Shows: Farina explained how she met Leslie Shaw and revealed that they are now neighbors

The Colombian singer He offered this Friday a live interview to the program “Mujeres Al Mando” to promote “A Fuego”, his most recent musical work, and also the reality show “Latin Music Queens”, with Thalía and Sofía Reyes, which premieres a new chapter every Thursday by Facebook Watch.

However, the talented artist He also spoke of his affection for our country, since his father is Peruvian, and of his relationship with , with whom she maintains a beautiful friendship that dates back to long before he invited her to record the song “I’m single”, and revealed how her participation in this collaboration was conceived.

“I have been to Peru twice. I haven’t had a chance to know much yet, but I love food. I feel that people are very loving. In fact, I have colleagues who share my idea that Peru is one of the most artist-friendly countries ”, stated.

“The second time I went to Peru I met Leslie (Shaw) and I liked him super. She is super gentle, super kind and she received me so beautiful … She told me that she had followed my entire musical career and that she wanted to do something with me and I said yes of course “added the Colombian.

Farina said that after that, she asked Leslie Shaw to send her the song. “At the time he sent me ‘I’m single’ which seemed like a hit since I listened to it. She wanted me to rap for her and champerate her and put a little bit of that street that characterizes me in my lyrics “, He said,

“A few days later she told me that Thalía was going to be there, that she is another of my colleagues-friends in the industry, so we made the video in New York. We had an incredible time and I have a very special friendship with Leslie ”, assured.

Likewise, a detail that attracted a lot of attention was during the conversation that Farina had with Giovanna Valcárcel, was that revealed that he is living in the same building where Leslie Shaw lives and told a funny anecdote of how he found out about this.

“I moved about a week ago and Leslie calls me and says: ‘Friend, I thought I saw you today’ and I said: ‘No, it’s impossible, because I’m moving.’.. And my manager, who was downstairs, told me: ‘Look, I just saw Leslie face to face’, and when I write to him he says: ‘Fari, I’m in the same building!’ “, he finished laughing.

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Leslie Shaw confesses his wishes to record a musical theme with Maluma

Leslie Shaw confesses his wishes to record a musical theme with Maluma


Danna Paola praises her Peruvian Yo Soy impersonator: I’ve seen her, she impressed me a lot

Danna Paola was presented this Wednesday, October 14 at Women in command, where she was interviewed by Maricarmen Marín. There, the famous singer referred to her impersonator Andreína Montilla, finalist of the last season of I am.

The interpreter of “Notoriety”Is a follower of the Latina program, as she has seen the presentations of the young Venezuelan impersonator. He even praised his stage work and characterization.

“I tell you that here I have an imitation program that is 8 years old, it’s called Yo soy, and there is a Danna Paola impersonator. She is causing a sensation because you are very difficult to imitate, “he said. Maricarmen Marin. Right away, Danna Paola he yelled, “Oh, already, I’ve seen her”

“How strong, the truth is that it impresses me a lot, it is very heavy and I am very grateful that this girl does because she has done it quite well. I was very impressed by the look, the movements of the hands, “added the actress from the Elite series.

Also, he talked about his new topic “Journey into the light”Which will be part of the Netflix animated film Beyond the Moon. “I am excited about this song, I am very excited to share it. It’s such a beautiful story, the movie is going to change their lives, “he mentioned. Danna Paola.

Danna Paola at the peak of musical success

The singer has one of her best moments. He has recently released several songs, including “Don’t go”, where he sings with the young woman Isabela Merced.

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Danna Paola, the best Latin American singer

The GQ Mexico magazine recognized the singer Danna Paola as the best Latin American artist.

The interpreter of “Bad fame” shared his happiness with his followers. “Thank you for this beautiful recognition as Latin American Singer of the year. With the look in the sky and the feet on the ground, “he wrote in Instagram.

How was the casting of Andreína Montilla, Danna Paola impersonator in Yo soy?

The artist Andreína Montilla began her imitation of Danna Paola With a home video that she shared through her social networks, the images show her singing the song “Sodio” with a voice tone quite similar to that of the Mexican star.

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Thanks to her clip, the singer of Venezuelan origin was able to appear on the set of Latina, before Ricardo Morán, Maricarmen Marín and Katia Palma, who invited her to participate in the program I am, after witnessing his interpretation of “Bad Fame”

Danna Paola achieves two million video views of “Don’t go”

Danna Paola teamed up with Peruvian-born artist Isabela Merced for her latest song, “Dont ‘go.” The video clip recently reached 2 million views on YouTube and Latina performers did not hesitate to celebrate the achievement on social media.

“We are already 2 million views! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much!”, The young singer wrote on Instagram.

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Danna Paola revealed the reasons that kept her from Elite

In addition to her singing career, the Mexican is known for her acting talent. One of his last acting projects was Elite, Netflix series that captivated millions of viewers. However, Danna Paola decided to say goodbye to the production in its last season.

“I made the decision not to be in season four to dedicate myself 100% to music this year. So, for me it was one thing or the other, because I’m very perfectionist and delivered in that sense, “said the” Bad Fame “interpreter to her followers.

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Danna Paola and “Hey, Pablo”

During the delivery of the GQ magazine, the interpreter of “Notoriety”Was surprised to announce that he found the mysterious young man he met on his first visit to Spain for recordings of Elite.

Danna Paola captured that experience in her single “Hey Pablo”, One of his biggest hits to date.

At the end of his speech after receiving the award for Latin Singer, he ran from one microphone to another to announce “Pablo has already appeared.”

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Danna Paola, latest news:

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Shows: Jazmín Pinedo on her departure from Latina: “Despite the sad way and

gave an interview to the program “You are in all”, where he recalled his television career, since he joined the youth reality “”As a contestant, until his time conducting various television programs.

In the middle of the conversation, the ex-partner of He recalled that the call he received to take over the leadership of “This is War” came at the precise moment of his life, since he felt that in “Women in Command” he had already reached his “stop”.

Likewise, the television figure surprised by opening up and revealing that the team she worked with in Latina did not act quite well with her; however, she stressed that she will always be grateful to that television house.

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“I had a contract with my other television house for four years, and despite the sad way they acted in the end in front of me, I will always be grateful, because I learned a lot, but I reached a top where I wanted more, like this It’s me”, stated.

Jazmín also confessed that driving “Esto es Guerra” was one of her pending dreams, which is why when it was speculated that she would be the host, she had no qualms about telling her former producer that if she received the proposal, she would not think about it. .

“My old producer called me and told me about the rumors that said I was going to be in ‘This is War’ and I told him: ‘they haven’t called me yet’ (…) (But) I told him in his bare face that if they called me from This is War, I would leave without thinking. We all have the right to fight for our goals and no one has to force you not to ”, he pointed out.

Jazmín Pinedo talks about her departure from Latina and regrets the way they treated her


Jazmín Pinedo assures that she has no friends on television: “I am very reserved and heavy for that”

Jazmín Pinedo assures that she has no friends on television: “I am very reserved and heavy for that”



Ojo Show: Women in Command: Participant finally received her Smart TV after doing

A young woman who publicly denounced that the “Mujeres al Mando” program did not give her the television that she won in a contest, can now sleep peacefully. The participant, identified as that they promised.

This young woman said that she tried by all means to get the award, but that she always got the same response. “It is taking a while, but we are going to deliver them to you,” she wrote.

However, his discomfort echoed and was who collected the complaint.

Finally last night They gave him the long-awaited TV and an electric oven from ‘yapa’.

I usually do not air certain things but I am tired of waiting and requesting something that by right earns it The year …

published by Paola Villalobos Vilalobos in Sunday, August 30, 2020


Karen Schwarz remembers her beginnings in “Women in command” and Jazmín Pinedo surprises with her response

Karen Schwarz, Jazmín Pinedo and Magdyel Ugaz they were the first conductors of the program “Women in command“from Latina. Currently the space is presented by Giovanna Valcárcel, Thaís Casalino and Maricarmen Marín.

Thus, Ezio Oliva’s wife was nostalgic on social networks and shared a photo with Pinedo and Ugaz, to remember the first edition of the morning space.

When we venture to a nice program #WomenAlMando”Wrote Schwarz Espinoza.

Bliss stories of Instagram was shared by Magdyel ugaz, where she noted: “I will never forget how nervous I was. I loved being a woman in command with you and Jasmine Pinedo.”

However, what was surprising was the answer left by Jazmín Pinedo when she replicated said photograph. “Millions of kisses” was his brief comment.


At the end of January, the television host Jazmín Pinedo made her official pass to America TV, taking over as the new presenter who will accompany Gian Piero Diaz in “This is war”.

Thanks to America TV that I have opened the doors again to host a show that is a monster, “he said Jasmine Pinedo after his return to said channel.

He also took the opportunity to talk about his departure from “Women in command“.” I want to take a few more seconds to thank my former television station for these four years full of opportunities. ‘This is war’ marked a very beautiful stage in my life“, he pointed.