13:40 EST 28 February: Civil Protection Agency officials said there are 821 coronavirus cases. Of that number, 412 people showed no symptoms and are isolated in their homes, according to CNN. The agency also announced the death of 21 people. They were in their 70s and 80s with other diseases, according to CNN.

As for the United States, there are now 62 confirmed cases, the CDC said in a press briefing. Forty-four came from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, three are repatriated from China and the remaining 15 are specific cases from the United States, according to CNN reports.

WHO: over 20 vaccines in development

Update 11:21 EST February 28: The World Health Organization has announced that there are more than 20 vaccines in the development and treatment of coronavirus. They are in clinical trials and officials are hoping to see the results in a few weeks, CNN reported.

WHO has also said that they consider the spread and risk of COVID-19 to be high, but have yet to declare it a pandemic. Most cases are contributing to known contacts or clusters and that the virus does not appear to spread freely, according to CNN.

Update 10:20 am EST February 28: Mexico has two cases of COVID-19, said the assistant health secretary, according to ABC News.

One case, which is confirmed, is in Mexico City, the other suspect case is in Sinaloa. While test results have not yet returned to the second, officials are treating the patient as positive, ABC News reported.

Both cases are reportedly not serious.

In the meantime, the disease is spreading to Singapore, as the country now claims there are 98 cases, according to CNN.

Stocks open lower to end the week

Update 10:00 EST 28 February: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 800 points shortly after the opening bell to begin the last trading day of this week, CNBC reported.

Dow is not the only index to feel the effects of coronavirus. Both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both open.

Events canceled, the virus spreads to sub-Saharan Africa

Update 6:30 am EST February 28: South Korea’s number of infected has increased. Now officials say that another 571 people have tested positive for Coronavirus, according to CNN reports. A total of 2,337 cases have been diagnosed, the most outside of mainland China, according to CNN reports.

Events are canceled as the virus continues to have a hold on most of the world.

One of the largest car shows in the world, the Geneva Motor Show, was canceled due to the coronavirus. According to CNN reports, over 600,000 people were expected to attend the event starting March 2.

The Swiss government has banned all events attended by over 1,000 participants. The ban is in effect until March 15th.

Tokyo Disneyland has closed due to the virus. The gates will remain closed for two weeks. Both Tokyo Disney Parks, Disneyland and DisneySea, are expected to reopen on March 15, but may be closed longer, NBC News reported.

Lithuania now has its first confirmed case. The woman, who has mild symptoms, is isolated in a hospital and her three family members are being monitored, according to CNN.

France has two new infections, bringing its total to 40.

Sub-Saharan Africa had its first case with a person in Nigeria who tested positive. The person, who is an Italian citizen, traveled from Milan to Lagos earlier this week. Nigeria is Africa’s largest populated country with over 200 million. Officials are trying to determine who has come into contact with the person and are taking steps to make sure it doesn’t spread, according to the New York Times.

Update 12:00 EST February 28th: The U.S. Navy has ordered self-quarantine of all ships that have been to Pacific countries and to monitor for symptoms, CNN reported.

But as of the order, there were no signs that anyone on the ships had been infected.

The ships will remain at sea for 14 days. The quarantine comes after a planned exercise with South Korea has been suspended due to the epidemic, CNN reported.