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Tan Kovalev refused to undergo physical tests

Jonathan Marchessault was on the NHL post-game to talk about the physical tests at the start of training camp across the league.

Obviously, this day is one that both rookies and veterans are anticipating with enthusiasm. The situation has also changed a lot in recent years, and we don’t see players arriving at training camp with dozens of extra pounds and completely. out of shape.

nonetheless, Pascal Leclaire remembers one particular training camp with the Ottawa Senators. At that time, he was a teammate of Montreal crowd favorite Alex Kovalev. The skilful Russian did the physical tests with indifference at the Sens training camp. “He did a rehearsal of it bench press and no more,” said the former goaltender in the National Hockey League.

Then when it was time for the famous test VO2 Max on the bike, players usually get on the bike three or four minutes beforehand to warm up. Kovalev did the same, but got off the bike after the three-minute warm-up. The physical trainer asked him what he was doing, adding that the test hadn’t started yet. His answer? “I did not do it. What will they do? Cut me?”, then he left.

You can hear the full story in the segment starting at 6:20.

Otherwise, Jonathan Marchessault is optimistic about the Golden Knights’ upcoming season. Despite the loss of Max Pacioretty, Nevada’s lineup will finally be able to count on a healthy duo in Jack Eichel and Mark Stone. The Quebecer is expected to return to his team in the playoffs, led masterfully by the new coach Bruce Cassidy.

Jonathan Marchessault is one of the NHL’s newest postgame contributors and you’ll be able to see him several times throughout the season.

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