Rob Kardashian’s request to strip Blac Chyna’s custody of her daughter was rejected – 02-Mar-2020

However, according to The Blast, the 32-year-old sock designer may still seek Dream’s exclusive custody, but will not be addressed in emergency circumstances.

In the court documents filed by Rob earlier this year, he asked that Chyna’s time with Dream be limited to weekends only and with a babysitter gift.

She claimed that Chyna – who also has seven-year-old son King Cairo with ex-partner Tyga – regularly organizes parties in her home opposite Dream and invites strangers to get drunk with her.

Rob also claimed that Dream’s behavior has changed recently since he started “naked twerking, and reciting sexual positions that his mother had told her”.

He also claimed that his daughter came to him with dirty hair and dirty teeth.

The once lonely star – who dated Chyna for 12 months in 2016 – is worried about Dream’s banal mouth as he starts saying “bitch” and “What the f ** k?”, Which he said are terms he doesn’t hear when she is at her house.

Rob believes that his sister Khloe Kardashian can support his accusations since reportedly he has noticed a behavioral change in Dream since he is “more in defense mode” and is “definitely more aggressive” during his play dates with his cousins.

Rob also asked the courts to approve his request to have Chyna submit a drug and alcohol test no less than 30 minutes before each visit with Dream.

He also asked that the supervising nanny be granted authority to end the visit immediately in the event of violence in front of her daughter.


On Saturday at 60 degrees it turns into cold and snow on Sunday

SALT LAKE CITY – The warm weather that the Wasatch front has seen in the last few days will turn into a cold and wet Sunday, but will return later in the week.

Some areas in Utah saw temperatures reach 60 degrees on Saturday, but temperatures will drop dramatically from midnight as cold air moves from the northwest. Salt Lake will drop to 42 degrees with rain at 2 am.

“As we work our way through the night, that’s when the flakes start falling,” said meteorologist Dan Guthrie.

Rain will develop in snow as the cold front pushes the whole state Sunday all day. Southern Utah will see a mix of rain and snow, depending on altitude, on Sunday evening.

While the Wasatch front will see .37 “of rainfall and Moab will see .08”, the northern mountains will have “winter driving conditions” with up to a foot of snow, according to Guthrie.

The maximum for Sunday will reach 40 degrees and then go up one degree on Monday before it is sunny and again 60 on Friday.

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A Chinese student in Lebanon complains of being abused after the spread of the coronavirus

JEDDAH: An Iranian MP died on Saturday after being infected with the coronavirus, one of nine new deaths.

The death toll in Iran is now 43, the highest out of China, and the total number of infected has risen to 593.

Several, including a vice president, deputy minister of health and five parliamentarians, proved positive for the virus as the outbreak forced the regime to close parliament and impose internal travel bans.

Tehran also ordered the closure of schools until Tuesday and extended the closure of universities and the ban on concerts and sporting events for a week. The authorities also banned visits to hospitals and nursing homes.

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Iran is at the center of the spread of coronavirus in the Middle East. Qatar and Oman reported their first cases on Saturday, both related to travel from Iran. The United Arab Emirates has suspended kindergartens and school trips.

Saudi Arabia is now the only Arab state in the Gulf not to report coronavirus cases, but Kingdom pharmacies are still struggling to meet the demand for face masks.

“Despite assurances from the Ministry of Health, people have requested face masks and I see more people wearing them in public,” pharmacist Adel Abdul Shakoor told Arab News. “Now we no longer have masks and we usually have shelves full.”

The Ministry of Health stated that all measures had been taken to protect the Kingdom from the virus and confirmed that there had been no “known cases” of infection.


LIVE: The Middle East renews travel warnings in the event of an increase in coronavirus in Iran

Lebanon closes schools after the fourth coronavirus case

The virus is spreading around the world when multiple countries report the first cases

The South Korean “cult” is accused of peak in coronavirus cases

Since December, the virus has infected over 85,919 people and killed 2,941, mainly in China.

The first virus death in the United States was confirmed on Saturday night in Washington state, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency on Saturday.

Governor Jay Inslee ordered state agencies to use “all the necessary resources” to prepare for and respond to the outbreak. The statement also allows the use of the Washington National Guard if necessary.

Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, a Seattle and King County health officer who works with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the dead person is a man in his fifties.

President Donald Trump described the person as being at high medical risk. He said healthy Americans should be able to recover if they contract the new virus.

Health officials in California, Oregon and Washington say they are concerned about the new coronavirus that is spreading through West Coast communities after confirming that at least three patients have been infected with unknown means. The patients had not visited an area where an outbreak had occurred, nor had they apparently been in contact with anyone.

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St. George man being treated for coronavirus at the Intermountain Medical Center of Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – A man from San Giorgio who has tested positive for coronavirus will be treated at the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray at the request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The announcement was made on Friday evening and Intermountain Healthcare officials said the patient, Mark Jorgensen, will be housed in “a special unit separate from the hospital and designed for high-level isolation.”

Hospital officials have assured that Jorgensen, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 outside of Utah, poses no threat to public health. Jorgensen arrived at the facility on Friday evening from Travis Air Force Base in California.

Jorgensen was one of three Utahns on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship diagnosed with COVID-19.

At a Friday press conference, officials said Jorgensen hasn’t shown any symptoms of the disease so far and has felt “perfectly normal”, according to Dr. Todd Vento, an infectious disease doctor with Intermountain Healthcare.

The first Utahn who tested positive for the disease has since tested negative.

“Intermountain will continue to work closely with the CDC and the Utah Department of Health to address this problem and take all precautions to keep the patient, our caregivers and the community safe,” hospital officials said.

Jorgensen did not show any of the symptoms associated with the disease – coughing, shortness of breath and fever – before or after his transfer, which went smoothly, Vento said.

“It’s a step forward,” Mark Jorgensen told KSL on Friday. “I’m just taking it one step at a time.”

The Intermountain Medical Center has an emergency preparedness unit designed specifically to assist patients with emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19 or even Ebola.

Jorgensen will be hosted in the EPU, which has highly trained staff who are prepared for this exact scenario, stressed Vento.

His stay at the unit is not indicative of the severity of Jorgensen’s disease – again, he is asymptomatic, but will be treated at the EPU because staff are ready to handle this type of case.

His time in EPU will also help minimize any potential exposure to others.

Once Jorgensen has tested negative for the virus twice, there will be no chance of transmission and he will be discharged and able to return home.

If anything about Jorgensen’s clinical condition changes, doctors will be able to intervene and treat him accordingly, Vento said.

In addition, hospital officials will provide any updates on Jorgensen’s condition in the event of significant changes.

“The risk for Utahns for COVID-19 still remains low,” reiterated Dr Angela Dunn, an epidemiologist in the state of the Utah Department of Health.

Starting next week, the health department will be able to perform COVID-19 tests at the state laboratory, which is expected to significantly reduce the time required for results.

Currently, all tests have been sent to the CDC which extends the waiting period to around three days.

State test results should only take around 24 hours to return, Dunn said.

Jorgensen’s wife, Jerri Jorgensen, is also being treated for COVID-19. She tested positive for the disease before showing symptoms.

Several days after her positive test, she developed symptoms and was taken from the cruise ship to Japan where she was hospitalized on Friday.

The couple has faced ordeal for weeks, but good news has come this week: Jerri Jorgensen has tested negative for the disease and is waiting for more results before he can go home to Utah.

Mark Jorgensen has tested positive within about 10 days of his wife showing symptoms of the disease, Vento said.

Jorgensen, who is considered clinically vulnerable because he has had two kidney transplants, has been extensively tested to ensure that he has no respiratory symptoms.

Vento said that due to the in-depth assessment Jorgensen underwent, officials felt comfortable transferring him to the Utah facility.

“He is a Utah resident, helps him to be closer to his family, closer to home after long labor, his wife is in Japan,” said Vento. “I think it was the right thing to welcome him here and prove that we could take care of him. And we have this extraordinary resource of the emergency preparedness unit.”

Jorgensen hopes that he will be home soon.

“The next stop will be San Giorgio,” he said.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources


  • To help mitigate the infectious transmission of COVID-19, health officials advise anyone who thinks they have the virus to call their doctor before going to hospital.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often
  • Stay home if you feel bad
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Coughing or sneezing in the elbow or in a handkerchief

Risk and symptoms

  • You may be at risk of having COVID-19 if you have recently traveled to mainland China, South Korea or, to a lesser extent, Japan, Italy and Iran.
  • Infected patients typically have fever, cough and shortness of breath

contribute: Alex Cabrero, KSL TV

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Jessica Simpson felt “driven” to compete with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera when they were younger – February 26 2020

‘Entertainment Tonight’ said: “We grew up in a very competitive environment when it came to our record labels and we were driven to do things that weren’t necessary for success. Everyone found their own way, so beautiful and challenging I love the fact that everyone has truly remained who they are. There is so much space at the top! I mean, think of how many people are in heaven! Come on, there is a lot of space at the top and I am happy to share any top slot with nobody “.

The actress “Employee of the Month” has insisted even though she has “more things” than she wants to achieve, following in the footsteps of Christina and Britney with her Las Vegas residence is not in the cards.

He explained, “This is not on the wish list. I feel I should write many more songs to make a residency in Las Vegas.”

Instead, Jessica has admitted that she would prefer to run on Broadway and revealed that her book ‘Open Book’ means that she has many options.

He added, “You never know. Right now, a lot of things are happening. ‘Open Book’ has opened many doors.”

Jessica’s sister Ashlee Simpson previously praised her brother for sharing the “truth with the world” in memory, in which she discussed her high profile relationships with Nick Lachey and John Mayer, her battle with alcohol and how she was sexually abused as a child.

Ashlee wrote on Instagram: “I am so proud of my beautiful, courageous, kind, loving sister !!! It is good to see you share your truth with the world. You are so inspiring. I love you so much.”


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wasted $ 6.3 million on two acres of land – February 23 2020

According to real estate records obtained from the Los Angeles Times, the couple purchased the land in late 2019 using a trust.

The home site, which overlooks a golf course, was on the market for $ 5.95 million last year before it took off.

The news of the purchase comes after Kim and Kanye enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s weekend with massages in Cabo last week.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star flew to the Mexican city – where the “Bound 2” hitman had been working on music for a few days – to surprise the 42-year-old rapper with a two-night stay in a private villa for the romantic occasion.

A source said then: “Kanye was in town for a few days working on music, and Kim flew to meet him at the last minute on Friday evening.

“She was taken to a private villa where she met Kanye. They spent two very peaceful nights in their private villa.”

The couple – who have children North, six, Saint, four, Chicago, two and Salmo, nine months, together – spent the weekend with relaxing massages and even had an in-house chef to prepare all their meals in the apartment. luxury .

One insider explained: “It was relaxing and peaceful.

“They never left and they just had fun one on one.”


French-Algerian actress Lyna Khoudri stars in the latest Wes Anderson film

DUBAI: fixing fashion with food is no secret. In recent years, we have seen several brands cooking edible themed accessories, including McDonalds mugs made from Moschino shoulder bags and Chanel’s lait de coco clutch bag. In the meantime, other designers have taken another step forward by joining forces with the most famous restaurants, such as Alber Elbaz for Ladurée.

Now the latest designer to partner with a restaurant is Saudi contemporary women’s clothing designer Arwa Al-Banawi, who recently teamed up with the mixed fried chicken fast food, KFC.

The creative born in Jeddah collaborated with the famous fast food chain in an exclusive streetwear capsule collection that boasts gender neutral pieces for the famous fans of the label – which includes the likes of Jayden Smith and Elisa Sednaoui – to eat.

Although the designer has kept the collaboration hidden for the moment, fans can probably expect bespoke designer clothes with KFC-inspired prints or sweatshirts with the emblematic portrait of Colonel Sanders to satiate the wardrobes throughout the season.

Although most likely the capsule collection will not have the price to pay in the car, it is destined to sell as hot cakes when it arrives on the shelves soon.

The unexpected partnership is the latest in a series of collaborations for the contemporary label based in Dubai Design District. In the past, the women’s clothing designer has collaborated with Pepsi, Adidas Originals and Levi’s.