Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Tampons, towels, cup … A mutual student is going refund sanitary protections

A great first in France. A mutual insurance company has announced the reimbursement of hygienic protection products (towels, tampons, cups), reports Paulette magazine.

The LMDE, which explains on its website that these products of everyday life represent a considerable budget, will refund between 20 and 25 euros per year to each of its members.

It will suffice for the latter to send by mail or mail a receipt attesting to the purchase of tampons, towel or menstrual cup.

“A man who has subscribed to LMDE will be able to benefit his girlfriend, his sister, his friend, and even give him a double refund if it also has a mutual LMDE” says Paulette magazine.

“According to a recent study, a woman uses an average of 22 tampons or towels per cycle, which represents 1,500 to 2,000 euros of budget during her life, and that is without counting the painkillers, the underwear “, says the student mutual.

The idea is making its way

An initiative that could bring others. The Smerep would reflect on an offer similar to that of its competitor.

“We are currently thinking about launching an Intimate Life package of up to 30 euros per year, whether for intimate gel or hygienic products, and a decision is expected sometime in May.” explains Jacqueline Selakovic, communication director of the mutual, cited by 20 Minutes.

In December 2015, the debate on the buffer tax had already agitated the National Assembly. As a first step, MEPs had rejected the amendment to reduce VAT from 20% to 5.5% for feminine hygiene protection.

The Assembly had finally changed its mind by adopting the VAT reduction for stamps.

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