COVID-19 replaces tennis fans at Hard Rock Stadium with drivers eager to be tested

GIARDINI MIAMI, Fla. – Blame the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of preparing for the Miami Open tennis tournament, the Florida National Guard was preparing to open a drive-through test site at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Governor Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that the Florida National Guard drive-through test sites in southern Florida are almost ready to go.

The sites will have lines reserved for first responders.

Community Health of South Florida Inc. operates a drive-through test site from 9 to 12, Monday through Friday, at the Doris Ison Health Center, 10300 S.W. 216 St., in the south of Miami-Dade.

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Photo: how coronavirus has upset life in six places around the world

It often seems that the world is shrinking, that almost all of us are interconnected, our different cultures linked by things from Internet memes to the latest Netflix movie. But for generations nothing has tied the world as much as the coronavirus pandemic. It quickly became a common language: fear, helplessness, empty and unnerving streets, empty parks and closed schools. Traveling by plane, cruise ship and train, the virus binds Seoul to Tehran in Milan to Washington state, where it has spread to places of worship and conferences, offices, schools and markets. “This is a borderless virus,” said Olaf Scholz, Germany’s deputy chancellor and finance minister, urging people around the world to use it as a battle cry. “It actually shows that solidarity is the only way we can move forward as human beings.”

You love me

Florida faces unique challenges amid the coronavirus epidemic, the health crisis that has potentially disastrous consequences for the aging population in a place that depends heavily on the people they want to visit. The cruise and travel industry has already been hit hard, with residents like Gabriella Simonelli, executive director of Perfection Travel in Miami, saying that the implications of the coronavirus are threatening: “We survive through tourism.” Your business has issued refunds for cruises and flights booked with your agency. Simonelli also said it was scheduled for a cruise this week, but has decided not to because of the recent cold he has had. “What if they put me in quarantine? For me, it’s not worth it.”

Asma Ghazouani, a Tunisian Fulbright scholar who studied at Southern Illinois University, was in South Point Park in Miami Beach during the spring break, watching the cruise ships pass on Wednesday. “Coronavirus for me is proof that we have reached global connection status,” he said. “What happens in a particular country will affect others. It will affect the economy and global health.”

Cruise ships have been at the center of concern for coronavirus, with some ships having to sit in quarantine at sea and their passengers subsequently had to spend time in federal quarantine on their return to the United States. There have been nearly 700 confirmed coronavirus cases among cruise ship passengers and crew, and some cruise lines have suspended service during the outbreak.


The coronavirus had a huge toll on Italy, with over 15,000 confirmed cases of 19 covids and more than 1,000 deaths, leading to a blockade that left parks and public spaces empty.

Every year at the end of February, an amusement park is set up in front of the Civic Arena. Children wait for him all year round and during his stay the park is one of the most crowded places in Milan. It is closed this year to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Other public spaces are also strangely silent, due to social distancing, with lonely people taking breaks in places like the Porta Venezia park.

The blockade in Italy imposed restrictions on 60 million people, part of a European outbreak that rapidly increased in terms of scale and impact in a matter of days. The blockade, and others like it, aimed to slow the spread of the virus. The outbreak of Italy and other hotspots in neighboring countries have led President Trump to ban most foreign citizens traveling from Europe to the United States.

The fear is that much of Europe – and perhaps the United States – could face peaks of coronavirus infections like that in Italy in the coming weeks. “Italy is about two weeks ahead of Britain and the rest of Europe,” said Francois Balloux, director of the Genetics Institute at University College London. German officials said they feared that up to 70% of its citizens could become infected if the spread is not brought under control. The emptiness of Italian public spaces could be reflected elsewhere.

King County, Wash.

The first epicenter of the epidemic in the United States emerged in Kirkland, Washington, a community on the outskirts of Seattle. One nursing home, the Life Care Center, saw more than 50 of its residents and staff fall ill during the epidemic and had died since Friday 25 – representing more than half of all covid-19-related deaths in the United States. The outbreak resulted in restrictions on rallies and cancellations of public events.

Sue Heale, executive director of the Kirkland Academy of Music and Performance, moved her lessons online, providing digital instructions via video chat. Claire Raymond, 9, received remote piano instructions to avoid the potential spread of the virus. “The biggest challenge is that this disease is moving so fast. Every day I wake up and have this huge weight in decision making,” says Heale. “If we were to close, we would end up out of business in two to four weeks.”

At Café Suisse in Seattle, Urs Berger waits for customers across the street from the Amazon campus. He said loyal customers made him go at a time when the authorities begged the residents to keep their distance from each other, saying they did not sit “shoulder to shoulder” in the city’s factories. The streets of Seattle have been empty for the past few days.


In South Korea, life in the entertainment districts has stopped. The video game lounges, which are very popular, have been criticized for not being more alert to the virus. And the food markets and restaurants are empty, giving local businesses a blow.

South Korea has taken the viral epidemic seriously, doing over 10,000 tests per day. The country has tested more than 240,000 people, or about one for every 250 people, among the highest test rates in the world. From drive-through kiosks to hospitals to local clinics, hundreds of test sites are available across the country and the tests are largely free. For the elderly or those who are too sick to go out, doctors visit their homes to take swabs for tests.

South Koreans have closed restaurants to help stop the virus from spreading. Some waited a long time to purchase protective masks in Seoul’s pharmacies.


So many things have been canceled or suspended due to the virus, from the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament to professional sporting events to Broadway shows. But the cancellation of the South by Southwest Festival in Austin this year – one of the distinctive annual things that “makes Austin weird” – was a huge disappointment for the capital of Texas. Hotels and bars have promised to continue however with events and musical encounters.

At Feels So Good Records, a shop in downtown Austin, canceling South by Southwest is “a shame but it’s not the end of the world,” said Felipe Granados, musician and co-owner of the shop. “They will have control of the coronavirus and everyone will return next year.” The crews removed the banners for the event – also known as SXSW – an international interactive, film and music festival.

Blake Bermel, an artist called “Mez Data”, said that seven of his planned murals have been canceled and he estimates that he is losing thousands of dollars because SXSW isn’t happening this year. He said that many local workers – artists, musicians, club owners – depend on this time of year. “I know there are many others who are happy not to deal with this headache, but for us it is like, friend, this is our income, this is a substantial part of what we do during the year, so it’s really important. “

Yokohama, Japan

Tokyo’s Chinatown has been abandoned, just like other Chinatowns around the world, an example of how some stereotypes persist. Coronavirus had a huge effect in China, where there were more than 80,000 cases and over 3,000 deaths – and in Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe closed schools for a month after the cases started to rise.

As the streets empty out in Chinatown, Japan has repeatedly insisted that postponing or canceling the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for this summer is not an option. The country is preparing for them as usual, even if sporting events around the world took place without spectators or were completely canceled.

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NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS closing the changing rooms in the midst of fear of the virus

MIAMI (AP) – NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer are closing access to the changing rooms and clubhouses to all non-essential staff, including the media, in response to the coronavirus crisis, the leagues announced in a joint statement Monday evening.

They said they made the decision “after consulting with infectious disease and public health experts.” The NBA, in a call with the teams on Monday, stressed that the move is not to ban journalists but to ensure the safety of players and staff in those areas.

The statement, in part, read: “Given the problems that can be associated with close contact in the pre and post game settings, all the changing rooms and clubhouses will be open only to players and essential employees of teams and team structures until Notice. Media access will be maintained in designated locations outside of the changing rooms and clubhouse facilities. “

The changes, which according to the championships are temporary, will begin on Tuesday – although some NHL teams started putting them into use last weekend and the Buffalo Sabers did the same on Monday evening. The NBA said that player interviews will continue in different contexts, highlighting a 6-8 foot gap between journalists and interview subjects.

“I don’t know that we have our weapons around how significant a problem is at this point, so if the league is recommending or their policy is that we want to take step-by-step precautions, then we want to move on with that,” he said. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels.

It is unclear how long the new policies will last.

“No disrespect, but that’s the last thing I’m concerned about,” said Nuggets coach Michael Malone before the NBA game against Denver’s Milwaukee on Monday evening.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia.

The vast majority of people recover from the new virus. According to the World Health Organization, people with mild illness recover in about two weeks, while those with more serious illness can take three to six weeks to recover. In mainland China, where the virus first exploded, more than 80,000 people have been diagnosed and over 58,000 have been recovered.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, wash your hands! WASH YOUR HANDS!” Boston Celtics Enes Kanter written on Twitter.

In the meantime, there is already a clear sense of the new normal in the United States.

The Miami Heat held their annual gala at a Miami Beach theater on Monday evening, albeit a little differently than usual. The team’s three NBA trophies were near the entrance – with someone standing with a bottle of hand sanitizer. And when they arrived, guests were offered champagne by some staff, other hand sanitizers by others.

“Until the league says something else, we are as usual with a huge amount of caution and prevention to ensure everyone is safe,” said Heat President Pat Riley on Monday evening. “But also by instructing them that they have to do the same thing.”

The NBA held a call with the team’s medical staff later on Monday evening and scheduled a call on Wednesday between the league officials and the team owners to discuss the next steps. Last week the NBA told teams to prepare for the chance to play empty arenas, something the game’s biggest star – Los Angeles Lakers striker LeBron James – insists he doesn’t want to see.

“I doubt it will happen,” said Riley. “But you must be prepared.”

MLB officials, such as the NBA, held a conference call with all 30 of its franchises on Monday to discuss new policies. All four leagues – and the NFL, which has been involved in the talks but is not part of this policy since no team is practicing – are gathering information from the CDC and Canadian health officials, although the situation changes almost base for now. .

“We are regularly relaying the guidance of these experts to clubs, players and staff regarding prevention, good hygiene practices and the latest travel recommendations,” MLB said in a statement. “We are continuing to monitor developments and will adjust if necessary. While MLB recognizes the fluidity of this rapidly changing situation, our current intention is to play Spring Training and regular season games as expected.”

More than 113,000 people worldwide tested positive for the disease and over 3,900 people with the virus died, most of them in China. More than 62,000 people have already recovered. The virus has infected 600 people in the United States – including the director of the agency that manages New York and New Jersey airports – and at least 26 have died, most of them in Washington state.

The Pro Basketball Writers Association quickly responded to the league announcement stating that its membership “believes that the safety of fans, players, team employees, arena and media workers covering the league should be protected. Our thoughts are directed to all people who have already been adversely affected by the virus.

“Therefore, we understand the NBA’s decision to temporarily lock the locker rooms for everyone except the players and essential team staff with the promise of the NBA that once the coronavirus crisis subsides, the league will restore full access to journalists. that cover the league. “

Some men’s NCAA Division III basketball games last weekend were played without crowds because of concerns about the virus. At least a series of college hockey playoffs next weekend in Troy, New York, between RPI and Harvard, will be played without fans.


AP Baseball Walker Ben Walker in New York; AP hockey writer John Wawrow in Buffalo, New York; and AP Sports writers Arnie Stapleton in Denver and Jake Seiner in Surprise, Arizona contributed.


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Nursing homes face unique challenges with Coronavirus – NBC Los Angeles

From Miami to Seattle, nursing homes and other facilities for the elderly host stocks of masks and thermometers, preparing staff shortages and checking visitors to protect a particularly vulnerable population from the coronavirus.

In China, where the epidemic started, the disease was basically deadly for the elderly. In Italy, the epicenter of the virus epidemic in Europe, the more than 100 people who died were elderly, suffering from other complications or both.

Of the 19 deaths in the United States since Saturday, at least 14 had been linked to a nursing home in the Seattle area, along with many other infections among residents, staff and family members. The Seattle Times reported that a second nursing home and a retired community in the area had reported a virus case.

This has alerted other structures in the United States, especially in states with large populations of older residents, such as Florida and California. About 2.5 million people live in long-term care facilities in the United States.

“For people over the age of 80 … the death rate could reach 15%,” said Mark Parkinson, president of the American Health Care Association nursing homes group.

The federal government is now focusing all inspections of nursing homes on infection control, identifying facilities in the city with confirmed cases and those previously mentioned for not following the protocol.

Federal regulations already require homes to have a specialist in preventing infections in staff, and many have already taken measures to deal with seasonal flow and other ailments that pose a greater risk to the elderly.

Even so, the response of structures to coronavirus has varied across the country.

In Florida, where some 160,000 seniors live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, mandatory screening for visitors is not expected “because we are not at that point,” said Florida Health Care Association spokeswoman Kristen Knapp.

But aged care centers are posting signs that urge visitors to stay away if they have symptoms and are looking for alternative ways to connect to families, such as through video chats, Knapp said.

Concierges in the 14 Florida nursing homes managed by Palm Gardens Corporation are now offering all visitors a short questionnaire asking for information on symptoms, recent trips and contacts with others, said company vice president Luke Neumann.

Neumann said that nursing homes have also purchased additional thermometers in case they have to check visitors’ temperatures and accumulate preventive supplies, including medical masks, protective goggles and clothing. In laundries they make sure to use enough bleach and heat to kill any persistent viral germs, he said.

In the South Shore Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center south of Boston, patient Leo Marchand holds a container of disinfectant wipes on a shelf near the bed that he uses several times a day. The 71-year-old Vietnam veteran and retired truck driver has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which makes it difficult to breathe. The possibility of contracting the coronavirus scares him.

“It’s a concern,” said Marchand. “Really.”

Many facilities across the country have said they have trouble getting masks and medical clothes because of the shortage.

The more intense screening of visitors, meanwhile, isn’t going well with some.

“Some of the visitors have been quite reluctant to comply, and this has been stressful,” said Janet Snipes, executive director of Denver’s Holly Heights nursing center.

Under federal regulations, nursing homes are considered to be a patient’s residence and facilities want to keep them in contact with the family, especially when they are almost dead.

“I don’t think you can completely prevent visitors,” said Dr. David A. Nace, director of long-term care and flu programs at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine. Supervise 300 facilities in Pennsylvania.

For now, facilities in most states are underlining basic precautions, including hand washing and the cough tag.

Centers across the country are also trying to prepare staff for the worst.

An adult daycare center in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami purchased long-lasting ready meals in preparation for possible shortages. The Hebrew Home in Riverdale, New York is running nursing staff through exercises to see how they will handle situations in the 750-bed facility if the virus progresses. Their IT department is building an infrastructure to allow staff to work remotely if they get sick.

“If one of our sites has an outbreak, we will quickly run out of staff in that position,” said Randy Bury, CEO of The Good Samaritan Society, one of the largest nonprofit senior care providers in the country, with 19,000 employees in 24 states.

Some families are considering withdrawing loved ones from the facilities.

Kathleen Churchyard said her family decided to move her 80-year-old mother out of her retirement community near Jacksonville, Florida, and to her sister’s home nearby if the virus is confirmed in the area.

Churchyard, who lives in Concord, North Carolina, fears that her mother won’t take her seriously, and is particularly concerned about her dining room.

“I tried to get her to buy things to prepare … She said, ‘No. If (the virus) catches me, it takes it,'” said Churchyard.


Associate associate writer Philip Marcelo in Rockland, Massachusetts contributed to this report.


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David Beckham says that “perseverance” led Inter Miami to the MLS

David Beckham addresses the crowd during the press conference announcing an MLS franchise in Miami at the Knight Concert Hall on January 29, 2018 in Miami, Florida.

Getty Images

Football legend David Beckham says his “perseverance, stubbornness and only bloodshed” motivated him to play his new team, Inter Miami, in Major League Soccer (MLS).

The retired star was speaking to the BBC ahead of Inter Miami’s first MLS game on Sunday against Los Angeles F.C.

Beckham said that his family’s support was also important in the “roller coaster ride” for the creation of the team in Miami, which announced plans for 2013 for the first time.

The former England, Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder has said he wants to agree with his wife, former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who may be stubborn.

“In the past seven years, I could have gone, made another city or something else,” he said, but added that he knew that “after all, this was the right thing.”

Perseverance and “hard work” is something Beckham said he tried to instill in his children. Beckham owns Inter Miami with construction tycoons Jorge and Jose Mas, Bolivian billionaire Marcelo Claure and Korean-Japanese entrepreneur Masayoshi Son.

More information on the BBC website here.


No. 1 Miami Baseball swept into the Weekend Home series by Rival No. 2 Florida – NBC 6 South Florida

On Sunday, Miami Hurricanes number 1 had a lot of problems
with rival Florida Gators, losing 10 of the last 12 games against the team that
has been classified n. 2 nationwide entering the weekend.

After Sunday, misery continued for head coach Gino DiMare’s team as Florida used an early offensive blast and endured a late Canes rally to sweep the weekend streak with a 5-3 win ahead of a crowd of 3,554 inside Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field.

You love me
(4-3) arrived at a run in the eighth inning on a two-run humerus by Raymond
Gil, but would be as close to Florida as possible (8-0)
insurance runs ninth to get their first hit in the series since 2017
and their first in Coral Gables since 2012.

Florida got it
to “Canes who starts the pitcher Slade Cecconi (1-1) in advance with two heats in the first
innings and another in the second in a soloist managed by Josh Rivera. Miami eliminated the deficit in the
fourth innings, getting the first two runners and taking their first run
home in sacrifice flight before Alex Torral’s long shot on the right court fell
unless leaving the park with two runners and the threat has come to

he settled for the next innings before giving up a solo humerus in the
fifth inning to Jud Fabian and finished the game with seven strikeouts and fair
a walk, but gave up four races earned on five innings.

Miami had another chance to make things interesting at the bottom of the fifth inning and had the bases loaded before Gil jumped out looking onto the pitch from starter Gators Hunter Barco (1-0) to end the threat. The left-handed ended the day on the mound with seven strikeouts and two walks, giving up only two out of five hits and a third inning thrown.

You love me
returns to Mark Light Field on Wednesday for another showdown against a
Enemy of the Sunshine State, this time the USF Bulls, at 3:00 pm before a weekend streak in
at home against Towson.