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[Tang Hao Vision]US-China military deployment UFO intervenes strangely? | Flying Saucer | Alien | U.S. Army

[Epoch Times, May 22, 2021]Hello, everyone, I’m Tang Hao, how are you today?

Today’s focus: Why do flying saucers appear densely when teleporting into the sea? U.S.-China military confrontation, UFO intervenes? The first UFO report in the United States reveals the truth about aliens? Tang Hao Vision 2021.5.22.

Recently, UFO (UFO) sightings have been reported intensively all over the world, and even aliens walking on the street have been witnessed by a large number of people, causing heated discussions in the international media. UFO videos taken by the U.S. military have been exposed one after another, and the Department of Defense has publicly confirmed the credibility of these videos. At the same time, former U.S. Presidents and former top officials of the Department of Defense have also been talking about UFO and aliens on TV.

After all, why do UFOs and aliens appear in high density? Why do the U.S. government and the military frequently talk publicly about flying saucers and aliens? How does the UFO intervene in the military confrontation between the US and the CCP? In this episode, I will discuss with you.

Today we are going to talk to you about a very special and mysterious topic:

Frequent UFO sightings, and officials have repeatedly confirmed that the United States will announce aliens?

UFOs and aliens have always been unsolved mysteries that have made people quite interested. But in the past year, there have been more and more sightings of flying saucers or UFOs around the world. UFO is “unidentified flying object” (unidentified flying object), and some people directly transliterate it as “UFO.”

For example, a few days ago, a Chinese friend was in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and photographed three unidentified flying lights in the sky. This video was provided to us by the person involved. According to the person concerned, the three flying objects still made a loud noise, and they had never seen it in the local area.

However, because of the limited clues in the film, we cannot determine whether this is an alien flying saucer or not, it can only be said to be an UFO. However, what is certain is that public witnesses to UFO have indeed increased substantially.

Take the United States as an example. According to statistics from the National UFO Reporting Center, they received a total of 7,213 UFO sighting reports in 2020, a 21% increase from 5,957 in 2019. And so far in January this year, there have been 1,270 sighting reports. Why have witnessed cases increased significantly?

UFO experts said that in fact, about 95% of these sightings can clearly identify what happened to flying objects, such as artificial satellites. Elon Musk’s SpaceX company recently launched a large number of satellites, often causing people to mistake satellites for UFOs.

However, at the same time, there are 5% of cases that cannot be clearly identified, which is the real “unidentified flying object.” It is worth noting that this kind of unrecognizable real UFO has appeared more and more frequently in recent months, and it is getting closer to our lives.

For example, on January 17, a Singapore Airlines flight was about to fly to Zurich, Switzerland. Just before the plane landed, the captain suddenly noticed that an unidentified flying object was approaching. He hurriedly broadcasted an announcement to ask passengers to prepare for safety. The atmosphere on the plane was for a while. Quite nervous.

As a result, some passengers actually photographed a UFO that was suspected to be a flying saucer flying at high speed from outside the window, making him so scared that he couldn’t help but curse.

On March 16th, NASA’s International Space Station (International Space Station) broadcasted the daily maintenance work of the space station through the web. Netizens witnessed two UFOs appearing on the screen, and they also quickly changed the direction of flight.

On April 8, the U.S. film director Jeremy Corbell announced a UFO video. It was a pyramid-shaped flying object photographed by a U.S. Navy destroyer through a night vision camera. The pyramid-shaped UFO was flashing in the screen. Shining, this video also sparked heated discussions in the international media.

A week later, the U.S. Navy came forward to confirm that this video was genuine and not faked. This video was taken by the Navy in 2019. As to whether the UFO in the video is an alien flying saucer, the military has handed it over to a special team for investigation.

Then, on April 25, sightings of flying saucers were reported in Bolivia, South America, and many people witnessed flying saucers and aliens. The aliens also wandered out on the streets. When the witnesses were interviewed by the media, they also painted the appearance of aliens.

The alien is only about 30 centimeters (centimeters) tall, with an oval head and only three fingers in both hands. This narrative is quite close to the legendary “little grey man”. This incident has also aroused enthusiastic attention from the international media.

On April 30, former U.S. Department of Defense official Luis Elizondo came forward and stated that the flying saucer was real. Elizondo served as the project director of the Pentagon’s investigation of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)” from 2010 to 2017.

He said that many Air Force pilots have testified that they have encountered various unidentified flying objects, but the US government has tried to conceal them in the past. Elizondo emphasized that UFOs are real, and the U.S. government may have become increasingly difficult to conceal the existence of UFOs.

On May 2nd, it was reported that two UFOs were photographed by a monitor in Florida, USA. The most special thing was that this video seemed to capture the UFO’s “momentary movement”. Look carefully, there are two UFOs on the screen, one up and down, the UFO at the bottom moves all the way to the right, the trajectory is very stable, and finally it flies far.

However, the UFO that was originally located above suddenly disappeared in the middle, and then suddenly appeared from a place further below, and then flew away with another UFO. UFO first appeared “teleport”, and then flew far away in a sharp turn. Obviously, these flight movements and trajectories are not what current human aircraft can do.

On May 14, film director Kobel announced a new video again. The content was a spherical UFO photographed by the U.S. Navy off San Diego, California in July 2019. This UFO flew in the air for more than an hour before sinking into the sea. Disappear. This video has once again attracted international media attention, and the US Department of Defense has once again confirmed that this video is true.

Okay, are you surprised to see so many UFO videos recently? However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not just that UFO videos have been circulated in large numbers, but U.S. military personnel and political figures have also frequently appeared in the media to testify that UFO is real.

On May 16, former U.S. Navy Captain Ryan Graves revealed in an exclusive interview with the famous news program “60 Minutes” that he has seen UFO Vigie on the radar on the east coast of the United States since 2014. The sky above Niah Beach, and it was seen almost every day, and it lasted for several years. He is worried that these UFOs will be aircraft of other countries and threaten the national security of the United States.

Coincidentally, on May 17, former U.S. Navy officer Sean Cahill also told CNN that based on current observations, UFO’s high-tech capabilities are far ahead of the United States for 1,000 years. The former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Christopher Mellon, who used to be in charge of intelligence work, also said that UFO is not ruled out as alien technology.

Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Mellon: “There is no scientific reason or basis to question this possibility. This hypothesis can explain these facts. People need to be open to this.”

Well, please note that the former U.S. Department of Defense publicly mentioned that UFOs are not excluded from the technology of aliens, which is equivalent to admitting the existence of UFOs or flying saucers on the one hand, and also bringing out the existence of aliens on the other, right? ? Is this the US government deliberately using former officials and former military personnel to release public opinion step by step, guiding people to recognize and accept the existence of UFO? Quite interesting.

More coincidentally, on the same day, former US President Barack Obama also appeared on the talk show and talked about UFO. Although Obama did not directly confirm the existence of aliens and flying saucers, he admitted that the United States is indeed studying UFOs.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama (2021.5.17): “We do have videos and records of flying objects in the air, but we still don’t understand what they are. We can’t explain how they move and their trajectories, and there is no set of them that can be easily explained. Model.”

Okay, are you surprised? Even the former president of the United States made a special trip to talk about UFO and aliens at this time, and also revealed that the United States did have relevant evidence. Is there a set of well-ordered government propaganda strategies behind this? In my opinion, it is very possible. why?

Because Trump signed a bill at the end of last year, requiring the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies to complete a UFO report within 180 days and submit it to Congress. In other words, the US government will announce for the first time a report on “unidentified flying objects” or “unidentified aerial phenomena” in June, which is equivalent to publicly telling the American people that UFO does exist for the first time.

Of course, because many UFO-related information is highly classified by the state, it is impossible to make all of them public. However, the former U.S. National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe has already announced in advance that this UFO report will describe in detail “It is difficult to explain.” “The UFO sightings”, and the actual sightings are “far more than what has been made public.”

Seeing this, I think there are many friends who are interested in flying saucers, and they should have been looking forward to the UFO report from the United States. However, we have just seen that in the past few months, three phenomena are obvious:

1. First, UFO sightings have increased significantly, and they have been heatedly discussed by the international media;
2. Second, UFO videos taken by the U.S. military have been released continuously, and the military has immediately come forward to confirm its credibility;
3. Thirdly, former senior officials of the US government and former military personnel have come forward to confirm the existence of UFO.

Are these phenomena a coincidence? I don’t think so, so we may have three important points to focus on next:

<< 重點一:官方頻證實幽浮影片 美將公布外星人存在? >>

First, officials frequently confirm UFO films, will the United States announce the existence of aliens? We know that until now, US officials have not publicly confirmed the existence of aliens and flying saucers. However, Trump once wanted to make it public last year.

On Father’s Day on June 18 last year, Trump and his son launched a special interview program. Trump asked Trump if there are any aliens? And there was a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Will Trump open it up for everyone to visit?

Former US President Trump (2020.6.18): “Thousands of people want to go there and want to see it (aliens). I won’t tell you what I know, but it’s very interesting. Rosway Seoul is a very interesting place, and many people want to know what happened.”

Although Trump’s words were ambiguous, by the beginning of December, a former Israeli general came forward and said that aliens are real and that they are in contact with the United States, Israel and other countries. However, the aliens demanded that they keep it secret. Publicity.

The general also broke the news that Trump originally wanted to announce the truth about the aliens, but in the end the aliens came forward to stop him, because the aliens believed that mankind was “not ready.”

Although Trump did not announce the aliens, he planted a foreshadowing, asking the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Department to submit a UFO report at the end of June. Will this report mention aliens publicly? I think the probability should be relatively low.

However, if this report really mentions aliens, then there will be two issues worthy of further consideration: First, are the aliens actively asking the US to announce their existence? why? Are aliens who want to openly and extensively contact humans? Second, if the United States takes the initiative to announce the existence of aliens, why? Is it because aliens have threatened the normal life of mankind, or threatened the national security of the United States? If the US report really mentions aliens, these issues will be the focus of our tracking.

<< 重點二:飛碟與外星人 是否介入大國對抗? >>

Next, the second point is whether the flying saucer and the aliens are involved in the confrontation between the great powers?

We just saw that former U.S. military personnel said that they had witnessed UFO, but they were not sure whether this was the latest high-tech weapon from the United States or a high-tech threat from a foreign country. They were worried. Moreover, these unidentified flying objects often appear over US military bases and nuclear facilities, which makes the US more worried.

Most notably, Marco Rubio, the vice chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, has been paying close attention to these UFOs since last year. He said, “There is something hovering over our military facilities. No one knows what it is, only that it is not ours.” Rubio also called on the federal government to stop ignoring UFO sightings.

We know that Rubio is the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He is one of the few politicians in the US Congress who has access to the country’s top secret intelligence, so I believe he has more UFO secrets. However, Rubio has been emphasizing to the outside world since last year that all walks of life should pay attention to the UFO phenomenon, believing that UFO may threaten the security of the US military. Rubio’s speech seems to be able to interpret two possibilities:

First, he is revealing that UFOs and aliens of unknown origin are intervening in U.S. military activities and monitoring U.S. military power, but the motives are not clear, causing the U.S. side to worry.

Second, he is revealing that there are other UFOs and aliens that do not cooperate with the U.S. may be cooperating with the CCP, Russia or other countries to help them monitor U.S. military operations, and even want to interfere with U.S. military power, so that the U.S. can be safe. Hidden dangers. As you all know, the United States and the CCP are now fully confronting, and the relationship between the United States and Russia is also a bit tense, so Rubio’s concerns are not unreasonable.

<< 重點三:五角大樓報告會公布什麼? >>

The third important point is what will be announced in the Pentagon’s UFO report? We really don’t know this. After all, in the past, U.S. officials always regarded UFO and aliens as top secrets. Therefore, it is estimated that the first report of the United States will not reveal too in-depth information.

We speculate that the U.S. should announce more UFO sightings and encounters by the military this time, explaining the process and details of these cases. Because of the mere publication of the cases, not only can these stories be used to communicate with the Congress and initially satisfy the curiosity of the outside world, but it will not leak state secrets. However, the announcement of these cases by the United States would be tantamount to an official public recognition of the existence of UFO.

As for whether the U.S. report will disclose the special properties of UFOs or flying saucers, for example, flying saucers can “travel across media,” they can fly in the sky, run on the bottom of the sea, and can move instantaneously. This can be expected, but don’t expect too much, because this part of the research work already involves the scope of military secrets.

As for whether the US report will publicly recognize aliens? The probability of this point should be very low at present, but it is not ruled out that there will be related remarks to pave the way to further guide humans to accept the existence of aliens in the future.

Speaking of aliens, reminds me of a picture. This was taken in Germany in 2013. You can see a flying saucer parked on the grass, and there are two white figures moving faintly on the left side of the flying saucer. After a while, the two figures disappeared. After a while, the flying saucer suddenly rose into the sky, stayed in the air, accelerated again, and disappeared into the sky.

If you zoom in on the screen again, you can see that there are indeed two people jogging, and then they disappear one after another, and then the flying saucer quickly lifted off and left the ground. Although this video is quite amazing, I checked through some special channels and found that the authenticity of this video is quite high. For your reference.

Finally, there is one more thing to remind by the way that we have seen some Hollywood movies or online statements that describe aliens as “gods” or “saviors,” and some even say that aliens created humans. . However, according to the actual situation we know, these statements are not correct and misleading. Aliens and gods are not the same thing. Please pay attention to this point.

Okay, let’s talk about it today. I don’t know what you think about flying saucers and aliens? What are your expectations for this US report? Welcome to leave a message to tell us. Thank you for watching and we will meet again next time.

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