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We are home, yes. But we have already realized that this is no reason to neglect the care of body and mind. Neither that of the skin, as experts warn: the radical change of environments, as well as the lack of natural light or the concern and lack of sleep that affects many during these days, can take its toll.

We don’t want that. But also, we do not want to miss the good opportunity that this time gives us to pamper us more than ever. So we add a new gadget of beauty to our facial ritual to improve it to the maximum. “Every few time new devices come onto the market with the aim of facilitating and improving our beauty routines. This is a positive thing, since it encourages many more people to consider taking care of the health of their skin. In fact, in our center we always defend the importance of combining the appropriate cabin treatments for each person and good care at home to achieve the best results ”, recommends Elena Ramos, pharmacist, expert in dermocosmetics and co-director of The Secret Lab.

Following his advice as always, it is as fair as necessary iIncorporate a magic wand in the care of our eyes. Indeed, it is well known in the market because its effect seems miraculous, but it is a eye area massager that works as an anti-aging tool.

Take care of your face at home with the best-selling anti-aging magic wand on Amazon

Buy for € 29.99 on Amazon

What is it and how it works?

The device, from the star brand on Amazon Sunmay, combines thermal energy (rises to 42ºC, but does not burn) with sonic vibration to Provide a hot massage and reduce crow’s feet, sagging skin and dark circles. By stimulating the area, it improves blood circulation, aqueous humor and eye pressure, thus relieving fatigue and swelling in the eyes.

It has three functions: Blue Waves, with cold vibrations to minimize pores and eliminate bags; Yellow Waves, with hot vibration to promote collagen regeneration and improve expression lines and crow’s feet; Y Anion Import, able to open the pores in order to better receive the cosmetic treatment.

The wand is easy to use, always following your instructions, and automatically turns off when it reaches the right temperature. In addition, it is light and portable and comes with a bag to store it and take it anywhere. It is charged through USB connection.

Take care of your face at home with the best-selling anti-aging magic wand on Amazon

Buy for € 29.99 on Amazon

# 1 on Amazon

Sunmay is one of the best-selling brands in the beauty and personal care categories on the platform thanks to its cleansing brushes and this facial massager. More than 1,000 users have already tried it and value it with more than 4.7 stars.

“When it comes to using it, it feels nice and comfortable and the vibration together with the heat or cold gives you, at least (since the rest of the features are appreciated over time) a very pleasant feeling of relaxation.”

“I have to admit that the product surprised me: I am using it twice a day combined with my eye contour cream and I notice a lot of result in the swelling of the eyes.”

“It is a product to massage the eyes both with heat and with small vibrations, or even combining the two options, I must say that it lowers the bags and reduces dark circles in my case. I use it daily, in the morning routine, accompanied by a serum or a moisturizing cream, I am very satisfied. I would also like to add that it is a very good material, resistant and light, in addition its battery is very durable ”.

Buy for € 29.99 on Amazon

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