Taqwallah Continues Dissemination of COVID-19 Vaccination for Dayah Residents in Nagan Raya and West Aceh

Monday, October 11, 2021 | 05:25 WIB| Writer

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Meulaboh, InfoPublik – The socialization of COVID-19 vaccination for Dayah residents in Aceh has entered its seventh day. The activity was carried out by the Aceh Regional Secretary, Dr. Taqwallah MKes, by visiting all districts/cities and holding meetings with dayah leaders in each of the targeted districts/cities.

Today, Sunday (10/10/2021), Taqwallah conducted vaccination socialization in Nagan Raya and Aceh Barat districts. During the visit, Taqwallah was accompanied by the Head of BPBA Ilyas, the Head of the Aceh Dayah Education Office, Zahrol Fajri, and the Head of the Aceh Health Office, dr. Hanif.

In Nagan Raya, the meeting took place at the Regent’s Office Hall with the attendance of Sekdakab Nagan Raya Ardimartha, elements of Forkopimdakab Nagan Raya, dayah leaders and the head of the Puskesmas in the district.

Taqwallah in his explanation in front of the meeting participants explained in detail related to a number of viruses that had plagued the world, such as smallpox and polio.

The disease at that time was very feared and caused so many victims. However, the parents and predecessors of this country are said to have been able to overcome the epidemic after the discovery of a vaccine.

“This is about how the virus that is spreading in various countries in the world can be controlled, namely by vaccination,” said Taqwallah.

Regarding the current conditions, Taqwallah said that the world is being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which infects humans so quickly and has claimed many lives.

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Control of the virus, continued Taqwallah, must also be carried out by mass vaccination of the community. For this reason, Taqwallah invites all meeting participants to participate in the success of the COVID-19 vaccination that is being carried out by the government.

In addition, the Regional Secretary also invited all participants of the meeting to improve communication and coordination in order to unite steps in the success of vaccination. For example, between the puskesmas and the dayah, as well as with the school.

According to Taqwallah, there are many cases of people refusing vaccines because they lack an understanding of what vaccines are. Therefore, the meeting participants were asked to be able to explain this to the public.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Ulama Consultative Council (MPU) of Nagan Raya Regency, Tgk. Hasbul Iman in his speech expressed his appreciation and support for the vaccination socialization conducted by the Aceh Regional Secretary.

“We really appreciate and support the socialization carried out by the Secretary of State. We are grateful for the efforts made by the Regional Secretary, which the Aceh government has carried out regarding controlling the spread of COVID-19,” he said.

Mr. Hasbul also expressed his hope that the COVID-19 could be controlled as soon as possible. In addition, Mr. Hasbul also hopes that the leaders of the dayah will be active in helping the success of the vaccination by inviting the people of the dayah to undergo vaccination.

The same hope and invitation was also conveyed by the Secretary of the Nagan Raya Regency, Ardimartha, in his remarks at the event. Ardimartha invited all elements of the Nagan Raya Regency Government to work together to complete vaccinations so that the COVID-19 pandemic would end soon.

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“We ask Abu Abu and our teachers to invite the students to make the vaccination a success. We ask that we together support this vaccination as an effort to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19 and end this pandemic,” said Ardimartha.

Socialization in West Aceh

From Nagan Raya, the Aceh Regional Secretary and his entourage then left for West Aceh Regency to continue the socialization of COVID-19 vaccination for Dayah residents.

In Aceh Barat, the meeting took place in the Bappeda Building Hall and was attended by Regent Ramli MS, Forkopimda elements, dayah leaders and also the head of the puskesmas.

Regent Ramli after attending the socialization delivered by the Aceh Regional Secretary said that currently there are so many hoax news related to COVID-19 circulating among the public.

This is admittedly quite difficult for the government in dealing with the virus pandemic, including in the success of vaccination.

In fact, said Ramli, there was hoax information circulating that vaccination was carried out to destroy the ulama. For this reason, Ramli invites all parties not to just accept hoax information related to vaccination.

“Vaccination is not to destroy the scholars, but rather to protect the scholars and the whole community from the possibility of exposure to COVID-19,” said Ramli.

Regent Ramli on that occasion also expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the socialization of the COVID-19 vaccination carried out by the Aceh Regional Secretary in the district. (hms/toeb)


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