Top 5 tips for Renault Duster owners for a long ride without any problems

About the choice of oil, rust prevention and useful improvements.

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

“Duster” has gained a reputation as a reliable and passable crossover, although not without flaws. Our editorial board made the TOP 5 tips for Renault Duster owners.

Prevent chips and corrosion

The body is the most expensive part of the car, so you should pay special attention to it. In the reviews on, many owners note weak paintwork among the shortcomings of the Renault Duster. It’s easier not to wait for scratches and chips to appear, which later will begin to rust, but to protect the car in advance by pasting with special film the most vulnerable places: the edge of the hood, the edges of the doors and the trunk lid.

Also, foci of rust often appear on the chrome trim on the fifth door. Again, the armored film helps to prevent this – reliable care for the Renault Duster.

Avoid water

Another common complaint of “Dusterovodov” concerns moisture seeping through the joints between the roof and rear pillars in the trunk. “Life hack” specifically for such cases, shared a blogger from the channel “Go RASH” on YouTube. He sealed problem areas with a V-ribbed belt and sealant.

In heavy rain, water can get under the hood through the nozzles of the windshield washer, it is advisable to seal them as well, otherwise the moisture will reach the candle wells.

Fighting mud

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

The next tip that should be used immediately after buying a Renault Duster is to install seals on the hood cover so that dirt does not enter the engine compartment. Among the minuses of the French crossover, thresholds that are not covered by doors are also often featured. Because of this design, it’s hard not to get your pants dirty when landing.

However, among automotive accessories, you can look at the thresholds of “Clean pants”, which solve this problem. It will not be superfluous to purchase larger mudguards, since the standard ones do not protect the lower part of the car well from dirt.

Choose engine oil

It is no secret that regular replacement of oil in the engine is the key to a long ride without problems. For many owners, the selection of oil turns into a headache. Experts of the “Driving” portal advise pouring gasoline Renault Duster 5W40-5W50 in the summer, and 0W30-0W40 in the winter.

It is worth remembering that the brand and cost of oil are not as important as the regularity of the procedure and the maintenance of the Renault Duster. It is especially important to change the oil more often in difficult operating conditions.

Extend the life of the checkpoint

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

For a manual gearbox, Renault does not at all provide for the replacement of gear oil. You can listen to advice only to those who do not plan to travel longer than the warranty period. At the same time, the manual transmission will “say thank you” for changing the oil every 60,000 km.

For the “machine”, the replacement intervals will be approximately the same. The manufacturer recommends for automatic transmission Elf Renaultmatic D3 Syn oil for a long ride without problems. It is also worth updating the oil in the angular gearbox after 30 thousand km and in the rear gearbox – by 60 thousand km.


Russian tuners have created a “wild” image of Toyota Land Cruiser 200

SCL Global has restyled the Japanese SUV.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global

Russian tuners from the studio of SCL Global, engaged in the restyling of luxury cars, created a 200 body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser, which gave the Japanese SUV an unrivaled look and a “wild” look. Now Kruzak looks at least spectacular.

Specialists called the body kit for the “Two Hundred” Hakama. The tuning kit includes: hood, front and rear bumpers, wing extenders, side skirts, upper and lower trunk lid spoilers, and a radiator grill.

The front of the car has changed and began to stand out. Bulging forward grating at the same time resembles both the jaws of a wild animal and the smile of a fantastic whale. The beams of the decorative grill smoothly pass into the headlights and share the lighting unit with daytime running lights. The front bumper of the tuned Toyota Land Cruiser 200 got laconic bottom splitter and enlarged air intakes on the sides and distinct wrinkles appeared on the hoodthat extend all the way to the windshield.

On the wheel arches of an SUV are installed overlays, which add even more angularity to a multifaceted body and smoothly pass into the thresholds, clearly emphasizing the lower part of the car.

Behind the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 appeared a pair of spoilers and a unique diffuser with exhaust holes on the sides. In the center of the bumper, an LED reversing light was installed, which is not noticeable at first glance, because it harmonizes with the smooth lines of the rear of the car.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global
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The “pumped” Land Cruiser 200 looks so “wild” that there is a desire to see the car on the road. It’s only a pity that improvements are expensive (minimum 500 thousand rubles) and happened only in the exterior of the car, but did nothing with the power unit and suspension. Under such a body kit, it’s not a sin to develop something sporty to delight motorists not only in appearance, but also in power.


Why you should not buy Volkswagen Tiguan – owner

The disadvantages make it possible to doubt the build quality of the popular German crossover, the car owner is sure.

German cars in Russia enjoy a reputation for reliable and high-quality cars, thanks to which most Russians are considering “Germans” to buy even in used versions. But not all motorists are impressed by the acquisition of cars manufactured in Germany, since even such products often cause problems.

The motorist who owns the first generation Volkswagen Tiguan and left a review of the crossover on the portal agreed with this statement. What did the car owner disappoint with the popular German SUV?

Strange as it may seem, the first reason the owner advises to immediately abandon the purchase of the Tiguan is a sporty and elastic suspension, which, as it were, “pushes” the pressure on the gas and accelerates to the maximum possible speed. Motorist reports that German crossover not suitable for those people who like a comfortable and relaxed ride, as well as a family car.

In addition, the motorist criticized the cheap and hard plastic on the front of the Volkswagen Tiguan, and the interior is impressive at first, but over time, this effect disappears. Further, the Russian dwelled on the appearance of “crickets” in the cabin, which, although they do not interfere much, but disappoint: in comparison with the Mazda 3, “Tiguan”, for example, is not happy – everything is quiet with the “Japanese”.

The lack of electric seats and a panoramic roof on the German crossover also disappointed the car owner, and the small size of the trunk made us doubt the practicality of Tiguan. Another disadvantage of the German crossover is a weak paintwork, sensitive to even small stones flying out from under the hood, and capable of leaving micro-scratches.

Thus, the car owner believes that Volkswagen Tiguan is not worth buying just because of the above shortcomings, as they cause him “pain”. “Better to take a Mazda or a Honda,” the Tiguanovod said.


Kruzak’s death or how Toyota Land Cruiser 300 may be in an awkward position without a V8

Consider examples of models that have lost the “eight.”

It is authentically known that the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will not be offered with V8 engines. The decision of the Japanese company to switch to more environmentally friendly engines in the modern world is understandable, but the rejection of a turbodiesel may not seem entirely successful. An example of this was the example of other automakers, consider them.

So, who else tried to get rid of the V8 and replace it with another motor? Probably, the saddest example served as the situation of the company Ford, which rejected the XF Falcon with the “eight” back in 1983. The Americans felt that buyers no longer want to see a sedan with a V8.

In Australia, where this model was sold, there was still a demand for the XF Falcon with a “heavy” engine – more than half of the total number of copies sold were equipped with it. And yet, for reasons known only to the Ford team, the V8 was replaced by an injected 4.1-liter V6.

Move on. In anticipation of the launch of the VL Commodore in early 1986, Holden struggled to get its engines to comply with the new emission laws. The new “six”, which replaced the V8, failedwithout meeting customer expectations. In the end, the V6 was thrown out of the engine range of the sedan and station wagon, and it was replaced by a batch of Nissan six-cylinder engines.

In Europe, BMW switched from a six-cylinder to a V8 for its fourth-generation M3. This was done in order to gain wide recognition among motorists. In 2014, it was decided to replace the “eight” with a twin-turbocharged V6, which was still a good engine, but lost its “sound” and high-speed characterthat many praised so much.

Similarly, the Audi S4, S5, RS4 and RS5 were once available with the V8, which was then replaced with turbocharged six-cylinder engines. Thus, it can be assumed that the exclusion of V8 from the Kruzak engine range may lead to his death. At least the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 may be in an awkward position in the market.

Finally, we add that there is a well-known example when a manufacturer introduced V8 and practically “killed” it. We are talking about the Nissan Patrol Y62, which in 2013 became available exclusively with the “eight”, while previous versions of the model were offered with turbodiesel four- and six-cylinder engines.

Sales of “Patrol” immediately fell. Why? Because the V8 was gasoline – it’s a great 5.6-liter engine, but placing it under the hood of a 2800-kilogram “horse” fuel efficiency has become worse than terrible.


What does a Hyundai Creta sedan look like – render

A new image and a “trump card in the sleeve” would allow Crete to lead another segment of the Russian car market.

Hyundai Creta has been sold in Russia since 2016, and four years of presence on the country’s market proves that a foreign car can not only compete, but leave behind all its rivals for several years in a row.

The demand for Hyundai Creta in Russia is due to its comparative availability, combined with practicality, level of comfort and equipment. In addition, the car occupies the most relevant niche in the Russian market – the compact cross-segment.

It is noteworthy that in the Russian market there are players who sell cross-sedans. These are AvtoVAZ and Renault, who were not afraid to experiment, due to which we are offered LADA Vesta Cross and Renault Logan Stepway.

Both cars are not bestsellers, however, they have no competitors in their niche, but what if the Koreans decided to fix this? Portal fantasized on this subject, and showed a render that demonstrates what the Hyundai Creta sedan looks like.

The virtual prototype of the Hyundai Creta sedan is the Vesta and Logan nightmare, because the last two are nothing more than overpriced cars with a plastic body kit. Against this background, the “trump card” of the Korean car would be all-wheel drive, which Russian motorists still require to implement in the Vesta Cross, Vesta SW Cross, XRAY and Logan Stepway.


Special Projects – Twenty Years Together

The economic program of the first acting and then President Vladimir Putin was then extremely worried by most analysts. As such, there was no economic election program; in the Address to Voters, the topic of the economy was practically ignored (except for the fight against poverty). Throughout 2000 and at the beginning of 2001, the rumors about what would be the “Putin program” did not stop.

In particular, there was a discussion about whether the new president would prefer the liberal “German Gref program” from the Center for Strategic Research or the “Victor Ishaev program” – a protectionist development of a group of economists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Formally, the choice was not made. The government of Mikhail Kasyanov, which included German Gref (in the status of minister) and Alexei Kudrin (deputy prime minister and minister of finance), implemented the first option, plus the achievements of the assistant to the president Andrei Illarionov.

It is possible to reconstruct Putin’s actual economic program for 2000-2001 according to the then fundamental decisions of the government and the president. In the tax sphere, this is a reduction in the level of nominal taxation from 60–65% of GDP to 40–45%, repayment of external debt (including the Paris Club), joining the World Trade Organization, a deficit-free budget, lowering the Bank of Russia refinancing rate and the fight against inflation, the creation of a mechanism for maintaining federal budget revenues to smooth out oil price fluctuations (stabilization fund).

In addition, the government was then loyal to the idea of ​​gradually strengthening the ruble (from 32 rubles / $ in 2000 to 10 rubles / $) and abandoning the control of capital flows (one of the first important actions in 2000 was to reduce the rate of sale foreign exchange earnings from 75% to 50%, the Central Bank insisted on 100%).

Solutions for the industrial sector include the consolidation of the public sector, the active attraction of direct foreign investment, the reform of the energy system, the privatization of railways and parts of oil assets, the strengthening of Gazprom’s business and the construction of a pipeline system bypassing Ukraine.

The ultimate goal of the program was to achieve rates of economic growth above 4% of GDP in order to increase real disposable incomes of the population, reduce the number of poor and create a middle class.

Poverty rate

The longest announced in this unofficial and mostly liberal plan was the reform of RAO UES of Russia – ten years. Almost everything else usually fit in four to five years. Almost everything then claimed was somehow implemented and implemented, but three to four times slower than anticipated.

This is actually the main pattern in the “Putin program” – it cannot be said that any initial plans were canceled (the exception is the privatization of Russian Railways). But their unpredictably slow implementation by the time any effect was achieved already made it possible to forget that this was not a natural course of things, not slow progress, but the implementation of the president’s program. He did not back down from the program. He consistently and steadily carried it out together with the entire economy at a speed that no one had expected at the time of planning.


TOP 3 cars that we would like to see again in Russia

Or maybe they will come back?

As it happens, car manufacturers are forced to remove some of their models from Russian car dealerships because they either can not stand the competition, or simply do not “go” to domestic motorists. However, there are cars that unfairly left our market, and which we would like to see again in Russia. The experts of the Versia.Info news agency compiled the TOP-3 of such cars.

In first place was Haval H6 Coupe – Coupe-shaped crossover from the Middle Kingdom. The car was not very popular, as the Russians preferred the more modest Haval H6, which is still being sold. However, it was the cross-coupe that could boast of a more stylish body and an increased wheelbase.

Under the hood of the “Chinese” was a 2.0-liter 190-horsepower turbocharged engine, combined with a 6-band “automatic”. The power of the Haval H6 Coupe motor is much greater than that of the same competitor in the person of Renault Arkana, therefore, most likely, the Chinese cross-coupe could “knock out” the “Frenchman” if he returned to Russia.

The second place in the rating of cars that have sunk into oblivion takes Nissan juke – A crossover with a very controversial design. And although not everyone looks like him, there is a certain number of fans of this model.

“Beetle” was offered to Russians with a 1.6-liter engine, issuing 94, 117, 190 and 214 horsepower. A couple of the engine was “mechanics” or a variator, and all-wheel drive was available as an option for top-end trim levels.

Closes the TOP-3 car that we would like to see again in Russia, Ford focus. The American, like all Ford passenger cars, left the Russian market in 2019. It is worth noting that not so long ago, Focus was the main foreign car on the domestic market, but at some point something went wrong.

Ford Focus was offered in Russia with two gasoline power units: a 1.5-liter 150-horsepower, as well as a 1.6-liter power of 105 and 125 horsepower. Paired with the motor worked “mechanics”, “robot” or “automatic”.


Introduced “stretched” KIA Optima 2020

The appearance and technical parameters of the new version of the Korean sedan became public.

Most Russians want to own cars that are distinguished by a spacious interior and a roomy trunk. This suggests that motorists need a high-quality business class, which, in addition to luxury, can also offer practicality.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Russians are waiting for the recently presented “Stretched” version the popular premium KIA Optima sedan. Last week, images of the new product appeared on the network, but today the developers have declassified the technical parameters of the “Korean”.

Interestingly, the long-base “Optima” targeted at the Chinese consumerand the appearance of the novelty is comparable to KIA Optima for the home market – both versions differ only in the front bumper and the shape of the rear window. But on the other hand, an elongated version of the Korean business sedan acquired a completely modernized interior, which houses a revised virtual control panel, connected to the touchscreen of a multimedia installation under a common glass. Similar technologies have long been tested on the Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Under the hood of the “stretched” KIA Optima is a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 170 horsepower, which is paired with a 7-position “robot”. Optima also acquired a 240-horsepower 2-liter unit, which is powered by an automatic transmission.

The elongated KIA Optima will arrive on the “celestial” market in September this year. But in reality, not only the Chinese would love to ride the long-haul Optima, but the Russians, who will be pleased not only with increased comfort, space and safety, but also advanced technological equipment. Thus, this modification of the Korean business sedan would gain popularity in the domestic market – bring it to Russia.

Dmitry Pavlichko

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Three lucky and three losers in early May

Someone was lucky in the first week of May, and someone would have to try.

The week from May 4 to 10 “put in place” 6 of the 12 Zodiacs – the astrologer identified three “lucky ones” and three “losers”. However, “Lucky” can not hold back their joy and happiness, and “losers” – to correct the situation.

In third place among those who are unlucky, are the twins. From the beginning of May, they will be “stuck” in the problems and difficulties that will be pursued at every turn. Good news: on May 7, the “bad luck streak” will end.

In second place – Virgin. They, too, will be overcome by difficulties and problems, but their situation is worse than that of the Gemini – they will not have the strength to fight them. But you can restore strength – you need to learn to “switch” from problems to something pleasant, give yourself a rest, find a reason for joy every day or create it.

In the first, most “unfortunate” place are the Lions. The “King of the Beasts” will fail his own character. Representatives of the sign will become irritable, conflicting, and especially May 7th – to the full moon. This can lead to quarrels with loved ones and even more nerves that will cause problems. Save from failures help control over your emotions.

And the happiest signs of the week there will also be three – and on the third place Fishes. They may fall in love, in addition, life will throw up joyful events. Caught up In second place stubborn Aries will be happy with their own condition – they will suddenly feel a surge of efficiency. And because of him, they will cope with previously postponed affairs, and they will also take a step to their dream. And first place Sagittarius takes – this week he has a peak of happiness and sexuality. They will “want” the sign, so it is possible to find love, or to add romance to an already established relationship.


What is Range Rover 3 capable of under 400,000 km?

The low price of a used Renzhik is due to the fact that in most cases it has problems above the roof.

The peculiarity of this car is that in the secondary market of Russia, the third generation Land Rover Range Rover can stand for years, even if they are sold at a minimum price tag. And it’s far from the fact that the car is so bad – just the notoriety of the “American” goes ahead of him.

Dozens of years ago, Land Rover Range Rover 3 was bought by those people who were sick of Japanese pomp and wanted an American gloss. Such a car is bought, if not for life, then for an impressive segment of it, because in terms of reliability, the new “Range” will not yield even to various Toyota Land Cruiser models.

At the same time, if it comes to used cars, then everything is not so favorable. On the “secondary” there are enough models with mileage of 400,000 kilometers, which are sold at the price of LADA Priora, therefore it is important to know what such a car is capable of. First of all, you need to understand that the margin of safety of the Land Rover Range Rover 3 is already coming to an end. With a 4.4-liter engine with 283 horsepower, problems rarely occur, unless the car has been operated on rough terrain for years, which in general is a fairly common situation.

The front of the SUV is made of aluminum. Not to say that the car rotted too quickly because of this, on the contrary – most of the problems of Land Rover Range Rover 3 with corrosion are associated with the rear bumpers and wheel arches, under which dirt and the first “mushrooms” like to accumulate. If the “American” with a mileage of 200,000 km does not have rust from the inside of the rear, then there are two options: either “bodywork” was changed, or it was also changed, but at the same time the car was in the garage for years.

The former gloss is felt around the car interior: the plastic holds perfectly, if you do not take into account the elements that are made of wood, the seats have long been worn away, nowhere without covers, but behind all the problems with the interior and exterior of the Land Rover Range Rover 3 the car is hidden which is capable of driving another 100,000 km with adequate maintenance. On any off-road or even shallow reservoirs – not in vain because the Range was called the American dream.

Alexey Lopatin

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