Taliban Asks to Join UN Session Until US Stops Helping Israel

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A number of events enlivened international news on Wednesday (22/9) starting from Taliban demands to join the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Justin trudeau win the election Canada again even though it failed to get a majority of the votes, until United States of America stop military aid for Israel.

The Taliban asked to be able to represent the Afghan government at the United Nations General Assembly (UN) which is currently taking place in New York, United States. They also appointed Afghanistan’s new ambassador to the United Nations.

The UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, told AFP that the Amir of the Taliban, Khan Muttaqi, made the request in a letter to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

In the letter, Muttaqi’s name was mentioned as Afghanistan’s foreign minister. He “requests to participate” in high-level debates.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government’s ambassador who was ousted by the Taliban also asked to take part in the general debate session.

The United Nations is also considering which party it will consider as Afghanistan’s representative.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has successfully defended his post after winning the Canadian by-election on Monday (20/9). However, his party failed to win a parliamentary majority.

As reported by Reuters, Trudeau is certain to return to control of the Canadian government after the Liberal Party he leads won the most votes in the election.

Based on government data, the Liberal Party won in 156 of the 338 constituencies. The Liberals’ toughest rival, the Conservative Party, only managed to win 119 votes from the constituency.

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In all, there are 338 seats representing each region in the Canadian parliament. To hold a majority, one party must have at least 170 seats.

With the election results this time, Trudeau’s party failed to win a majority. Observers also think Trudeau will find it increasingly difficult to pass various government programs.

An earthquake measuring 6.0 magnitude struck the area near Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday (22/9), triggering panic and causing damage to buildings.

The Australian Geophysical Agency reported the epicenter was near the town of Mansfield, Victoria state, about 200km northeast of Melbourne. This earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Residents in Melbourne panicked and immediately ran out of the building when the earthquake occurred.

Photos and video footage circulating on social media showed debris blocking one of Melbourne’s main roads.

Meanwhile, residents in the northern part of the city also complained about power outages. Some said they had already been evacuated from the building.

Chinese President Xi Jinping responds to a speech by US President Joe Biden.

At the UN General Assembly meeting yesterday, he said that disputes between countries need to be handled through dialogue and cooperation. However, he also criticized the military’s approach in the name of democracy.

“The success of one country does not have to mean the failure of another,” Xi said in his speech, quoted by APNews.

“The world is big enough to accommodate the common development and progress of all countries.”

Even so, China remains critical of the US over its invasion of Afghanistan.

“Recent developments in the global situation show once again that military intervention from outside and the so-called transformation of democracy brings nothing but harm,” Xi said, referring to events in Afghanistan after the US military withdrawal last month.

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He made this statement after US President Joe Biden said he had no intention of starting a new cold war.
“We are not looking for a new Cold War or a world divided into rigid blocs,” he said.

The United States removed $1 billion in aid to Israel’s military, or about Rp. 14.2 trillion, from the draft budget bill because some members of the House of Representatives objected.

Reuters reported that lawmakers removed the aid from the draft state budget at a meeting on Tuesday (21/9).

Initially, there was a heated debate between the two parties within the Democratic Party in the DPR. Several Democrats objected to one of the provisions in the interim budget bill. The point relates to the provision of additional funding for Israel to refresh their Iron Dome missile defense system.

The members of the House of Representatives from the Democratic party objected to this policy because many Palestinian victims fell during attacks between Israel and the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip.


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